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Artemis3Vall, does older ubuntu works the same? ie 16.04?00:23
mtnmanwhat is the official package name for the desktop-live image?00:47
mtnmandevuan@devuan:~$ pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover03:15
mtnmanFailure: Module initialization failed03:15
mtnmandevuan@devuan:~$ pactl list short | grep bluetooth03:15
mtnmanASCII live-desktop03:15
* Digit is sure htop's still insisting way higher cpu use since before upgrade and mixing repos for the supposedly right udev/eudev/whatever03:21
gnarfaceif patrickr comes back, someone tell him there is an outstanding known issue with resizing jessie-era ext4 filesystems with later versions of the e2fsprogs05:18
Digitdont have a bot in here to do !tell ?06:07
furrywolf/msg memoserv ...06:08
debdogis there something wrong with i386 packages on Devuan Ascii or is it just me?
debdog(attemting to install winehq-devel
gnarfacedebdog: did you have any better luck with the wine-development in the repo?16:23
gnarfaceLiebach: greetings16:23
debdogLANG=C aptitude install wine-devel16:24
debdogwine-devel is already installed at the requested version (3.13.0~stretch)16:24
debdogoops, wasn't aware this is already installed :D16:24
debdogwell, g2g, bbl16:24
debdogis this from the std. devuan repo? gnarface16:25
gnarfacethat looks like it's from debian16:25
gnarfaceor something else...16:26
gnarfaceno that might be winehq16:26
gnarfacethe one in ceres right now is 3.12-316:27
debdogthis wine stuff got really weird in the past few years16:27
gnarfacenote that development and staging aren't the same in wine16:27
gnarfacestaging you can only get from winehq or compile yourself, development is slightly more stable and available in the devuan repos natively16:28
debdogI'd prefer the winehq packes, though. since they install into /opt and it's easy to keep an installed version when updating and hence having several wine versions installed16:28
gnarfacedevelopment probably works for most stuff but some recent changes in WoW need staging patches16:28
debdogwell, I'll have another look at it later16:28
LiekeApparently wine-development from Debian needs systemd though :P16:31
gnarfacei haven't tried it in a while16:31
gnarfaceshould be possible to build it without16:31
AlexLikeRockgood mornig  GNUs !17:00
_stephen_Ooh, anyone see this renegade elite thing?  a 4gb sbc by the libre computer and firefly people?18:46
_stephen_I'm thinking it would make a nice devaun desktop.18:53
_stephen_Suppose an arm64 raspi image would be the thing to boot on it?18:54
minnesotagsFreaking unbelievable!!!! I have been struggling with getting sound on my Panasonic Toughbook forever, and all it took was adding "alsactl init" to the tail end of the alsa-utils file in /etc/init.d/ !!!!! Why! Why???? Whhhhhyyyyyy!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!20:13
kaunHi. Long-time Debian user here (since 2.2 Potato).20:40
kaunI'm here solely because I see SystemD muddying my system to the point that I can't understand it.20:41
kaunWhat would I lose by moving to Devuan? Apart from what I want to lose ;-)20:42
golinuxkaun: Hopefully nothing.20:43
kaunDebian's focus on making packages work together sensibly takes a lot of maintainer effort, I guess; how could Devuan do anything similar?20:43
kaunI'm not talking 3D-animated desktop here. Just the base system + light X.20:44
golinuxExcept for the packages that Devuan alters, Devian repos are accessible by a merged-redirect20:45
golinuxDebian, of course20:46
golinuxYou can search for available packages here: pkginfo.devuan.org20:47
golinuxPackages requiring systemd are banned or repackaged.20:48
kaunIsn't that a big set of packages?20:49
kaunNo GNOME in that list?20:55
kaunSorry, I guess repackaged is a separate list.20:55
golinuxNo one has stepped forward to de-fang it.20:55
kaunHmmm, awesomewm user here. I was just curious.20:56
golinuxI think a few folks have managed to get it running.20:57
golinuxWe do have network-manager working though I don't understand why anyone would want to use it.  LOL!20:58
kaunIt beats figuring out dynamic interface names.21:11
_stephen_what's that have to do with network manager?21:22
kaunIt auto-configures for you? I modify /etc/interfaces myself21:25
_stephen_Interface names change between use?21:25
kaunYes, for USB networking.21:26
_stephen_That sounds terrible.21:28
_stephen_I thought that was fixed when non-usb interface name changing was fixed...21:28
kaunWell, I have run into it on Stretch the past couple of months.21:29
_stephen_I'll have to read up on this, it seems like something that would bite me some day.21:32
_stephen_I didn't have any problem with identical pci devices and naming... how is usb different?21:35
kaunNames changed for me for the same device, maybe it was across upgrades ...21:36
_stephen_Oh, on the same device... similar but maybe different...21:36
_stephen_I did notice that built-in nics get names like ethX, but my USB dongle is annoyingly enx0015ff...21:39
_stephen_Out of curiosity, is it preferred to use 'apt' or 'apt-get' when installing packages?21:44
_stephen_Previously I used apt-get because apt had the scary warning about not being recommended for scripts.21:44

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