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* Xenguy notes dpaste doesn't like tor browser ...00:45
systemdletecorrupt filesystem?   Logwatch reporting ext4-fs errors hundreds of times06:18
systemdleteext4_free_inode seems to be the bulk of these errors06:21
systemdleteSo linux has a filesystem corruption problem?  This is in a VM, so it can't be hardware -- the host does not report hard errors on any disks!06:22
systemdleteam I reading the tea leaves all wrong here?06:22
furrywolfit's highly unlikely you've discovered a filesystem corruption bug in any of the standard filesystems...06:24
systemdleteok, so is ext4 not a standard filesystem?06:27
furrywolfno, it's very standard.06:27
furrywolfwhat exactly happened?06:27
systemdletelogwatch has been showing these errors every night for almost a week06:28
furrywolfalso, data loss on a host drive may cause data loss in a vm, with no errors anywhere...  most filesystems are not checksummed, so if the drive reports data as valid, the kernel believes it.06:28
furrywolfwhat errors?06:28
golinuxHave you run gsmartcontrol?06:28
systemdleteascii-vm kernel: [4481549.606233] EXT4-fs error (device dm-5) in ext4_free_inode:358: Corrupt filesystem06:29
systemdleteand similar, throughout syslog06:30
systemdletegolinux:  gsmartcontrol -- isn't that for hardware?06:30
furrywolf/msg #devuan did you try resizing it?  how about killing the vm in the middle of a write?  could also be host system issues passing through.  unmount and fsckit.06:32
systemdletewhy would I resize it?06:33
furrywolfdunno, that's just one of the things I've found to have much higher than average chances of corrupting things.06:33
golinuxI'm a bit blurry atm.06:33
systemdleteI don't recall doing that.06:33
systemdleteAll my devuan fs are on LVM though, which CAN be resized06:34
systemdletethe VM has been up for 52 days06:34
furrywolfunmount the affected filesystem and fsck it...06:34
furrywolfmay need to boot the vm with a recovery cd or such, if it's /06:35
systemdletesure.  But this shouldn't be happening, right?06:35
systemdleteit's /home I think06:35
furrywolfit shouldn't be happening, but I'd be far more inclined to think there's a bug in the VM software, the vm caused an interrupted write in some bad fashion, the host drives have an error, etc, before thinking you've found an ext4 bug.06:36
furrywolfif the vm is reporting writes as complete before the host actualy completes them, that can cause data loss, for example.06:38
systemdleteWell, you could have something there:  I am noticing that the "File" and "View" menus of the VM are not functioning at all (the other menus are though)06:38
furrywolfwhat vm software?06:39
systemdletebtw, it's been well over 6 weeks since the last vbox update; they usually come every 6 weeks or so06:39
systemdletevirtualbox 5.206:39
furrywolfand what host os?06:39
systemdletehost is centos 6.1006:40
systemdleteI've logged out of my session on devuan, getting ready to run umount/fsck06:41
furrywolfwhat kernel on the guest?06:41
furrywolf4.0.2-.4 apparantly have a corruption bug with certain raid configurations06:42
systemdletefsck: inode count differences06:42
furrywolffix everything.  make a backup first if this is important data, of course.06:43
systemdletebackups are done every night, so no need06:44
systemdlete(I haven't done anything all day)06:44
furrywolfI'm out of ideas, and it's way past my bedtime...  bbl, sleep.06:45
systemdletethat seems to fix it06:45
systemdletewe'll see if that quiets down logwatch tomorrow...06:45
systemdletethanks furrywolf06:45
systemdlete4.0.2 -- that's an old kernel!06:46
furrywolfwhen fsck is done, you'll have an un-corrupted filesystem.  the questions are whether you lost any data, and whether it was due to an ongoing issue, or a single-even thing like killing the vm at exactly the wrong instant.06:46
systemdleteand not using raid in my VM; all data is replicated by the host06:46
systemdletehost's raid that is06:46
systemdletefurrywolf:  I'd expect such a scenario to show up much sooner than 52 days... ?06:47
furrywolfrandom bugs are often very random.06:47
furrywolfwhat kernel is the host running?06:48
systemdlete2.6.32, which I know is ooooOOOOOOoooold ...06:48
systemdletebut no other VM's are reporting such issues atm06:49
