libera/#devuan/ Monday, 2019-03-18

EvilhamHave backups :-D00:20
sokanEvilham: after I upgraded to beowulf and `apt upgrade` i still have 547 packages not upgraded... any idea why?00:56
sokankept back packages00:56
EvilhamYup, that'll be solved soon, install libelogind manually00:57
sokanlibelogind0 right?00:58
alphamul2Hey, if I'm on jessie in sources.list, do I have to do anything special to get Openjdk-8-jre?06:03
alphamul2The following packages have unmet dependencies:06:06
alphamul2 openjdk-8-jre-headless : Breaks: ca-certificates-java (< 20160321~) but 20140324 is to be installed06:06
alphamul2E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.06:06
gnarfacelooks like openjdk 7 is in jessie06:06
alphamul2I broke it XD06:07
gnarfaceyou're in luck though, it looks like openjdk8 is in jessie-backports06:07
Jjp137you might need to add -t jessie-backports06:07
alphamul2Yeah, that fixed it06:08
alphamul2BTW, not sure if it's handled directly by Devuan people, but had to fix an issue on an OVZ VPS due to not enabling networks by default.06:18
alphamul2Solution was to just fix the interfaces file to list them.06:18
alphamul2But probably best handled through the VPS provider.  Already provided them fix.06:19
gnarfacealphamul2: yea, i think that's because of their stock image.  the regular installer is capable of creating a working network configuration06:53
alphamul2They claim they didn't change anything themselves so probably a middle man XD07:00
KatolaZalphamul2: define "not enabling networks by default"07:01
negevhi, i'm running beowulf and it seems the latest kernel is linux-image-4.18.0-3-amd64 but the headers package is linux-headers-4.19.0-2-amd64 and there doesn't seem to be a headers package that matches the kernel version10:22
gnarfacenegev: the mirror you used was probably just not finished updating10:42
gnarfacewait a little bit and try again10:42
gnarface(remember to rerun "apt-get update" first)10:43
gnarfacethe package search shows matching image and headers:
negevhmm ok, still not showing the new kernel10:58
gnarfaceit could take some time, but make sure your sources.list is correct10:58
negevinstead of using auto.mirror is there something i can point it at that is always up to date?10:58
gnarfaceauto.mirror was deprecated a while back, change it to deb10:59
gnarfacethat's probably the issue10:59
gnarfaceuse deb.devuan.org10:59
negevand removed /merged from the end?10:59
negevi'm getting errors11:00
negevE: The repository ' beowulf Release' does not have a Release file.11:00
negevlots of stuff like that11:00
negevoh shit i typed dev not deb lol11:01
negevits too early11:01
gnarfacechange nothing other than switching "auto.mirror" for "deb"11:01
gnarfacei didn't say to remove /merged11:01
negevok still not happy11:02
negevErr:4 beowulf InRelease 403  Forbidden [IP: 80]11:02
negevi hate monday11:02
negevok now better11:02
negevbut still no updates showing11:02
negevthat's odd11:03
negevi see the new kernel if i search11:03
negevbut it doesn't show up if i dist-upgrade11:03
negevok installed it manually11:04
negevthanks for the help11:04
gnarfacethey always bail out so quick11:06
KatolaZI really hate people who ask a question and bail out in 2 minutes11:08
KatolaZthey show no respect for us dumb asses, who take the care to hear what the issue is about11:08
guido_gthat's why I wait at least 10 minutes before answering a question on irc11:08
KatolaZI guess it's a facebook-syndrome11:08
KatolaZeither you get a comment immediately, or you are discarded forever11:08
KatolaZpeople have forgotten what human interaction is about11:09
KatolaZgood Monday everyone :)11:09
gnarfacewell i would have said something faster but i thought i had time to go to the bathroom while he was figuring out his spelling errors11:09
gnarfacei didn't expect him to pull the eject cord and then go around telling everyone devuan is cool but it can't auto-update it's own kernel11:09
KatolaZgnarface: there is no cure for that11:10
gnarfacethis is where that type of misinformation comes from11:10
KatolaZand, there is no cure for that11:10
gnarfacehaste makes waste... and apparently other byproducts11:10
KatolaZwe can only do our best I guess11:10
KatolaZgnarface: you are doing a great suoport work here11:11
KatolaZyou always have11:11
gnarfacethank you, i appreciate that11:11
KatolaZthank you for that11:11
guido_gyeah, unfortunately I've no questions :)11:11
gnarfacealright, i'm going afk again11:12
KatolaZhave a good pee gnarface :D11:13
djphwait, why would you auto-update the ker...11:58
DonkeyHoteisame reason you'd auto-update any other pkg11:59
gnarfacewell he was already running beowulf, so it is established that he likes danger12:01
djphwait, I might be thinking about things backwards.12:01
