libera/#devuan/ Sunday, 2018-06-10

filip_hey is somebody there?00:47
filip_im trying to download one folder from server using terminal but it requires password for ftp and i dont know the password, somebody knows where i can find it??00:48
tom13 filip_  still here01:45
filip_yeah okay i get into file manager and type ftp adress there and then i just copy files everything sorted out :D01:45
tom13ftp always wanted a username, but there was a default anonymous name01:46
tom13some clients try the anon name by default01:46
ServiceRobothey y’all02:32
golinuxServiceRobot: Hi02:36
ServiceRobotI meed to stop trying to use irc on my phone. darn connection is inconsistent02:41
filip_how can i set my brightness lower i cant see brightness in settings and fn < for decreasing doesnt work as well >:03:12
tom13kernel driver issue04:28
tom13hmm yacy might be uncompromised websearch04:33
xrogaanmate-dock-applet - MATE Panel dock applet < this seem to break my mate window manager settings.05:14
xrogaanx-session-manager[3459]: WARNING: Unable to find provider '' of required component 'dock'05:15
xrogaanor maybe not05:16
xrogaansomething is changing my window manager thing and I don't know what05:26
xrogaanI'm not quite sure what yet.05:28
xrogaanmaybe it is org.mate.session.required-components windowmanager05:29
xrogaanI'm not sure because I restored my windowmanager before checking that variable05:29
tom13i dont understand all the components involved05:30
tom13i tell my display manager what window manager to start and it obeys05:31
xrogaanit used to do that too05:31
xrogaanas if the variable (I assume we call those things "variables") was empty05:32
xrogaanBecause I don't have any error in .xsession-errors related to the window manager.05:33
tom13i cannot help.05:34
tom13i used to init the wm in .xinitrc05:34
tom13X starts, then it starts a few proggies, like a WM, or a term.05:35
tom13so i would boot to console, like sane computers do05:35
tom13then startx05:35
xrogaanyeah, I used to run fluxbox but I wanted something requiring less involvement in the configuration process. I guess I was wrong.05:46
tom13it is annoying to add apps manually to fluxbox menus05:49
tom13otherwise it's my ideal05:50
tom13i compile my gnustep applets for the fluxbox slit05:50
tom13keep an eye on things i need05:50
debdogfluxbox' menu is automagically created by default05:50
debdogor at least it has benn05:51
tom13well it doesn't update when i add apps05:51
tom13does it for you?05:51
debdoghehe, actually I have to check. using a personalised menu...05:52
debdogit seems it does. have installed xarchiver a couple of days ago and it's there05:53
xrogaanthe proper hooks must be present in the package05:54
* debdog actually has no clue 'bout the background05:55
debdogman update-menus05:56
gnarfacesoak it in boys06:19
gnarface15 minutes in the spotlight06:19
furrywolfyay!  does it have the no-wifi-on-install fixed yet?  :)06:19
gnarfaceget ready for a shitstorm of trolls saying it's all a waste of time...06:19
gnarfacei thought they did fix that no-wifi-on-install thing in ascii way before beta... no?06:20
gnarfaceoh shit06:20
furrywolfa few months ago it still existed...  the installer didn't copy any networking set up during the install to the installed system, so you ended up having to set up wpa_supplicant manually if you have wifi as your only connection.06:21
gnarfaceBruce Perens gives it the thumbs up and thumbs down debian within the first 20 posts...06:21
gnarfaceI was the second Debian project leader. These days, I prefer to run Devuan, a true Debian derivative engineered the way I would probably have decided to make it. It's efficient and trouble-free. Thanks to the Devuan developers for all of the work!06:21
gnarface-- Bruce Perens06:21
furrywolfthat sounds like a good thing, not an "oh shit" thing...06:22
