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DocScrutinizer05djph: >>user@host: starts in $HOME ...<<      $HOME of which system, which user?00:10
DocScrutinizer05well, I can answer: the $HOME of the user/system the shell that expands the env var runs in/on00:11
DocScrutinizer05which frequently is _not_  user@host00:12
djphDocScrutinizer05: $HOME of 'user' on 'target' e.g. if i'd scp file DocScrutinizer05@docshost: ... "file" would be placed in whatever directory is home of " DocScrutinizer05 " on " docshost "00:13
DocScrutinizer05sorry, ambiguous statement. $HOME is local user shell's env namespace.  user@host: is remote user@host's home00:14
DocScrutinizer05and ~ == $HOME00:14
DocScrutinizer05IOW ~ gets expanded by local shell00:15
djphim contesting your use of user@host:/path/to/home/directory/file00:15
djphand saying the correct simplification is user@host:file00:15
DocScrutinizer05what's wrong with it?00:16
djphits unnecessary, is all.00:16
DocScrutinizer05I added it to make utterly clear00:19
DocScrutinizer05jr@saturn:~> echo ~00:21
metalaDocScrutinizer05: that's kind of obvious, isn't it?00:22
DocScrutinizer05this is $HOME of local user, not of remote account you access by scp $foo user@
metalaI have missed the conversation start, sorry. I know htat SCP does not expand tilde to home at remote. In that case you just use the current dir, it should be home.00:24
DocScrutinizer05[8 Feb 2019 16:49:39] <DocScrutinizer05> >><KatolaZ> humma: user@<< don't do that! ~ is local00:24
DocScrutinizer05[8 Feb 2019 17:01:08] <DocScrutinizer05> what you want is user@
metalayep, ok00:25
metalaI'd add that ~ is not local, it is expanded in bash if the argument starts with it., thus in scp's case ~ is just like bash \~, it doesn't get expanded since it's part of the argument00:29
DocScrutinizer05then I been totally wrong00:34
DocScrutinizer05wasn't aware of >>it doesn't get expanded since it's part of the argument<<00:40
metalaI have been quite wrong myself, I thought scp get's the tilde literally, however00:41
metalamy test shows that: scp file.txt user@localhost:~/file2.txt00:41
metalacopies the file in my home directory, rather than $HOME/~/00:42
DocScrutinizer05yeah, actually local scvp snd destinatzion "~/file2.txt" to remote sshd verbatim, and remote sshd then expands vars under remote "user" environment00:51
DocScrutinizer05scp sends*00:51
DocScrutinizer05sorry for typos:
DocScrutinizer05one thing I almost choked on noticing: osuse bash completion does complete scp remote paths, go figure! No surprise it sometimes takes several seconds00:59
gnarfacemetala: you might be confused because the copy of ssh they forked for OS X did it wrong01:02
gnarfacei don't know if that's one they ever fixed either01:02
gnarfacebut the misbehavior did persist for at least the first few major releases01:02
gnarfacebasically, failure to expand shell wildcards where expected01:03
gnarfaceyou would get stuff like errors about not being able to find any file named "*"01:04
gnarface(i vaguely recall the workaround, for some reason, was to single-quote everything)01:07
DocScrutinizer05oh hey, so maybe my "knowledge" wasn't totally wrong, just obsolete? Quite possible02:48
va7lnxthis motherboard is soooo much better than the last one. the system operates like night and day07:59
va7lnxbrb. rebooting08:00
va7lnxhi. anyone know how I can install the nvidia proprietary drivers? I've installed them, but the module isn't found when I boot.08:13
va7lnxokay. let's try that again without rebooting the maching from the shell.08:15
Jjp137some guesses: did the DKMS modules get built? if not, did you have the appropriate linux-headers package installed at the time you installed the nvidia drivers?08:21
Jjp137oh that person left heh.08:22
va7lnxgot it. took a bit of futzing08:28
va7lnxyay! my printer works now!09:51
va7lnxsweet. looks like all my peripherals work now09:52
va7lnxboth printers, nvidia card. sound. new motherboard.09:52
gnarfacegrats, va7lnx10:51
va7lnxthanks gnarface10:51
va7lnxI also have 12GB of RAM10:51
va7lnxso that makes a different10:51
shibbolethnew week, new systemd vulns11:08
golinuxLOL!  True dat!11:09
va7lnxshibboleth: on what day can you find new systemd vulns?11:20
va7lnxany day ending in 'y'11:20
va7lnxwell, long overdue for bed.11:21
shibbolethjust going through deb and ub seclists11:23
