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Guest72852Can I ask some question about freeze00:34
Bjornnjust shoot00:35
Bjornnor say it00:35
Guest72852I am a new Devuan users00:35
Bjornncongrats! you made a good choice!00:35
Guest72852thank you00:35
Guest72852But I  lived a little problems my laptop was freeze  twice00:36
Guest72852why could be ? How can I solved that00:36
Bjornnit could be any number of things.00:36
Bjornnwhat app was running?00:36
Bjornncan you reproduce it?00:37
Guest72852first one brackets was running00:37
Guest72852and the second one youtube  running on firefox00:38
Guest72852I removed brackets00:39
BjornnI would recommend trying to recreate the error before anyone could help00:40
Guest72852hope so then :)00:40
Guest72852but usually I like too much of Devuan and without systemd00:41
Bjornnyes, that's why I use it too00:42
BjornnI don't like systemd00:42
Guest72852realy fast and perfect performance00:42
Guest72852I guess I need to use only free software whicjh is in the only devuan repository00:43
Guest72852is that true ?00:44
Guest72852thank you so much00:47
rwpFreezing often means a failing ram dimm.  Which is good because replacing the dimm will completely fix the problem.  Try running memtest86 overnight to diagnose.00:48
Guest72852thank you rwp00:49
Guest72852 I ll do it00:49
rwpIt can also be overheating.  Try looking at the temperatures from acpi or sensors to see if it is getting too hot.  The /var/log/kern.log or /var/log/syslog might have messages about overtemperatures.00:49
rwpIt might also be other machine check exception level problems.  Install mcelog and see if it reports any MCE issues.00:50
rwpInstalling lm-sensors might help to look at temperatures.  Or 'acpi -t'.00:52
gnarfacewhat is brakets?00:55
Guest72852coretemp 51 C00:55
gnarfacevideo card driver issues can cause freezes in Xorg too00:55
gnarfaceespecially with Nvidia00:55
Guest72852brackets is text editor like sublime00:55
gnarfaceit doesn't use opengl does it?00:56
Guest72852I dont have Nvidia I have only intel gpu00:56
gnarfaceit's a fully updated install, right?00:56
Guest72852yes thats right.00:56
gnarfaceand to be clear, you say when it "freezes" it locks up completely, right?  as in, becomes completely unresponsive?00:57
gnarfaceand it doesn't unfreeze until a physical reboot, right?00:57
gnarfacewe're not just talking about hitching and slow-downs, right?00:57
Guest72852yes thats true00:57
gnarfaceyea, probably a good idea to check into some hardware issues00:58
Guest72852ok I will do it thank you gnarface00:58
Guest72852thanks for your advice00:58
gnarfaceif it's overheating you might be able to work around it by changing power management settings00:59
gnarfacebut that usually means a dead fan or a clogged vent or something00:59
gnarfacememtest86 will show any memory errors, but the default tests only catch the most common major failures.  there are some longer, slower tests (bit-fade and something else...) that are not run by default... make sure you run those too if you have the time01:00
Guest72852my laptop cpu core temps core0 53 C core 1 47 C now01:01
gnarface(no sense in running them unless the first default test pass shows no errors though and you're still feeling suspicious about the ram)01:01
Guest72852ok then thank you so much01:01
Guest72852I am going to try but I need to go out01:02
gnarfacegood luck01:02
Guest72852see you soon01:02
Guest72852thanks :)01:02
DocScrutinizer05if you were to interview Linus T for a magazine, what would you ask him?04:26
furrywolf"How's your replacement for systemd coming along?"04:27
DocScrutinizer05haha. Is there supposed to be any?04:27
furrywolfnot that I've heard of.04:27
DocScrutinizer05furrywolf: don't worry, I already somewhat covered this aspect, by >>I'd ask Linus where he sees Linux in 5 and in 10 years and if he thinks it will still be community-driven, considering how companies like RedHat etc shanghai ever larger core parts of the system and re-invent them poorly, outright rejecting the elementary Unix principles ("do one thing and do it right", "everything is a plaintext file" etc) and replacing those04:33
