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FatPhilgolinux: private source, but I didn't mind leaking01:28
FatPhilwell, not that private, it is internal discussion on chiark.01:28
FatPhilapparently there's some wild flailing around to get debian to do the business in a satisfactory way, but, erm, why waste time? Devuan exists, it's stable, just migrate.01:30
golinuxFatPhil: When has Debian listened to its users?01:32
FatPhilgolinux: I'm not the best person to answer that question.01:33
FatPhilI came up with a bugfix patch for a minority-interest package, that just sat there ignored for a year. I then got a job with a whole bunch of debian maintainers, including one of the arch (arm) leads.01:35
FatPhilNMU within a few days, and the package maintainer went mental.01:35
FatPhilSo, should I be super happy with the maintainers (who fixed the bug) or be angry about the package maintainers (who ignored my fix)?01:36
golinuxThat was a rhetorical question.  ;)01:36
furrywolfonly patch I've done lately was for alsa-lib, and I just sent it to the authors.01:51
furrywolfI found out that their function to silence buffers missed the last few bytes on some formats, explaining the annoying clicks I was getting.  :)01:59
_stephen_The solution to my power button problem was to edit eloginds config to tell it to ignore the power button.02:52
_stephen_Now that bright and shiny candy-like button will no longer be my down fall when a toddler toddles by and sees it.02:53
_stephen_And by sees I mean smacks.02:53
gnarfacesorry, i would have suggested checking acpi or something03:04
gnarfaceacpi supplanted apm03:04
gnarfacethat's what you were looking for at least, but you were offline by the time i came back03:04
_stephen_I did install acpi support so the familiar scripts would be there, I've disabled the power in the past using that.03:10
_stephen_But it had no effect.03:10
_stephen_Yeah, I would have been back sooner, but when I came back online I couldn't spell devuan and I sat in a channel by myself for most of the day.03:10
_stephen_It wasn't until like 20 minutes ago I noticed my comment had the op symbol next to it...03:11
gnarfacethere may also be a bios setting for power button behavior < 4s03:22
gnarfaceit might be alterable there to something better in a way that will be propagated correctly03:23
gnarfaceworth looking, anyway03:23
_stephen_What are the actual "cache files" that get updated when one does an apt-cache update ?04:30
_stephen_I mean apt-get update...04:31
debdog/var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin and srcpkgcache.bin at least04:35
holla+ /var/lib/apt/lists/ <-- and these are human readable also05:02
* man_in_shack waves15:01
furrywolfgrr, wrong window18:54
furrywolfand I managed to send that to yet a different wrong channel.18:54
* furrywolf should not irc while eating18:54
unixmanfurrywolf, probably would help if you got your head out of golinux's pantry before hitting send. ;)19:04
* debdog read panty there....19:07
bsd4mewhat is the newest kernel for devuan? I am interested in beowulf or ceres due to my laptop, which is a lenovo ideapad 320 :(20:25
fsmithredbsd4me, I think it's 4.18.20:26
bsd4meGreat!  what I was hoping for.20:27
fsmithredand depending on what you want to run for desktop, you might be better off with ascii and ascii-backports kernel20:27
bsd4meI use xfce or icewm, or even fluxbox.20:27
fsmithredplain wm should be fine. Anything that needs policykit or other *kit is probably not ready20:28
fsmithredtake a look at this, too.
bsd4meok, thanks20:29
bsd4meOne more question: do I start with ascii and change source.list?20:30
bsd4melol, just saw link :)20:30
benharriyes, start with ascii20:31
bsd4meThis lenovo ideapad 320 doesn't like the 4.9 kernel at all. Needs at least 4.16, and preferably 4.18 :(21:23
bsd4me1st boot of ascii got to xfce, but the elantech 060 touchpad isn't recognized, and when moving to console, too many error lines kept popping up so that I couldn't do anything.21:24
bsd4me2nd boot, I tried safe settings and installation couldn't find installation medium21:25
bsd4me3rd boot, under safe mode, and got a kernel panic.21:25
bsd4meThink I better wait for installation medium with newer kernel than 4.9 :)21:25
bsd4megotta leave. be back later.21:34
EHeMHow far is the process of fixing  There are certainly multiple reports so that seems a distinct issue.22:26
FlibberTGibbetvirt-manager fell over on ascii for me yesterday -- something to do with no polkit authorisation... isn't polkit a non-thing on devuan?22:47
gnarfacelibpolkit is a thing, in fact i think there are more than one of them.22:53
gnarfacemaybe you have the wrong one?22:53
gnarfacegraphical login managers require one22:53
fsmithredbsd4me, you need an iso with a newer kernel?22:57
fsmithredI've got one with ascii-backports kernel (4.18) -
bsd4meat minimum 4.16, but preferably 4.1822:58
fsmithredtry it22:58
bsd4medownloading now :)22:58
fsmithredit has some wireless firmware installed, openbox and not a lot else22:59
bsd4meThat's ok, give me opportunity to check X and if touchpad will work, and if X will start :)23:03
fsmithredyou can install that system if you want. Run refractainstaller23:05
bsd4meappreciate the help!23:05
fsmithredif you have network, you could install debootstrap and then do a debootstrap install23:05
bsd4meYes, can do cable or wireless with urtwn23:06
bsd4mebut never tried debootstrap install :)23:07

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