sokanKatolaZ: what do I do to go ceres?12:17
gnarfacesokan: you should use backports first12:21
sokangnarface: I've update with backports in sources.list12:22
gnarfacei would advise against that too12:22
gnarfacenormally for backports you just want to grab what you need and not get everything12:22
gnarfaceif you didn't specify -t ascii-backports maybe it didn't get anything though12:23
sokantbh, I'm mostly experimenting atm to understand how dev1 works. I can break the system to learn atm12:23
gnarfacethe official Debian way to upgrade would be to upgrade to testing first (beowulf), then to unstable (ceres)12:23
gnarfacehowever you might get away with directly upgrading to ceres12:23
gnarfacebasically you'd just change that keyword in the sources.list then run "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade"12:24
sokandoing the upgrade to beowulf atm. I s/ascii/beowulf in /etc/apt/sources.list and # backports. apt update apt upgrade and then apt autoremove12:24
gnarfacebeowulf might break your login manager12:25
sokandoing a dist-upgrade now.12:25
gnarfaceand various other things12:25
sokangnarface: It'd be fun to figure out how to solve the breaking :D12:25
sokanbreaking = experience = knowledge :)12:26
gnarfaceinto the deep end you go then, that's a brave lad12:26
* sokan flexes12:26
gnarfacemost people just need to get a kernel and updated video drivers, and maybe mesa, from backports, then they're good12:27
gnarfacethat should be enough for Steam and other commercial software12:27
gnarfacewithout also getting all the instability of testing or unstable12:27
gnarfaceyou'll probably have to reboot at least once before continuing the upgrade to ceres12:29
gnarfacefor the kernel swap12:29
gnarfacethough if you did get the backport kernel already, that might not even be true12:30
sokanI think I have 4.19 atm12:33
sokanafter dist-upgrade, 3 packages have been kept back12:34
sokanelogind, libelogind0, ilbpam-elogind12:34
gnarfacethat's in beowulf?12:34
gnarfacethey must be in conflict with something you already had12:35
gnarfacemaybe something from backports12:35
sokanhow can I check that?12:35
sokanwith which package they conflict12:35
gnarfacedunno, i haven't tried that upgrade yet12:35
gnarfacei'm not brave enough12:36
gnarfacetry and install them individually and it will tell you12:36
gnarfacei don't know if there's release notes for beowulf yet, but the other thing to remember is that in ascii at least, consolekit and elogind are mutually exclusive.  i have no particular reason to believe that changed in beowulf so this could be expected behavior actually, afaik.  but i don't know12:38
gnarfaceif your login manager depends on console kit, this could break it unless you also change login managers12:40
gnarface(or just go without, which is an option)12:40
sokanI haven't added the i386 repo yet12:40
sokanso it needs to remove teh ;386 packages12:40
sokanhow do I add that again? :S12:40
gnarfacedpkg --add-architecture i38612:41
sokannope that wasn't it12:42
gnarfaceremember to run "apt-get update" again after you do it12:42
sokanDidn't help. `apt install elogind` gave me a warning to remove some packages12:44
sokanwhich were :i38612:44
sokannow I can't boot.12:45
sokangrub>_ is shown XD12:45
sokanheh. had it coming tbh :P12:46
gnarfaceseems like something went off the rails at some point here12:49
gnarfacei'm thinking maybe you tried to change a i386 install to a amd64 install after install?12:49
gnarfacewhat do you get for these two commands? "dpkg --print-architecture" and "dpkg --print-foreign-architectures"12:50
gnarfacegrub prompt though12:50
gnarfacehmmm yea now you made a mess12:50
sokancan't find command dpkg12:51
gnarfacecould have been from backports, could have been from mixing some other repos in there, could have been from a multiarch mistake... or just could have been something currently broken in beowulf, hard to say really12:52
gnarfacebut now if you've got an incomplete upgrade, who knows what's missing and what is present...12:52
sokani know grub is asking for something12:52
sokanbut no idea what XD12:52
gnarfacewell it's asking for the full hardware path to the kernel you want to boot12:52
gnarfaceand probably the initrd.img12:52
gnarfacewhich might actually not be there12:53
gnarfaceor might just be wrong12:53
gnarfaceit should support some amount of tab completion12:53
gnarfaceyou might need a live image to fix this12:54
gnarface(or a way to mount the drive directly from another booted machine)12:54
sokanthe thing is I have LUKS13:00
sokanso everything is encrypted13:00
gnarfaceoh, that throws a real monkey wrench into this13:00
gnarfacei don't think i can even help13:00
sokanGot I was looking for it seems XD13:00
gnarfacehow did you get i386 packages it was trying to remove?13:00