DocScrutinizer05shanghaied parts by extremely complex huge mostly monolithic blobs which violate those Unix rules, that basically nobody in community could maintain or even just fully understand anymore. See sytemd and relatives  (apropos systemd|wc -l  ;=> 165) <<04:33
DocScrutinizer05I'm really looking forward to his answer04:36
DocScrutinizer05nobody with relevant questions for Linus Torvalds?06:06
furrywolf"So when are you getting with the program and switching from monolithic to microkernel?"06:08
furrywolf"I've heard you're going on a hunting trip with lennert, and there might be an accident...?"06:12
furrywolf"Is it true that the CoC is a plot to destroy linux?"06:13
XenguyDocScrutinizer05: Wut, is LT around?06:14
XenguyHow was that sensitivity training then, Mr. Torvalds?06:17
borahello every devuan users07:16
boraI asked some question about devuan freeze and that some person said check memory test and then look after this results.  Right now I am doing this so; anybody have any other advice about that ?07:19
borathank you so much07:20
gnarfacebora: you could try passing acpi=off as a boot option, too (someone else suggested that i believe) that'll disable some power management stuff that could be causing issues09:03
boraok thank you I ll try id09:04
borasorry it09:04
Guest43705hello dears can you say something about which computers are you using ?10:36
xkr47I have a Lenovo Thinkpad from 201111:24
xkr47and then virtual machines11:25
furrymcgeethere is devuan-arm
Guest43705hmm good11:25
Guest43705I am using thinkpad e450 since 201611:26
Guest43705is devuan usable of lenovo all thinkpads11:26
furrymcgeeplease try and report bugs11:29
furrymcgeeit is considered to be a universal operation system11:30
rookiehi @all13:35
KatolaZhi rookie13:36
rookieim sry im new in irc13:39
rookiehi katolaZ - i installed three monitors on three servers, all three monitors are running. then i tryed to install a manager, and failed (i used the manual from the ceph page)13:41
KatolaZrookie: what are we talking about?13:41
rookiedevuan looks unable to generate a authenticate key13:41
rookiei used: ceph auth get-or-create mgr.$name mon 'allow profile mgr' osd 'allow *' mds 'allow *'13:42
djphan authentication key for ... what?13:42
rookiefrom the manual, but i timed out13:42
rookiefor a ceph manager, its needed to start the process13:43
KatolaZdunno anything about ceph, sorry13:43
rookiei know its needed to run the comman ceph -s13:43
djphcould it be that you don't have enough entropy?13:44
rookieah shh. im on the wrong chatroom13:44
djphalways run into that when generating keys :)13:44
djphhahah, oops :)13:44
rookiesry  sry sry13:44
rookiehave a good time maybe next time ;)13:44
r3bootrookie: have a look at some kubernetes deployments for ceph. Those contain all magic voodoo commands you'll need to get it running (or, dig a lot of documentation)13:45
r3bootAlso, depending on the type of storage you need, minio might also be interesting (light-weight single-binary block storage layer with S3 api)13:46
r3bootminio is approx 100000000000000000000000000000000x more easy then ceph iig :) But it does miss things like volumes13:46
rookiethanks for this infomation, at first i have to install ceph13:47
r3bootwow, well, gl!13:48
rookiewe use that for nextcloud13:48
KatolaZrookie: if it's in a container, and you are trying to generate gpg material, you might not have enough entropy for that13:48
KatolaZhence the timeout13:48
KatolaZbut again, I don't know ceph, and mine is just a general comment13:48
rookieno prob,  this chat rooms are more valuable than i thought before. i  gonna adding a nextcloud room...13:49
r3bootKatolaZ: ceph does a bootstrap thing with keys generated by ceph + used by ceph to sign operations done in ceph, which can break in clusters which dont (yet) have the keys13:50
rookiethank you!13:50
KatolaZr3boot: then the timeour might well be due to a scarce source of entropy13:50
r3bootCould be13:50
rookieyes a kind of this is the problem. it needs a key line to start the process, and this one is missing13:50
KatolaZrookie: try to see if you can generate the keys off-line, e.g. in a host with enough entropy13:51
r3bootrookie: just to check, you are following this page right?