WaspDoes anybody kndows the IRC channel for gajim (assuming there is one)?16:30
furrymcgeemaybe in #freenode16:31
WaspOne like to send a bug report but there gitlab server doesn't send me an email for regsitration16:31
Wasptried already, there is #gajim but only one person there who is not responding16:32
furrymcgeeyou could ask the debian maintainers too16:34
DonkeyHoteiWasp: looks like their chat is over xmpp, not irc17:21
DonkeyHoteipidgin doesn't seem to join it with a GApps acct though17:29
WaspDonkeyHotei: yes, noticed also. However, as you mentioned, cannot join it with gajim nor with conversations17:30
Waspsend an email to the mailing-list registration address, let's see if they read it or if it is a bot-only17:31
Waspyea, okay. However, doesn't work. ;)17:32
Waspguy didn't even bother to put the xmpp address into the email :/17:33
xcmwhat doesn't work when sending to the mailing list?18:03
cybpunhello i was registering at the forum and i give a wrong email address, someone can help me?18:23
jonadabRe-register and give a not-wrong email address?18:23
cybpunsay it´s spam18:24
cybpunUnfortunately it looks like your request is spam. If you feel this is a mistake, please direct any inquiries to the forum administrator at IRC freenode #d1g-users18:25
Waspcybpun: arn't you in the wrong channel though?18:26
cybpuni´m in the other one too18:26
WaspThe message asks you to contact you the admins in #dlg-users18:27
cybpunthere are no admin in the other one18:27
Wasphow you know?18:27
Wasphowever, no clue :)18:28
cybpunno @18:28
cybpunanyway someone knows how to install katoolin in devuan?18:28
Waspdid you just asked?18:28
cybpuni already installed but when i add the kali repositories it says gpg: failed to start the dirmng...18:30
cybpunis a problem with the certificate18:31
cybpunok now working18:33
WaspDonkeyHotei: can I ask you where you are conneting from, since I'm in contact on the gajim mailing list and assuming it is a server to server issue because of "worksforme"19:40
DonkeyHoteifrom home19:51
DonkeyHoteiusing a GApps login19:51
DonkeyHoteishould be the same as gmail19:52
WaspDonkeyHotei: obviously I meant the country. ;)19:58
WaspDidn't know that gmail still supports Jabber. I mean they also use XMPP but I think on proprietary servers encapsulated from the jabber servers20:01
phoggWasp: as far as I know gmail jabber still works only for people who had used it when it was officially supported. New accounts haven't for years. This is just what I hear.20:08
DonkeyHoteicalls using jingle do not, though20:11
greenjeanshiya gang!23:20
fsmithredhey man, how's it going?23:22
greenjeansHey buddy! How's life?23:22
fsmithredpretty good. f'ing cold here, but the stove is hot.23:23
greenjeanssame here man, 10 degrees with 30-40 mph winds, chill factor -1523:23
fsmithredyou win. (and I'm glad of it.)23:24
greenjeansthank goodness i'm still young enough to swing a splitting axe, fireplace is a necessity here23:24
greenjeanssaw you put out a new refracta, gonna down it here in a sec23:25
fsmithredcool. I finally got the polkit issue solved.23:25
greenjeansfront page of distrowatch right now!23:25
greenjeanspolkit issue?23:26
fsmithredyes, I know.23:26
fsmithredyeah, synaptic and gparted would either not start or start without asking for password23:26
fsmithredturned out there were some live-config files hanging around23:26
greenjeansokay i remember, yeah I worked around that, but was not a real solution, how'd you fix it?23:27
technivoreyou don't know how happy i m to be here23:27
fsmithredyou sure we don't know?23:27
technivorei hate more and more debian23:27
technivorewe can t go on their channel if we are not register23:28
fsmithreddeleted the offending files and made sure p'kit-1-gnome was installed23:28
fsmithredfrom what I've heard, there's not really any reason to go to the debian channel23:28
technivoresooo usefull when your main computer won t boot23:28
fsmithred...assuming you're going there to get help23:29
technivorei have one, i use debian testing23:29
technivorebut i pretty sure you will help me23:29
technivoreso let s start23:30
fsmithredask. Worse that can happen is nobody gives you an answer23:30
technivorei just reboot after a kernel update and my computer won't boot23:30
fsmithreddo you get a grub menu?23:31