gnarfaceit seems like you made some avoidable mistake earlier that probably seemed innocuous but ended up triggering this13:01
sokanIn ascii I had installed pcsx2 emulator which is a 32-bit app13:01
gnarfaceyea but it shouldn't have been trying to remove 32-bit packages unless multiarch wasn't enabled, or the packages weren't multiarch-safe13:02
gnarfaceand i'm pretty sure you shouldn't have had 32-bit versions of elogind or consolekit at all for an amd64 machine13:03
gnarfaceit would only need 32-bit versions of some libraries13:03
gnarfaceand a video driver component or two13:03
gnarfacenothing i would have expected to conflict with elogind13:04
sokanthat was probably it13:04
gnarfacethe emulator itself you mean?13:05
gnarfacei doubt it...13:05
gnarfacei guess i don't know13:05
gnarfacehad you made a backup of the disk image first?13:05
gnarfacedo you have a backup to roll backto?13:06
gnarfaceback to13:06
sokannah. It's on my laptop. Didn't have anything important into it anyway13:06
gnarfacealright, well if you do a minimal ascii install without any gui stuff, then upgrade that before adding your desktop and xorg and such, that will probably be less error prone13:06
sokannot the emulator. The fact that I didn't worry enough that apt install elogind wanted to remove some :i386 packages13:06
gnarfacebut make sure you've enabled multiarch right this time13:06
gnarfaceactually, maybe it's safer not to do that until you finish the upgrade too13:07
Evilham:-D you managed huh?13:07
sokanEvilham: I managed to break my first linux system yeah XD13:07
EvilhamCrazy idea, maybe aptitude will help you manage the conflict easier13:07
sokanand I did that with LUKS XD13:07
gnarfacethere might be a way back in i just don't know it13:08
sokanNah. I don't have the system available. GRUB2 won't find the .vfg13:08
EvilhamAnd it wasnt rm -rf /, congratulations!13:08
sokanEvilham: hahah XD13:08
sokanrm -rf *13:08
sokanthe issue gnarface is that I have LUKS so I can't ls into anything atm13:08
gnarfaceyea i guess not, really13:08
sokanor ls is not enough to see what's inside the partitions13:09
gnarfacewell, the grub prompt doesn't have "ls" afaik13:09
EvilhamLet's see, do you have a separate /boot?13:10
EvilhamAnother useful thing is the rescue mode from the installer13:10
sokangrub> ls13:10
sokangives me:13:10
EvilhamI mean a separate partition :-)13:10
sokan(proc) (hd0) (hd0,gpt{1,2,3}) (cd0)13:11
sokangpt1 etc not written this way ofc13:11
sokanand when I ls (hd0,gpt1)13:11
sokanpartition hd0.gpt1: filesystem type fat, UUID, and where it starts13:11
gnarfacewhat if you type:13:12
gnarfaceinsmod luks13:12
gnarfacecryptomount (hd0,gpt1)13:12
Evilham:-D I doubt that works if they are in the grub prompt13:12
gnarfaceor maybe it's: cryptomount hd0,gpt113:12
gnarfacemaybe it'll give him a password prompt13:13
gnarfacebut yea, the fact it bailed out to the grub prompt already suggests this probably won't work13:13
EvilhamI'd plainly suggest booting the rescue mode13:13
gnarfacethat's probably a good idea13:13
EvilhamManually decrypting partitions13:13
sokanhow do i log to rescue mode?13:14
EvilhamAnd checking in which state things are13:14
gnarfacesokan: should be a boot menu option in the installer13:14
EvilhamUse the installaton media, expert options rescue mofe13:14
EvilhamSth like that13:14
EvilhamI don't recall if it detects luks and offers to decrypt13:14
EvilhamIf so, it should be somewhat easy13:15
EvilhamOtherwise, youll have to remember how cryptsetup works :-D13:15
sokanyay! :D13:15
EvilhamDecrypt partitions, mount them, chroot into that, ... Bla bla13:15
sokanrescue mode on13:15
EvilhamThen you'll be able to use apt and all that13:16
sokanman... that chroot was always confusing me13:16
EvilhamAnd maybe update-initramfs and update-grub2 are not bad ideas13:16
sokanI'll end up having a neck chain with USB sticks instead of teeth to be able to survive any circumstance XD13:17
sokangrim example :P13:17
sokanand all t his because I"m not content to having a "stable" distro/version13:18
Evilham:-D Beowulf is stable enough!13:22
sokannow I'm to choose what I'll use as a root system13:22
sokanshould I reinstall grub boot loader?13:24
sokanas a first step or do something else?13:24
gnarfacei don't know13:29
gnarfaceyou have to figure out where the upgrade went off the rails and resume it from there13:29
gnarfaceyou're chrooted in?13:29
sokanwish I knew how to that13:29
sokanyep I'm in root via rescue mode from devuan media13:29
gnarfacei would probably look for any backports packages and try to replace them with the beowulf versions13:30
gnarfaceand figure out what the deal is with the held packages13:30
sokanany idea how can I find backport packages?13:30
gnarfacethen yea probably reinstall the kernel and grub if that wasn't already done13:30
