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furrymcgeeMigration from debian buster to devuan beowulf looks straightforward according to dev1 forum, could dpkg do this migration with a deb package?09:44
gourmorning all09:45
gourdue to my situation in regard to gnucash i moved my main machine to beowulf, while i keep ascii on my spare (netbook) machine09:45
gourgnucash works nicely, wine-apps, skype, viber...everything, except that i've problem with pulseaudio. mixer cannot launch. any hint?09:46
watchcatwhy didn't you just run beowulf in vm?10:14
gourwatchcat: simplicity...i'll stay on beowulf until it becomes stable and then just use stable with some backport if require10:39
Evilhamgour: I've been using Beowulf everywhere for a while11:15
Evilham(without graphical environment though)11:16
gourEvilham: thanks12:24
gourEvilham: after Beowulf becomes "next-stable", do you plan to go to "next-testing"?12:51
Evilhamyes and no, for some things, I want to be testing what breaks12:57
Evilhamgour: for the most part, I use stable until testing is "stable enough" (which is subjective)12:57
gourEvilham: can one assume that some months after release, testing could be stable-enough?12:58
Evilhamgour: kind of, yes; things can still break on testing, but as time passes it is less likely13:03
gour...while stll providing newer software13:05
fsmithredgour, if you wait until debian freezes testing, then things are pretty stable - at that point, they don't introduce new versions13:29
fsmithredand buster has frozen, so beowulf is pretty stable13:30
fsmithredthe last hurdle for debian and devuan is to get the installer working properly. That's not an issue if you already installed it.13:33
DocScrutinizer05somebody around to help me with a chinese address please?15:36
DocScrutinizer05I got half a novel addr data and no idea what's "street / number", "ZIP", "city" etc15:38
ashleyk_DocScrutinizer05, hola17:23
ashleyk_ill pm you17:24
gnarfaceit's best to just ask your question and wait for a response, ferao18:40
gnarfacethis is a slow channel18:41
feraoI don't have a question18:41
feraowas just saying hello18:41
gnarfaceoh, well hello18:42
FlibberTGibbethi, just trying refractainstaller on the ascii minimal-live in virtualbox. almost unusable due to weird characters and stuff going on with ncurses. is there anything i might try running first as root before running the script?22:09
FlibberTGibbetah, didn't realise there was such a nice graphical installer on netinst :)22:19
golinuxFlibberTGibbet: I have reported that weird characters also.  Can't remember whether I made a bug report.22:34
golinuxWith KatolaZ on "leave" who knows if/when it will get fixed.22:35
ashleyk_heh why was avahi installed22:56
tuxd3vgolinux, " With KatolaZ on "leave" who knows if/when it will get fixed."22:59
tuxd3vI don't know if I understood it..22:59
tuxd3vCan you please elaborate on it?22:59
gnarfaceFlibberTGibbet: did you make sure you installed the "locales" package?23:01
tuxd3vHave I understood golinux sentence?23:01
golinuxtuxd3v: Guess you're not on the mailing list:
Nematocystso did anyone else have issues with that dbus update a few weeks ago? I tried installing it again to see if it had been fixed-- same issue, but I found a solution.  nothing held back anymore23:16
fsmithredFlibberTGibbet, run 'dpkg-reconfigure console-setup' and choose UTF-8 as the encoding to use on the console.23:34
fsmithredI just tried it and it worked. Maybe other choices work, too.23:34

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