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golinuxparazyd: And moronic lives up to it's reputation.00:05
XenguyThe comments on that page are just dreadfully stupid03:11
XenguyNot the most enlightened crowd I'd say03:12
golinuxHence the label "Moronix"03:19
specingI don't agree with how systemd seems to be implemented, but I do agree that traditional init systems aren't cutting it for all purposes03:24
specingwhat would be nice is a system management daemon in the form of a few collaborating programs written in Ada with the critical parts formally verified03:25
specingwhere each part can be turned on/off as necessary for the task03:27
specingand at its minimum it would perform just like normal init, except with shell scripts replaced by a statically typed scripting language03:28
Xenguy.oO( the soldier and the hunchback )03:59
buZzlol @
Xenguymeme meme05:16
Xenguy; -)05:16
guido_ghi all12:38
guido_gtrying to install from netinst image12:39
guido_g*to install ascii12:39
guido_gget the message that the mirror does not support that release12:39
guido_gany ideas?12:39
KatolaZguido_g: which netinst image are you using?12:44
KatolaZguido_g: which mirror are you using?12:44
guido_gtrying as shown on console 412:46
guido_gselected german mirror from menu12:46
KatolaZhold on12:46
guido_gwill do, thanks12:47
KatolaZguido_g: I guess you have managed to install the base system, right?12:51
guido_gseems so12:51
guido_gbut I'm still in the installer12:51
KatolaZit works fine for me12:53
KatolaZare you sure you have a working internet connection?12:53
guido_gwill try12:53
KatolaZtry also pkgmaster.devuan.org12:53
KatolaZit works with both anyway12:53
guido_gahhh... no dns12:54
guido_gerror message was a bit missleading12:54
KatolaZit is just saying that it cannot find a valid repo12:54
guido_grelease not supported12:55
guido_gthats all12:55
KatolaZguido_g: fix the dns12:55
KatolaZand it will work12:55
guido_gon my way12:55
guido_gthanks for the pointer anyway12:55
guido_gKatolaZ: thanks, you uncovered a conspiracy!13:02
guido_gvodafone changed the ip and my dns server rejected that new ip13:03
guido_ga general question: is the beowulf release as stable as the debian testing?13:47
xinomilothese days, i'd say yes.13:49
gnarfaceit's better to use ascii-backports if you need need newer stuff though13:49
KatolaZguido_g: it depends13:49
xinomiloif you want stable go with stable13:49
KatolaZon what you mean by stable13:50
guido_gstable (for me, on this machine) means no sudden crashes of system services13:51
guido_grunning most things in docker containers anyway13:52
guido_gat least that's the plan13:52
KatolaZguido_g: most of the "instabilities" could be on desktop-related things13:53
guido_gno desktop, no problems :)13:53
KatolaZI have been on beowulf for more than 10 months so far13:53
guido_gmachine is long running? aka no reboots13:53
KatolaZwell, if you get mad at a window border being too thick, then beowulf is not "stable" by that standard13:54
KatolaZguido_g: it's my laptop, and the average uptime is 87 days13:54
guido_gas ai said, no desktop, ssh only13:54
KatolaZthe reboots were not due to devuan13:54
KatolaZjust to sillyness13:54
guido_git's a new machine for development things, no need for graphics or such things13:55
jyriI'm running Ceres on my workstation, I have hit only couple of problems (both due upgrading & removing packages automatically) in the last year or so13:58
gnarfacei've been plagued with NVidia driver instabilities on Ceres, but that's to be expected14:02
gnarfaceit's been fine for the past few weeks though14:03
FlibberTGibbeti installed *something* that pulled in NetworkManager over the top of wicd, so the two duked it out at boot and wicd lost after long delays. fixed one purge later, but still puzzled.14:10
guido_gworks like a charm, even with newer hardware14:49
guido_gthanks to everyone involved!14:49
xinomiloanyone got freedombox/plinth working on devuan? (amd64/arm64)15:53
