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definiteShould I install Devuan Unstable for general-purpose use?00:21
gnarfacedefinite: no00:24
definitegnarface: So testing then? Is Devuan stable akin to Debian stable?00:25
jaromiluse stable or if you really dare testing. yes, versions are akin across devuan/debian00:25
gnarfacei would actually more strongly advice against testing00:25
gnarfacei would say use stable unless there's a good reason not to.  use unstable if your good reason is "Steam and Wine and NVidia hardware" and otherwise only use testing if you're ... testing00:26
jaromili use testing with windowmaker and no DM, works well. I need it for GCC 8 (currently at 8.2)00:26
golinuxdefinite: If you use a DE you should probably wait a while.00:26
definiteIf I'm just writing code in Emacs with Stumpwm as my window manager, I should be fine with stable?00:26
definiteAwesome, thanks.00:27
gnarfaceif you have a recent model NVidia card you might want to grab the driver from backports but otherwise stable is good00:27
gnarfacemake sure NOT to use the shell script installer from nvidia.com00:27
gnarfacebackports also has newer kenel, mesa, etc00:28
gnarfacethere's very few reasons to go to unstable unless you're trying out bleeding edge wine builds00:28
definiteWhat's the difference between the CD iso's and the DVD iso?00:30
gnarfacehow much stuff you can install from it without a network connection00:31
fsmithreddvd has more packages on it. In either case, you're better off choosing a mirror.00:31
gnarfaceyea, use the net installer unless you're going out to sea or something...00:32
definitefsmithred gnarface: So netinst? Got it.00:33
fsmithreddvd install without network leaves you missing a few packages, and CD install without network leaves you without a lot of packages.00:33
fsmithredeven some that are on the media but don't get installed.00:33
definiteThanks for the help.00:33
definitefsmithred: Wait, what? Why?00:33
fsmithredI don't know.00:34
fsmithredhas to do with the way debian-installer works00:34
gnarfacedefinite: yes, netinst.  make sure you get the right one re: i386 or amd6400:34
Psud0nymevening gnarface02:29
Psud0nymthere is a separate library to build in addition to elementary02:30
gnarfacea second one, or the one you mentioned yesterday?02:30
gnarfacei did see you mention it, after i came back from dinner02:31
Psud0nymI working on packaging the library. efl library is02:31
Psud0nymbut there is some family stuff going on, so not a lot of work on it today02:31
gnarfaceso it didn't end up being picky about matching those efl versions together with the new library?02:32
Psud0nymI'm working with the git repo for both. there are separate apps in addition to elementary now. has a link to all the latest tarballs02:37
Psud0nymbut the build instructions seem pretty much complete.02:42
Psud0nymdependencies and everything are listed02:43
Psud0nymit even has a matrix of binary packages by distribution. Debian seems o top out at 17.602:44
Psud0nymbut i'm calling it a night.02:45
Vajbgood morning. Newbie did it again. I purged xfce4 and and lost some functionality. Now I have to startx manually and user is not allowed to mount usb thumb drives. So where are those settings kept?05:38
VajbForgot to mention that I installed mate desktop and it still has xfce4-powermanager.05:43
gnarfaceit could be you forgot to re-add slim or libpolkit-somethingoranother06:07
gnarface(could be lxdm or a few others instead of slim, too)06:07
gnarfacelightdm mabye it's called06:08
gnarfacedepending on what you mean by "user is not allowed to mount usb thumb drives" exactly, you could also be missing udisks206:08
golinuxVajb: Read the release notes.06:10
mcr1would the admins of consider setting: net.ipv4.tcp_mtu_probing=2  that would enable in-band PLMTUD, rather than depending upon ICMP frag needed to get to you.07:26
VajbI missed slim. Installing it seems to have solved both of my problems. Thanks gnarface and golinux07:27
golinuxVajb: Glad it worked out08:29
Centurion_Danmcr1: no... don't use - use deb.mirror.org08:44
