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eyalrozHello channel denizens,10:12
eyalrozI'm using Cinnamon on ASCII, and am having trouble changing the default application for AVI files,10:12
eyalrozfrom Dragon player to Gnone MPV. I _am_ able to do that for other file extensions, but with AVIs -10:12
eyalrozif I try to set a different default, it immediately reverts back to Dragon player.10:13
eyalrozIs this a known issue? If not, what can cause this? I would try making the change manually, but I'm not sure what the relevant files are.10:13
ErRandirtherion23: "Zero W" is different hardware than "Zero"10:28
therion23ErRandir: i know, question is how i enable the internal wifi10:30
KatolaZtherion23: can you see the interface with iwconfig?10:37
therion23KatolaZ: no, it is not there, so to speak10:38
therion23all i can see is the localhost (obviously) and the Realtek dongle i put there10:39
KatolaZ(I mean, can you see the wifi in lspci?)10:40
therion23no, doesnt show up at all10:41
KatolaZtherion23: sorry for the silly question: I am assuming you have used the wifi on this same board with another distro?10:43
therion23KatolaZ: it has indeed done its duty with Raspbian, yes10:43
therion23and i am mostly replicating a setup from a Pi 2 to a Zero W10:44
KatolaZtherion23: have you checked the raspi config file?10:44
therion23but it does not see the wifi chip10:44
KatolaZtherion23: see above10:44
therion23config.txt is pretty much pristine10:45
therion23as long as we are talking /boot10:46
KatolaZIIRC you have to enable the wifi card there10:46
KatolaZbut I haven't a Zero W10:46
therion23id give you my spare, but its a long swim haha10:49
KatolaZI just meant I haven't tried it10:52
KatolaZI used my zero with a usb wifi dongle10:52
therion23yeah that is what i use now10:54
therion23i know its something simple just cannot see it right now10:57
KatolaZtherion23: try #devuan-arm10:58
mazes_80Hi, I recompiled plymouth package omitting all systemd dependencies and it's quite working: theme is displayed then framebuffer get overrided by console message so fast17:01
gnarfacemazes_80: you mean not quite working?17:08
mazes_80I mean "quite" working, plymouth them is displayed while restarting or shutting down. At boot up it shows up then disappear immediately17:11
mazes_80previewing themes works flawlessly17:14
gnarfaceoh, so it's good then?17:15
gnarfacethat's good17:15
gnarfacewhat's plymouth again?17:16
mazes_80a startup/reboot/halt tool, it hides console output to display animation in the framebuffer17:19
gnarfaceah cool17:43
Walexthat's a controversial description17:52
Walex'plymouth' technicall is a console message multiplexer: it ensures that multiple parallel processes can write to the console without garbling each other's messages.17:53
Walexbut 90% of its functionality is actually displaying pretty boot wallpapers.17:53
Walexput another way it is about as un-UNIX as (dread word) systemd: it should be just something that serializes console IO for parallel daemons, but since it takes control of the console, it also uses it to do cool stuff.18:03
mukeHey, I have a fresh install of devuan ascii and the repo mirrors keep timing out when I try to apt update, and I'm sure I'm connected to the internet. I've also tried switching mirrors and the same thing happens. I don't have any firewall settings that could cause this either. Is this just a problem with the mirrors?19:06
gnarfaceare you still using
mukeNo, deb.devuan.org19:06
gnarfacehmm. strange19:06
gnarfacemight be your dns server19:06
mukeSometimes it does work actually but just incredibly slowly, an apt update just finished with a speed of 233 B/s taking over 5 mins, but usually it times out.19:07
gnarfacewhat ip addresses you getting for it?19:07
gnarfaceit should be a round-robin list19:07
gnarfaceabout a dozen IPs19:08
muke141.84.43.19 from pinging it just now19:08
muke100% packet loss while doing so though19:08
gnarfacehmm. that is a valid ip19:14
gnarfacei'm having no problem pingin git19:14
gnarfacepinging it19:14
gnarfaceit might be your isp or something in between you and the mirror19:14
gnarfacetried a traceroute?19:14
mukeHow can I do that?19:19
gnarfacetraceroute [ip address]19:19
gnarfacetry it with and without -T19:20
gnarface(you might need to be root for -T)19:20
mukeI don't seem to have that command19:24
mukeAnd can't exactly install the package aha19:24
mukeHold on let me test this from another machine19:25
KatolaZmuke: what is your gateway?19:26
KatolaZcan you ping it?19:26
mukeYea ofc, I can ping externally just fine19:26
KatolaZ19:09 < muke> from pinging it just now19:27
KatolaZ19:10 < muke> 100% packet loss while doing so though19:27
mukeI mean I can ping other addresses, like
KatolaZmuke: then that one doesn't like ICMP19:28
KatolaZas simple as that19:28
mukeJust tried pinging from another machine actually and I can reach just fine19:29
KatolaZexcept i can ping it :)19:29
mukeSo it's a problem specific to my devuan install19:29
mukeNo idea where to start looking though19:29
KatolaZmuke: route -n19:29
KatolaZping the gateway19:29
mukeOh ok that's very weird, turns out I can't actually ping the gateway19:30
mukeBut again I can ping How does that work?19:30
KatolaZmuke: I doubt you are pinging
mukeOk, I've fixed the problem. I think my NIC has broken and it was messing everything up. Repos work as normal now, thanks for the help19:39
mazes_80Walex: thanks for the details about plymouth !20:42

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