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bjb_My calendar says it is Devuan's birthday today ... is it so?00:39
bjb_Happy birthday Devuan : -)00:41
mooseface420UI gets real laggy in 4k. maybe 15 fps. using KDE Plasma01:38
mooseface420it's better in 2k. but pretty annoyed01:38
Centurion_Danmooseface420: have you got gpu acceleration working and composite turned on??03:43
XenguyHappy Birthday Devuan03:46
XenguySagitarius, makes sense : -)03:47
XenguyA blast from the past:
XenguySpeaking of03:53
XenguyTo infinity and beyound!04:10
XenguyThere was absolutely no LSD involved with that production!04:13
XenguyNot a drop04:13
XenguySorry OT04:14
XenguyI liked the song, very original too04:24
xrogaanKatolaZ: one mirror is kaput
* man_in_shack flails07:39
* man_in_shack sets fire to Xenguy07:39
jyrino one else was hit by this: grub-install: error: cannot copy `/usr/share/locale/' to `/boot/grub/locale/': Is a directory. ?11:36
KatolaZxrogaan: timestamp>11:38
r3bootjyri: nope. But just to check, is /boot/grub/locale/ a directory by any chance?11:39
xrogaanKatolaZ: about when I posted11:39
xrogaanKatolaZ: no idea how to know *which* mirror is faulty11:39
KatolaZchecking now11:39
KatolaZI saw it11:39
KatolaZI am also amending one of the automatic checks11:41
jyri+xrogaan: yes it is, it contains /LC_MESSAGES/ConsoleKit2@INSTOBJEXT@11:50
jyriI don't know what broke last week that that started happening (I build and install the latest stable kernel every time it comes out)11:51
jyriI do grub-install /dev/sdc to get the new kernel set up for the next time I boot the machine, that stopped working with the above mentioned error message12:04
xrogaanI have no idea.12:20
xrogaanjyri: check /etc/grub.d12:20
xrogaanand /etc/default/grub12:21
jyriyeah, did, there's no mention at all12:23
xrogaanI don't really understand grub, so I can't help.12:28
xrogaanjyri: /usr/share/locale/ shouldn't exists12:37
xrogaantry apt-file search /usr/share/locale/bg.gmo12:37
xrogaanwell, it's not in any package, so you've been naughty with your computer.12:38
jyri$ ls -la /usr/share/locale/bg.gmo12:38
jyritotal 1212:38
jyridrwxr-xr-x   3 root root   24 Nov 22 10:04 .12:38
jyridrwxr-xr-x 243 root root 8192 Nov 22 10:04 ..12:38
jyridrwxr-xr-x   2 root root   36 Nov 22 10:04 LC_MESSAGES12:38
xrogaanIt shouldn't exists.12:39
xrogaandid you compile and `sudo make install' anything?12:39
xrogaanfrom where does that folder comes from?12:39
jyrihmm, I wonder, ok, I'll just remove it to some other directory12:39
xrogaanare you running anything as root?12:40
jyriX, nothing else12:42
xrogaanDid you *purposely* ran any software as root?12:42
xrogaanthat is, not a system daemon.12:43
jyriwell, I run the grub-install as root12:43
jyriif I remove that file then grub-install hits grub-install: error: cannot copy `/usr/share/locale/' to `/boot/grub/locale/': Is a directory.12:45
jyriso it is scanning the whole /usr/share/locale/ and that is naturally full of directories12:46
xrogaanyes, the .gmo folders are not native to debian12:48
ejrwhy does "sudo update-rc.d wicd -f remove" not disable wicd from running at startup? i just tried, and it still starts even though i want to use network-manager only12:50
xrogaanyou might want to check the package of all files in the /usr/share/locale12:51
xrogaancompile a list, remove the whole folder and reinstall all the packages your listed.12:51
xrogaanBut that's crazy.12:51
jyriI removed the *.gmo directories from there and grub-install worked just fine12:52
jyridrwxr-xr-x  3 root root   24 Nov 22 10:04 bg.gmo12:52
jyridrwxr-xr-x  3 root root   24 Nov 22 10:04 es_419.gmo12:52
jyridrwxr-xr-x  3 root root   24 Nov 22 10:04 es.gmo12:52
jyridrwxr-xr-x  3 root root   24 Nov 22 10:04 ru.gmo12:52
xrogaanthe question, though, is what the hell put those folder there.12:52
jyriI know for sure that I didn't install anything manually in the last month expect the kernels12:53
xrogaanit dates back to 6 days ago. Check your auth log.12:53
jyriyeah, this looks bad, thanks12:55
