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ericnoanyeah just try and learn and you will get it soon00:00
system32that is fine. i will read it. thanks guys.00:00
KatolaZand sorry if I sounded harsh somehow00:00
system32also you made my work easier. by finding a good howto00:00
KatolaZyou mentioned you wanted to learn, and learning requires some effort00:01
KatolaZ(luckily, or unfortunately, depending on the point of view :P)00:01
system32i have learnt a ton this year. last year i didnt know what is linux ! but now i have my own server00:01
KatolaZsystem32: learning never ends00:02
KatolaZI have used unix systems for a bit more than one year and I still learn a lot of things every day :P00:02
* Xenguy is gettings errors from both 'pkgmaster' and 'deb' mirrors when doing 'apt-get update' ...00:47
Xenguy.oO( Known issue? )00:47
KatolaZXenguy: which error?00:52
KatolaZXenguy: apt-get update please00:53
KatolaZbefore apt-get upgrade00:53
Xenguy(The pkgmaster errors are markely more verbose)00:53
KatolaZplease post them00:53
XenguyKatolaZ: Did so, but will try again now00:53
KatolaZXenguy: the one oyu sent is aboud deb.devuan.org00:54
KatolaZ(all the mirrors look in order)00:54
XenguyYes, deb gives errors, and so does pkgmaster; the latter gives more (I will paste them shortly since you expressed interest)00:55
KatolaZthanks Xenguy00:55
KatolaZplease paste them00:55
Xenguyapt-get update gives no errors; now I will upgrade00:57
XenguyKatolaZ: Strange, pkgmaster performed like a champ this time:  no errors...01:00
XenguyI'll see if the previous errors are still in the (screen) buffer, sec...01:00
KatolaZXenguy: you need to apt-get update before apt-get upgrade01:01
KatolaZ(sorry to state the obvious)01:01
XenguyThat's the 2nd time you've mentioned that now, and I'm not sure why.  I always update before uprgrading.  What gives you the impression that I didn't?01:03
XenguyActually I think I tried both 'deb' and 'pkgmaster' a couple of times before mentioning it on IRC...01:04
XenguyAnyhow, it worked, so w/e was going on at my end is now past tense.01:04
XenguyThanks for you help01:04
KatolaZsorry for that Xenguy01:04
XenguyNot at all01:05
KatolaZand sorry for stating the obvious about apt-get update01:05
Xenguyhah, np01:05
KatolaZI tried the same and did not  see any error (on 6 different servers around the globe)01:05
KatolaZneither on deb nor on pkgmaster01:05
KatolaZthat's why it looked strange01:06
KatolaZalso, there have not been any error on the mirrors lately01:06
KatolaZanyway, glad to know that it works now :)01:06
XenguyI could do it in my sleep (been running Debian'ish since 1999) ...01:06
XenguyWell although I couldn't salvage the pkgmaster errors, the deb errors are in that paste, so something was going on, but I suppose I'll just chock it up to network anomolies, or something ; -)01:07
KatolaZXenguy: maybe just a glitch due to the mirror behind being updated?01:10
KatolaZit was certainly there, I don't doubt that01:10
XenguyHuh, you never know, but as network speculation, I'd say that's pretty good01:10
KatolaZthe problem is that hits more than 200 mirrors around the globe01:10
XenguyHmm, not bad coverage01:11
KatolaZXenguy: note: ;)01:11 hits aroun 15 :)01:11
XenguyUnderstandable, but I'm sure the mirrors will grow with time01:12
KatolaZwell, they have grown a lot01:12
KatolaZand we are getting more mirrors in far East Asia and Oceania as well ;)01:12
XenguyAnd Debian has been around for ages, and was in on the ground floor01:12
XenguyGood to hear01:13
XenguyThe more mirrors the better.  I'd even say get an 'onion' address, just for good measure ; -)01:13
KatolaZa few weeks ago I read a post (maybe on d1g) of somebody who was still "waiting to see if Devuan will stay around"01:13
KatolaZI wonder what these people need to see in order to believe01:13
KatolaZXenguy: there is already an onion address01:14
XenguyBah, I despise that laissez-faire, non-commital, 'wait and see' mentality01:14
watchcatthere are onion addresses for debian repos.01:14
KatolaZthere is an onion address for the devuan repo as well01:14
KatolaZhold on01:14
XenguyThat's forward thinking, good one01:14
watchcatoops, i scrwwed that up, meant devuan. :P01:15
XenguyOK, gotcha01:15
* Xenguy steps outside for a puff...01:15
KatolaZit's listed there ^^01:16
XenguyYou guys run a tight ship I'll say01:23