gnarface"oh shit" for the haters :)06:23
gnarfacewell, brace for impact06:24
gnarfaceit might be a high volume sunday in here06:24
gnarfaceif there's anyone out there left who cares06:25
furrywolfalas, my plan is to spend all day tomorrow gardening.06:25
tom13good plan06:25
tom13there's something very healthy about that06:26
golinux<gnarface> soak it in boys07:06
golinuxAhem . . .07:07
golinuxBruce sometimes posts on DNG.  He is definitely no stranger to Devuan.07:07
golinuxDitto lkcl who does the EOMA6807:09
golinuxThe are the only coherent posters in those comments.07:09
furrywolfcould be worse.  could be youtube comments.07:13
* furrywolf curls up on golinux for bedtime07:13
gnarfacegolinux: i would measure the incoherent raving trolls as validation, too07:15
gnarfaceif they're the only ones who have anything bad to say about it, that's a pretty big accomplishment07:17
golinuxSad but true.07:17
golinuxThe updated site is now live btw.07:18
xrogaanhe does miss the point, if you want a systemd system you can use debian...07:35
xrogaanoh, slashdot is using a coinhive captcha07:41
debdoghe has a point there, though07:49
physketsCould you guys add Artix  to the list in:08:55
physketsIt currently offers OpenRC and runit08:55
physketsIt spawned from some Arch and Manjaro users/maintainers who wanted 'init-freedom'...08:56
physketsAlso, Arch doesn't really support using 'openrc' anymore, so that info is slightly wrong08:56
xrogaanI can't wait for the release of the systemd operating system.11:05
KatolaZxrogaan: won't need to wait much, maybe :)11:06
elgemeow there.  when trying to use debootstrap to deploy ubuntu xenial in some folder I get11:43
elgeE: Failed getting release file
elgeI: Keyring file not available at /usr/share/keyrings/ubuntu-archive-keyring.gpg; switching to https mirror
elgewhoops, I just needed to install `ubuntu-archive-keyring`, it works now.11:45
xrogaanso which DM you people use, aside xfce and mate?12:48
xrogaanI hear cinnamon is more demanding on the graphic side of things, is that right?12:48
gnarfacei'm still using e17 but it might have gotten removed...12:57
gnarfacewell, recently i tried to update it in ceres and it told me that it couldn't be installed because it depended on missing package e22, which seemed like it would have been a bait&switch anyway13:01
gnarfacebut there's a good chance it's still in ascii13:01
KatolaZgnarface: pkginfo.devuan.org13:06
gnarfaceoh cool13:06
gnarfacelooks like it's still safe in ascii13:07
KatolaZgnarface: it's a very basin interface but does the job13:10
gnarfacei like it13:10
Guest3495Congrantulations, guys!13:26
sokanWanted to say congratz on hitting ASCII :D I was waiting for it with great excitement! Iirc it gives the option to work with whichver non-systemd init right?13:31
Guest3495thanx for your work, guys!13:31
tom13works very well for me13:33
mns`from a 'The Coveted Bruce Perens endosement :-) '13:33
mns`congrats guys!13:33
tom13who is perens?13:33
mns`From Bruce Perens (the second Debian project leader)13:33
Guest3495yo nightmare!13:35
CaptainCrunchhi guys, i wanted to test the minimal install image, sadly there's no info about the login or password anywhere in the install guide or the homepage13:51
gnarfaceroot:toor i think13:52
CaptainCrunchi haven't used debian based distribution in 10 years. Is this like common knowledge or something?13:53
CaptainCrunchit worked13:54
gnarfaceit might be an old convention but i had to ask too.  don't feel bad.13:54
KatolaZCaptainCrunch: just read the README.txt...13:55
CaptainCrunchthx again, I have a slight feeling this should be somewhere easily available ^^13:55
KatolaZthat you find in the same folder where you downloaded the image13:55
KatolaZCaptainCrunch: ^^^13:55
KatolaZit is easily visible13:55
KatolaZif you look :)13:55