jyrithe files themselves are harmless and seem to be that redhat has that format ie. /usr/share/locale/
furrymcgeeAny idea why d-i Package.gz is missing in my CD? WARNING **: bad d-i Packages file
xrogaanjyri: it's not those files, but whatever created them13:56
jyriyes, nothing in the auth logs, I am running ceres though, might be some package that did something that it shouldn't when it got updated13:58
segfaultplease help.15:26
segfaultI installed ASCII from live gui medium that ran the XFCE desktop15:27
segfaultI don't like XFCE, so I installed GNOME 2 Mate desktop15:27
segfaultand removed XFCE15:27
segfaultNow a lot of important shit like wcid, slim etc are gone15:28
segfaultfont's are not rendering15:28
r3bootsegfault: did you try to reinstall those packages?15:28
segfaultThat's the problem, I don't know what packages are important15:29
r3bootyou just named a few ;)15:29
segfaultI only know a few of them.15:29
jyrihow did you remove the XFCE?15:29
segfaultsudo apt remove xfce && sudo apt autoremove15:30
r3bootjust to be complete: I dont run devuan (but have 15+ yrs of unix experience), so I dont know the specifics. This does feel a bit like you removed a meta package15:30
r3boot(a package that depends on a lot of others, giving you a desktop with a single command for instance)15:30
segfaultr3boot, what distro do you run?15:31
jyriautoremove gives a list of packages that it removes15:31
segfaultjyri, autoremove also gives the list of packages that contain xfce desktop packages also.15:31
r3bootsegfault: arch, debian (both with and without systemd), openbsd, freebsd, juniper, openvms, windows (and a bunch of ancient unixes on museum hardware)15:31
segfaultI don't want to install them15:32
gnu_srs2segfault: apt-get install task-mate-desktop15:32
segfaultgnu_srs2, that meta package seems to pull in the packages that I removed. Thank you.15:33
segfaultgnu_srs2, BTW, what is task-* package?15:34
segfaultwhen I removed xfce4, there was a task-xfce that got removed too.15:34
r3bootthe task-* packages sounds like the meta packages I was talking about15:36
r3bootAh, yes, indeed:
segfaultr3boot, yes seems like devuan repo has a lot of task-* meta packages15:38
r3boottry to install the package gnu_srs2 was talking about15:39
r3bootthat should fix up most things15:39
r3boot(except for maybe wicd, which will likely be replaced with networkmanager?)15:39
segfaultinstalling the meta package worked.15:39
segfaultI installed wicd manually15:40
segfaultEverything good now. Thanks everyone.15:40
segfaultr3boot, BTW why you run arch or debian? how do you even get rid of systemd on them?15:41
r3bootgetting rid of systemd is not a priority for me, but this is not the channel to discuss this ;)15:41
segfaultI thought devuan was a proponent of the freedom of init scripts.15:42
r3bootlike I said, lets not discuss this :)15:42
r3boot(there are a *lot* of layers involved, and lots & lots of nuances)15:42
segfaultOK, but do you know if I can use runit instead of devuan's sysvinit?15:43
r3bootI think you can yeah15:43
r3bootit shoulnt be that hard to manually replace it as well (if devuan doesnt have an option for it)15:43
errandir1Before devuan existed I effectively disabled systemd by installing sysv init into /sbin16:20
KatolaZhi premoboss18:20
premobossi have a PC with 3 NIC. NIC_0 goes to my home router and from there, to internet. NIC_1 goes to subnet_1, NIC_2 goes to subnet_2. the pc play as a gateway/router in "trasparent" way. Now i want to block access for subnet_2 to a particular website ( but allow to subnet_1. There is a way to do wit a iptables's rule? i tried "iptables -A FORWARD -d <web_site_ip_address> -j DROP, but this bloc both subnet 1 nad 2 and more, it works on ip18:28
premobossaddress but i will like it works on name of website to bloc in case of multiple ip address ther report to the same website name.18:28
KatolaZpremoboss: you can specify that you want that rule to apply to packets you received from a specific interface18:30
KatolaZwith "-i"18:31
KatolaZops, wrong window18:35
premobossKatolaZ, i wait to block access to "" to subnet_2 but allow to subnet_1.18:37