gnarfacethey'll have "bpo" in the package version13:30
sokanapt --list-packages or something?13:31
gnarfacedpkg -l13:31
gnarfacethere's a few ways to list them probably13:31
gnarfacefyi at this point i would have just reinstalled by now13:32
gnarfacebut you might learn something doing this13:32
sokanthat's why I'm trying atm13:33
sokanthe easy solution is to just re-install or try new distro XD13:33
gnarfacedpkg -l |grep bpo13:38
gnarfacethere's probably a better way to do that, but that should shorten the list enough to where you can pick them out visually13:39
sokanfrom /bpo I didn't see anything13:47
gnarfacehmm. mabye that's not the problem then13:48
gnarfacebut how would you have had a 4.19 kernel in ascii already otherwise?13:48
EvilhamGive aptitude a go, the conflict resolver is helpful sometimes13:49
gnarfaceyea, that's true13:49
gnarfaceit might figure it out for you13:49
sokanEvilham: how?13:49
gnarfaceaptitude upgrade13:49
gnarfacei think13:49
EvilhamYou install aptitude, then open aptitude and check which options it suggests13:49
gnarfaceoh that's probably a better idea13:50
sokanisn't aptitute apt?13:50
EvilhamThat has likely nothing to do withthe grub issue though, but that system is in a weird state13:50
epergnyI tried the .torrent for Devuan but it's 23 GB big (unless I read incorrectly). On which media should I put these 23 GB? A BluRay disc? (but don't have that). A memory stick?13:51
EvilhamNo :-D apt is the package manager, aptitude is an interface for it and it has some extra logic on top13:51
sokanapt install aptitute?13:51
epergnyor I just go with the netinst?13:51
EvilhamDoesn't the torrent have a bunch of isos? You are supposed to pick those you want13:51
gnarfaceepergny: i'm not sure how to use the torrent, but the netinst is considerably smaller13:52
epergnyEvilham: ah I'll re-check13:52
epergnygnarface: I'll probably go with the netinst.13:52
epergnyAre the Devuan mirrors fast?13:52
gnarfacedepends on where you are in the world13:53
epergnybecause my connection is very fast:    lol13:53
system32Hi is there a way to control the fans ?13:54
epergnyah I'm in Spain.  It's not like with Debian where there are mirrors all over the world?13:54
system32i want them to be at 100 % speed13:54
system32no de , no gui. plain cli13:54
gnarfacesystem32: it's hardware dependent and if you're on a PC you should check your bios first13:55
epergnyah I see there are quite a few mirrors in Europe, so I should be good.
system32its a netbook. so the motherboard controls the fan ?13:56
sokanI can't make heads or tails damn it :\13:56
gnarfacesystem32: probably13:57
gnarfacesystem32: you might have some luck searching online for the model and fan control in linux13:57
gnarfacebut in most cases you don't have to touch the fans in software except for the GPU fan, which would be controlled by the GPU drivers normally13:58
system32it does not have a gpu. its an atom cpu13:58
gnarfacefor older hardware, the power supply controls the fans13:58
gnarfacei can't tell you anything about atom13:58
sokanEvilham, gnarface do you have any idea where I can find a system log?13:58
system32do you think 68 C is good ? its under heavy load13:58
system32200 GB file(s) transfer13:59
gnarfacesokan: all the logs are in /var/log13:59
system32some 2k and 4k stuff13:59
gnarfacesystem32: no idea for that hardware.  sounds a bit hot but it could be normal.13:59
system32its a netbook. not a desktop13:59
gnarfacewell amd hardware gets hot like that, intel stuff typically does not14:00
gnarfacei can't tell you where atom falls on that spectrum14:00
system32do you know the command that accurately tells me the temp ?14:00
gnarfaceit's up to the bios to report that temperature14:01
gnarfaceyou have ls-sensors installed right?14:01
system32well the pihole user interface reports 68.14:01
gnarfaceyou aren't getting that temperature from sensors14:01
system32if pihole web interface can read temps , i guess i can too ?14:02
gnarfaceyou can run "sensors" directly14:02
gnarfacethat might be what it is doing14:02
gnarfaceor it might be reading from a file in /sys14:02
system32sensors is a command >14:02
gnarfaceyes, it's a command in the "lm-sensors" package14:02
gnarfaceit's not a guarantee that it recognizes all hardware14:03
system32looks like i have to install lm sensors14:03
gnarfacetry it, then run "sensors-detect" as root14:03
sokangnarface: I don't see anything that's informative here damn it :\14:04
epergnyso basically I do the netinst and then I manually add the country code in /etc/apt/sources.list?  Like
system32Do you want to probe the I2C/SMBus adapters now? (YES/no)14:04
gnarfaceepergny: no everything is now14:04
gnarfacesystem32: i just always say yes to everything14:05