systemdleteI have about 7 running...06:49
systemdleteso I'd think there would be more complaining the same way if it were a host i/o issue06:49
systemdlete(I'd think; mainly because there were hundreds of errors in the one VM)06:50
furrywolf"ext4 in Kernel 2.6.33 or Earlier May Silently Corrupt Data" "linux-ext4 - [Bug 14354] Bad corruption with 2.6.32-rc1 and upwards" "Bug#636290: linux-image-2.6.32-5-amd64: serious ext4 filesystem corruption" ...06:51
furrywolfhopefully all of these have been patched in a kernel they're shipping in modern times, but...06:52
systemdleteit's a recent patch, yes06:52
systemdletebut ext4 on the host does not imply that ext4 fs in the guest will have a problem necessarily06:52
systemdletethe two are not related06:52
systemdletethe guest is looking, basically, at a file image in the host fs, ext4 or any other06:53
furrywolfI'm surprised it uses a kernel almost ten years old....06:53
systemdleteand, as a matter of fact, the host is using ext3, not ext4, for hosting all my VMs06:53
systemdletebut it IS indeed interesting06:54
systemdletewell, CentOS before the great Linux rupture, was a great and stable OS.  I didn't mind using older wares in exchange for stability06:54
systemdletewith C7 and on, my faith is gone...06:54
systemdlete(Redhat/CentOS went rogue)06:55
furrywolfgoogling suggests that virtualbox does indeed lie to the guest os and report writes as complete while they're still in memory, so if your vm ever died unexpectedly, corruption is likely.06:57
systemdletesure, that's possible.  But why would it take 52 minus 6 days for errors to start appearing?06:58
systemdleteespecially given that the fs was probably fsck'd on boot?06:59
furrywolfvirtualbox seems to have a number of fs-corrupting bugs, from what I see googling.06:59
furrywolfbut, now, sleep.  bbl.06:59
saptechhello all07:53
saptechI was opening a text file from within thunar and when I clicked Execute, it made the complete text, icons smaller. I'm not sure why it done that but how can I get everything back to normal size? This was running Xfce407:56
saptecheverything is too small so now I'm running openbox07:57
hollaxfce-setting-show ui08:00
saptechholla, can that be ran from terminal?08:04
saptechhow can I bring it up using openbox?08:04
saptechxfce-setting-show: command not found08:05
telst4ris it not xfce4-settings-... ?08:06
saptechxfce4-setting-show: command not found08:07
saptechbut the fonts in the panel are small and icons on the desktop are small08:07
saptechwhen I open any gui app, the fonts are small08:07
saptechthe fonts on Terminal top panel are small but the inside terminal fonts are normal08:08
telst4rcan you navigate to xfce4-settings-manager -> appearance -> fonts?08:10
saptechI'm there08:11
telst4rwhat does it say for default font?08:11
telst4rWow thats small :) try increasing it a lil :)08:12
saptechwhat would default size be, about 9?08:13
telst4rI got 1008:13
saptechOk. I need to log out and go back into xfce08:13
telst4rbut then again I've got very low res08:13
saptechlet me check, brb08:14
saptechtelst4r, that fixed it. Thanks all08:16
saptechI haven't used xfce in awhile and couldn't hardly see writings08:17
telst4rGood to hear :)08:17
hollacould you paste that file you executed somewhere?08:17
saptechhold it08:19
saptechafter openining thunar, now the fonts in toolbar are small again08:20
telst4rText files should not be executable in the first place..08:20
saptechthis is mainly the apps08:20
telst4rah man .. :D08:21
saptechdefault fonts are still set at 9 in Settings Manager08:22
saptechare there settings for the toolbar or what is it called08:23
saptechtelst4r, I thought with thunar, Execute mean to open the file if it's text08:24
saptechI haven't used xfce in some time08:25
* holla would really like to see what's in that file08:27
saptechI guess I didn't notice the fonts were tiny in the toolbar until now but the desktop icons are back normal08:31
saptechmaybe this is why I stop using xfce08:31
saptechwould there be a config file someplace I could mv with new name and would xfce re-create the default settings?08:39
hollasomewhere underneath '~/.config/xfce4/'08:43
saptechholla, I think this was the file I did Execute with using Thunar and I guess it made things smaller08:47