KatolaZpremoboss: please read what I wrote18:38
KatolaZyou know which interface is connected to subnet_218:38
KatolaZso in your rule you can specify that the DROP applies only to packages the router has received from that interface18:38
KatolaZusing the flag "-i"18:38
premobosseth0 goes to router, eth1 to subnet_1, eth2 to subnet_218:38
premobossKatolaZ, my problem is that i dont knwo how to play wil iptables.18:39
KatolaZpremoboss: then you shouldn't put your hands on a router :P18:39
premobossi just find in internete the rule that allow to do a trasparent connetcion "all see all" and no more.18:40
premobossis not a router, is a exambple PC i set ul and place after the "real" router.18:40
KatolaZpremoboss: anything that drives traffic through different IP networks is a router18:40
premobossif i do mess, i just take tht pc away :-)18:40
KatolaZby definition18:41
KatolaZthere are no "real" vs "fake" routers18:41
premobossok, by definition.18:41
premobosslets call it "another" router after the "official" one.18:41
KatolaZofficial or unofficial is not an adjective for a router18:42
premoboss"o_O" stay for?18:42
jyripremoboss: iptables -A INPUT -d <ip address to block> -i <name of NIC_2> -j DROP18:44
premobossjyri, thanks.18:44
KatolaZno jyri18:44
KatolaZINPUT is for packages directed TO the machine18:44
premobosscan iptables works also with address like or it works only with ip address?18:44
KatolaZnot for packages that should be forwarded...18:45
jyriah yes, sorry18:45
KatolaZpremoboss: it looks like you need an http proxy18:45
premobossKatolaZ, can you suggest me one?18:45
jyriiptables -A FORWARD -d <ip address to block> -i <name of NIC_2> -j DROP18:45
premobossjyri, ok18:46
jyribut, please read an short tutorial about iptables18:46
KatolaZor maybe a long one18:46
premobossahaha ok :-)18:47
KatolaZactually, it would be probably better to put that rule in the PREROUTING chain inside the "nat" table18:48
ttkvdoes anyone know how long "LTS" devuan releases are supported?19:06
djphhowever long Jessie has been supported thusfar ... ;)19:15
ttkvso it's tied to the Debian support cycle?  good to know :-) thank you19:18
ttkvlooking that up, debian LTS is five years19:19
djph*DEVUAN JESSIE*19:24
jbg_where is the meeting this evening?21:13
eyalrozI'm having a somewhat embarrasing problem:21:55
eyalrozFor various reasons, I need to use Google Meet and/or Google Hangouts to make a presentation, for which I want to share my screen, or a specific Window.21:55
eyalrozHowever - this fails, both with Firefox and with Chromium. Firefox just crashes, while with Chromium, I can have the video conference, but I'm told "Your browser can't share your screen."21:55
eyalrozI realize this not Devuan's problem, and I dislike Google as much as the next guy.21:56
eyalrozHowever, I need to figure out where the problem is: The browser, the distro, Google's Meet or Hangouts code?21:57
obeardlyeyalroz: Firefox-esr crashing due to Google Hangouts is a known problem.22:19
obeardlyI have use to Hangouts for work.22:19
obeardlyI had to install Google Chrome to make it happen.22:19
eyalrozobeardly: And you experienced similar problems to mine?22:44
eyalrozin Chromium, I mean?22:44
obeardlyI could not get Hangouts working in Chromium.22:45
obeardlyI had the exact same problem.22:45
obeardlySo I installed Google Chrome and now I can use Hangouts without issue.22:45
nemoobeardly: yeah. google kinda screwed mozilla over on hangouts22:49
nemoobeardly: they coordinate for years on eliminating plugins (since hangouts used to use flash in non-chrome browsers, pnacl in chrome)22:49
nemoobeardly: flash gets deprecated, mozilla looks at google... "eh, we'll get right on that..."22:52
nemotook a good... year... for first beta of that fix to even appear. after the deprecation22:52
nemohm. seems fine in my firefox here though. admittedly I'm using nightly22:56
nemoworkplace kinda ditched google hangouts after that so hadn't tried it in a while22:56

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