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mku519hello, i am problems with the screen going full black during boot with a nvidia gtx97001:09
mku519i cant even drop into tty01:10
fsmithreddid you try booting with 'nomodeset' in the boot command?01:10
mku519will try, give me a moment01:11
mku519it boots with nomodeset, i would like to keep using the opensource driver if possible since im driving a 1440 screen via displayport01:17
mku519the machine boots if i swap the video card for a AMD hd545001:17
pav5088How do I make an interface stay down in Ascii?  I tried an "ifdown eth0" but the interface keeps coming back a couple of seconds later.  I've tried "killall dhclient" in case that was the cause, but dhclient is respawned.09:20
hollapav5088: '/etc/network/interfaces' just remove 'auto eth0'09:39
pav5088holla : I just worked out it was wicd pulling up eth009:43
rrqDocScrutinizer05: about xterm-256color, see
Centurion_Danrrq: it doesn10:24
Centurion_Dan't effect handling of cursor keys does it?10:25
Centurion_DanI've been having trouble with ssh connect10:26
Centurion_Daned shells in both jessie and ascii where using the cursor keys kills the lockups the session - most of the time irrecoverably...10:28
rrqno idea. I would think that'd be something else. perhaps related to that "bracketed paste" notion that makes a nuisance of pasting with middle-button10:34
Centurion_Danhmmm.... I'd been thinking it's purely a network issue.. only happens on remote connections, and only while I'm here at home... when situated at other locations it's not an issue.10:49
Centurion_DanI have fibre here, but it's shit performance compared to the much slower vdsl I used to have...10:50
rrqI've also noticed that flow control (^S ^Q) is back in the terminal; could that play a role for you, given that arrow keys are multi-byte sequences.10:57
rrqas an emacs head, I've more then once got an extra coffee break after an accidental ^S rather than / ... :)10:58
ErRandirIf it only happens on remote connections maybe it's related to the ssh escape character (~)11:04
Centurion_Danwhy would that be an issue on remote and local connections..11:06
ErRandirSorry, I didn't realise it was local as well11:09
Centurion_Dansorry, happens on remote but not local...11:10
Centurion_Danadditionally if I use openvpn tunnel to get to the remote end, I don't get the issue either...11:18
rrqif it also happens wiht TERM=xterm, then it's certainly not due to the xterm-256color capability11:34
Centurion_DanI've tried several different terminal programs - both xterm and rxvt as well as xfce-terminal and get the same issue.11:51
hollaCenturion_Dan: it's probably your keymap -- are you using a laptop?12:08
Centurion_Danbut I've tried several pc's too and get the same behaviour12:11
hollareal PC?12:12
hollai always saw such issues with laptops12:13
Centurion_Danyeah, and I'm using a standard 101 key usb keyboard on my laptop atm as well12:13
ErRandirdo you hack your keymap? Like an .xmodmaprc?12:13
Centurion_DanI have another laptop -  lower spec with the same keyboard running wheezy still and the problem doesn't occur as frequently... also it's not consistent.... sometimes I can use the cursor keys 3 or more times before the lockup, and other times once is enough...12:15
Centurion_Dananyway gotta go to bed...12:15
* holla luvs problems which occur *sometimes* ;)12:18
JudicialWatchare there any installation documents for arm embedded?  i can login but theres nothing on the system15:30
JudicialWatchthe installguide link is 404
JudicialWatchi installed this and boot it and login, but then what?
fsmithredJudicialWatch, do you have a command prompt?16:03
fsmithredcool, do you have a network connection?16:03
JudicialWatchjust curious why the documentation isnt easy to find...i figure its like, make partitions, do this do that, run installer, etc16:04
JudicialWatchfsmithred: no16:04
fsmithreddoesn't dd just put a system on the drive?16:04
JudicialWatcha 1.7gb partition that i can boot into16:05
fsmithredthat's big enough for a whole operating system. I think that's what you have.16:05
fsmithredwired or wireless interface?16:05
JudicialWatchi could wire it i guess16:05
fsmithredI'm not really sure what's on the image, but you could try running startx16:05
fsmithredrun to set up wireless16:06
JudicialWatchcommand not found16:06
JudicialWatchthere is no setnet.sh16:06
fsmithredif wpasupplicant is installed, you could set up manually. I don't know the commands off the top of my head.16:07
JudicialWatchtheres an entire directory of images for different devices, not sure why theres no documentation though16:07
fsmithredor wire and run 'dhclient eth0'16:07
JudicialWatchok running it... but its not eth0 its enx001XXXXXXXX16:08
JudicialWatchcute device name :D16:08
JudicialWatchok im online16:08
JudicialWatchnow what16:10
fsmithredprobably apt-get update and then install what you want16:11
fsmithrednote: I've never used any of the embedded images. I'm just guessing.16:12
fsmithredcan you resize the partition?16:12
JudicialWatchi wonder if anyone has, id think there would be more documentation16:12
JudicialWatchfsmithred: ill try resizing it16:12
sixwheeledbeasten pX sXX is a udev thing16:12
JudicialWatchyeah ill have to get rid of that16:13
JudicialWatchi need the devcies named eth0 and wlan016:13
sixwheeledbeastits en (ethernet) p (bus #) s (slot #).16:14
JudicialWatchlooks like its a mac address or something16:14
sixwheeledbeastPredictable Interface Naming is the idea16:15
fsmithredyou should get the old device names if eudev is installed, and I expect it should already be installed.16:15
JudicialWatchi resized the root partition fine16:16
fsmithredyeah, you have to open the box to predict the name16:16
