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golinuxCan't you migrate data to the Devuan image?  Or do we still not have one?00:04
minnesotagsI'm looking into it.00:05
_abc_why is mlocate so bone-headed? I indexed some offline volumes using a custom updatedb and now locate uses them with -d but also uses the system db00:07
_abc_I can't find a flag to make it not do that. Anyone?00:07
_abc_ answered00:10
_abc_(that is a hack!)00:21
_abc_moving on to zzz00:21
Xenguyminnesotags: Welcome to the land of nosystemd02:39
minnesotagsUnbelievable. Some Debian upgrade uninstalled my apache and php? Left all configs intact? Sigh.05:17
rwpminnesotags, "some" upgrade?  The apt* tools won't remove anything that isn't approved with '[Y/n]'.  If it isn't what you want then say 'n'o there. :-)06:07
minnesotagsNo kidding?06:24
rwpWould I kid you?06:37
TwistedFateМир Божији, Христос се роди! Merry Christmas everyone! :)10:26
g40Hello. I'm bringing up a new Arm64 board with a devuan rootfs etc. It is hanging in (I think) eudev where the bootlog has 'synthesizing the initial hotplug events'. Anyone got any ideas on what it might be waiting for? USB? HDMI?15:10
g40And is this the eudev that is in the Gentoo github repo? Any pointers much appreciated.15:11
poeinklumHello Devuan'ers15:37
poeinklumI think I've encountered a minor log-noise bug15:38
poeinklumHave a look at:15:38
poeinklum"Cron is trying (and failing) to open env file: /etc/environment"15:38
poeinklumCan someone confirm whether is indeed a Devuan issue? Or perhaps - Debian has it too?15:39
aggazis it possible to use nftables in devuan ascii (arm)? I installed it and loaded the module nfnetlink, but when I launch the command "nft list ruleset" I get the error "internal:0:0-0: Error: Could not receive tables from kernel: Invalid argument". I can not find documentation does somebody have suggestions?15:59
dreamer89hello everyone17:04
dreamer89is this support chan?17:04
gnarfaceyes, dreamer8917:09
dreamer89not strictly system related but... i have windows10 and devuan dual-boot17:10
dreamer89and after windows updated, it messed GRUB so i could only boot into windows. i restored grub with boot-repair and only got devuan back since it doesnt recognize windows on bitlocker partition17:11
dreamer89so, any way to see win again?17:12
gnarfaceit would have been better if you'd saved the grub config, but the initial install i believe just detects windows partitions and adds them to the grub config automatically17:13
gnarfacethere should be a way to trigger the auto-detect again manually, but that's what might have failed this time around for some reason, too.  luckily the missing lines for windows are pretty simple to add manually as well.  i just don't know them off the top of my head sorry.17:15
gnarfacesomeone in here knows, i'm sure.  i don't use windows though.  google should know too.  this is a fairly common issue.17:15
gnarfacedreamer89: this looks fairly legit, if you don't follow it literally17:17
gnarfacethe top answer - /etc/grub.d/40_custom, that looks right.  you'll probably have to correct the drive and partition numbers but otherwise that should be all there is to it.17:18
Hurgotrongnarface: I didn't even manage on a linux-only system to boot a specific kernel without manual interaction (ie. by editing grub config) without lots of try-and-error. There have to be better ways...17:18
gnarfacehmm.  yes, you shouldn't have had to edit grub to change your kernel17:19
gnarfacei'm not sure what that issue is.  that's separate.17:19
dreamer89set root='(hd0,msdos1)'17:19
dreamer89hd0 may be some specific for me_17:19
gnarfacemost people don't have problems with this, but there are an unfortunately high percentage of badly behaving BIOSes in the wild, and they can cause problems17:19
gnarfacewell the worst BIOS misbehavior i've seen in this regard is where the BIOS changes the order, so the numbers aren't predictable17:20
gnarfacei've seen that a lot with Dells17:20
gnarfaceother vendors usually consider that a bug17:20
gnarfaceunless it's a USB block device, then all bets are off17:20
gnarfacethere's not a lot of things it can be though17:21
gnarfaceit is probably hd0-4 and msdos1-717:21
gnarfaceit's not gonna be something like fdjadj;; >> 108:)17:21
dreamer89trial and error or some way to check it?17:21
gnarfacethere IS a way to check it actually17:22
gnarfacewhile you're at the grub prompt, there's a button to edit a command-line before testing it17:22
gnarfaceit supports limited path-completion17:22
gnarfaceso you should be able to just tab it out17:22
dreamer89oh nice17:22
gnarfaceit might be a little uncooperative17:23
gnarfacenot quite as nice as bash command-line completion17:23
dreamer89will try in a few minutes, bbs17:23
gnarfacenot nearly as nice as zsh or anything like that17:23