saptechthere are two one for larger fonts & smaller fonts that was located in Documents by default08:48
saptechI tried the larger fonts but in order for the toolbar fonts to be larger, the text fonts increase and are too large08:49
plasma41saptech: On the desktop-live isos, there are a pair of icons on the desktop that increase and decrease the font used by the system.08:49
saptechare those the ones in Documents folder, maybe I moved them there after install08:50
saptechthis install is about a week old08:50
plasma41I don't think they aren't in Documents. They are on the Desktop in the live session.08:52
saptechI guess I moved them after installation08:54
saptechopenbox have obconf and it offer a Menu Header choice to increase/decrease. Is there something for xfce?08:57
plasma41Menu Header?08:57
saptechI guess toolbar08:58
saptechat top of open windows08:58
saptechthe text08:58
saptechthat's the only thing tiny size08:59
plasma41Oh, the title bar of windows?08:59
saptechyes, that's it09:03
saptechdo you know the default size09:03
saptechtitle bar09:04
saptechit was set at 2...lol09:04
plasma41I don't know what the default is. I have mine set to Sans Bold 909:04
saptechI set it at sans bold 809:05
saptechthanks alot09:05
saptechthat was an adventure09:06
saptechthanks again all, going to bed now09:11
jordilafsmithred . Voilà ... installation successful .12:57
plasma41jordila: Nice!12:58
jordilayep plasma4113:00
_abc_Hello. Has anyone got a link to the online kernel sources used by devuan ascii (at debian?), especially usblp.c ? I found 2 versions and one seems to cripple my hardware.17:07
fsmithredapt-get source linux-image-whatever17:08
_abc_fsmithred: another: is in my sources.list but is a 404 when accessing it. Do I delete it or did it go somewhere else?17:50
KatolaZ_abc_: why do you have such a line in sources.list?17:56
_abc_KatolaZ: I don't know, but it used to work.18:12
_abc_And I think it was suggested here in the past.18:12
_abc_Don't remember the context, alas18:12
_abc_Where does the source get unpacked if I get it with apt? Kernel source? Current dir or specific location?18:13
KatolaZ_abc_: if that is the exact line you have in sources.list, I doubt it has worked ever18:13
_abc_It was not that exact line, that was the error raised by aptitude when updating packages18:14
_abc_the tag was ascii-contrib18:14
KatolaZ_abc_: ascii-contrib is not a suite18:14
KatolaZnever been18:14
_abc_I can see that. But I have no idea when and why I edited that in.18:15
KatolaZ_abc_: what is the exact line, please?18:15
KatolaZ(in the sources.list, I mean)18:15
_abc_strange, I am running 4.9.88 and I can only get sources for .80 ?18:17
_abc_No, .11018:17
_abc_.80 or .11018:17
_abc_So the exact source for .80 is not available in aptitude?18:17
_abc_That was the original kernel build for ascii live release.18:18
KatolaZ_abc_: your kernel comes from backports, most probably18:18
KatolaZor from -security18:18
KatolaZin there you only have the latest available update18:18
_abc_My kernel comes from original live devuan probably18:18
_abc_And was not updated [shame on me]18:18
_abc_live devuan ascii18:18
_abc_linux-source install defaults to .11018:19
_abc_I don't understand. linux-source is .80 but is a 12k stub and pulls in the .11018:20
_abc_Is there a way to get the exact same version source as I am running? .88 ?18:20
_abc_I would like to rebuild a specific module and use it in the running install without reinstalling the kernel18:21
saptechhello all18:23
_abc_Ok the source was placed in /usr/src as compressed packages18:24
saptechlooking at my home directory, I see groups are named, "adm" instead of username18:24
saptechsaptech adm  4096 Sep 25 18:29 Documents18:24
saptechhow do I change adm to user?18:24
saptechwell I think adm should be changed to username as group18:25
KatolaZsaptech: how did you install devuan? (and which release are we talking about?)18:25
saptechI installed using xfce4 livecd iso, ascii18:26
saptechthis install is about 2-3 weeks old18:26
saptechI just now noticed it18:27
KatolaZsaptech: that's pretty strange TBH18:28
KatolaZfsmithred: ^^^ any clue?18:28
saptechI agree18:29
saptechafter install, does devuan add users to groups by default because I am in the adm group and floppy group18:30
