libera/#devuan/ Thursday, 2019-03-21

BjornnI'm missing something on emacs.02:15
va7lnxvim mode?02:15
* va7lnx ducks02:15
Bjornnthe only emacs I've seen opens in a terminal window02:16
Bjornnhow is it an operating system?02:16
va7lnxmaybe you want xemacs21?02:16
va7lnxooh.. ipv6... I wish I had that here. :\02:17
Bjornnno, I don't mean that, I mean. I hear operating system, I thought it was just a programming env.02:17
va7lnxI don't use emacs. I'm a ViM user.02:17
va7lnxso I wouldn't know.02:17
BjornnI'm using sublime from my windows days02:17
BjornnI guess vim can do some stuff like that?02:19
va7lnxwell, it does have context colouring.02:19
Bjornnsomeone told me the real time linting would be an issue with vim02:19
va7lnxhaving never done that, I wouldn't know. I'm just a beginner coder and use it as an editor.02:20
Bjornnthe real time correcting is pretty awesome.02:20
g0zzyI've just installed unattended-upgrades on ASCII but they failed to download Firefox:
KatolaZg0zzy: please try again10:47
KatolaZthe devuan mirror must have hit a debian mirror which is not yet updated10:47
g0zzyOK. I shall have to let IT try again as i have no remote to it10:48
James1138Question - is it okay to purge Apache?? I am not running a server.15:05
sxpertyes we can !15:06
gnarfaceif it is installed and you didn't request it on purpose, you might have other stuff you don't want, too...15:07
James1138I will check. It may have been installed when I used evolution for my mail client but now use SeaMonkey after seen my needs was not that great.15:08
furrywolfI can just dd the netinst iso to a usb key, right?16:30
fbtLast time I checked it worked that way16:37
furrywolfI want to use the rest of the free space on the key to put things on, but cfdisk doesn't like it after dding the iso to it.  heh.16:39
KatolaZfurrywolf: you need to edit the partition table16:39
KatolaZwith gdisk16:40
KatolaZafter you dd it16:40
KatolaZgo into extended options16:40
KatolaZ(it's a gpt partition, if it's one of the arm images)16:40
KatolaZcfdisk does not understand extended gpt options16:40
furrywolfit's not an arm image.  amd64.16:41
furrywolfgdisk doesn't like it either, similar error.16:42
furrywolfWarning! Main partition table overlaps the first partition by 64 blocks!16:42
furrywolfYou will need to delete this partition or resize it in another utility.16:42
KatolaZfurrywolf: which image are you dd-ing?16:42
sxpertsounds like inconsistent partition table16:43
sxpertwith 2 overlapping blocks16:43
KatolaZsxpert: hold on16:43
furrywolfgdisk won't even print the partitions correctly, which fdisk and cfdisk both did.  heh.16:43
KatolaZfurrywolf: which image are you dd-ing?16:43
KatolaZthat's isohybrid, IIRC16:43
KatolaZso you can't change it16:44
KatolaZjust partition the drive16:44
furrywolfif fdisk is correct, the small fat32 partition is inside and overlaps the main partition, which is why *disk breaks.16:44
KatolaZpartition the drive16:44
KatolaZand then dd the image on a partition16:44
furrywolfwill it be bootable if I do that?16:44
KatolaZvia chainload16:45
* furrywolf could just use two thumbdrives, but was hoping to make this simple16:45
KatolaZfurrywolf: the netinst is a cdrom image16:46
KatolaZso you can't change the partition table there16:47
KatolaZyou should dd it to a partition on your thumbdrive16:48
KatolaZand boot it from the mbr on the thumbdrive16:48
KatolaZvia chainloading16:48
furrywolfok, I made two partitions, and dd'ed the image to the first one...  how do I make it bootable?16:49
KatolaZit might not be necessary to chainload it if your controller understands the bootable flag16:49
KatolaZfurrywolf: try setting the bootable flag on it16:49
furrywolfI set the bootable flag when I partitioned it, but I assume I'll need to some form of bootloader in the mbr or such...16:50
KatolaZjust put an mbr there16:51
furrywolfand how do I do that?  :)16:51
KatolaZyou should already have it there16:52
