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stqnbesides apt update && apt upgrade from time to time, is there something that should be done to maintain my system?00:33
JudicialWatchyou can enable automatic security updates00:34
JudicialWatchstqn: review your log files and check your disk usage to make sure its not filling up...00:36
JudicialWatchother than not sure00:36
KatolaZstqn: you should include -updates and -security  in your sources.list00:36
stqnKatolaZ: do you mean ascii-updates and ascii-security? they are already enabled00:40
stqnI was wondering if for example I needed to remove old stuff manually (like kernels that never disappear on ubuntu). Maybe apt autoremove.00:41
JudicialWatchhmm yeah you may have to remove kernels00:42
JudicialWatchi have seen that hose things before00:42
JudicialWatchmostly because /boot was too small to hold them all00:42
stqnyeah, it's incredible canonical never did anything about that... and the error message when that happens is totally unclear00:43
stqndoes it also happen on debian/devuan?00:43
JudicialWatchim not sure my devuan even has a kernel package installed00:45
JudicialWatchbut im on embedded00:45
JudicialWatchcompiled my own kernel00:45
stqnI see00:51
KatolaZstqn: it depends on whether you installed linux-image-ARCH or linux-image-VERSION00:55
KatolaZin the first case you will get updated kernels00:56
KatolaZbut you always need to purge old kernels by hand00:56
KatolaZand for very good reasons00:56
KatolaZI wouldn't use a distro that removes a kernel automatically00:57
KatolaZthat would be called windows :P00:57
stqnI think that filling up the user's HDD inexorably is more like windows than removing useless and obsolete kernels00:59
JudicialWatchive had windows systems hosed from too many updates kept too heh01:00
KatolaZJudicialWatch: keeping more than one kernel installed won't ever hurt you01:01
KatolaZespecially because they cannot run at the same time :)01:01
JudicialWatchive had to use recovery mode to clean up the mess, but i dont remember the details01:01
KatolaZlibraries are a different beast though01:01
JudicialWatchon linux01:01
KatolaZJudicialWatch: if you use only official repos you shouldn't ever need anything like that01:02
KatolaZunless you are on unstable01:02
JudicialWatchi dont know, im just the fixer01:02
KatolaZand still, it would be pretty rare anyway01:02
JudicialWatchpeople have some old ass ubuntu systems out there01:02
Centurion_DanJudicialWatch: that's because the older stuff didn't have as much crap in them...01:51
stqnif you make a 100MB /boot partition it won't take 5 years to fill it with kernels02:00
golinux<KatolaZ> JudicialWatch: keeping more than one kernel installed won't ever hurt you02:08
gnarfacestqn: (in that case it wouldn't give you any kernels at all except when explicitly asked, though)02:09
golinuxMy jessie has never kept an old kernel.  I have no idea where to tell it to save one.02:09
leventehey, you guys won't like me but I have another nvidia problem and anything I found on the internet does not work13:52
leventeSo, I'm using a different monitor now, but it uses a VGA connection, but my GPU doesn't have such ports, so I use and adapter which makes it's EDID data unreadable13:53
leventeI tried to make the needed resolution avaliable with the xconfig but the log simply says "No valid modes for "CRT-0:1920x1080"; removing."13:54
djphsounds more like an issue with the adapter than the monitor or the graphics card13:55
leventeYeah, it's a pain in the ass13:55
leventeI don't think it can pass the edid data without an active adapter though13:57
djphno idea, I haven't had a desktop in ages :|13:58
Centurion_Danlevente: your probably looking in the wrong place... I'd expect your plugging into the DVI port with a vga adaptor, it would register as a DVI display and not a CRT.23:00
fromportanyone has an idea for this: running ceres on a 27"imac. when I make a screenshot, i hear an actual "shuttersound" through my speakers. I can play audio/video with eg vlc or mpv, works. But I am not able to play any sound from my browser (eg youtube) video part moves, but no audio whatsoever. any suggestions ?23:34
gnarfacefirefox requires pulseaudio23:35
gnarfacebut you can use apulse23:35
gnarfacethat's a relatively recent change to firefox23:35
gnarfacefirefox-esr used to not require it but just now does as well23:35
gnarfacekinda weak, IMO23:35
gnarfaceapulse works and it's small23:35
fromportremove pulseaudio and install apulse ?23:36
fromporti have apulse installed but it is not running23:38
gnarfaceno no23:39
gnarfaceif you have pulseaudio already installed, it should work23:39
gnarfacemaybe check the volumes in pavucontrol?  i think they're separate for every program... i dunno, i don't actually use it23:39
fromportpavucontrol won't let me 'unmute'23:40
gnarfacepulseaudio is running, right?23:40
gnarfaceoh, well that probably explains it23:40
fromportpavucontrol _at the moment_ cant connect to pulseaudio23:41
gnarfaceapulse is a pass-through though, it doesn't run like a daemon23:41
fromportit could earlier23:41
gnarfacefor apulse you'd just run it like this: apulse firefox-esr &23:41
gnarfaceor whatever your browser is23:41
gnarfacethen it would go by alsa settings, assuming pulseaudio is NOT running23:42
fromporti started "apulse firefox-trunk" as my own userid and this happens :
fromportwill try and debug each of the errors23:45
gnarfacehmmm, seems like something is wrong with your alsa config23:46
gnarfacedo you have some customization in ~/.asoundrc maybe?23:46
gnarfacedefault seems to be overridden to something that doesn't support rate conversions23:47
gnarfaceprobably hw:0,0 or similar23:47
fromportwill look, thanks for the hint23:48
gnarfaceit could just be a permissions error but other programs working with the same user suggests otherwise23:48
gnarfaceyou'll want "default" to be something that supports dmix23:49
gnarfacewhich the stock default *does*23:49
fromport$ find . -name .asound\*  <- no hits, so I don't think I have a personalized config23:49
gnarfaceor at least should unless something has gone wrong with the driver which... also doesn't seem to be the case if other programs work23:49
gnarfaceoh, it wouldn't matter whether the config was personalized or not23:49
fromportso could a general as well ?23:50
gnarfacedid you change the system configurations in /etc/ or in /usr/share/alsa?23:50
gnarfacei mean the alsa config23:50
fromportnot recently afaik, but this problem has been going on for at least 4+ months23:50
fromportit seems have changed ;-)
gnarfacewell i don't know what to make of that23:53
gnarfacebut try this: APULSE_PLAYBACK_DEVICE=plug:dmix apulse firefox-trunk23:53
gnarfacethat should be effectively the same thing as the defaults, but why your defaults are wrong may be a separate issue23:56
fromporttha works !!!!23:56
gnarfaceok cool23:56
gnarfacehave you noticed not being able to play two audio programs at once?23:56
gnarfaceor at least, not being able to have two programs both make sound at once?23:57
fromportehh no, not really ;-)23:57
gnarfacedoes that mean you have never tried, or does that mean it works?23:58
fromportprobably never tried ;-)23:58
gnarfacewell if it doesn't work, that means something is whack with your alsa config.  it could be a bug in the driver or the alsa install itself, or it could be self-inflicted.23:58
fromport*awesome* you know how rich it feels to be able to play music again in browser after 4 months ? ;-)23:58
gnarfacei'm so sorry you've been living with this problem that long23:58
fromportcould I purge alsa and install with default config ?23:59
fromporti would have NEVER found this without your help23:59
gnarfaceeh, i'm really just not sure, because only knowing the information you've provided so far it could just be a bug in your apulse version too23:59

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