saptechWhen I add myself, I do not add floppy because I do not have a floppy drive18:30
buZzdefault devuan adds users made to a user-only group18:30
saptechthere are other groups i'm included with also18:30
buZz(plus any other groups)18:30
_abc_I got linux-patch-4.9-rt.patch.xz default installed by the system in /usr/src, must I apply it? My running kernel does not seem to be a rt one18:31
buZzsaptech: check 'id' , does that show a saptech group?18:31
saptechadm cdrom floppy sudo audio dip video plugdev netdev lpadmin scanner18:31
buZz_abc_: yes, patches need to be applied, just extracting doesnt do anything18:31
saptech$ id uid=1000(saptech) gid=4(adm) groups=4(adm),24(cdrom),25(floppy),27(sudo),29(audio),30(dip),44(video),46(plugdev),103(netdev),114(lpadmin),116(scanner)18:31
_abc_It is not clear if it has to be applied for this kernel.18:31
buZzsaptech: very bizar :P18:31
buZz_abc_: ok18:31
_abc_the running kernel is Linux devuan 4.9.0-6-686 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.88-1 (2018-04-29) i686 GNU/Linux which seems to have no rt in it18:32
KatolaZsaptech: that might be due to some adjustments made in the live iso18:32
KatolaZin order to guarantee that you have enough permissions to try the live iso out without becoming root18:33
buZz_abc_: you apply kernel patches on kernel sourcecode , then you compile it , and then install the result18:33
_abc_buZz: please18:33
buZz_abc_: maybe google something like 'how to apply a kernel patch' ?18:33
saptechkatolaz, does adm=admin?18:33
KatolaZsaptech: adm==adm18:33
KatolaZsaptech: which folders have a gid equal to adm?18:35
saptechall of them18:35
saptechit show all18:36
KatolaZok saptech but those are all auto-generated at install time...18:37
KatolaZwhat is the primary group of your user? <- saptech18:37
KatolaZoh your gid is adm18:38
KatolaZyou should change that in /etc/passwd18:38
saptechI think fsmithred, had me add the directories18:38
saptechhow would I change it in /etc/passwd?18:38
KatolaZsaptech: which group you want as your gid?18:39
saptechwould I change this line; 'saptech:x:1000:4:SP'?18:41
KatolaZhold on18:42
KatolaZsaptech: do you have a "saptech" group in your system?18:42
saptechno, I don't think so18:43
KatolaZjust double-check...18:43
saptechusing the id cmd18:43
KatolaZthis does not answer my question.18:44
KatolaZthose are the groups to which the user "saptech" belongs18:44
KatolaZgrep -c "saptech:" /etc/group18:45
KatolaZsaptech: ^^18:45
KatolaZ(or just open /etc/group and look for "saptech")18:45
saptechhere is /etc/group list18:47
saptechnow I have the wife profile and she only have her name as group18:47
KatolaZsaptech: can't you just check if there is a line that starts with saptech:?18:47
saptechno other groups18:47
saptechthis only one with saptech--> saptech:x:100018:48
KatolaZso you do have such line18:48
KatolaZ=> there is a group named "saptech" in your system18:49
KatolaZthen you just need to modify the gid of saptech18:50
saptechso what is the second one(adm) is called?18:50
KatolaZsaptech: ?18:50
saptechsorry, I can't keep up with names18:52
saptechsaptech adm18:52
saptechis first one user group and second one groups18:52
KatolaZsaptech: you should read something about groups in unix18:53
KatolaZif you just want to change the primary group of "saptech" to the group "saptech" then you should modify /etc/passwd18:53
saptechtrue and I have, I just can't remember at times18:53
KatolaZin there there is a line starting with "saptech:x:1000:4:"18:54
KatolaZchange "4" with "1000" on that line18:54
saptechyes I saw that18:54
saptechwill mousepad do to edit it?18:54
KatolaZand then logout and login again18:54
saptechas root?18:54
saptechI think fsmithred had me add groups, probably not adm, because the wife do not have any groups except, her name18:56
KatolaZok but your gid must not be adm18:58
KatolaZunless you know what you are doing18:58
KatolaZso just replace 4 with 1000 in that line in /etc/passwd18:58
KatolaZplease be careful in not touching anything else18:58
saptechok, I have18:59
saptechthanks. brb18:59
KatolaZand maybe get hold of a good tutorial on unix basics, one of these days ;)18:59
saptechchanging /etc/passwd didn't work19:09
saptechbut let me see using groupmod -g cmd19:09
saptechno changes19:13