CaptainCrunchwow, in more then 10 years of Linux, this is the best way to hide a password, imho :)13:57
KatolaZI understand if the file was called IGNOREME.txt..13:58
KatolaZbut it's README.txt :D13:58
CaptainCrunchif I hand you the image on an usb stick. you're fucked. you'd search on the website, all guides, the LAST place you'd go to is DOWNLOAD, why? because you already downloaded the image. it's logic13:59
gnarfacethat's true, but that would also mean someone booting it without checksumming first...14:01
Guest3495KatolaZ: :D14:04
gnarfacenonetheless, there is a wiki... someone could put this info there if it weren't already...14:04
gnarface(   ?)14:04
Guest3495i did it wrong, first time, i installed devuan like always do it on debian... all still alive!14:07
Guest3495i just wanna say, that there are no any issues to do it like in debian (/me used debian since squeeze)14:14
OldmossA strange thing happened to me on my way to install ASCII today ...14:15
OldmossThe installer told me it found something that needed non-free software, I think it was wifi. I ignored it. Wifi works just fine. That's good.14:16
_abc_Oldmoss: so what is strange?14:19
_abc_There are alternate drivers and there are sometimes free and nonfree drivers14:19
Oldmosswell, those drivers were apparently not mandatory14:20
Oldmossas I was told by the installer14:20
OldmossOtherwise very nice installation, the only problem was the delay in booting because of "waiting for" ifup, eth0 something14:22
OldmossSolved with help of
_abc_Yes NetworkManeger is a pain like that14:24
sokanIs it possible to have a package migrated from gentoo to devuan?14:24
Guest3495Oldmoss: debian told same14:27
fsmithredsokan, what package?14:27
sokansonarr, radarr. They're my own ebuild.14:28
_abc_fsmithred: hi. Will you be here in 1-2 hours?14:29
fsmithredprobably not that long, _abc_ , but I will be in and out.14:30
_abc_fsmithred: I would like to do the reverse-refracta thing today, will probably have questions14:30
fsmithredyou mean make your own iso?14:30
_abc_fsmithred: from running system on hdd to persistence mounted on stick14:30
_abc_not iso, the rsync mirroring in reverse onto a persistence media14:30
_abc_Do you have a link to a location with refracta related scripts? Howtos?14:31
_abc_Maybe a personal page?14:31
fsmithredyeah, hang on14:31
fsmithredeasiest way to do it is to make the iso14:31
_abc_refracta2usb does what exactly?14:32
fsmithredthen use refracta2usb to put it on usb14:32
fsmithredmounts the iso, mounts the usb, copies the contents of the iso to usb, make appropriate menu entries14:32
fsmithredthen you can add a persistent volume (either partition or loopback file, encrypted or not)14:32
fsmithredand again, it makes the menu entries14:32
_abc_the usb then being mounted as sdb1 or as sdb?14:32
_abc_ok, I need to read about it.14:33
fsmithredI think it gets mounted as /tmp/usbmount14:33
_abc_I'll look. Not now, in 1-2 hours. Okay, thanks.14:33
_abc_I'll try to do it and then see if I get hung up somewhere14:33
_abc_fsmithred: why did you pick rsync over cpio for refracta?14:33
fsmithredok, it's possible to make a live usb from a running live-usb, but the menu entry needs to be edited14:34
fsmithredI actually didn't pick rsync. The original creator did (Dean Linkous, aka meandean)14:34
_abc_what do you mean by menu entry, exactly?14:34
fsmithredboot menu entry14:34
fsmithredisolinux and grub(for uefi)14:35
_abc_I'm on non uefi so isolinux14:35
fsmithredok, but if the iso will boot both ways, your usb can boot both ways14:35
_abc_Is there a version of isolinux which can store/retrieve certain simple settings from bios nvram?14:35
fsmithredI don't know14:36
_abc_Or from the usb partition table unused data14:36
fsmithredyou can use hook scripts with live-boot.14:36
fsmithredin addition to all the usual live-boot and live-config options14:37