rookieis exactly that page13:58
jyrirookie: or just install haveged for enough entropy14:28
dormitodoes devuan has the openrc networking pkg netifrc?15:46
fsmithredjyri, thanks for mentioning haveged - I just figured out how to use it to get rid of the boot delay in live isos that run openssh-server. (delay happens when creating the host keys)18:50
se7enI am finaly getting around to resizing my encrypted LVM, but I don't remember what the recomended size was for my root22:35
se7enWas it 60?22:35
gnarfacese7en: depends really on what you're doing for it.  i do recall you saying you had /usr at about 6GB and telling you that it should be more like 60GB22:40
gnarfacei think you said /usr and / were shared too?  i advised against that22:41
gnarfaceif you're just shuffling them all around... 2-5GB is plenty for / if it's *not* shared with /usr22:41
gnarfacesimilar with /var, and /tmp... unless you're doing something special, those should not need to be more than 2-5GB either22:42
gnarfacethe boat load of stuff is going to go in /usr or /home depending on how much stuff your users install vs how much stuff your admins install22:42
gnarface(i know this is probably late in the game to mention it, but if this seems all a lot of work for you and you're just doing this for a personal laptop, next time you can probably just safely put everything in the same partition for such a setup)22:43
se7engnarface: it is shared with /usr22:43
se7en/var and /tmp are their own partitions22:43
se7enBut /usr is shared with /22:43
gnarfaceyea, that's annoying.  make it big then22:44
gnarfaceyea, that's a sane value.  you could go higher, but you want some space left in /home too... it's kinda a matter of personal choice here22:44
se7enStill, 500GB22:47
se7enWhy did the Guided Paritioner do this22:47
gnarfaceit's got server use in mind22:47
se7enIt doesn't specify that22:48
gnarfaceyea it's not that smart22:48
se7en500GB drive22:50
se7enDo you think I have to shrink my home before my root22:50
se7enbefore adding to my root22:50
gnarfaceyes, if you partitioned all the space, normal procedure (and basic logic) dictates that you have to shrink some partition to make room to expand another22:51
se7enIs this an accurate guide22:51
se7enThis does not suggest shrinking first22:51
gnarfaceare you sure?22:51
se7enIt says grow THEN shrink22:52
gnarfaceuh, that's not what i'm reading...22:52
gnarfaceare you looking at a cached version?  on mine, it says shrink then grow22:52
se7enIt says # cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda2 cryptdisk22:52
se7en# resize2fs -p /dev/vgroup/lvhome 70g22:52
se7en# e2fsck -f /dev/vgroup/lvhome22:52
se7en# lvreduce -L -10G /dev/vgroup/lvhome22:53
se7enIn this order22:53
se7enwrong section >.<22:53
gnarfaceyea dude but you gotta read the example partition table they're working with above22:53
se7enCreate a new partition on the new hard disk of wanted size, f.i. by using GNU Parted, and clone the old partition sdX1, containing your LUKS container, into the new partition sdY1:22:53
se7enIs that the best way?22:53
se7enAnd do I need to use the LiveCD to do it?22:54
gnarfacetechnically you don't even need to breathe, but it makes getting oxygen a lot easier22:55
gnarfaceyes, use the livecd22:55
se7enWell, it just is confusing me22:55
se7enWhy can I not extend the partition using commands, why should I perform this dd command22:55
se7enTo "clone" the partition22:55
gnarfacei suspect (though i'm not sure) that it might have something to do with it being encrypted22:56
gnarfaceso you probably to have some place to decrypt it to before you can safely resize it22:56
se7enI will have to dosconnect from IRC to do this22:56
se7enI am still confused22:56
gnarfaceyou should be able to get back online from the livecd22:56
gnarfaceif you know your network settings...22:56
se7enI don't think the livecd has a irc client, does it?22:57
gnarfacedoesn't matter.  connect it to the internet and install one22:58
gnarfacehow much ram do you have?22:58
se7enHow do I make this new partition if my disk has only a small free space22:58
gnarfaceyou have plenty of ram to install an irc client into the live cd22:58
gnarfaceyou will have to shrink some partition to make space first22:58
se7enSrink /home then?22:59
se7enWhat is a good size for Home22:59
gnarfacewhat's it at now?22:59
se7enWith 284 open22:59
se7enEr, unused22:59
gnarfacewell you can't shrink it more than that23:00
se7enLemme show you this here, and you could give me advice23:00
gnarfaceif you shrink it smaller than the used space, you will lose data.  that makes sense, doesn't it?23:00
se7enOutput of my lsblk23:00
se7enNAME                   MAJ:MIN RM   SIZE RO TYPE  MOUNTPOINT23:00