rseveroHi. Starting a new ascii devuan server now. It runs keepalived for load balancing and high availability. It used to be an old Gentoo machine. I'm facing one strange and annoying issue: the keepalived script fails when run on boot. After I manually "modprobe ip_vs ip_vs_wrr ip_vs_sh" the keepalived script succedds in starting the keepalived daemon.17:50
rseveroHom can I make the necessary module autoload?17:50
rseveroHow can I make the necessary modules autoload?17:50
KatolaZrsevero: just put them in /etc/modules17:53
KatolaZrsevero: man modules17:54
rseveroKatolaZ: Ok, I just trying it. But shouldn't the module loading process be automatic?17:55
rseveroKatolaZ: yes, it worked.17:56
KatolaZrsevero: how the kernel should know that you need those modules?17:56
KatolaZif you loaded everything at boot, there would be no point in having modules, after all17:57
rseveroKatolaZ: I'm really not sure of the answer but I ahve just checked my old Gentoo. I can't find in it any explicty call for loading these modules18:02
KatolaZrsevero: it means you probably built the support in the kernel (i.e., not as a module)18:02
rseveroKatolaZ: Well, but it seems this is expected in devuan right? So, if it's a feature, I fine with it. Thanks for your help.18:03
rseveroKatolaZ: Let me check.18:03
KatolaZrsevero: it's not just "in Devuan"18:03
KatolaZit has been like that since 199718:03
KatolaZin almost every distro...18:03
KatolaZ/etc/modules and /etc/modules.conf are used to specify which modules to load, and using which parameters18:05
KatolaZit has been the same in Slackware-based, RH-based, Debian-based and lots of other distros18:06
KatolaZdon't remember abut gentoo, but I guess it would be the same18:06
KatolaZ <- rsevero18:06
KatolaZgentoo uses modules-load.d18:07
rseveroKatolaZ: On my old Gentoo ip_vs was built in the kernel but ip_vs_wrr and ip_sv_sh no. AFAICT, they where automatically mounted.18:07
KatolaZwhich is available in devuan as well18:07
KatolaZ(and all other distros)18:07
* KatolaZ shrugs18:07
KatolaZrsevero: have you checked in that folder?18:07
rseveroKatolaZ: I know about modules-load.d in Gentoo. But there are not mention of ip_vs_wrr nor ip_vs_sh in it. But they where loaded some how.18:08
rseveroKatolaZ: Yes, checked all files inside modules-load.d18:08
KatolaZdunno rsevero18:09
rseveroKatolaZ: Yeah. Neither do I. Strange. But I can live with this setup, just something new for me. Thanks again for your help.18:09
joe9anyone running devuan with a 4.19 or 4.20 kernel?21:28
joe9I want to try a kernel module that works only with those kernels, hence, want to check if it is possible
cehtehdunno about that kernel module, but compiling vanilla 4.20 works out of the box21:31
joe9oh, cool. will try that then.21:32
cehtehhavnt used it much its my laptop currently powered down21:32
cehtehah and i compiled it for a server here .. almost forgotten, thats up since a week or longer21:33
joe9ok, thanks. if you have the shell history lying around for the compile and do not mind sharing, it would help me a lot.21:34
joe9if not, no worries, I can figure it out. Thanks for the tip though.21:34
cehtehyou have an actual kernel config? copy thatconfig .config (in linux source tree)21:34
cehtehmake oldconfig     ... ask for all new stuff the old config doesnt know about21:35
joe9no, I do not have a .config. I have been running stock kernel image package until now.21:35
cehtehnice time make -j 16 bindeb-pkg          *wrroooom*21:35
cehtehthen you have a config in /boot21:36
cehtehjust use the most recent one you can find21:36
joe9ok, thanks.21:36
cehtehor so21:36
joe9do you use the backports repo to get the linux-image's or do a git clone of the linux source?21:36
cehtehmay be a lot questions21:37
cehtehah i use the vanilla kernel from kernel.org21:37
joe9ok, thanks.21:37
cehtehroot@titan:/usr/src/linux# git remote -v21:37
cehtehorigin  git:// (fetch)21:37
joe9got it. Thanks.21:37
joe9cehteh: just want to check if you recall seeing this error:
joe9I think I need libssl-dev, should be fixed.23:32

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