_abc_Is there a list of those? Or do I have to go read the source14:37
fsmithredman live-boot or live-config14:37
fsmithredhowever, if you read the source, you may find more.14:38
fsmithredat least one that I know of14:38
_abc_okay. One more thing: suggest a simple script to apt-get install all debs not on the system assuming I have a running system with all those installed. Is there a ready made script for this?14:38
_abc_I gtg in 514:39
KatolaZ_abc_: ?14:39
fsmithredyou want to install which debs?14:39
KatolaZwhich debs _abc_ ?14:39
_abc_I have a running system and a new one, I need to sync the debs on the new one with the old14:39
_abc_KatolaZ: all installed packages.14:39
KatolaZ_abc_: man dpgk14:39
KatolaZlook for --get-selections / --set-selections14:40
fsmithreddpkg --get-selections and dpkg --set-selections14:40
_abc_Think of it as rsync for installed devuan systems.14:40
KatolaZ_abc_: ^^^14:40
KatolaZthat's the way to do it14:40
_abc_And can one do it on the new system mounted as data on the old one?14:40
_abc_Using chroot I presume?14:41
KatolaZ_abc_: please man dpkg14:41
KatolaZlook for --get-selections14:41
KatolaZunderstand how it works14:41
KatolaZit generates a list of currently installed packages14:41
fsmithredyou should be able to do it in chroot, but I've never tried14:41
KatolaZa simple text file14:41
KatolaZyou can take this file wherever you like14:41
KatolaZand pipe it to dpkg --set-selections14:41
_abc_And will it auto resolve install time conflicts, like dependencies?14:42
KatolaZ_abc_: if the packages are installed in system A, all the deps are satisfied14:43
_abc_I mean some packages are installed as deps, if the install order is not the same as on the donor system, those which are marked installed as deps will be put on in a potentially different order?14:43
fsmithredoh, there are some aptitude commands for setting the automatically installed status14:44
gnarface_abc_: you have packages that are marked as either manually installed or not14:44
_abc_Eg if libc resolves as dep for pa and pb, on system a pa is installed and pulls in libc, then pb and that pulls in nothing; on the new system, pb is potentially in the selections list before pa and IT pulls in libc14:44
_abc_gnarface: yes but see above for auto ones14:44
_abc_Does this matter? Is it a concern?14:44
gnarface_abc_: if you issue the command to manually install a package already installed, it changes the status to manually installed14:44
_abc_I know, but in the specific context of --get-selections14:45
_abc_Maybe it's safer to clone the system with rsync alone?14:45
gnarfacei don't know but i don't think the package install order really matters14:45
_abc_gnarface: it matters when doing something like removing a package later or such14:46
_abc_ok, out, thanks, will use this later14:46
sokanfsmithred: so is it possible? :P14:58
fsmithredyes, probably14:59
sokanIt's in .deb as well so I only need to provide the OpenRC service right?14:59
fsmithredare these packages that you wrote, or you forked them?14:59
fsmithredI don't think that's required - openrc is optional14:59
fsmithredif the originals are on git somewhere, clone them on so that the full history is intact15:01
sokanThese packages work with a daemon. So a service is needed. Debian has it in their repo but it's systemd. That's why I thought they'd need another service. I mentioend OpenRC because that's what I'm used to atm.15:01
fsmithreddefault in devuan is sysvinit, and you can add openrc if you want15:02
sokan this is one of the programs I mention15:02
fsmithredsokan, I don't see those packages in debian. Do they have another name?15:17
xrogaanso, no changelog for devuan's packages?15:48
xrogaanE: Cannot display changelog: Origin of base-files version 9.9+devuan2.5 is unknown (maybe not an official Debian package; if it is, try to "update" package lists)15:48