technivorei only have the bios logo and after that a prompt like this  _  blinking23:31
technivoreno grub23:32
fsmithredI would try booting from a live-CD (or usb) to check it out.23:32
technivorei just do it23:33
fsmithredif it's due to the kernel, maybe try rolling back to the previous kernel23:33
fsmithredlook in /var/cache/apt/archives/ for the linux-image package and whatever else came with it.23:33
fsmithredbut it sounds more like a grub problem than a kernel problem23:34
fsmithredyou using uefi or legacy bios?23:34
technivorehow can i check it23:34
technivorethe bios is configure for old bios not uefi23:35
fsmithredif you're chrooted into the installed system, run: dpkg -l |grep grub23:35
fsmithredso you should have grub-pc23:35
golinuxgreenjeans: Howdy!!!!23:35
fsmithredoh, you could boot the installation media and reinstall grub23:35
technivorei already try a grub-install ...23:36
fsmithredor in chroot you could run grub-install /dev/whatever and update-grub23:36
greenjeansHi Golinux, was hoping you'd be on!23:36
greenjeansHow are ya?23:36
fsmithredtechnivore, how many drives does the computer have?23:36
technivore2 all encrypt with lvm23:37
fsmithredwith or without separate partition for /boot?23:38
golinuxgreenjeans: Doing OK.23:38
greenjeansGood to hear, i'm freezing currently and missing Texas, lol23:38
golinuxIt's cold here too but nothing like you're experiencing.  Was 80 last week23:39
fsmithredyou can open the lvm and mount it?23:39
golinuxI've been working on beowulf theming23:39
technivoreon the first disk yes23:40
fsmithredand everything that belongs in /boot is there?23:40
golinuxI think it ,matches miyo music!
golinuxgreenjeans: ^^^23:40
fsmithreddid you try booting from the other hard drive?23:40
fsmithredin case the order switched23:41
technivoremy /boot is not on lvm the second drive only contain /home23:41
technivore* grub-pc is install23:42
fsmithredyeah, that's the question - where is grub?23:42
fsmithreddo you and the bios agree on which drive is the first drive?23:42
greenjeanswow, that's like very red23:43
greenjeansthe FSR color combo? ;-)23:43
fsmithredI didn't come up with that color23:43
fsmithredit's nice to look at it on a cold day23:43
technivorelet me check23:43
golinuxNo bloody beowulf red23:43
fsmithredI'm hoping for an ice theme for the summer23:44
greenjeansHow about Grendel gray instead?23:44
golinuxgreenjeans: Doesn't systemd have you seeinf red?23:44
golinuxAlliterative.  Cute but no.23:44
greenjeansno, because I have no systemdumb on my system, lol23:45
golinuxThis one is called cinnabar
greenjeanscinnabar, cool color, but seems a bit much...23:45
golinuxJust the thought of systemd increases my "redness"23:46
greenjeansbut you know me, i'm pretty boring and monochromatic23:46
golinuxI really am liking it on my desktop and red is about my least favotite color23:46
golinuxcinnabar is pretty monochromatic23:47
greenjeansIs there an upcoming Devuan to be based on another LTS kernel?23:47
golinuxIsn't jessie already in LTS?23:48
fsmithredyeah, and jessie ends in 202023:48
greenjeansoh yeah it is, that's why I used it for Vuu-do,23:48
greenjeansyep, so by first of next year I need to roll a new one23:49
fsmithredbeowulf will be out by then23:49
golinuxstretch is still stable and buster is a ways off23:49
greenjeanswas wondering if any of the new releases will also be LTS23:49
ezcapestrech still got cryptsetup 1.7.x23:50
ezcapethats sad23:50
golinuxDoesn't old stable turn into LTS?23:50
fsmithred2022 for stretch (ascii)
golinuxfsmithred: Maybe you should send current refracta screenies to distrowatch.23:53
golinuxI hoe you used the dark purpy ones on the iso.23:53
fsmithredyeah, they have old screenshots23:54
golinuxThose are looking pretty tired.23:54
fsmithredezcape, debian stretch versions are a couple years old now23:55
fsmithredand won't change. That's just the way it works.23:55
ezcapefsmithred: really? That's shocking23:57
greenjeanshmmm, I guess 2022 will do....but man, gonna take a while, I got a whole lotta bad GTK3 juju to go through and fix to make an ascii version, that's why I put it off23:58
fsmithredstill running jessie on my main machine23:59
fsmithredgot an ascii with openbox on one laptop, and that does what I need23:59
greenjeansi'm running it on all my machines23:59

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