libera/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2019-03-27

* _x0r_ wants to have devuan instead of debian…03:08
_x0r_is that possible on a remote way?03:08
DonkeyHoteifrom what version of debian?03:09
DonkeyHoteijessie? or stretch?03:09
_x0r_cat /etc/debian_version shows 903:10
_x0r_currently only apache2 is in use03:10
DonkeyHotei is the guide usually linked for that, but idk if it works for version 903:11
_x0r_it's in use, so i need some guide which works03:11
Xenguy9 = ?03:12
gnarfacestretch is 903:12
Xenguyso post-ascii03:12
gnarfaceyou should be able to install devuan in a chroot or VM no problem03:12
DonkeyHoteijessie is 803:12
DonkeyHoteignarface: _x0r_ is asking about migrating in place03:13
gnarfacethere might still be an outstanding problem with debian's debootstrap, not sure about that.  but you can just replace theirs with the devuan one first, if so.03:13
_x0r_this server is hosting an open source mirror03:13
_x0r_please stay true03:13
gnarfaceoh, migrating in place is more risky, but people have succeeded at it.03:13
Xenguydevuan == true03:14
* _x0r_ has not direct acces03:14
gnarfaceread the forum for info on problems people have had03:14
_x0r_only remote ssh thing03:14
DonkeyHoteithe question is about migrating in place on a production server without console access03:15
_x0r_ssh is available…03:15
gnarfacethere could be just some package conflicts that might cause you to panic, that's something worth trying locally first03:15
gnarface... and reading the forum about03:15
* Xenguy loves ssh, but doesn't get to use it much anymore ...03:16
* _x0r_ is using devuan in private…03:16
_x0r_base install and compiling the rest03:17
_x0r_don't get me ẃrong03:17
_x0r_but at some things, i need to change…03:17
RyushinI've converted a VM from Stretch to Ascii with no issues.  It was very simple though.  SSH was really the only thing installed.03:18
XenguySorry about that Chief...03:18
_x0r_vm is not a hardware03:18
XenguyThe Olde 'Beam my work desktop to my home terminal' trick!03:18
XenguyThanks SSH03:18
XenguyOlde reference03:18
XenguyThere was an SSH gateway...03:19
_x0r_got it03:19
XenguyWhere I worked...03:19
XenguyAnd some genius figured out that you could use that channel to do an 'rdesktop' thing...03:19
XenguyI forget the name of the protocol (RDP?)03:20
_x0r_nevermind, i'll stay here for a solution03:20
XenguyIt was amazing03:20
XenguyBut I'm probably OT03:20
_x0r_remote desktop shity03:20
XenguyNo it was perfect03:20
Ryushin_x0r_:  Solution to what?  Converting Stretch to Ascii?03:20
XenguyNative time03:20
DonkeyHoteidebian to devuan03:21
_x0r_converting a fucking debian to debuan remotly03:21
XenguyBite the bullet03:21
_x0r_devuan (sry)03:21
XenguyIt worked for me once03:21
DonkeyHotei_x0r_: if you can, back the system up to a vm, then try converting the vm for practice03:22
RyushinDon't see what it would not work remotely.  Just put the devuan apt sources in, installed the devuan-keyring, install the sysvinit stuff.  It will make you reboot once to finally be able to purge systemd though.03:22
_x0r_DonkeyHotei: all of this is hardly running on pure hardware03:23
_x0r_my english sucks, but i don't care about that03:23
XenguyWhy would English become the most popular language in the world?03:24
XenguyIt's a freak of nature03:24
_xOr_sry (24h cut)03:27
XenguyDon't be sorry, it's alright03:27
_xOr_just respect man03:28
Xenguy"You've got 255 seconds to comply ..."03:28
booyahXenguy: because china number 203:28
booyahusa number 103:28
_xOr_i choose 25603:29
_xOr_we can calc after03:29
_xOr_tell why03:29
XenguyI always liked the number03:30
XenguyIt sounds strange, but it's true03:31
XenguyThen I found out it means other things03:31
XenguyBut it ends there03:31
_xOr_i don't want to think about ciphers :s03:31
XenguyI know, it gets annoying after awhile03:31
XenguyGood word too, cypher03:32
* _xOr_ needs help leaving debian to devuan!03:32
Xenguy-> references the Matrix character too03:32
Xenguy_xOr_: Ask03:33
_xOr_what is the best way03:33
_xOr_editing /etc/apt/sources.list ?03:33
XenguyWhat's you Current State?03:33
XenguyWhy not, if you're comfortable with a text editor?03:34
_xOr_providing http(s) services03:34
_xOr_that's all03:34
_xOr_apache2 is in use…03:34
XenguyWhat's the question?03:34
_xOr_again: switching from debian 2 devuan!!03:35
XenguyWhat version of debian are you running?03:35
XenguyApologies, I'm distracted03:35
DonkeyHoteiXenguy: stretch to ascii03:37
_xOr_ty DonkeyHotei03:38
XenguyIs there a howto for that?03:39