epergnysystem32: ahoy!  Running a Pi with pi-hole here for all my computers  ^ ^14:05
EvilhamAtm country codes have no effect14:05
EvilhamYou can pick a local mirror from NL, we have a few14:05
epergnygnarface: ah damn doc here still says to add cc14:06
epergnyfor ascii14:06
system32ok the cpu temp is 6814:06
sokanEvilham: reverting from rescue the sources back to ascii is going to work at this stage?14:06
system32Adapter: ISA adapter14:06
system32Core 0:       +74.0°C  (crit = +100.0°C)14:06
EvilhamIt doesn't hurt,and itmay be supported "soon"14:06
system32tf is isa ?14:06
Evilham<Evilham "It doesn't hurt,and itmay be sup"> Country codes in sources.list :-D14:07
system32also , can i monitor cpu speed ?14:07
gnarfacesystem32: should be reported in /sys somewhere also, and usually in /proc/cpuinfo too14:07
Evilhamsokan: that's not supported, apt will refuse to install packages with a lower version14:08
sokanand i can't apt install aptitute14:08
sokanand aptitude isn't there already14:08
* sokan feels he's doomed14:08
EvilhamYou could force it, but it'd be very tireddome:-D14:08
EvilhamWhat's the error?14:08
gnarfacesokan: apt-get update && apt-get install aptitude14:08
system32cpu mhz 166714:08
system32i guess thats good. since base clock is 1.6614:09
sokanEvilham, gnarface : I get err:1 temporary faileure resolving ''14:09
system32its a pweny atom cpu. i dont think it has turbo like modern cpus14:09
sokanand failed to fetch stuff14:09
gnarfacesokan: oh, your network is down, or your dns settings are wrong14:09
gnarfacesokan: you didn't boot, you chrooted in, you'll have to start the network yourself14:10
sokanoh dear14:10
sokanhow do I start the network?14:10
gnarfacein a fair world, just /etc/init.d/networking start14:10
gnarfaceif you were using a graphical network tool though, that might not work14:11
sokanconfiguring nwtwork inferfaces...done. but i still ahve no internet14:11
EvilhamHehehe isn't that a step while booting rescuemode?14:11
system32lmao its a single core cpu. no turbo.14:11
EvilhamMaybe you skipped it?14:11
EvilhamCan you ping
system32thanks for the help guys. cpu temp is way under t-junction (100 C)14:12
sokanEvilham: yses sir14:12
gnarfacesystem32: what does the temp fall to at idle?  i'm just curious14:13
Evilhamsystem32: you may want to look into prometheus and the node-exporter14:13
EvilhamWho says I'm a sir? ;-D14:14
system32i think its under 60 when idle14:14
EvilhamOkay then name resolution is broken14:14
sokanyes mam!14:14
system32Evilham, look into what ?14:14
sokanname resolution?14:14
Evilhamsokan: DNS, the thing that tells you IPs from names, tey running echo "nameserver" >> /etc/resolv.conf14:15
EvilhamThen ping or sth14:15
Evilhamsystem32: system3214:15
Evilhamsystem32: prometheus, for monitoring, since I started using it, I never looked back: prometheus.io14:16
* gnarface wouldn't recommend using anything outside the distro 14:16
gnarfacedo what you like though14:17
EvilhamPrometheus is in the repositories14:17
sokanstil no Evilham14:17
gnarfaceoh ok14:17
gnarfacesokan: were you on wireless?14:17
system32idk. i dont want to bomb the server with heavy applications14:17
sokanI'm still on wifi14:17
system32but i will look into it.14:17
gnarfaceEvilham: if he was using wicd or something, i doubt the config was in /etc/network/interfaces to begin with14:17
gnarfaceoh but wait, he can ping so that means it should be up, neverind14:18
sokanit WORKS!!!14:18
EvilhamSokan is in a rescue environment :-D14:18
sokan9.9.9.9 works!14:18
EvilhamI doubt wicd runs there ;-)14:18
gnarfacesokan: you should not use public dns, you should use the dns from your wifi router14:18
sokanwell adding that to resolv.conf14:18
system32Evilham, what is it exactly ? it reports temps ? thru email or web interface ?14:18
sokanwhat is anyway?14:18
EvilhamIt's just for the rescue environment, it'll be lost after reboot14:19
gnarfacesokan: someone's public dns server.  no idea who14:19
EvilhamEasier than figuring out their network topology14:19
gnarfacesokan: a company called "Quad9" apparently14:19
sokanaptitude installed and opened14:20
gnarfacesystem32: there may still be a way for you to manually adjust fan speed with a file in /sys but it would be hardware specific14:21
Evilhamsystem32: prometheus can do whatever, basically you setup an exporter, that publishes some metrics, prometheus server queries those metrics (cpu load, ram usage, cpu temperature, I/O) and you can graph them or get alerts based on behaviour or predictions, etc etc14:22
system32oh. ok.14:22
system32gnarface, i dont think i need to. cpu temp is way below t junction14:22
EvilhamA lighter weight but less powerful way is to use monit14:22
system32tjunction for this cpu is 100 C i thought its around 70. like some old amd cpus14:23