KatolaZhold on19:13
saptechuid=1000(saptech) gid=1000(saptech) groups=1000(saptech)19:14
KatolaZso it worked19:14
KatolaZnow your gid is 100019:14
saptechbut when I type ls -l it's still showing adm19:14
KatolaZsaptech: you need to change the group id of those files/dirs19:15
saptechI've logged out & rebooted19:15
KatolaZstop it saptech19:15
KatolaZyou need the command `chgrp`19:15
KatolaZ(maybe you can do it by clicking here and there, I dunno)19:15
saptechok, let me try it19:16
saptechchgrp seems to work19:20
saptechthanks again19:21
saptechnow the files inside directories need to be changed manually, is there a command to change all files at once?  :)19:22
saptechnever mind, I figured it out19:23
saptechthanks, I have it done, only Documents have files in it19:25
saptechwhewww, that was an adventure19:25
saptechok, next issue19:33
saptechhow to format my hdd19:33
saptechjust kidding19:34
_abc_In a kernel driver context, what's the difference between old style and new style ioctl numbers and symbols please?19:53
Wonka*sigh* what is so complicated about having all .deb files on a mirror that are advertized in a Packages file?20:21
WonkaE: Failed to fetch 404  Not Found [IP: 80]▒20:21
KatolaZWonka: hold on20:22
KatolaZWonka: have you apt-get update-d?20:23
KatolaZWonka: the package is available from that mirror20:24
KatolaZcould you please retry?20:24
buZzKatolaZ: NO!20:27
WonkaKatolaZ: "aptitude -u" was what I started with, and I hit "u" again after the first occurrence.20:27
KatolaZWonka: I can get the package from that mirror20:29
KatolaZWonka: just try: curl -s -L -f --header "Host:" > tmp20:30
KatolaZsorry, remove "-s"20:30
Wonka#$ wget
Wonka--2018-10-14 20:30:29--
WonkaResolving (,,, ...20:31
WonkaConnecting to (||:80... connected.20:31
WonkaHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found20:31
Wonka2018-10-14 20:30:29 ERROR 404: Not Found.20:31
KatolaZWonka: could you please try the line above?20:31
buZz'apt update; apt install libdb5.3'20:32
buZzdoes that give a 404?20:33
KatolaZno it doesnt20:33
buZzit doesnt here either20:33
buZzi got no clue how aptitude works though, i dont use ubuntu software often20:33
KatolaZWonka: apt-cache policy libdb5.320:33
Wonkacurl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found20:34
KatolaZWonka: see the last line, please20:36
_abc_Fwiw I was able to work around the problems I had with the usblp interface without rebuilding the kernel or it's modules. By reading source in the usual way.20:38
_abc_I would still like to know if the kernel for devuan must be built "in the devuan way" or if it can be built manually in the normal cli way.20:38
WonkaKatolaZ: that's without "-s"20:38
WonkaKatolaZ: one moment...20:38
_abc_And, about how much space is needed for a build, the sources being about 800MB unpacked.20:38
Wonka(had to help with my 10 days old daughter inbetween)20:39
_abc_I there any way to get the exact kernel sources used to build the running kernel in ascii live? fsmithred ? 4.9.80-1 ? Is that somewhere online where I could get it?20:39
Wonka  Installed: 5.3.28-13.1+b120:40
Wonka  Candidate: 5.3.28-13.1+b120:40
Wonka  Version table:20:40
Wonka     5.3.28+dfsg1-0.2 9020:40
KatolaZWonka: switch your computer off then :) kids are much better than Devuan installations ;)20:40
Wonka         90 ceres/main amd64 Packages20:40
Wonka *** 5.3.28-13.1+b1 10020:40
Wonka        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status20:40
Wonka     5.3.28-12+deb9u1 99020:40
Wonka        990 ascii/main amd64 Packages20:40
KatolaZWonka: why do you want to install a version that is *not* available then?20:40
KatolaZ(and it seems like you have a pin somewhere...)20:40
KatolaZand where did you get 5.3.28-13.1+b1 from?20:41
WonkaKatolaZ: I want to switch from 5.3.28-13.1+b1 to 5.3.28+dfsg1-0.2, which has prio 9020:41
KatolaZit looks like a ubuntu package...20:42
WonkaKatolaZ: got it from unstable, I'd claim20:42
KatolaZWonka: that package is not available in ascii20:42
WonkaKatolaZ: but in ceres20:42
KatolaZyou have 5.3.28-12+deb9u120:42
WonkaKatolaZ: nope, I have 5.3.28-13.1+b120:42
KatolaZWonka: 5.3.28-12+deb9u1 is available in ascii20:43
WonkaKatolaZ: I'm trying to install 5.3.28+dfsg1-0.2, which aptitude shows as available in "unstable".20:43
Wonkaaka "ceres"20:44