XenguyI know there are various migration paths/howtos03:40
XenguyBut not sure about this use case03:40
XenguyOn the forums, typically03:40
_xOr_Xenguy: it's an indivudal setup for a true gnu linux distri03:40
_xOr_and i want to switch…03:40
XenguyI always tried to follow someone who had gone before03:41
XenguyIt's almost rare that someone hasn't crossed that bridge first03:41
_xOr_ok i don't have to hide something03:41
_xOr_you could ask me in private03:42
XenguyI'm sorry, I must have missed something03:42
XenguyPardon me03:42
_xOr_i need to switch from a debain to devuan distri03:42
_xOr_no problem03:42
_xOr_thx for helping03:43
XenguyYou just need to find the documentation from someone who has gone before you...03:43
XenguyStick around this channel, and others may see your question, and help more than me03:43
Xenguygolinux is often very helpful03:43
specing_xOr_: check the forums?03:44
specing_xOr_: do you use btrfs/ZFS by any chance?03:44
specingon those you could just install into another subvolume and then reboot into it03:44
_xOr_specing: mkfs.ext4 only for data, boot is ext203:45
_xOr_sda1 /boot03:46
_xOr_sda2 /swap03:46
_xOr_sd3 /root (aka data)03:46
specingnot even LVM?03:46
specingWell, too bad.03:47
_xOr_would'nt be a problem03:47
_xOr_just tell me which way03:48
specingyou could try installing it somewhere else, verifying that it works and then rsync it over active server03:49
_xOr_situation: remote is only accessable by ssh03:50
_xOr_so i have to find a solution03:50
specingor you could prepare a whole disk image and then cat image | ssh root@remote 'dd of=/dev/sda bs=64k'03:51
_xOr_i could not press a button remote03:51
_xOr_understand that?03:51
specingthis also lets you install with btrfs03:51
specingyou have no management console available?03:51
_xOr_i know what is possible, but i now what mostly fails…03:52
_xOr_one thing for open source, get it like that…03:52
_xOr_could i hate systemd here?03:54
* _xOr_ is afk03:55
_xOr_solutiom for giving other people the right to reboot?04:34
_xOr_my opionion, sudo has done this job…04:34
_xOr_but now, ok that's off-topic not beling to devuan - sorry04:35
_xOr_last try - anybody has an idea for switching?04:37
_xOr_debian version == 9; uname -a == 4.9.144-3.104:38
_xOr_thx for help!04:39
_xOr_as i don't lose ssh access every solution is welcome!04:39
* _xOr_ may will out with an mirror04:41
_xOr_stay true!04:41
_xOr_akku from remote fails, :s (some words missing)04:43
_xOr_what's up?04:44
_xOr_any dev here?04:44
* _x0r_ may could help with some mirror04:49
_x0r_just help this little thing, please…04:50
_x0r_if anyone from here successful switching, i'll provide an high performance mirror!04:54
_x0r_helps successfully …04:54
_x0r_located at datacenter…04:59
golinux_x0r_: Bad timing for you atm.  Most devs who could help are sleeping.  Unfortunately, I don't do remote,04:59
golinuxDid you see these guides?
_x0r_ok, it would be seen05:00
_x0r_i'm not the person who cares about rules05:01
golinuxYou might also want to look at the release notes:
golinuxThere are a few gottchas05:01
golinuxYou'll need to check your sources.list:
_xOr_it's me mario :D05:42
_xOr_again, providing fast servers for mirroring, just help me out this situation, thx05:45
_xOr_testing no problem…05:46
_xOr_GNU for live!05:47
golinux_xOr_: There will be people here in 3-4 hours.05:48
_xOr_i know05:49
_xOr_would be hard, but 3 hours where possible…05:51
_x0r_as always stay true06:26
tuxd3vhello all19:31
tuxd3vgood afternoon19:32
gnarfaceget your stuff all working?19:33
tuxd3vnot yet, but I am closer19:34
tuxd3vI have a Frankenstein cross-tool-chain now19:34
tuxd3vA mix  between linaro 4.9 and linaro 7.119:34
tuxd3vBut I am fixing some stuff and I am planning ti jump to 8.x19:35
tuxd3vsomke progress here21:50
tuxd3vbut only using a fb-dev device no Mali21:51
tuxd3vand CPU is a very Hot...21:51
tuxd3vits not normal..21:51
tuxd3vthe normal would be 35C in  standby21:51
tuxd3vI got 51C21:52
tuxd3vafter boot21:52
tuxd3vonly with xterm and chromium21:52
tuxd3varound 186 MB21:52
tuxd3vbut after some time, it goes 206MB21:53
tuxd3vanny way21:53
tuxd3vDoes any one knows how to properly set the Display resolution?21:54
tuxd3vI am using hdmi21:54
tuxd3vhdmi to VGA21:54
tuxd3v1080x1050@60 Hz21:54
KatolaZwhich display>21:54
KatolaZthe external one?21:54
tuxd3vbut edid not recognized21:54
KatolaZjust use xrandr21:54
KatolaZor arandr21:55
tuxd3vI only have one display21:56
tuxd3vits external21:56
tuxd3vThis is were II got:22:11

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