gnarfacedreamer89: hmm. there's a couple examples on there, and the differences look to be about whether you're booting windows10 directly, or telling grub to chainload to windows's own bootloader, which should still be the easier option if they're on separate drives but ymmv17:27
gnarfacealright well if he comes back and i'm not here, someone make sure to tell him he has to know where windows's boot loader and and grub are in relation to each other.17:28
poeinklumgnarface: Since you're around - I wanted to try and draw your attention again to this:17:34
gnarfacepoeinklum: if you purge the cron package and reinstall it, does that fix the problem?17:38
poeinklumDon't a lot of packages depend on cron?17:39
gnarfacemaybe.  it looks like a problem i've only ever seen while installing to a VM though, and i didn't have problems with dependencies when i purged and reinstalled it there.  it won't uninstall anything else without prompting you first anyway.17:40
gnarfaceif it is the same problem i didn't figure out exactly what was causing it to fail to be set up right on the first try17:40
gnarfacei was blaming the kernel patch i was using at the time17:40
gnarface(it wasn't on a stock kernel)17:41
gnarfacelooks like from the bug report they can't figure it out either17:41
gnarfaceit works fine if you create a read-only 0-byte file there for /etc/environment, right?17:42
gnarfacehey dreamer89 glad you made it back.  after you left i realized that if you'd *overwritten* the windows MBR with GRUB you'd probably have to use one of the other solutions listed on there (the ntloader thing...)17:44
gnarfacedreamer89: after you left, i realized the first solution i directed you to assumes that the windows boot loader is still intact somewhere on a drive in the system, just not at the in the first position on the first drive, where it wants to be.17:45
dreamer89haha not, i was on live CD playing with boot-repair, had some time to boot into devuan on hdd again17:45
gnarfacedreamer89: so there's two approaches.    you either chainload from grub to the windows bootloader, or you just boot windows directly from grub, bypassing the windows bootloader.  both are known to work in many cases.  neither are known to work in all cases.17:46
dreamer89not really straight forward as i was thinking when first encountered problem, i was thinking it's just adding boot option in grub to win partition17:48
gnarfacewell, that is how straightforward it is, but you need to know which boot option to add, and which win partition or MBR to point it to17:48
gnarfacei could only speculate why it worked right once17:50
dreamer89no, it worked fine for months17:50
dreamer89i got OEM windows and installed devuan after17:50
dreamer89then, windows re-written mbr while it was updating and removed grub17:50
gnarfaceno that's not what i mean. i mean i don't know why grub setup auto-detected it right the first time.17:51
gnarfacenor why it failed on subsequent attempts.17:51
dreamer89or, i was thinking it removed it so i booted live cd and reinstalled grub loader, but it didn't recognize win again17:51
gnarfaceis it one drive, or two separate drives?  that will matter17:52
gnarfacei don't use windows and haven't for literally decades, but from my recollection, windows usually overwrites the MBR on the first drive and doesn't ask permission17:52
gnarface... which would have overwritten grub from there as you suspect.  then if you overwrote that by re-installing grub, you'd have just purged the windows bootloader17:53
golinuxOops . . .17:54
gnarfaceif you have TWO drives though, you can just let windows overwrite the MBR on one drive, then move that drive to the second slot while you fix grub17:54
dreamer89it's single drive17:54
gnarfacethat makes things more complicated17:54
gnarfaceoh and it's nvme17:55
gnarfaceso that's also weird17:55
dreamer89i'm looking at /etc/grub.d/ before editing anything, but i see few of xx_custom, linux etc files, don't know which one to edit17:56
gnarfaceyou can add one of your own too17:56
dreamer89like 51_custom and just add menuentry 'Windows 10' { set root='(hd0,msdos1)' chainloader +1 }17:57
dreamer89run grub update and fail lol17:57
gnarfacesure.  on there's a /etc/grub.d/40_custom file here on mine that is commented as already being specifically reserved for custom entries17:57
gnarfaceoh wait17:58
gnarfaceno but not the chainloder17:58
gnarfacebecause that would require an instact windows boot loader to chainload TO17:58
gnarfaceon this page, scroll down to where the guy created a /etc/grub.d/42_custom file.  he says it's using the grub2 ntloader module instead of the chainloader one.  try that one instead.17:59
gnarfacethat example should be closer to what you need17:59
gnarfacesince, as we've clarified now, your bootloaders are trampling each other18:00
gnarfacei don't know if efi is gonna complicate this further for you or not, sorry18:01
