libera/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2018-10-02

nemohum. so... attempt to upgrade ubuntu 14.04 to devuan live seems to have failed miserably14:10
nemoinit related kernel panics14:10
nemoso. fine. it was just an experiment, I move on to usb install14:10
nemoit now seems that I need to format root partition since debootstrap is erroring on attempting to setup14:11
nemotar can't open './etc/libaudit.conf' file exists14:11
nemosoooo guess I'll back up stuff in /etc I care about and wipe it14:11
nemoheh. and if the installer fails on that step it says you need to go back and wipe the base system14:12
nemowhich I would like to do, but the installer does not allow14:12
HurgotronIIRC I managed to upgrade ubuntu 12.04 to the previous version of Devuan...14:12
nemothere's literally no way to get back to the partition screen14:12
nemoHurgotron: *shrug* I couldn't find any writeups so just tried to muddle through best I could14:12
Hurgotronbut I felt it wasn't clean enough, so I wiped and installed cleanly.14:12
nemoHurgotron: it seemed to work, but yeah, stuck on these panics14:13
nemoeh. screwit. the laptop has nothing of value on it apart from /etc/hosts which I have elsewhere anyway14:13
nemojust gonna restart the installer14:13
nemobut kinda funny it doesn't let me go back14:13
nemohuh... strange after switching from Ubuntu 14.04 to devuan install this Dell Precision M6600's screen is being detected as a max resolution of 1152x864 instead of the 1600x900 native15:16
nemoI guess I can hardcoded it into X config, but thought that sort of thing really wasn't necessary these days15:17
nemo  guess it's same problem this person has15:22
nemoadding a new modeline to xrandr seems to have fixed16:02
capnickHey. Does devuan release a multiarch install-iso? The targeted notebook uefi requires i386 while the cpu is possible of running amd64. It's a bit messed up.16:21
DonkeyHoteiapple made quite a few machines fitting that description16:24
MinceRafaik the atom x or z soc-s also come with 32bit uefi implementations for the sole reason of making it more difficult to replace windows on them16:25
MinceRmost windows tablets use them16:25
nemough. spoke too soon.17:30
nemo(just got back to that laptop, but yeah, the mode switch fails)17:30
nemohum. where does ubuntu keep its clearly more-comprehensive monitor info...17:31
plasma41capnick: To my knowledge Devuan doesn't has a multiarch netinstall ISO like Debian. If you can successfully boot from the desktop-live ISO, you may be able to install with the refracta-installer tool.23:37
plasma41What's the model of the target notebook?23:38
fsmithredoh, I didn't see that one earlier. Yes, the amd64 desktop-live will let you install a 64-bit system with 32-bit grub-efi23:40
fsmithredtakes just a little manual work extra (i.e. install the grub-efi-ia32 package, which is in the root of the live filesystem)23:41
fsmithredPretty sure there's some explanation of this in the install help.23:41
fsmithredplasma41, I'm gonna guess it's an old macbook pro23:43

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