Centurion_Danor for mirrors pkgmaster.devuan.org08:44
mcr1uhm. okay. the names keep changing.08:55
mcr1does have PLMTUD enabled?08:55
mcr1what about ??08:58
mcr1deb jessie-updates  main08:58
mcr1deb jessie-security main08:58  Not
golinuxNote that I am very tired and ready for bed.09:02
Vajbbtw does someone use eduroam? I tried yesterday, but provided script failed.09:11
system16my server is accessible on lan but it cant access the internet why ?09:12
system16pinging times out09:12
system16i can ping
KatolaZsystem16: your resolv.conf?10:31
system16i fixed it10:32
system16the nameserver was i changed it to
system16and now everything works perfectly10:32
system16KatolaZ, btw i have been told that daemons change this file alot10:37
system16is this true ?10:37
system16i have restarted my server. it still works normally10:37
Leanderif you use a dhcp client, it will typically modify your resolv.conf10:38
system16its static10:38
system16its set to
Leanderthen it should be fine10:38
* system16 wonders wth is a daemon10:38
KatolaZdaemons own your computer10:39
system16well looks like they are lazy af10:40
KatolaZsystem16: daemons do whatever they like10:41
Leanderthere are a few daemons that can modify your resolv.conf, but you'd have to install them first10:42
system16lol i knever knew cmd can ssh into a server10:42
system16installing cygwin was a waste of time10:43
LeanderI didn't follow what windows 10 supports exactly on the command line, but cygwin might still prove relevant if you want to run a lot of different *nix tools on your windows machine rather than on the server10:46
system16nah i just want to use ssh. (because my server is in my basement)10:47
Leanderanother solution would have been to use putty10:48
system16cmd works just fine10:48
DocScrutinizer05system16: a daemon basicaly is a process started usually by boot time with root permissions (system) that has no UI of any sort but runs "invisibly" in background to accomplish services to the system11:04
DocScrutinizer05take this definition with a grain of salt, it often doesn't apply 100% but should give you an idea11:05
DocScrutinizer05!wiki daemon11:06
infobotAt (URL), Wikipedia explains: " {{wiktionary|daemon|demon|demonic|dæmon|δαίμων}} A 'demon' is a malevolent being in mythology or occultism. 'Demon' or 'daemon' also may refer to: {{TOC right}} * Daemon (classical mythology), a good or benevolent nature spirit in classical Greek mythology * Unclean spirit, agent of a demonic possession * "Demon" (novel), by John Varley * "Demon" (poem), by Mikhail Lermontov * ...11:06
DocScrutinizer05!wiki Daemon_(computing)11:07
infobotAt (URL), Wikipedia explains: "{{morefootnotes|date=June 2018}} {{broader|Server (computing){{!}}Server}} desktop environments which are daemons include D-Bus, NetworkManager (here called "unetwork"), PulseAudio ("usound"), and Avahi.]] In multitasking computer operating systems, a 'daemon' ({{IPAc-en|ˈ|d|iː|m|ən}} or {{IPAc-en|ˈ|d|eɪ|m|ən}}){{Cite ...11:07
system16thanks DocScrutinizer0511:28
James1138Question. Will it hurt Devuan if I purge Debconf il8n?  I do not think I will ever need international support. Are there any other files related to international support?17:55
fsmithredJames1138, there are lots of files for international support. You can find and remove them with bleachbit18:22
James1138oh.... I use bleachbit but debconf.i18n still is there.18:25
fsmithredI don't know what to tell you18:26
fsmithredif it's a package, you should be able to remove it18:26
James1138If it is too risky - I can leave debconf.i18n where it is. I just wondered if I needed it or not.18:26
fsmithredI just checked, and it does not want to remove anything else with it.18:27
James1138I did not know if any other packages or programs rely on it.18:27
James1138Thax fsmithred18:27
fsmithredaptitude -s purge debconf-i18n18:28
James1138I use synaptic by choice.18:28
fsmithred-s means simulate (tell me what you would do)18:28
fsmithredI assume there's a way to do the same with synaptic. Been years since I've used it.18:28
James1138Yes. Synaptic gives option of complete removal in addition to standard removal18:29