fsmithredxrogaan, it's right here, last updated 2 hours ago:
xrogaanMight you know why aptitude can't fetch those?15:53
fsmithredwhat command are you running?15:53
_abc_fsmithred: back. Re: refracta2usb:16:23
fsmithredI'm still here16:23
_abc_ok, reading refracta2usb: assuming I do pass in an iso image to put on the stick, it will use that iso image, and in no way copy over things into persistence on the stick, right?16:24
_abc_I have a system installed with refracta from live-desktop, then updated and installed properly with lots of things on hdd16:25
_abc_I run that hdd system, and refracta2usb from it16:25
_abc_If I selected an iso (the same ascii 2.0.0) I used to install the hdd, before the updates, with refracta2usb, then it will put that and no updates on the stick. Right?16:25
fsmithredyes, you will choose 'create from iso'16:25
fsmithredtell it which iso to use16:25
_abc_Also I assume it needs working space of at least the size of the output iso?16:26
fsmithredand it will mount that iso and copy the contents to the usb16:26
_abc_So, again, none of the updates on the hdd get into the stick like that, right?16:26
_abc_But if I tell it to copy the running system then it will put on the stick everything I installed, creating a new iso?16:26
fsmithrednot sure if that will work16:27
fsmithredthere's a choice to create it from a running live system (usb or cd)16:27
_abc_The steps to get to the point where one plays back the package list to dpkg --set-selections are (correct me if wrong): apt-get update ?16:28
_abc_hmm so to edit the boot menu on a normal live usb one needs to edit the iso file, right?16:29
_abc_with refractausb, this is not needed?16:29
fsmithredcorrect - the read-only system is on a fat32 partition16:29
_abc_*refracta2usb output partition 1 on the target will not be an iso file right? It will be a rw fat32?16:29
fsmithredso if you plug it into a running system, you can write to it16:29
_abc_So the output of refracta2usb is different from the output of dd if=devuan*.iso ... right?16:30
fsmithredyeah, it's read-only when you're running that live system, but rw if you plug it in like a normal usb stick16:30
fsmithredyeah, very different from dd isohybrid16:30
_abc_Okay, I get it now.16:30
_abc_Some things were not syncing in my working neuron16:30
fsmithredin fact, if you previously used the usb for isohybrid16:31
fsmithredyou might have problems booting16:31
_abc_yes I read that part, need to zero the partition16:31
fsmithredI usually zero the first few MB16:31
_abc_The howto says 1st 4MB or more.16:31
_abc_Interesting, this is most useful16:31
fsmithredyeah, I've been using 4MB and that's sufficient16:31
fsmithredshould only need to do 2MB16:31
_abc_How much space does one reserve for refracta2usb normally?16:31
_abc_in partition 116:32
_abc_I mean how much more than a dd... written iso?16:32
fsmithredbigger than the sum of the isos you want on it16:32
_abc_Assuming I only put one live image in it16:32
_abc_For sure but the overhead, is it large? 100M enough?16:32
fsmithreda little more than that - has to hold kernel and initrd.img in addition to the filesystem.squashfs16:33
_abc_I'll give it 256MB I think16:33
fsmithredthat should do it16:33
_abc_ok, nice, I'll try this now. Fingers crossed.16:33
_abc_Any bad behavior expected from refracta?16:34
fsmithredno, I don't think so16:34
fsmithredremember to mark the fat32 as bootable16:34
_abc_system type 0x0c?16:34
fsmithredI use gparted and select fat32 and boot flag16:34
_abc_refracta2usb run as root can see the gui? Or sudo?16:35
_abc_I'll use fdisk as usual16:35
fsmithredfdisk -l says W95 FAT3216:35
fsmithredid b16:35
_abc_I assume that is not critical?16:37
_abc_Formatting is done by refracta2usb right?16:37
fsmithrednot really16:37