KatolaZWonka: and why your aptitude looks for it in the ascii repo?20:44
KatolaZ(or maybe it doesn't)20:44
KatolaZhold on20:44
WonkaKatolaZ: where does "90 ceres/main amd64 Packages" or "" say "ascii"? *confused*20:44
KatolaZhold on Wonka20:44
KatolaZI am trying to help20:44
WonkaI know, thanks; and I can't rule out that I'm actually confused20:45
KatolaZWonka: which arch is the installation on?20:46
Wonkathe package I do not find is i38620:46
KatolaZare you sure it is available for i386?20:47
buZzlibdb? totally should be20:47
KatolaZthe specified version, buZz20:48
Wonkawell, claims it is20:48
buZzhuh , ?20:48
buZzisnt that old20:48
Wonka"Filename: pool/DEBIAN/main/d/db5.3/libdb5.3_5.3.28+dfsg1-0.2_i386.deb20:48
KatolaZbuZz: ?!?20:49
buZzgetting HSTS errors on deb.devuan.org20:49
KatolaZbuZz: what is weird?20:49
KatolaZbuZz: has NO support for SSL20:49
buZzactually it does respond on that20:49
buZzwith a devuan.ipacct.com20:50
KatolaZbuZz: deb/ is a DNS RR20:50
buZzright, ok20:50
buZza messy one :P20:50
KatolaZone that does not support https20:50
KatolaZas specified in the ascii release notes20:50
Wonkainterestingly, 'curl -L -f --header "Host:"' works just fine20:50
Wonkaso, amd64 is there, i386 is not.20:51
buZzthats there20:51
KatolaZyes Wonka20:51
KatolaZit looks like the i386 package is missing20:51
buZzi see it20:51
KatolaZdoing some more tests20:51
buZzso, this isnt the one you're searching for ?
KatolaZWonka: it looks like it is available from other mirrors20:52
KatolaZbut not from that one20:52
WonkaKatolaZ: yep, got it from just now20:53
KatolaZwhich seems to be a problem with the debian mirror *behind* that specific mirror20:53
WonkabuZz: it is the one - but one mirror serving does not have it20:53
buZzah, bad mirror!20:53
WonkaKatolaZ: oh fun20:53
KatolaZWonka: not much fun, indeed20:53
KatolaZwill remove it from the RR and ask for clarifications :)20:54
Wonkamirror went partially blind *duck*20:54
WonkaI always like to help projects like Devuan, even if only croaking about such things...20:54
Wonkasometimes it's the best I can do, with a day job and a toddler, and a newborn...20:55
KatolaZWonka: removed now20:55
KatolaZthank you20:58
golinuxWonka: You have my condolences.21:17
saptechwell, I have xfce4 setup the way I want, next to work on openbox21:25
buZzi like openbox way more21:26
buZzno silly 'icons' to click on like you're a toddler21:26
saptechyes I use openbox mostly, the family use other DEs21:38
fsmithred_abc_, you can compile a kernel any way you want, but if you do it the debian way, you get packages and apt knows the kernel is there.22:09
fsmithredascii source is here:
fsmithredoh, that's just the debian directory. I don't know where the actual source is other than to let apt get it.22:10
fsmithrednope, I said that backward.22:11
fsmithredapt-get install linux-source-4.922:12
_abc_fsmithred: The source is on but that is not what I asked. Thanks for answering anyway. I'll get 4.9.80 from and suss out the patch set to make it debian.23:49
fsmithredthe non-debianized source is at You can use that.23:49
_abc_When I installed linux-source/4.9 I ended up with .80 or .110, .88 is not an option23:49
_abc_Anyway I sorted the problem from user land, wrote a lemma and it works with ioctl with the present kernel module, but I had to read the source to write the program.23:50
_abc_Linux devuan 4.9.0-6-686 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.88-1 (2018-04-29) i686 GNU/Linux23:50
_abc_fsmithred: ^ that was on ascii live when I started playing, that is my present kernel.23:50
_abc_note .8823:51
_abc_I think you put it there? Or upstream?23:51
_abc_Anyway, I was trying hard to build the module under the exact same version as the running kernel, and only use the newly built module.23:51
_abc_I.e. not upgrade/change the entire kernel and module tree.23:51
furrywolfwe should improve the kernel to use dbus for talking to modules, so you don't need to worry about things like that.23:53
fsmithredI think you just need the headers to build modules23:54
buZzand perhaps dkms :)23:56
furrywolfI wish microkernels were a thing.23:58
buZzdevuanhurd? :D23:59
buZzthat might be do-able, iirc debian has some fork that builds on hurd23:59

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