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g4570nCenturion_Dan: I do not know if they reported it already, these other packages are also affected in the last update of Jessie, like: libpolkitagent-1-0, libpolkit-backend-1-0, libpolkit-gobject-1-0. They report that from a normal user, for example, they do not have the option to turn off the system (they do not have the permissions).00:18
lruCenturion_Dan: thanks!00:23
lruyeah, I have the same problem on my laptop... can't turn off system as regular user00:24
lruoddly, my desktop doesn't have that problem, running the same devuan00:24
lruthe buttons are still activated on my desktop00:24
lruno biggie.. I have root :-)00:25
Centurion_Dang4570n: I need a tester for that suite of polkit-1 packages00:28
lruunfortunately I don't have my laptop here, and my desktop works00:29
Centurion_Danit requires setting up another repo -00:29
Centurion_Danthe line for apt sources is:00:29
Centurion_Dandeb jessie-proposed-security main00:30
g4570nCenturion_Dan: I just passed the info to the person who told me the problem, so he can prove it00:34
golinuxCenturion_Dan: It's not in
Centurion_Dangolinux: depends on whether the mirrors actually sync /devuan - for speed either (the source of /devuan) or pkgmaster which syncs every couple of minutes.00:53
Centurion_DanI've tested it on my last jessie m/c and it seems ok - but the one test case I couldn't verify is the test that synaptic package manager gets the correct authentication dialogue.00:55
Centurion_Dan(my jessie is an upgrade from wheezy and seems to be missing non-essential bits).00:56
golinuxCenturion_Dan: Neither packages nor pkgmaster is mentioned on the website anymore as of the ASCII release.01:11
Centurion_Dangolinux: that's fine - we're talking about testing a security package - to make sure it doesn't break anything.02:10
Centurion_DanRemember we're talking about jessie.02:10
golinuxYes, jessie.02:20
golinuxI dropped a PM to KatolaZ about this in case he needs to tweak something02:20
golinuxCenturion_Dan: ^^^02:20
g4570nCenturion_Dan: the problem is resolved! :)02:22
golinuxI'm too unadventurous to try02:23
g4570nCenturion_Dan: we have to stay at:, or can we use the new repos for the future?02:28 in now the default address.02:29
golinuxin > is02:29
Centurion_Dang4570n: Yes.  That was just for the proposed package... I'll put it into the normal jessie-security queue now and everyone else will get it.02:31
golinuxBut I'm not sure if something special needs to be done to pick up the new jessie-proposed-security02:31
Centurion_Dang4570n: you can comment out or delete the jessie-proposed-security line.02:32
Centurion_Dangolinux: it will be in jessie-security shortly.02:32
golinuxGreat!!  Really appreciate your getting on this asap.02:33
g4570nCenturion_Dan: ok, thanks I wanted to know that, to be sure :)02:35
DocScrutinizer05(OT) An experimental peer-to-peer root DNS.
Centurion_DanDocScrutinizer05: their sign-up form is broken.02:54
DocScrutinizer05this is all fresh stuff. I guess they need a few more hours to fix a few flaws03:38
DocScrutinizer05Centurion_Dan: ^^^
* DocScrutinizer05 just wonders who told those guys to support systemd :-/03:42
Centurion_Danlru: g4570n: golinux: policykit-1 related packages should be in jessie-security now.04:50
golinuxThanks Centurion_Dan.  It's nice to have you back on deck.  :)04:58
JollyRoger`Hey Centurion_Dan!05:11
Centurion_DanJollyRoger`: Hey05:19
Centurion_DanJollyRoger`: Don't I recognize you from somewhere?? :-P05:19
JollyRoger`Ahoy Cap'n! :D05:21
CriggieI CAN'T HEAR YOUUUUUUUU!!!!!!05:22
JollyRoger`Yarr! I be sailin' the seven seas o' Freenode now!05:22
Demosthenexhad another hard lockup on stable, so i wanted to enable kernel crash dumps (kdump-tools). i installed it and it asked to be enabled. i added the crash parameter to grub, and rebooted. when i tried to trigger a test crash, this is what i got
Demosthenexto my dismay, it also tried to restart every system service and prompted me to unlock all my LUKS devices when it tried to take the crashdump14:33
Demosthenexthe OS disk is not LUKS.14:33
Demosthenexthere were two prompt when i did the install initially, one for enable, the second for a sysvinit question, but dpkg-reconfigure didn't bring that back up. maybe i had the wrong answer?14:34
gnarfacemaybe changing your debconf priority will show it14:40
gnarfacethe verbosity of questions dpkg-reconfigure will ask can be adjusted14:40
Demosthenexpfft, a purge/reinstall didn't ask either14:45
gnarfacei forget if you want to change it to min or max, try both14:46
Demosthenexok, it was kexec-tools prompting14:49
Demosthenex" If you choose this option, a system reboot will trigger a restart into a kernel loaded by kexec instead of going through the full system boot loader process. Should kexec-tools handle reboots (sysvinit only)? Y/N"14:49
Demosthenexthat's really not helpful14:50
gnarfacesay no to that14:50
gnarfacerebootless kernel upgrades14:51
Demosthenexi interpreted that as "instead of doing a warmstart, just relaunch the production system using kexec instead of a reboot"14:51
Demosthenexand i did say no originally14:51
gnarfacei'm pretty sure no is the default14:51
Demosthenexthus, i'm really confused why the recovery image kdump uses is unlocking LUKS, and starting my databases just to do a cp to /var14:51
gnarfacehmmm, i can't fathom14:52
Demosthenexthink about that, i'm trying to capture a crashdump as to why the box died, and while doing so it's tryign to restart my DB's that just crashed in an unsupervised manner14:53
gnarfacewell it certainly sounds like something is wrong14:53
Demosthenexyeah, i've had some issues with runaway openzfs threads, i'm pretty sure that's why it crashed, but i didn't have a login running top this time14:54
Demosthenexand of course ipmi console isn't responding, system pings but can't login.14:54
Demosthenexso have to just reset14:54
Demosthenexthe only luck i've ever had with getting crash data off linux is when i configure serial consoles and then make other systems record the output constantly :P14:55
gnarfaceyou could set up rsyslogd to log over the network to another host14:58
gnarfaceat least then you don't have to mess with serial terminals14:59
Demosthenexthis is a home/smb environment, this is the only always on host. incidentally it is also the syslog server.15:18
debdogFYI: channel topic is outdated16:21
golinuxdebdog: What's outdated?16:38
debdoggolinux: "Stable (2017-05-25): Jessie 1.0.0 stable"16:40
golinuxIt also has
golinuxOops bad c/p16:41
debdogokok, *partly outdated :)16:41
golinuxAh, I get it  . . . should be OLDSTABLE16:41
golinuxon Jessie16:41
golinuxDocScrutinizer05: ^^^16:42
golinuxNice catch16:42
debdogI was curious why some german site refered to it as ASCII (while I thought it should be Ascii). but on it's spelled ASCII as well16:43
Demosthenexso isn't the oldstable LTS?16:49
Demosthenexthat's the only reason i didn't upgrade yet16:49
debdog"The 1.0.0 Jessie release (LTS) has moved to oldstable status." so, I assume it is LTS16:50
golinuxdebdog: The planet name is all upper case17:03
debdogyes, confusingly, just found that out myself.17:04
golinuxASCII had an identity crisis over that for a while.  Of course, all lower case in file names to add to the confusion17:05
dethaand people still wonder why someone prefers '2.0'17:32
golinuxThere are those of us who tend to be number-challenged.  ;)17:34
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