fsmithredr2u allows you to run gparted from within it16:38
fsmithredif you pre-format, you can skip that task16:38
_abc_apt-get install refracta2usb -> ng16:41
_abc_it's not on the system16:41
fsmithredyeah, it's not in the repo. I'll get the link.16:41
_abc_bbiaf sandwich16:41
sokanI can follow these installtions (meant for debian) just as well in devuan right?16:51
fsmithredshould be able to. Everything in devuan is the same as debian except where there's dependency on systemd16:54
sokanokey doke16:56
sokanso the tough part will be to autostart it16:56
_abc_fsmithred: so ISO_1 create live-usb from unpacked cd image is what I want for iso, right?16:57
fsmithredyeah, it should work with sysvinit16:57
fsmithred_abc_, yes16:57
_abc_fsmithred: and this does the rw thing we discussed, right?16:57
fsmithredthis will put a live OS on the fat32 partition. When you boot that live OS it will be read-only16:58
fsmithredif you create a persistent volume, you'll boot with different options so that you get a rw system16:59
_abc_Again: this will put the iso in a dir in the fat32 partition, and boot it via syslinux menu.16:59
fsmithredthe contents of the iso, yes16:59
fsmithredif you want to do it with an intact iso, choose ISO_216:59
_abc_that is confusing, the menu legends17:00
fsmithredthat gives you the option of sharing the iso with your windows friends17:00
sokanthanks for help fsmithred :)17:00
fsmithredyou can still use the fat32 for moving files between linux and windows and mac boxes17:00
fsmithredyw, sokan and good luck with it17:00
_abc_fsmithred: I am more interested in editing the boot menu than that17:01
fsmithred_abc_, that's no problem.17:03
_abc_fsmithred: so r2u will install the boot menu for me right? And later I can edit it?17:03
* _abc_ has not touched a syslinux menu since 1998 or so17:03
fsmithredyes, it will create the boot menu and show it to you in a text editor, so you can edit it before it gets copied to the usb.17:04
fsmithredand you can edit it later by plugging into a running system and mounting it.17:04
_abc_Formatting persistence directly to ext3 mitigates the problem of unclean umount directly or does one still need to run fsck on boot17:04
_abc_Because so far all live sytems umount the persistence volume dirty17:04
fsmithredI think live-boot turns off fsck17:04
_abc_That's a relly bad idea17:05
_abc_I ran like that for a few weeks some time ago and I only noticed it by mistake in dmesg17:05
fsmithredwell, there's no point running fsck on a cdrom17:05
_abc_It is a REALLY BAD idea for persistence.17:05
fsmithredI usually use ext2 on usb17:05
_abc_I mean the shutdown in persistence should try to deal with this problem. Suggestions on how to mend it would be welcome. I assume editing init.d scripts for runlevel 6?17:06
fsmithrednot sure I understand what the problem is17:06
_abc_umount -a does not go through mount -o remount,ro for persistence mounted as unionfs17:09
_abc_this leaves the persistence volume umounted dirty17:09
_abc_r2u: ISO Boot Menu: isolinux or live ?17:09
fsmithredlive.cfg in refracta isos17:10
fsmithredor isos made with refractasnapshot17:10
fsmithredif you choose the wrong one, just open the right one without closing the text editor17:11
_abc_I am on ascii on hdd and I have both, who put them there? r2u?17:11
fsmithreddebian-live put them there17:11
fsmithredyes, both are there - use live.cfg17:11
_abc_/tmp/isomount/live/ has no live.cfg17:12
fsmithredmaybe in /tmp/isomount/isolinux17:12
_abc_isolinux.cfg exists17:12
_abc_the kernel is in /boot in my case, I think?17:13
fsmithredno, it's live/vmlinuz17:13
_abc_why would it be in live ? This is a hdd install17:14
_abc_Or are you about something else17:14
fsmithredyou want to selet the kernel from the iso17:14
_abc_I selected the wrong kernel. Is there a way to go back or do I restart the process17:15