KatolaZXenguy: it's *us*, and you are included ;)01:24
KatolaZas any other d1r01:24
XenguyThanks man, I wish I could help more, but I'm a lousy volunteer it turns out : -)01:25
KatolaZdoesn't matter01:25
XenguyI can report bugs, if nothing else01:25
KatolaZevery single d1r is necessary for the success of Devuan :)01:26
Xenguyd1r, I like it01:26
KatolaZtime to sleep over here01:26
XenguyOK, pleasant dreams01:26
specingHow many devs are there for devuan?01:27
XenguyStandard answer:  too few01:27
specingas in how many "defected" from debian? I assume most still maintain stuff in debian?01:27
gnarface(too few)01:28
KatolaZXenguy: mirror status is available online anyway:01:28
KatolaZ <- Xenguy01:28
XenguyWord, thanks again KatolaZ01:28
KatolaZthat file is present also on
gnarfaceawesome! we have mirror status now!~01:29
KatolaZgnarface: we have had it for a few months01:29
gnarfaceoh, well i'm excited01:29
KatolaZ(the public page, at least)01:29
KatolaZmaybe we haven't actually announced it01:29
KatolaZit's actually up since the end of 201801:31
KatolaZs/it's/it has been/01:31
Xenguygnarface: Hilarious descriptions on that staff page02:24
gnarfaceXenguy: i didn't do it02:27
XenguyNevertheless, very enjoyable : -)02:28
XenguyAnd you posted it, so thanks for that02:28
golinuxXenguy: I insisted on clever job descriptions02:30
XenguyI love it02:30
golinuxWe are a whimsical bunch.02:30
XenguyJust my thing ; -)02:31
golinuxand have fun doing what we do02:31
XenguyWhimsy is the whisky of humor02:31
XenguyWho said that?02:31
golinuxHave no idea but getting OT02:31
XenguyI think I said it02:32
Xenguy"Be that as it may"02:32
system16i got to try the rsync command17:31
system16rsync -av /home/userpub /home/userpub/sdb2/backup17:31
system16all i need to do is to put this in a "cron" (?) .17:32
system16now that the command is running , i noticed that the cpu usage is high. this server runs pi-hole. and i want to make pi hole top priority no matter what.17:33
system16or alternatively make the rsync process the lowest priority17:34
system16to not impact the pihole and its speed17:37
Akuliwhy is libsystemd0 installed on my devuan system?20:36
debdogaptitude why libsystemd020:38
Akulilol why does such an innocent-seeming thing depend on libsystemd :(20:39
Akulihmm now i removed xvfb and aptitude says that vlc depends on libsystemd020:40
debdoghere it's openvpn. and I have no clue either. just like cancer20:40
Akuliif i try to remove it with apt, it would also remove my mate desktop environment, cups, my web browser, gimp, ffmpeg, some xorg video drivers, ???20:41
Akulithis is wut20:41
golinuxAkuli: this has been explained over and over20:42
debdogthat's prolly because they all have been installed by (a) meta-package(s)20:42
Akuliis there a thing i can read somewhere then?20:42
Akulii wouldn't want to annoy people by making them explain something like that again20:42
golinuxThere is a sticky post under "Devuan" on the forum20:43
golinuxAnd you could also search the DNG archives20:43
Akulinice thanks :)20:43
golinuxxinomilo to the rescus!20:44
Akulilibsystemd0 is used by some daemons to verify if systemd is running or not." :D20:44
golinuxI am hoping that we will soon have a search page come up on the forum before anyone tries to post.20:45
golinuxNeed that here too20:45
specingNo libsystemd0 on my Gentoo system[s]20:46
golinuxIf we had more hands on deck we could remove all those offending files.20:47
Centurion_Dangolinux: that's a pointless exercise - like playing whack-a-mole20:59
Centurion_Danspecing: we will soon have libelogind as a drop in abi compatible replacement for libsystemd021:00
KatolaZdebdog: it has nothing to do with meta-packages21:16
KatolaZthose packages have genuine deps on libsystemd021:16
KatolaZand still, this is not at all a problem21:16
KatolaZsince libystemd0 does anythin only if systemd is actually running21:16
furrywolfwe really should replace it with a library that just returns 0 for every function call.21:18
KatolaZfurrywolf: you are welcome21:18
KatolaZlibelogind does more or less that21:18
MinceRnosystem does that21:19
MinceRbut i don't think it was packaged for devuan yet21:19
icariousDoes Devuan uses consolekit2 or elogind by default?23:38
golinuxicarious: It depends on the DE and login manager,  Please read the Release Notes23:40
icariousgolinux: ok23:40

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