EvilhamYou can tell monit to send you emails when things are out of your kormal parameters (e.g. "too hot")14:23
gnarfacesystem32: well as long as you're sure14:23
gnarfacesystem32: make sure you verify that with the info from the manufacturer, because the value lm-sensors reports might just be the cpu overheat protect threshold, as specified by the bios, which could be too lenient, or it could just be a fictional number someone typed into the plugin for that sensor14:24
sokanResolver doesn't allow me to do anything14:25
gnarfacesystem32: but yea for some AMD laptops that would be a reasonable temperature14:25
sokanEvilham ( why not bacon?:( ) what's the "safe" protocol to upgrade to beowulf?14:31
sokanI'll probably go for a new isntallation... Can't make heads or tails of what's wrong :\14:31
KatolaZsokan: what's wrong?14:35
sokanI fraked up with the upgrade somehow :P14:35
KatolaZupgrade to what?14:36
sokanI did `s/ascii/beowulf` in sources.list -> apt update -> apt upgrade -> apt autoremove -> apt dist-upgrade -> apt isntall elogind (which led to autoremoval of some i386 packages) and now I'm stuck at boot to grub>_14:36
gnarfaceKatolaZ: during the upgrade to beowulf, he had elogind and 2 other packages held, and it wanted to remove some i386 packages... i think he hosed multiarch at somepoint previously somehow14:37
sokanno idea how to find what the heck's going on14:37
gnarfaceKatolaZ: then he ignored it and LUKS locked him out at boot14:37
KatolaZsokan: you should not autoremove anything until a dist-upgrade is done14:37
sokanhey! It's a nice lerning experience14:37
KatolaZI know14:38
KatolaZbut you need to know a bit your way around de??an to get out of there probably14:38
KatolaZcan you boot?14:38
KatolaZwell, I mean the machine, not you, obviously :P14:40
gnarfaceKatolaZ: it stops at a grub prompt, but he managed to get in with the rescue mode of the installer, he's chrooted in now14:40
gnarfacenot a grub menu, just grub>_14:41
gnarfacethe suggestion was to see if aptitude can fix it, so we've spent this time getting his network re-enabled14:42
sokanI got aptitude up and workign14:42
sokanbut I don't see any warning and resolver doesn't show anything14:42
KatolaZsokan: define "resolver"14:45
KatolaZdo you have internet connection?14:45
gnarfacewell, he said he could ping and successfully used it as a DNS to install aptitude14:49
gnarfaceso he should have a network connection14:49
sokanKatolaZ:yes i do. resolver in aptitude14:58
KatolaZsokan: forget aptiture15:07
KatolaZapt-get update15:07
KatolaZapt-get upgrade15:07
KatolaZapt-get dist-upgrade15:07
KatolaZif the dist-upgrade stops at some point with an error, just:15:08
KatolaZapt-get -f install15:08
KatolaZand then15:08
KatolaZapt-get dist-upgrade again15:08
gnarfaceyea i want to see the error that results in15:08
KatolaZif you haven't messed up too badly with your sources.list, the procedure above will converge to an upgraded system15:08
KatolaZ`apt-get dist-upgrade` followed by `apt-get -f install`15:09
KatolaZrinse and repeat15:09
sokangoing to rescue now15:09
sokanapt-get == apt?15:10
KatolaZI really mean apt-get15:11
sokanwhat's the difference?15:11
KatolaZtwo different tools15:11
KatolaZthey are similar, but not the same15:11
gnarfacelike a difference between a swiss army knife and just a kitchen knife15:12
sokan0 upgrade, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded15:13
KatolaZsokan: is this after an apt-get dist-upgrade?15:13
KatolaZand you got all the packages in your system installed and configured?15:14
sokanapt-get update && apt-get upgrade15:14
KatolaZI mean, according to the amount of stuff, you should have had at least 500-600 packages upgraded15:14
sokanI did the upgrades15:15
sokaneverything went haywire after I apt install elogind and rebooted15:15
sokanand now grub can't read something I presume15:16
KatolaZdefine "hayfire"15:16
sokancouldn't reboot to the system15:16
gnarfaceKatolaZ: that's when it gave him a naked grub prompt15:16
sokanit's like this:
KatolaZthat's the best place you can find yourself :)15:18
sokanNot sure that's the case with LUKS :P15:18
gnarfacesokan: you're still chrooted into it?15:19
gnarfacedpkg -l |grep linux-image15:19
gnarfacedpkg -l |grep linux-headers15:19
gnarfacewhat does that show you?15:20
KatolaZthis looks like a grub issue15:20
gnarfaceyou're probably right but the thing about i386 packages in conflict weirded me out, i still feel like his install was choked15:21
gnarfaceor incomplete somehow15:21
gnarfacei mean his upgrade15:21
KatolaZmaybe yes15:21
sokanii linux-image-4.19.0-8-amd64 (signed) ||| rc  linux-image-4.9.0-6-amd64 ||| ii linux-image-4.9.0-8-amd64 ||| ii linux-image-amd6415:21
gnarfaceok that looks normal15:21
KatolaZso the kernel is there15:21
sokanand no output on linux-headers15:21