fsmithredbail out of that task and run it again17:15
fsmithredI think you can still go forward to get a quit button17:15
_abc_sdb1 is already mounted, should I umount it or rescan17:15
fsmithredyeah, rescan17:15
_abc_I did quit and it went to the main menu17:15
fsmithredpractice run is always a good idea ;)17:16
_abc_Unfortunately Exit has no confirmation dialog ;) Add it.17:18
_abc_Also imo place the 'Continue' and the 'Cancel' buttons some space apart ;)17:18
_abc_Copying iso file now17:18
fsmithredyou would hate the reboot and shutdown buttons on my desktop17:20
_abc_Do I need extra boot options?17:20
_abc_'Additional Boot Options'17:20
fsmithredprobably not17:21
fsmithredusername is user?17:21
fsmithredif not, you need that option17:21
_abc_username is devuan17:22
fsmithredthen add the username option17:22
_abc_I don't want autologin17:22
fsmithredthen add noautologin option17:22
fsmithredother, I guess17:23
_abc_yeah past that point, editing the live.cfg directly now17:23
fsmithredI need to go out for a bit. Will be back in 20-30 minutes17:24
_abc_thanks for the help17:24
hackassjust some hugs  to the devs ...well done on the ascii release .. if i wouldnt be running gentoo .. devu for sure would be my choice :)17:29
fsmithred_abc_, did it boot?18:37
_abc_I got to the point where it got to black graphics screen, ^-Alt-F1 on console showed "Authentication failure"18:38
_abc_I could reboot in console using ^-Alt-Del18:38
_abc_mounted the media on a running system and compared things, I don't see anything amiss18:38
fsmithredyou have username=devuan in boot command?18:38
_abc_I edited the isolinux .cfg to have the exact same options as on the live system18:38
_abc_excepting for findiso=18:38
_abc_findiso= does not cause an isolinux instance to put in it's own kernel params?18:39
_abc_Because that would explain it?18:39
_abc_Also: the persistence partition is ext2 but when I insert it in a running system and mount it from thunar it is read-only, the mount is rw18:40
fsmithredI think it uses whatever options are in the boot command you're using (the one with findiso)18:40
_abc_Is there a special rule for mounting partitions called 'persistence'?18:40
_abc_fsmithred: there's a second config on the stick for isolinux18:40
fsmithredno, if the label is persistence, you don't need to add the label option18:40
fsmithredempty isolinux.cfg?18:40
_abc_just a second. Can you please address the mount issue? The persistence /dev/sdb2 is rw mounted by thunar and not writable18:41
fsmithredwhy is it mounted by thunar?18:41
fsmithredit should be mounted by the boot scripts18:41
_abc_please ignore the boot scripts for now, am in the hdd system, mounting the persistence and ISOIMAGE partitions on the stick in thunar18:42
_abc_/dev/sdc2 on /media/devuan/persistence type ext2 (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,block_validity,barrier,user_xattr,acl,uhelper=udisks2)18:42
_abc_this is the mount, it is okay, but the permissions are wrong. How did it get to be so?18:42
fsmithredI don't know18:42
_abc_Can't write to it as user, only as root18:42
fsmithredwhat were you planning to do with it?18:42
_abc_Assuming something (r2u) put an acl on it, where is it18:43
fsmithredif you mounted it yourself, r2u will be unhappy about it18:43
_abc_fsmithred: this is the persistence volume on sdc2 which goes with the r2u installed iso on sdc118:43
_abc_r2u is not involved at this time18:43
_abc_does r2u do anything with acls?18:43
fsmithredso whatever way you mounted it determined the options18:43
fsmithredno, nothing with acls18:43
_abc_what does uhelper=udisks2 do18:44
fsmithredno idea18:44
fsmithredmust be related to how you mounted it18:44
_abc_The way I mounted it is right click on it in thunar, select mount, then select open in new tab18:44