JudicialWatchfsmithred: yeah thats a problem16:16
JudicialWatchi think i can fix it with a file, i hope16:16
fsmithreddpkg -l eudev16:16
fsmithredsee if it's installed16:16
sixwheeledbeast disabling info at the bottom16:17
fsmithredif using udev, add 'net.ifnames=0' to the boot command to get the old names16:18
JudicialWatchyes its installed16:18
fsmithredweird. You should get the old names. Maybe try with the boot option.16:18
fsmithredwith eudev, net.ifnames=1 would give you the new names. Old names should be default.16:18
JudicialWatchok let me see whats in the boot partition16:19
fsmithredcat /proc/cmdline to see your current boot command16:19
JudicialWatchim using EUDev16:20
fsmithredyeah, I don't know why you got the new interface name16:20
JudicialWatchfsmithred: i see it, i dont see any net.ifname in the command, obviously16:21
fsmithredthis is an ascii image?16:21
JudicialWatchill try net.ifnames=1 and reboot16:21
fsmithredI guess try that and try 0 if 1 doesn't do it.16:22
JudicialWatchsixwheeledbeast: that link says systemd16:22
sixwheeledbeastudev is a freedesktop thing16:23
JudicialWatchnot sure why its a systemd thing too16:23
JudicialWatchfsmithred: both options have same effect16:23
JudicialWatchhmm, i guess it didnt take my command line changes16:24
rrqcheck /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules16:25
JudicialWatchi did, thers no file in that directory16:25
sixwheeledbeastbecause systemd has absorbed many jobs but that's straying off topic.16:25
rrqwrite your own /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules to name the interfaces16:26
JudicialWatchrrq: ok16:26
JudicialWatchbut now im curious why editing /boot/boot.cmd doesnt have any effect to /proc/cmdline16:27
fsmithredI don't know that file - is that the boot menu?16:27
JudicialWatchits for this embedded stuff i thought, but maybe i have to use a special editor to generate this boot.scr from the boot.cmd16:28
fsmithredis there a way to edit the menu when you see it at boot?16:28
rrqyes. I know very little about arm systems, but I believe the boot image is elsewhere16:28
JudicialWatchits probably running boot.scr and boot.cmd is a editable version that has to be used to generate another16:28
JudicialWatchthere isnt a boot menu16:28
baimafeimais devuan more on the open source or free software side of things? where does it stand politically?16:29
rrqthere used to be some abootimg tool (set) ... but I'm not up to date16:29
fsmithreddevuan is about freedom16:30
baimafeimaso more ethical than pragmatist?16:30
baimafeimaboth is amazing16:31
baimafeimavery rare to find this in any distribution16:31
fsmithredlive isos have non-free firmware installed for practical reasons16:31
baimafeimaI checked with some other distros and they are either on one side or the other16:31
fsmithredand a script to remove all that stuff for those who don't want it16:31
fsmithredand in the future, we will probably offer libre kernel and a way to keep the non-free stuff out - for those who want that. Not for everyone.16:32
baimafeimafsmithred, wow awesome16:32
fsmithredfreedom includes the freedom to use non-free software16:32
baimafeimaif devuan also manages to be pragmatist and offer a smooth out-of-the-box exerience for beginnings,that'll be the icing on the cake16:33
pekmanvery great news, Devuan + GNU/Linux-Libre16:33
baimafeimafor beginners I mean16:33
baimafeimais there any chance to have a software center included by default in the future and some of the awesome tools that mx linux offers?16:34
JudicialWatchi wonder where the embedded instructions are16:34
baimafeimaspecifically my request would be something like a solus software center (which is awesome) and user-facing tools to administer the system like in mx linux16:34
JudicialWatchtrying to figure out how to change boot options the correct way16:34
rrqthe image is built with .. but you've probably been there already16:36
fsmithredline 95 is where boot.cmd gets made16:39
JudicialWatchnice, yeah ill have to install mkimage16:39
JudicialWatchattempting to disable this device renaming16:41
JudicialWatchnice it worked, and now my network comes up automatically too16:43
fsmithredhow did you do it?16:43
JudicialWatchSUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="*", ATTR{dev_id}=="0x0", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="eth*", NAME="eth0"16:43
JudicialWatchim about to put at least the first 3 parts of the mac in the address part16:43
JudicialWatchso it only matches the onboard for these device types16:44
rrqbtw that there is a #devuan-arm channel16:45
JudicialWatchthanks for the help everyone, had no idea that there were no more installation steps required16:49
Akulibaimafeima, synaptic seems to come with devuan17:43
fsmithreddepends on how you install17:47
baimafeimaAkuli, thanks17:48
_abc_You know this? fsmithred
_abc_in a refracta context, could be interesting?19:31
fsmithredchecking now...19:33
fsmithred_abc_, you want to put your work_dir in the cloud?19:43
fsmithredI can't really see what that program does.19:44
_abc_No, it's rsync which 'knows' about more options than local disk19:47
_abc_So one can use servers on the lan, a cloud box, etc19:47
_abc_So in theory one could copy/refracta the working system into a server and then copy it out from there to another system, or bulk deploy, etc19:47
_abc_Just brainstorming.19:48
fsmithredthere's already code to handle other mounted locations for work_dir in snapshot20:05
fsmithredand also custom rsync options20:05
fsmithredin the config file20:05
fsmithred(I think that's in snapshot, but maybe the installer or both)20:05

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