James1138General question... are the people on this chat actually working on the Devuan project? I get better and faster answers here then on 2 combined Facebook pages!  Good stuff.18:39
fsmithredwtf? Facebook for answers?18:40
furrywolfI think you find better answers anywhere that's not facebook, for anything, ever.18:41
fsmithredand yes, some of the devs hang out here and answer questions18:41
James1138I know... <bowing head in shame>   I joined awhile back before finding this chat room18:41
fsmithredwe have a special set of fake answers for facebook. (j/k)18:42
fsmithredJames1138, you know there's also a forum and a mailing list?18:45
James1138Well although in my 50's... I am getting better in my choices related to computers. Left Windows for good... then found Ubuntu...  dumped Ubuntu and came to Devuan the moment I heard all of you dumped Systemd.  Not regretted the decision!  Thanks again.18:46
James1138Forum? Mailing list?18:47
James1138Heck... I may as well dump the 2 facebook groups and join those!!18:49
fsmithreddng mailing list:
furrywolfI don't use facebook.  that's my suggestion for everyone.18:50
fsmithredI use fb occasionally, but what I have to do is like preparing for surgery18:50
Centurion_DanI've a facebook account but it ony gets visited about once every 3 months...21:49
MinceRi don't have any facebook accounts21:50
Centurion_DanI left that echo chamber of blue twitts a while ago, moved to instead.21:51
unixmanHeh, I tried to create a Facebook account last month for a game so I could move it to another device. That was the only way the game had set up to transfer from one device to another. Facebook login worked for exactly one session, then they locked my access. Fark 'em, I says. :P21:59
DocScrutinizer05Computrace.LoJack->LoJax  :-o22:11
DocScrutinizer05one more reason to hate UEFI22:12
FlibberTGibbetis that the new exploit in the news, DocScrutinizer0522:38
DocScrutinizer05well, it seems it's not THAT new, but starts to leak from "commercial" (NSA, Mossad, whatever) to mere rogue/Spammer channels22:39
DocScrutinizer05and it's BIOS-based, so once your PC got infected, good luck cleaning it22:40
DocScrutinizer05a prerequisite for virus cleaners is boting from clean media into a clean untainted system22:41
DocScrutinizer05booting even22:41
DocScrutinizer05I guess I have to revive my Amiga1000 with kickstart floppy ;-D22:42
DocScrutinizer05or simply find a MoBo with BIOS write protect jumper22:44
underd0gsup guys23:42
underd0gdunno is this propper channel23:42
underd0gI done some weird magic to my resolv.conf23:43
underd0gtwas more than two years ago and for the life of me , can't remeber what I did23:43
underd0gnow I can't change my DNS23:44
gnarfacethe file format is very simple, but if you're running a dhcp client it will get overwritten by the dhcp server settings (even if they're wrong)23:44
DocScrutinizer05also your *own* DNS is unrelated to resolv.conf I guess, no?23:47
underd0gand I roam alot23:48
DocScrutinizer05or did you mean you can't change your nameserver?23:48
underd0gso I put openDNS servers , somewhere23:48
underd0gand my resolv.conf has them23:48
underd0gand dig returns them23:48
DocScrutinizer05aaah, that makes more sense23:48
underd0gso I am on those dns servers23:49
underd0gstill resolv.conf is immutable23:49
underd0gso it gets written from somewhere23:49
underd0gwhere from =?=23:49
DocScrutinizer05what services are you running to resolve? DNSmasq, by any chance?23:49
DocScrutinizer05iirc dnsmasq rewrites resolv.conf23:50
DocScrutinizer05pro tip: when "your" immutable DNS is 123.456.789.001, run `grep -e '123.456.789.001' /etc`23:55
DocScrutinizer05sorry, -r, not -e23:55
underd0gstrange thing tho23:56
underd0gnow I'm on some hotspot23:57
underd0gand it resolvs to rootservers23:57
underd0gman , I made a mess23:57
DocScrutinizer05generally whatever DHCP you're running is supposed to rewrite resolv.conf usually, as that's one of the purposes of DHCP23:59
underd0gthis is strange23:59

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