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terragnarface: I think I found the problem. Since system already got IP from dhcp via initramfs, sysvinit also tries to lease an IP if dhcp set in /etc/network/interfaces09:39
terraSince /run/network/ifstate alrady exists, sysvinit waits get interface (eth0) free thus never able to pass network initialization09:41
terrajust disabled eth0 definitions in /etc/network/interfaces09:41
gnarfaceah cool, glad you got it figured out, terra09:49
gnarfacethanks for updating me09:49
terraI think this issue must be elaborated by devuan devs09:49
gnarfaceit's a kernel thing09:49
gnarfacei think09:49
terraare you one of tem?09:49
gnarfaceno, sorry09:49
gnarfacebut sometime recently they added a dhcp client to the kernel so this is possible09:50
terrano it is a sysvinit thing09:50
gnarfacei think it can be disabled by the kernel command-line, or fed a static ip09:50
gnarfacesysvinit will also start a dhcp daemon though, your'e right09:50
gnarfacei'm just saying you can disable it in either place09:50
terranetwork scripts must detect boot environment09:51
terrathere's no reason update interface two time via dhcp09:51
gnarfaceon the contrary, i think your calling of nfs via command-line enabled it implicitly09:51
terragnarface: you're right09:51
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treeviewwhat's a favorite VM to run within Devuan? Didn't see Boxes in Synaptic...15:14
salsburytreeview: if you're looking for a virtualbox-like frontend, install virt-manager.15:50
MinceRespecially if you'd like to have a daemon that wastes cpu even when no vm-s are running :>15:53
salsburynever noticed any anomalous consumption with virt-manager15:57
MinceRi have, with libvirtd, on which virt-manager relies15:57
salsburyI have it running most of the time15:58
salsburyand it behaves quite nicely on my end15:59
salsburywhat kernel are you using MinceR ?16:00
MinceRthis was a while ago and i don't know what kernel it was16:01
MinceRversion, that is16:02
salsburythat is really weird. libvirt never gave me any problems, not on devuan nor any other distro that I've used16:03
treeviewI'm trying to verify my software needs will work as expected before Devuan becomes my daily driver...I need a Windows 10 VM for support purposes.16:04
salsburyhah, was about to create a win10 vm too16:04
treeviewI'm currently running LMDE 3 and using Boxes which I love, but...16:04
salsburyended up cleaning the disk to make room for it though :|16:05
salsburywhat's this Boxes thing? I've never heard of it16:06
salsbury(never used mint)16:07
salsburyhmm I see16:09
salsburylooks sleek though16:10
treeviewit perfectly fit my needs...very nice indeed16:10
salsburydo you have iommu or something?16:12
treeviewI believe I had to install qemu as well, but that on my current system. I'm looking to move from LMDE 3 to Devuan like I said, and I wanted to make sure I could have my ducks in a row before hand...16:17
salsburysure, should work just fine. you might want to install virt-manager on your mint system, just to try it out before jumping to devuan16:23
treevieware you using virt-manager currently on Devuan?16:25
salsburyas my daily driver16:26
treeviewdevuan your daily driver?16:26
salsburyyes and virt-manager too16:26
KatolaZI sometimes wonder how many different distros people manage to juggle with at the same time :D16:28
KatolaZ(but I quit distro-hopping too long ago, TBH)16:28
MinceRask the people who run bedrock :>16:28
treeviewso you run which OS in virt-manager?16:28
* KatolaZ asks ddg about bedrock...16:29
salsburytreeview: well, as of now, I've got a ubuntu server to test some web services16:29
salsburybut I've used minix, haiku, win10, and even devuan virtualized on a devuan host machine16:30
treeviewsalsbury: which desktop environment you like?16:31
MinceRask ddg about "bedrock linux" instead :>16:31
KatolaZMinceR: done16:32
KatolaZnot my cookie16:33
KatolaZused to do that a lot with alien back in the days16:33
KatolaZturned out to be a total mess16:33
KatolaZI wonder how they manage to do that16:33
MinceRafaict it isn't pretty16:33
salsburythis bedrock thing looks like a nightmare16:34
salsburyI'm kind of glad they didn't try to put some sort of nix pkg manager thing in it as well16:37
MinceRprobably nothing prevents you from installing nix on it16:37
salsburysure :D16:38
salsburywhy not16:38
salsburyreminds me of that phrase "they were so busy figuring out if they could, they never stopped to ask if they should"16:41
treeviewmy reason for thinking about moving to Devuan is to distance myself from systemd...16:42