gnarfacebest to just try the ntloader module and tell me what happens18:01
dreamer89can i place in "--set=root XXXXX" UUID format just as sudo blkid /dev/nvme0n1p3 command spits out?18:05
dreamer89doesn't look same, in his example it's shorter without dashes18:05
gnarfacei don't know for sure18:06
gnarfacei don't even know if that line is required18:06
dreamer89let's try18:07
gnarfacebut i know you can get the right UUID from /dev/disk/by-uuid/ too18:07
gnarfacenote that it will change if any partitions get added, removed, resized, or refomatted18:07
gnarfacewell, may change.  don't even know if that's a given.18:08
poeinklumgnarface: Purged, reinstalled, removed /etc/environment, problem still occurs.18:10
gnarfacepoeinklum: wait, removed??  did you test to see if it works if /etc/environment exists as an empty file?18:11
gnarfacepurging and reinstalling should have recreated /etc/environment as an empty file with permissions 644, i believe18:12
gnarfaceowned by root18:12
gnarfaceas i'm understanding from the responses to these bug reports, it's expected to be present and readable, even if empty18:12
poeinklumgnarface: Of course it works that way18:13
poeinklumthe whole bug is that you get a log message you shouldn't, when /etc/environment is missing18:13
poeinklum... and it _is_ missing by default18:13
poeinklum(it's deprecated AFAICR)18:14
gnarfacebasically that bug report linked to another one where they said "cannot reproduce" though18:14
gnarfacei'm in no position to go over their head and make a change to the behavior, to be clear18:14
gnarfacefeel free to reopen the bug report if you think they are in error though18:15
gnarfacesee if you can figure out why it's missing by default for you but not them18:15
gnarfacesomething they haven't accounted for must be different18:15
gnarfaceand it might be something important18:15
dreamer89nope, didn't get new entery in grub menu :\18:15
gnarfacedreamer89: it didn't even show up??? i think that suggests a problem with update-grub not getting run or not working when run, or a syntax error in the file itself.18:16
gnarfacedreamer89: you shouldn't be having problems just adding a broken entry.18:16
gnarfacethat should work even if it doesn't actually boot...18:16
dreamer89yeah, i'll try using grub-customizer maybe?18:17
gnarfacenever heard of it, but it might be worth a try18:19
gnarfacethere's probably several tools out there that can do it18:19
gnarfaceyou might just be missing something very simple like a closing } though18:20
gnarfacei mean, if you can't even make a visible one-character change to the title of an existing entry, chances are your config isn't even getting read18:23
dreamer89yeah, ton of syntax errors
gnarfacelemme see that file, paste it to paste.debian.net18:24
gnarfacethe 42_custom file18:24
gnarfaceor an image, that's fine too i guess18:24
gnarfaceweird that it complains about menuentry18:25
gnarfacei'm not sure why it would do that unless there was an error before it18:25
gnarfacebut if you haven't changed any of the other files.... this is the only file that could have an error18:26
gnarfaceyou didn't change 41_custom, did you?18:26
gnarfaceor 40_custom?18:26
dreamer89no, 42 is new file i created18:26
dreamer89i was just reading others18:26
gnarfacethe only thing i see obviously different from your file to all the ones i have here, is all mine start out with #!/bin/sh on the first line.  am i reading your screenshot right that yours just has an empty first line?  it may not like that.18:28
gnarfaceit may require that you make this file executable as well18:28
gnarfacemine are all owned by root, with permissions 75518:29
dreamer89will try in sec18:31
dreamer89owned by root, 755, added first line #!/bin/sh18:33
dreamer89tried to update-grub2, but right now it's spitting out same error18:33
dreamer89gnarface, thanks for your help, but i got to go now, will be back later18:36
dreamer89but at least, you helped me understand this thing, will try later google out something18:36
gnarfacedreamer89: no problem.  good luck, lemme know what you find out.18:37
dreamer89later, thanks again very much18:37
dejdoGood day to you19:41
dejdoI have a laptop with secureboot enabled, and I can't disable it without the superpassword. Is it possible to do some wild debootstrap/shim dance to make devuan to boot on it? The installer usb does not boots up.19:42
poeinklumgnarface: Ok, I'll try that. If I find the time and not forget :-(19:59
gnarfacepoeinklum: like i said, the only time cron failed to set up right for me was in a virtual guest running under a non-stock kernel patch, and there were known issues with it20:01
gnarfacebut if you can give instructions on how to reliably reproduce the issue with only stock components, they won't be able to sweep that under the rug as easily20:02

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