gnarfacenvidia drivers?15:21
gnarfaceoh nevermind that wouldn't affect boot though15:22
gnarfacebut fyi the nvidia driver package needs the headers15:22
sokani shouldn't have any. I have intel HD15:22
gnarfaceso much for my theory15:22
sokanoh and last linux-image-amd64 is meta-package15:23
gnarfacethat is normal15:23
gnarfacetry running update-grub15:23
sokani think that something went wrong with grub during the update15:23
sokanfound linux and initrd image15:23
gnarfaceer, maybe it's update-grub215:23
sokanfor 4.19.0-2 and 4.9.0-815:24
gnarfacereboot again15:24
sokansame thing15:24
gnarfaceback to the grub prompt?15:24
sokanI think LUKS could be loking me down somehow15:25
sokanah wait!15:25
gnarfaceok, go back in and run update-initramfs too15:25
gnarfaceupdate-initramfs -u15:25
gnarfaceyou might be right about LUKS15:26
gnarfaceyou might have to do something with cryptsetup too, i don't really know15:26
sokanif initramfs won't ave me it's clean install again15:26
gnarfacewell then do this to be sure:15:26
gnarfaceupdate-initramfs -u -k all15:26
sokanwhat bothers me is that we don't know wtf happaned15:27
KatolaZsokan: if you made an autoremove halfway through a dist-upgrade, literally anything could have happened...15:27
sokanbtw, I chroot to /dev/hostname-vg/root15:29
sokansame issue15:32
sokanKatolaZ, gnarface, Evilham: thanks for your time ^_^15:32
KatolaZsokan: have you updated grub?15:32
sokanre-install GRUB?15:33
KatolaZno need15:33
sokanvia grub cli or rescue?15:34
KatolaZyou mentioned you can chroot into the system?15:34
KatolaZthen from there, mount /proc15:34
KatolaZand then15:35
KatolaZgrub-install DEVICE15:35
KatolaZwhere DEVICE is the device where you would like to grub to stay15:35
KatolaZsomething like /dev/sda15:36
KatolaZif you want it in the mbr of the first disk15:36
sokani use uefi15:36
KatolaZdo you have grub-efi installed?15:37
sokansince I followed the automated partition I most probably do15:37
KatolaZI think you need grub-efi-amd64-bin15:38
KatolaZand grub-efi-amd64-signed15:38
sokanI moutn /proc where?15:39
sokan/boot/efi -> sda1 |||| /boot -> sda215:39
gnarfaceyou mount -o bind /proc ./chroot/proc15:40
KatolaZmount -t proc proc /proc15:41
gnarfaceoh that would work too15:41
KatolaZif you are inside the chrood already15:41
gnarfacefor full functionality you also need /sys, /dev, and /dev/pts but i don't know if it matters for this15:42
KatolaZyou might need /dev15:42
KatolaZsince grub will look for that, yes15:42
KatolaZmount -o bind /dev $chroot/dev15:42
KatolaZmount -o bind /dev/pts $chroot/dev/pts15:42
KatolaZmount -o bind /sys $chroot/sys15:42
sokanKatolaZ: via rescue cd I think I'm in my system already with everything mounted?15:43
sokanok. I `grub-install /dev/sda2`15:45
sokanno error reported15:46
sokanupdate-grub2 and then reboot?15:46
KatolaZwhy in /dev/sda2?15:46
KatolaZwould you boot from there?15:46
sokansda1 is /boot/efi15:46
sokanwill re-install15:48
KatolaZsokan: wait15:48
KatolaZyou should install grub in /dev/sda, right?15:48
KatolaZhow should grub know that you want to boot from /dev/hda2?15:48
KatolaZ/dev/sda2, that is?15:49
KatolaZfsmithred: wasn't there an issue with grub-efi in beowulf?15:50
KatolaZmight ^^^ be related?15:50
sokanit's grub-efi. It should search for the EFI file no?15:57
KatolaZthat's the issue16:00
KatolaZyou should removed grub-*-signed16:00
KatolaZand then16:00
sokanapt-get remove is the way to do it yeah?16:00
KatolaZapt-get remove --purge PKG16:01
KatolaZsokan: it should be sufficient to remove grub-*-signed16:02
KatolaZand then update-grub16:02
sokangrub-install as is or with DEVICE?16:06
KatolaZjust grub-install16:06
KatolaZit should be enough16:07
sokanI've logged into the system :D16:08
sokana few questions now16:08
sokan#1 apt-get is a more full suite of apt and I should better use that? #2 for upgrade I: s/current_version_name/other_version_name in /etc/apt/sources.list && apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade && reboot?16:10
gnarfaceyea that should work16:19
gnarfaceapt-get is just older that's all16:19
gnarfaceapt-get, apt-cache, apt-file...16:19
gnarfaceapt tries to do everything from one command16:19
gnarfaceit's probably technically more complete than apt-get alone but that's the wrong question to ask16:20
KatolaZsokan: before rebooting after a dist-upgrade,be sure that apt did not exit with an error16:21
KatolaZand did not leave any unconfigured package16:21
KatolaZthis souldn't happen but could happen16:21
KatolaZif that's the case, iterate a `apt-get -f install` and `apt-get dist-upgrade`16:27
KatolaZuntil you have no unconfigured packages left16:28
KatolaZand sokan: reinstalling is never the best solution :P16:28
fsmithredI'm here. sokan are you still here?16:33
