libera/#devuan/ Thursday, 2018-05-31

romoHey guys, I'd like to switch GPUs on Jessie from AMD HD 6850 to Nvidia GT 1030. Current card got installed like this How do I do this correctly, without lighting my rig on fire?12:31
djph(1) turn it off.  (2) unplug old card. (3) plug in new card12:32
enycromo: depends on new card as to how well it will work with nouveau  or need nvidia-driver.   Beware that devuan-ascii is about to release and update (might) be in order, newer kernel/xorg driver and soforth..12:36
romoenyc: thanks. is there a date for the stable release yet? In that case I might just check if the new card plays nice with my hardware and wait keeping the old, to increase my chances.12:41
enycromo: its lready no release-candidate12:44
romoenyc: Oh, okay. Thank you.12:53

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