_abc_So 'i' did not mount it, thunar did18:44
_abc_and the problem seems related to the failed boot18:44
_abc_note the boot fails even without persistence on18:44
fsmithredI never use thunar to mount, (not since wheezy) so I don't know what to expect.18:45
_abc_I do not understand why. Let's see what the mount does now18:45
_abc_ok so in the ext2 mount one needs to create user-owned directories to be able to write to them18:45
_abc_iow thunar etc does not override the user on the mounted ext218:46
_abc_which is sane. Okay, one thing explained18:46
fsmithredyou just want to add files to your home on the persistent part?18:46
_abc_Two, what kernel options do I give to get to a shell, to debug further, perhaps with sh from initrd? init=/bin/sh ?18:46
_abc_fsmithred: that too but for now I need to cut down on the question marks18:47
_abc_status: the new stick made with r2u boots to console, tries to start gui, starts slim, gives authentication failure18:47
_abc_the username=devuan MUST be okay, the iso was not changed is image devuan ascii 2.0.0 desktop live18:47
_abc_so the boot system loses username=devuan somewhere. But where.18:47
_abc_in the ISOIMAGE fat32 sdc1:18:48
fsmithredcat /proc/cmdline in the running live system to see for sure what boot command was used18:48
_abc_Is /proc mounted by the time I'm in initrd?18:48
_abc_Also is something in there to filter out my init=/bin/sh?18:49
fsmithredpress TAB at boot and add the word, single, to the append line18:49
fsmithredand you will boot to runlevel 118:49
_abc_Since there's an auth failure with source unknown, should I not override init?18:49
fsmithredno, adding init=/bin/sh or init=/bin/bash should work18:50
_abc_Looking at the live.cfg which is in ISOIMAGE/syslinux it's okay, it's the one I see18:50
fsmithredbut if it's just an X problem, runlevel 1 should be fine18:50
fsmithredyeah, that's the one that gets used.18:51
fsmithredthere should be an isolinux dir inside the named dir where you put the system, but that does not get used.18:51
_abc_there is18:51
fsmithredyeah, that's just a copy of what's in the iso18:52
_abc_there is also a syslinux dir with it's own config18:52
_abc_confusing as hell if you ask me18:52
fsmithredin the root18:52
_abc_okay, we will sort it18:52
fsmithredat the bottom of the help page are some example tree layouts of the usb18:52
_abc_I hate hate hate things which fail succesfully.18:52
fsmithredvisual might be helpful18:53
_abc_Hm? Oh, okay, I'm over that. I will read it again, for now, I have options to try.18:53
_abc_so long18:53
abcabc_fsmithred: i have no idea what caused that. 2nd time i wiped and reformatted persistence it worked19:55
abcabc_installing packages now19:55
_abc_Beep. How does one install proper info pages on devuan please? info make -> manpage in info22:19
_abc_do I have to enable nonfree?!22:23
_abc_How does one add nonfree to /etc/apt/sources.list?22:25
_abc_ there's no nonfree here22:25
Jjp137I'm guessing that the package you want is named 'info'22:28
KatolaZ_abc_: ^^^22:29
KatolaZ_abc_: there is no need to enable non-free to have info22:30
KatolaZapt-get install info22:30
_abc_Yeah I found it meanwhile22:36
_abc_info is installed but the gnu make info page isn't22:36
_abc_should be make-doc but there is no such package in main22:36
_abc_KatolaZ: ^22:36
_abc_info is/was installed all the time, that is not the question22:36
_abc_after adding non-free apt-get install make-doc works22:37
_abc_(some aspects of debian are REALLY lame). But okay it's a nice system.22:37
_abc_and yes we have info make liftoff22:38
KatolaZ_abc_: pkginfo.devuan.org22:38
_abc_KatolaZ: the politics of it
KatolaZ_abc_: I know very well the politics of it22:42
EHeMThe mirror which is in the list is having trouble (gave 403 a few hours ago).23:55

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