KatolaZif you partitoned the disk16:52
furrywolfhrmm, ok.16:52
furrywolfusually I figure you have to install grub or something.16:52
furrywolfI'll pull it out and test it when the copy to the second partition finishes.16:52
KatolaZif it doesn't boot, try re-installing an mbr on the usb-stick16:53
KatolaZwith install-mbr16:53
KatolaZ(it's in `mbr`)16:53
furrywolfthe copy went nice and quickly, but the sync is still running.  lol16:54
furrywolfslow sandisk thumbdrive + lots of ram...16:54
fsmithredfurrywolf, you might need to rename isolinux to syslinux if you dd it to a partition. I've never tried that, but I make live-usbs that use a fat32 first partition marked bootable.17:02
furrywolfno boot.  blinks something that includes the word "missing" quickly enough that I can only read one word at a time, then boots windows.17:03
fsmithredyou selected usb from the boot device menu?17:04
furrywolfI think the easy solution is to just use two thumb drives.17:04
fsmithredyou can try mbr as KatolaZ suggested, or you can install grub and chainload...17:04
fsmithredor that17:05
furrywolfalthough that kinda feels like giving up.17:05
fsmithredIf you use grub, I believe you need 2mb free before the first partition17:05
furrywolfinstall-mbr'ed, trying again17:06
furrywolfisolinux.bin missing or corrupt17:07
* furrywolf renames17:08
furrywolf...  it doesn't like it being an iso in a partition, does it?  :)17:08
fsmithredoh, it's still an iso17:09
fsmithredI was thinking it was opened up17:09
fsmithredshouldn't it be?17:09
* furrywolf mkfs's and copies the iso contents17:09
fsmithredit's not going to work17:10
fsmithredit'll fail when the installer tries to find the cdrom17:10
fsmithredwhen it fails, go to another console and do some things that I'm about to remember17:10
fsmithredmount the device, rm /cdrom then symlink the mounted device to /cdrom17:11
fsmithredthen go back to alt-f1 and try to detect cdrom again. It should work.17:11
furrywolf...  should I just use two usb keys?  heh17:12
fsmithredmight be done by now if you did17:12
fsmithredbut like you said...17:12
furrywolfthe point of this was to copy all my .deb's around while I install this on multiple boxes.  if it means I have to fuck around with the installer on each one...17:12
furrywolfI wish the bios would let me disable booting off the hard drive.  it only seems to let me re-order boot options, not disable them.17:13
fsmithredyou doing the same install on every one, or are they going to be different?17:14
furrywolfnot sure yet17:14
furrywolfgoing to be like three boxes, not a big project.17:14
furrywolfI just want to start with all my .debs from this box, to save bandwidth.17:15
fsmithredok. If they're all the same (or very close) use refractasnapshot on the first one and refractainstaller for the others17:15
fsmithredand you'll only use bandwidth on the first17:15
furrywolf(I've done this before by copying /var/cache/apt/archives/ around)17:15
fsmithredyeah, you just need a place to put it17:15
furrywolf"MBR 1FA:"17:16
fsmithredsee man mbr for the secret codes17:16
furrywolfit might still be doing something, not sure...17:17
furrywolfNo manual entry for mbr17:17
fsmithredman install-mbr17:17
KatolaZ16:55 < KatolaZ> if it doesn't boot, try re-installing an mbr on the usb-stick17:18
KatolaZ16:55 < KatolaZ> with install-mbr17:18
KatolaZ16:55 < KatolaZ> (it's in `mbr`)17:18
furrywolfI installed the mbr with install-mbr.  this is its prompt asking me which partition to boot from.17:19
furrywolfit doesn't do anything with any of them.17:19
fsmithredtry 117:19
furrywolfI did.  1 is part of any.  :)17:19
fsmithredyeah, I type faster than I read17:19
fsmithredyou tried A also?17:20
furrywolfa made it show 1234f.  none of 1234 did anything.  f takes a second, decides there's no floppy, and shows the prompt again.17:21
furrywolfI think two usb keys is how this is going to go, as this is taking longer than doing it the crappy way would have.17:22
furrywolfcutting losses, etc.17:22