treeviewI thought I was happy with LMDE 3, but have started to understand the SJW reach and the surveillance fast approaching this platform...16:50
treeviewfigured the sooner I step off the better!16:50
treeviewnever imagined we'd witness Linus's stones on a pike pole16:51
MinceRi neither16:51
MinceRbut still, eventually the kernel would have fallen into the hands of the likes of gkh anyway16:52
salsburythank god netbsd runs on everything16:56
salsburyif push comes to shove, that's our safety net :D16:57
KatolaZsalsbury: yeah, netbsd runs on everything, for some definition of "runs"... :)16:59
KatolaZthe most common rant in thi channel is about nvidia drivers17:00
KatolaZtry to have those on netbsd...17:00
salsburyKatolaZ: i'd argue that it's not the definition of "runs" that is questionable, but rather the definition of "everything" that translates to "everything before 2003"17:02
KatolaZyep :)17:05
salsburyI don't know what OS genetically engineered bio-mechanic soldier dogs of the future will run... but dinossaurs cloned from ambar encased  mosquitos's dna samples will run netbsd for sure.17:13
unixmanIf one truly wants an alternative, I recommend FreeBSD. The nVidia drivers are available on that. ;)17:36
drawkulanetbsd \o/17:37
drawkulathe only thing missing in netbsd is APT17:37
r3bootActually, NetBSD does not work that properly on Alpha cpu's, especially if you have the more modern (2000~2005 era) cpu's17:40
r3boot(depending on the model ofc)17:40
unixmanHeh, every time I see anyone mention "NetBSD", I think of the response one gets from a bot in another channel here. Regardless, FreeBSD is my main daily driver with Devuan in a VM to handle stuff that just won't work with FreeBSD, such as Intel RMMI Java stuff.17:40
salsburyunixman: on the other hand, so are the vulnerabilities apple fixed 6 months ago on their end, and the freebsd team just forgot to.17:40
unixmansalsbury, you mean the Apple patches that our company IT has *still* not cleared and allowed us to install on our corporate Apple lappies? Those patches?17:42
r3bootAlso, try out a modern hppa / zx1 based system. Nothing except HP/UX runs on there (except for gentoy, which runs on it for various definitions of 'runs')17:42
MinceRmaybe the freebsd team doesn't do anything17:42
unixmanMaybe not. They just released FreeBSD 12.0, so they slackers.17:43
salsburyunixman: ahhh companies and their "we can't update it because joe's script broke everything when we tried it in testing" mentality17:45
unixmansalsbury, yup.17:45
salsburystay strong17:45
unixmanHeh, the Apple is just my backup system for when I am OTR or WFH and need VPN access. That is all I do with it.17:46
salsburyno shame in that. a computer is a computer17:48
unixmanGood ole IT made sure the Apple has a Windows 7 Pro VM on it that is completely useless. Nothing installed that I need, and I don't have admin rights in the Windows VM to fix that. IT will only install applications from their approved software list, which also has nothing I need to use on it. :D17:49
salsburythat's painful17:49
MinceRa computer is a computer and a toy is a toy :>17:50
salsburyagain, stay strong! otherwise they'll break your spirit17:50
unixmanSo, basically I just use the VMware Fusion install to access consoles on our VMware plants.17:50
salsburyI kinda have mixed feelings about macs, on one hand I've never tried one, and when I say it out loud people look at me funny, so I knda want to try one just to know what it's like. on the other hand, I've seen too many louis rossmann videos to ever consider buying one17:53
unixmanWell, I do like the solid feel of the hardware, hate the keyboard, meh about the huge freakin' touchpad, and the GUI ... another meh.17:55
golinuxMaybe this discussion should move to #debianfork, our chat channel.  This is a help channel that gets logged.17:56
WpI searched the repos for the package "chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-nonfree19:29
WpAnybody knows if there's a specific place to get it on Devuan?19:30
WpOr perhaps that package isn't available.19:30
sleepingkirbyI've never hard of that package. What is it?19:37
WpA set of codecs for chromium.19:38
golinuxMaybe it'san extension on chromium.19:39
sleepingkirbyGoogle says that ubuntu's repo's have it. Usually codecs are independent of the OS so I'd imagine that if it's not in the repo, you can grab the dpkg and try to install it manually if you want to risk it/know what you're doing.19:41
WpThanks lads.19:45

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