se7ensda                      8:0    0 465.8G  0 disk23:00
se7en├─sda1                   8:1    0   512M  0 part23:00
se7en├─sda2                   8:2    0   244M  0 part  /boot23:00
se7en└─sda3                   8:3    0   465G  0 part23:00
se7en  └─sda3_crypt         254:0    0   465G  0 crypt23:00
se7en    ├─lappy--vg-root   254:1    0   6.5G  0 lvm   /23:00
se7en    ├─lappy--vg-var    254:2    0   2.8G  0 lvm   /var23:00
se7en    ├─lappy--vg-swap_1 254:3    0  23.7G  0 lvm23:00
se7en    │ └─cryptswap1     254:6    0  23.7G  0 crypt [SWAP]23:01
se7en    ├─lappy--vg-tmp    254:4    0   380M  0 lvm   /tmp23:01
se7en    └─lappy--vg-home   254:5    0 431.7G  0 lvm   /home23:01
gnarfaceuh, next time /msg a long paste like that to me privately or put it in, you could trigger anti-flood protection23:01
gnarfaceyes, i would say just shrink /home by enough so that you can make / 60GB23:02
gnarfaceit's OK if rounding errors make it inexact23:02
se7enHow much is that23:02
gnarfaceyou want me to do the math for you?23:02
se7enSo 37123:02
* gnarface does the math23:02
se7enI thought it was more complex than basic arithmatic23:02
se7enShould my swap be 23.7G23:03
gnarfacethat's excessive23:03
se7enThat's what guided made it23:03
se7enThis whole thing is fucked, hell23:03
se7enHold on, I am going to go to the live cd23:03
gnarfacei didn't make the guided partitioner, and fyi i would have told you not to use it23:03
se7en Iwill brb23:03
gnarface53.5GB btw23:03
gnarfaceyou wanna shrink /home by 53.5GB to be able to make / 60GB23:04
gnarfacethat should leave some free space in /home still23:04
gnarfacei think you would probably be happier if everything was in /23:04
gnarface(except swap obviously)23:04
gnarfacethat guided partitioner should have a warning label on it, something of the order "if you don't know what you want, this still probably isn't a safe way to get it"23:11
se7en_altI am back23:20
se7en_altI have opened the disk in the liveusb23:22
se7en_altI will now resize the home partition23:22
se7en_altWhat is the number we came to?23:22
gnarfacese7en_alt: you said 371G, but my math says 378.2G.  it hardly matters.  what matters is you follow the safe procedure for shrinking an encrypted partition.23:23
se7en_alt resize2fs -p /dev/vgroup/lvhome 378.2G23:23
se7en_altAnd what about my cryptswap23:24
gnarfaceit's silly to make it any larger than physical ram23:24
gnarfacei mean, it won't hurt anything23:24
se7en_altI opened the disk23:24
se7en_altlsblk doesn't appear23:24
se7en_alt└─sdb3       8:19   0   465G  0 part23:24
se7en_alt  └─cryptdisk23:24
se7en_alt           254:0    0   465G  0 crypt23:24
se7en_altsr0         11:0    1  1024M  0 rom23:24
gnarfacemake sure you lsblk the right thing23:25
gnarfacealso it's encrypted now23:25
se7en_altIt is open23:25
gnarfaceremember you'll have to decrypt it to see stuff in it23:25
se7en_altI did `cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdb2 cryptdisk`23:25
se7en_altI opened it properly23:25
se7en_altDo I need to mount it?23:26
gnarfaceyea i think so23:26
se7en_altany specific place or just /mnt23:26
gnarface \/mnt is probably safe.  it would have been mounted already when you booted to it, but not like this in a live cd23:26
se7en_altmount /dev/mapper/cryptdisk /mnt23:26
se7en_altmount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'23:26
gnarfaceyou might need to install more than a irc client into that live image23:26
gnarfaceto make this work23:27
se7en_altWhat packages then23:27
se7en_altInstalling lvm223:27
gnarfacehmm. not sure, but yea probably some lvm tools23:27
se7en_altMaybe I should switch to the ubuntu wiki23:27
gnarfacei would be surprised if it wasn't on the debian wiki too23:28
gnarfacei think you need this too^23:28
gnarfaceif you don't have it already23:28
gnarfacealso maybe lvm2-lockd and lvm2-dbusd23:28
se7en_altok, got it23:29
se7en_altused vgscan and vgchange per
se7en_altIt is all unlocked now per lsblk23:29
gnarfacewell that's a relief23:30
se7en_altGoing to move to PM for pastes23:30 has no ads23:30
gnarfaceor yea, you can just paste it to me privately if you want23:30
KatolaZ"curl -L -F c=@- <$FILEIN"23:38
rwpgnarface, Just an irc fyi.. (it is rare when I can help there!) starting a line with a / can be down by starting it with "/say /mnt" and that will start a line with a / character.23:56
gnarfacerwp: thanks.  i was aware i could also just insert a leading whitespace character instead.  the \ was actually a typo.23:58
rwpI can't count the number of times I have tried to type in a line starting with a path and hit Enter...23:59

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