gnarfaceit doesn't work if you put grub on the flash key?17:23
fsmithredthat would boot17:23
fsmithredbut there will still be trouble with the installer17:23
furrywolftried putting grub on, won't install to either the drive or the partition17:24
gnarfacewell it does need 2MB so you'd need to put it on first17:24
fsmithredgrub-install --boot-directory=/usbmount/boot/grub/17:24
fsmithred  /dev/whatever17:24
furrywolfsays it can't use ext2.  not sure how I ended up with ext2 if I did.  lol17:24
furrywolffuck it.  two usb keys.17:25
fsmithredyeah, you're forgiven17:25
* furrywolf watches the installer start first try after just dding the iso...17:30
furrywolfargh, network firmware17:31
* furrywolf tries to find b43-open/shit17:34
fsmithredit's one of the ones we left out of /firmware?17:34
fsmithredI think17:34
fsmithredif so, you need a network connection for it to work (it=b43-installer17:35
furrywolfdo I need both b43/ and b43-open/, or is it a pick-one thing?17:35
fsmithredI think you need b43-installer or b43-legacy-installer plus one other fwcutter or something like that17:36
furrywolfthe installer is telling me I need b43/ucode15.fw and b43-open/ucode15.fw17:36
fsmithredright - the installer will happily download those for you17:36
fsmithredif you have a network connection17:36
furrywolfno, it won't, as I have no network connection.  lol17:37
furrywolfgoing to stick them on the second usb key...17:37
furrywolfI'm not finding any mention of b43-open/ existing googling.17:37
* fsmithred hands furrywolf a cat6 cable17:38
furrywolfare you also handing me something to plug the other end into?  :P17:39
fsmithredoh, nm17:39
furrywolfmy internet here is a wireless hotspot...  no wired option of any kind.  I could set this laptop up to nat the ethernet port to the wifi, I guess...17:39
fsmithredafk for a couple hrs. good luck.17:43
furrywolfI have b43/ucode15.fw lib/firmware/b43/ucode15.fw on the usb key, and I copied them to /lib/firmware on the install /, and it still won't find it.17:46
gnarfacei think it is looking for .debs17:46
gnarfacei could be wrong17:46
gnarfacethere was something about the path too, can't quite remember what...17:47
gnarfacei don't think it is /lib/firmware17:47
gnarfaceoh on the install, not the installer, sorry, misread17:47
gnarfaceif it finds those firmware files but is missing others, dmesg would say17:48
furrywolfwhy is it telling me specific file names if it wants debs?17:48
gnarfaceignore that, i misread "install" as "installer"17:48
furrywolfwoot, now it's giving me a different error.17:48
furrywolfit wants more files.  lol17:48
furrywolfwhy didn't it list them the first time?!  grumble...17:48
gnarfacethat's progress17:48
* furrywolf just dumps the entire b43 firmware onto the usb key and tries again17:49
furrywolfit just hard crashed17:53
furrywolfno magicsysrq17:53
* furrywolf holds down power key17:53
furrywolfalso, the firmware loading process is either broken is needs substantially clearer instructions.  it won't find the firmware in either / or /lib/firmware on the usb key - I have to manually copy it to /lib/firmware17:54
gnarfaceon the installer, i'm pretty sure you need to put debs on there, and they need to be in a different directory17:55
furrywolfthen the installer needs to SAY THAT, not say you need to provide specific files.17:56
furrywolfalso, how could that work, when debian has no deb of it?17:56
furrywolfall debian provides is an installer deb that will go and download the ucode files for you17:56
furrywolfrequiring network to install the deb17:56
furrywolfthe .deb just wgets
gnarfaceit still gets installed as a package17:58
gnarfaceit still shows up in dpkg -l17:58
furrywolfyes, but the package itself is just a script to wget that url and unpack it17:59
furrywolfthere's no actual firmware in the package17:59
gnarfaceas for why the documentation is still wrong... i don't know, really.  i don't know17:59
