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nacelleJoerg-Neo900: the first sata specs call for hotplug support00:03
nacellehence why the hardware is designed for it even (if you look at the power plug, the ground pin sticks out just a little more so it goes in first)00:03
Joerg-Neo900sure, it's not mandatory however, at least SATA (not eSATA) often seems to _not_ support hotplugging00:18
Joerg-Neo900and linux seems to never have heard of eSATA anyway00:18
Joerg-Neo900since otherwise why would I have needed >><Pali> Joerg-Neo900: command for rescaning sata devices on bus <n>: "echo \"- - -\" >/sys/class/scsi_host/host<n>/scan"'<<00:20
Joerg-Neo900and even that is a pretty disruptive and dangerous command00:21
Joerg-Neo900it seems to talk-over to other channels/buses on my system00:21
Joerg-Neo900sort of similar to blkid00:22
Joerg-Neo900I.E. it seems to make all drives stumble, not only "rescan" the one drive/bus I give as parameter00:23
Joerg-Neo900maybe was a hiccup in my old dusty OS, I didn't check nor reproduce this on the up-to-date system now00:24
nacellesoftware support for it early on was quite hit or miss, true00:27
Joerg-Neo900s/ talk-over / crosstalk/00:32
PaliJoerg-Neo900: that is the last command to call when SATA disk does not wont to show up in the system00:46
Joerg-Neo900Pali: yeah. had it that way. And the reason I'd need it: when the hardware doesn't even detect a hotplug on hw level01:04
PaliIIRC you can also specify numbers instead of - - - to limit what would be probed01:06
PaliI'm using that command to initialize optical mechanic after hostplug01:06
Palisata (and also pci-e) has hotplug support but ... some hw has it improperly implemented01:07
Palisometimes pci rescan also helps01:07
booyahPali: how you do pci rescan?01:37
Palibooyah: there is some file in sysfs for it01:37
Palibooyah: look:
Paliyou have more "rescan" files, either rescan everything or rescan pci subtree...01:40
Digitoh devuan.  still doing me well.  :)15:20
Kizanolol +1 Digit15:58
Centurion_DanSo seems there are a couple of people interested in ppc64el and ppc64 (BE) for Devuan from the Talos2 community...18:29
DocScrutinizera_flj_1:  egrep '(s)ystemd'20:40
DocScrutinizeregrep 'k\ontact'  works too, but has pitfalls20:47
DocScrutinizerwell, egrep 's\ystemd'20:48
DocScrutinizeralways working and maybe more convenient since "syntactically" simpler e.g. for aliases:  egrep '[^]]kontact'20:55

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