libera/#devuan/ Saturday, 2019-05-11

icariousHi. Is it possible to test beowulf like Debian has released a RC for Buster?01:04
stiltrI don't think there are any images built for it, but you can always upgrade from ascii.01:11
icariousdebootstrap should work too I think?01:12
stiltrThat should work fine as well.01:12
icariousWhat is the openrc version shipped with beowulf? any ideas? Couldn't find a web based package browser for Devuan like Debian maintains01:12
stiltrShould be 0.40.301:13
stiltrAlso, check out
icariousAh 0.40. Nice. openrc-init should be usable this time around then01:14
icariousASCII had a pre 0.25 version making openrc-init unavailable01:14
icariousstiltr: thanks for that URL01:15
stiltrIf you're just wanting to try the newer openrc, I compiled it for ascii yesterday. I haven't tried it, but you're welcome to give it a try.01:15
stiltrNo problem!01:15
icariousIts ok. Actually I use Gentoo myself, but I need to perform a Devuan installation for my mother's laptop. I mostly use /sbin/openrc-init as PID 1 instead of /sbin/init01:16
icariousSo I will jump to beowulf directly01:16
icariousReport bugs if needed01:17
* stiltr waves at the fellow gentoo user01:18
icariousActually the Gentoo experience does help in utilising openrc+elogind at the fullest if you want to help people setup a nice Devuan01:18
stiltrFor sure. = )01:19
icariousAnd in reverse, I use the Debian's Kernel Config for Gentoo along with Dracut to generate a "targeted" initramfs. Makes managing the Kernel much easier as its one part I never liked investing too much time on. And much more plug-n-play01:20
stiltrThat's a cool idea. I may have to try that.01:23
_abc_Hi was firefox ESR 63.6.3 pushed into updates already? I'm still on the old ESR with the hack to make it work (extensions).19:10
xrogaanesr should work just fine19:54
xrogaanno need of a hack, just a switch in about:config19:54
_abc_The hack I alluded to is the switch in about:config xrogaan23:56
xrogaaneither way, it's a debian problem23:57
xrogaanthere is a "stretch-update" channel, I don't know if it's necessary to subscribe to it:
_abc_I'm on ascii23:59
_abc_Ah yes stretch23:59
xrogaan60.6.3esr-1 isn't listed in here, but I have the l10n packages23:59
xrogaanwell, yes, the devuan equivalent. It's mirrored and all.23:59
xrogaani10n sorry23:59

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