furrywolfcopying the .deb to the usb key will not provide any firmware whatsoever.17:59
gnarfacebut that's definitely Debian's fault17:59
gnarfacehmmm, seems like that could be a problem, yes17:59
gnarfaceunless you had a network connection already17:59
gnarfacemaybe that's why it isn't on there18:00
furrywolfalso, another bug, it doesn't know my wifi password.  :P18:00
* furrywolf doesn't know it either, thus creating a problem!18:00
* furrywolf extracts it from this box18:01
furrywolfhrmm, why can't I mount the existing windows installation?18:03
furrywolffails with Invalid argument.18:04
* furrywolf concludes there's probably nothing worth saving on it, and wipes it18:04
furrywolfgood god this laptop is slow18:12
furrywolf  even if you get it free, do not get.  lol18:14
gnarfacethere are some special parameters you need for grub in some cases with windows installs18:14
gnarfacei don't remember them by heart though18:14
furrywolfI'm only using it because I need a laptop that will likely get ruined or stolen, and don't want to use one I care about.  lol18:14
furrywolfgot it at a yard sale near-free18:14
gnarfacethe broadcom hardware will be a curse upon any foolish enough to steal such a thing18:14
furrywolf(setting up a music playing appliance in the warehouse at work)18:14
gnarfaceoh, sounds fun18:15
furrywolfI wasn't trying to get grub to see the windows install...  I just wanted to mount it and point and laugh at people who don't wipe their laptops before selling them.18:15
gnarfaceit is definitely easier to just wipe it18:16
furrywolfyou know, poke at the desktop, and the first thing you see is all their banking info, their homemade porn, etc, and marvel at how people sell computers without wiping them while sighing at the state of humanity.18:16
furrywolfor last time I bought a camera at a yard sale, and the card was full of pictures of the guy I got it from and his family at their giant pot grow...18:19
gnarfacehah yikes18:20
furrywolfspeaking of appliances, what display manager should I use that will do an automatic login?  (that is, on boot, start a session without prompting for a username or password)18:20
gnarfacexfce should be able to do auto-login18:24
gnarfacei think you'd avoid the display manager?18:24
furrywolfgod this laptop is SLOW.  this is going to take hours to install.18:24
furrywolfI forgot how shit athlons were.  :P18:25
gnarfaceeither that or whatever xfce uses by default does auto-login, i forget18:25
furrywolfthis laptop is just bad, even when it was new...  >6lbs for 2hrs battery life, only 1366x768 lcd, slow-as-fuck athlon.18:26
furrywolfbbl, at several seconds a package times 1100 packages, I'm going to go do morning day-starting things instead of babysitting it.18:27
gnarfacechanging the harddrive for a ssd would make a big difference18:27
furrywolfnot worth it18:27
furrywolfat all18:27
furrywolfdisposable appliance going to be ruined or stolen, remember?  heh18:28
furrywolfthere's no access control at the warehouse, and the various companies sharing it (about a dozen of them) all wander in and out, with occasional homeless people trying to sneak in to shower the bathroom sink.18:29
furrywolfI'm not throwing money at it.  heh.18:29
furrywolfall it needs to do is turn on, start a window manager (I selected xfce), and run a mp3 player.18:30
furrywolfit's going to be hooked up to the shittiest amp I have, a $74.99 Pyle.  that'll be hooked up to some nice peavey cabs, but they'll be 10ft up, and aren't sized so that they can easily be walked off with.18:32
furrywolfthe goal, of course, is being able to rock out while working.18:36
furrywolfLOL, facebook stores passwords in plain text.19:29
MinceRhow else are the Five Eyes agencies going to read them and try them on other sites otherwise?19:37
Evilham> Renfro said the company planned to alert affected Facebook users, but that no password resets would be required.20:00

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