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booyahsadly, thunderbird sucks balls01:56
booyahit can be extreamly slow01:56
booyahwhen working with emails with big attachments, or encrypted01:56
Xenguybooyah: Last I checked, 'sylpheed' was a fairly responsive email client, but I don't know if it has any particular limitations (does it do email in HTML format for example?)02:00
XenguyIt does not send HTML formatted emails apparently02:02
XenguyBut it is possible to receive HTML formatted emails02:02
djphsure, they just won't be interpreted02:05
djph(i.e. you'll see all the HTML trash in them).02:05
Xenguydjph: Are you sure?02:06
XenguyI thought it just translates the HTML to plain text?02:06
djphdepends, mutt just shows all the HTML shit02:12
golinuxbooyah: What about claws mail?02:22
Xenguygolinux: Looks like Claws has the same limitation as noted above02:31
Xenguy(Although some, including the developers, see it as a feature)02:31
golinuxI don't really notice because I don't do html webmail either.02:39
booyahbtw, who ever invented html emails, should be gased02:56
booyahjust saying how it is02:56
nemobooyah: most frustrating thing to me is the trend lately to not even bother with mime, nor with text plain fallback05:07
nemobooyah: so you just get HTML garbage in your mail client unless you activate sniffing05:08
Xenguynemo: I was wondering about that plain text fallback...05:22
XenguyIt used to be standard, but I could see how it might fall into disuse...05:23
XenguyI remember having mutt configured to view HTML-only emails via Lynx/Links/Elinks05:24
XenguyThat was probably the most fun times with email, as I loved that client...05:24
XenguyBut even the Great Eye, eventually succumbed to webmail05:24
XenguyI had GPG going in mutt too, thanks to some random person who posted a tip somewhere05:25
nemoXenguy: I still don't use webmail much05:34
nemoit's mostly trash these days, and stuff I'm actually interested in is still capable of plain text05:34
nemomy own domain I use curses client 99.9% of time, and a good... 98% of time I'm in gmail I'm in w3m....05:35
XenguyI'm the same way, love the clever ncurses apps05:35
nemofired up gmail in a regular browser the other day and got a shock. didn't recognise interface at all. spent about 20 seconds poking around for the "classic interface" setting05:35
nemo♥ ssh+tmux05:35
nemossh+tmux+cim5+w3m+alpine+irssi  - don't start on alpine - it's habit.  started using it in '96 and too lazy to change my configs05:36
nemoI'll agree it's not the best05:36
XenguyYeah, I find it requires rote learning (for the hot keys), but after that it's greased lightning : -)05:36
nemoI do have gpg working in alpine too05:36
nemoalthough very rarely use it. one whole time last year.05:36
Xenguyer, bonus05:36
XenguyToo bad about GPG's lack of popularity05:37
XenguyIn a parallel universe, everybody is using cos 'duh!'05:37
buZzwow so fast?12:11
PinkBellyNaggerI'm going to reimage one of my pi3's. Has anyone tried devuan on a pi?13:46
PinkBellyNaggerI basically need xrdp & sshd, other than that standard tools + gcc, python etc.13:47
PinkBellyNaggerI guess I just download the arm64 port?13:50
PinkBellyNaggerI'll give this a go now, don't want to spend too much time faffing about, but will report results if anyone is interested.13:50
fsmithredPinkBellyNagger, there are people running devuan on rpi13:50
fsmithredtry #devuan-arm (I think that's right)13:51
PinkBellyNaggerthanks fsmithred. f**k systemd13:53
PinkBellyNaggerI found this pretty good guide:
aggroraPinkBellyNagger: I use devuan on rpi, works great. Though to ethernet-cable shortage atm I have not done much more than installed the few packages I wanted. Next is to figure out why or how I make use of the whole sd-card, as it now seems only to use about 20% of my 16GB..17:22
gnarfaceaggrora: gparted might be the easiest option to grow the partition19:19
gnarface(from another machine the SD card is plugged into that didn't boot from it)19:20
aggroragnarface: Thanks for the tip. I right-clicked on the partition and choosed "check". It seems to figured out what to do with the leftover space by it self, I will boot it up and check.20:04
aggroraha! It worked :)20:12
golinuxgparted is really smart.20:13
aggrorayes, but apperently xfce4 would not prompt me about sudo and would'nt start, so I had to run it from terminal, do you need to do the same?20:19
gnarfacei'm not even using sudo20:25
gnarfacebut i think the package you want for that is called gksudo?20:26
gnarfacei think there's a couple different ones actually but i forget what they're called20:26
aggroragksu was alreday installed and I can run it, maybe xfce just dosent catch it or something. But can you run gparted just like that? When I try in terminal it tells me command does not exists, but with sudo it does, like ifconfig20:44
Ryccardoaggrora: edit /etc/profile, edit the lines at the top to have only one path instead of one for superusers and one for others (the first thing I change, probably)20:55
gnarfacei feel like there might be some combination of polkit parts that sets it up for you too?  not sure, i never use the stuff20:57
golinuxaggrora: See
aggroraRyccardo: Ok, I commented out the whole if-statment in /etc/profile and just kept PATH from user not = 0 before the "export PATH", do I need to login and logout for this to set? And also, will zsh use this?21:02
Ryccardo1- yeah, or set it manually for now    2- no idea21:04
golinuxaggora:  This explanation just posted on DNG so not in the archives quite yet:21:19
golinuxpkexec uses polycy-kit (for the sole benefit of alowing to use it without a password).21:19
golinuxgksu doesn't need policy-kit, this is obviously why it has been obsoleted by the kit fans.21:19
golinuxfsmithred: ^^^21:19
aggroragolinux: aah ok21:21
golinuxThat explains a LOT.21:21
aggroraAlright,, I'm not quiet 100% sure about this but everything now work as expected when I for example run gparted from the appmenu in xfce4. A prompt comes up and I use my user-password and it launches.21:38
aggroraIt seems that xfce4 does nto have an agent for pkexec, so I installed policykit-1-gnome21:38
aggroragolinux: I would like to read what you find on DNG, do you have any link or such so I can check it out when it is archived?21:40
* aggrora don't know about DNG :)21:41
golinuxaggrora: The discussion starts here:
aggroraThanks! Hmm, that is quiet an interesting question he asks21:44
golinuxI use gksu all the time.  I'm sure that the team will work this out when work gets underway on beowulf.21:46
aggroraYes, well it does not really seem as one is better than the other, or have any sercurity-critical features that the other don't. It seems it only comes down to preferens.22:02

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