fsmithredoh, it looks like you solved it.16:34
sokanfsmithred: yeah we did solve it thanks for galaxy :316:36
sokannow I'm all itchy to go ceres XD16:37
sokanfsmithred: do yuo have any idea why -signed caused that issue?16:44
KatolaZsokan: -signed is looking from the wrong folder inside the efi partition16:45
KatolaZfsmithred: have you filed a bug report on about that?16:45
KatolaZfsmithred: your installed version is already "larger" than -devuan2.117:05
KatolaZno matter what17:05
KatolaZso it will never be considered for installation17:06
KatolaZif you try to install it including the version number, apt will say that it is "downgrading" to it17:06
KatolaZfsmithred: so nothing has changed17:07
KatolaZthere was just a mistake in the numbering of debootstrap versions17:07
KatolaZthat we didn't notice17:07
alphamuleKatolaZ, normally, when you use the OVZ 'rebuild' function, it has a ready-made VM that already has everything setup to some bare-bones defaults.  I assume it's some ready-made image with scripts that run the first time it's booted?  Not really messed with it on that end.18:10
alphamuleAlso:  Debelaupers?  :D18:12
* alphamule regrets nothing with that pun18:12
alphamuleBah, what I get for sleeping:  Backlog :D18:14
KatolaZalphamule: there must be something wrong on their image then18:17
KatolaZ'cause networking is correctly setup on install and on other images18:18
alphamuleYeah, it's not a problem with the source distro.  Obviously someone customized and messed up.18:19
alphamuleI do know at least that they can't use the normal kernel.  Read enough about OVZ to get that it uses a patched kernel to make the whole shared machine concept  work.18:22
mazes_80Hi, I just asked something about plymouth state in devuan beowulf (ascii seems same), my questions were as mazes_83, just reply to mazes_80 if you know something20:31
golinuxmazes_80: Plymouth is a banned package because of systemd dependencies.  For future reference:
golinuxLooks like it was doable in jessie.20:45
mazes_80golinux: ok, thanks, I'll may try pinning and use jessie ones, but that seems painful on the long term20:48
mazes_80I just tried a fake install of plymouth under gentoo, it does not depend on any systemd component there (I'm not aware of having any systemd tools installed on this machine), so it may just be a rework of the package.20:52
mazes_80I'll may take a look at the package specification ... later on20:54
alphamuleHow many time implementations are there, now?21:07
golinuxmazes_80: I'm not sure of the specifics but systemd entanglement are what gets a pkg on that list.21:10
watchcatwould be neat if the separate distros freeing various packages of systemd dependencies collaborated on a database of tips about how they did it.21:11
alphamuleYou'd think people would get paranoid enough, and use a shim of some kind.21:13
alphamuleTo prevent it not working anymore.21:14
alphamuleBut I guess I'm naive, and forgetting how Microsoft did it.  You'd use a lot of their ready-made stuff, and then find out it's not trivial to rewrite it not to use it.21:14
MinceRa shim would still carry some of their bad design decisions, including their interfaces, and would have to constantly change to keep up with interface changes21:17
DonkeyHoteibut isn't that what libelogind is?21:18
alphamuleOh right21:18
alphamuleI forgot another Googlism21:19
alphamuleKeep changing it for sake of changing it :D21:19
MinceRi thought libelogind was a fork of libsystemd21:19
alphamuleAlthough, to be fair, Microsoft DID go through several email protocols, and several Zune-like things.21:20
alphamuleIt's a legitimate if annoying business decision. :D21:20
alphamulePlaying in their sandbox, meh21:20
alphamuleThis is why we chose Devuan over Debian.21:21
alphamuleNo weirdness like that.21:21
sokanI think devuan will stick with my t420 for some time. happy with it and it gives me all that i need for now. /me is a happy duck22:15
James1138I agree with Sokan - me, Devuan and my T500 are a happy lot.22:17
golinuxWe like happy users.  :D22:21
sokanI saw a sources.list: How on earth is it possible to  have ceres and ascii active? o.O22:26
sokanand 0 security too :S22:26
golinuxUsers try all sorts of things.  Maybe one of those is pinned.22:35
fsmithredpinned = setting a custom Pin-Priority for a package or repo or version22:52
fsmithredpriority determines which package would be installed if there are multiple possibilities (e.g. same package but different versions in different repos)22:54
sokanand you do that from sources.list?22:54
fsmithredin /etc/apt/preferences.d/22:54
fsmithredsee 'man apt_preferences' for more than you want to know22:55
sokanthanks fsmithred22:55
sokangod damn it! why doesn't bspwm work with sddm :\23:56

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