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reubyawnQ: Is this the extent of devuan sources.list?:  deb ascii main01:45
reubyawndeb-src ascii main01:45
reubyawndeb ascii-security main01:45
reubyawndeb-src ascii-security main01:45
reubyawndeb ascii-updates main01:45
reubyawndeb-src ascii-updates main01:45
slvrI've got a fresh install here I could check that against...01:47
slvror that, but it does match the install I did yesterday for what it's worth.01:48
reubyawnthe reason for asking was due to missing security updates  . . .01:48
reubyawnTypically Debian monitors any updates available and lets user know upon boot to install, which Devuan omits!01:52
slvrHuh. I've seen ubuntu do that. I didn't know debian also did that. I wonder what package sets up that service.01:55
gnarfacereubyawn: before you went offline last night you asked if hexchat can generate sounds.  yes, it can.01:56
gnarfacei'm sure you can make devuan notify you of pending security updates too01:56
slvrthis package seems to be the one:
reubyawnDo you need to add the WAV file to hexchat inorder to get sound?  Its test button does nothing.01:59
golinuxreubyawn: ^^^ There we go01:59
golinuxslvr: No need to use Debian repos directly . . . ever.02:00
slvrgolinux: right you are, I was looking for how they did it, noticed no systemd deps, and figured the same package name would be available.02:00
gnarfacereubyawn: i'm not sure about the WAV files.  try it and find out.02:00
slvrstarting hexchat from a terminal might give you some console message desribing the problem when the test button is clicked.02:01
golinuxDevuan pulls in filtered Debian packages by redirect02:01
slvryep, I didn't complete my thought when I linked to the debian repos.02:01
slvrmy mistake. :)02:02
reubyawngolinux, plz translate the https . . .02:04
golinuxDon't understand the question02:04
reubyawnWhat does that address you just posted do and how?02:06
gnarfaceit's the package search page, reubyawn.02:06
gnarfaceit proves the package you asked about is present in devuan02:06
golinuxI thought you were asking about how the redirect works:
fsmithredthere's also gnome-packagekit which used to be called update-notifier. I haven't tried it, but it looks like it'll install in my ascii without pulling in a lot of other stuff.02:23
xinomilobeowulf server, just upgraded and got hit by this :
xinomiloas a workaround, removed all  `rm -rf /usr/share/locale/*gmo` and retried grub-install with success17:26
xinomilogrub2:  Installed: 2.02+dfsg1-1817:28
Evilhamthat's nasty17:30
lrua long time ago it was recommended to me to use in my /etc/apt/sources.list... is that still true?20:25
buZzheh, systemd bug on all AMD cpus? :P
buZzlru: i got cause its where i want them from anyway :P20:38
buZzbut dno if either is adviced upon20:39
lruthanks buZz20:40
golinuxlru:  pkgmaster populates the mirrors of the round robin20:49
golinuxpkgmater was suggested before the rr was set up.20:50
lruthanks golinux20:51
buZzdeb.devuan is the rr dns?20:53
buZzand TLD.deb is just limiting to a single region i guess20:53
golinuxyes iiuc20:54
_abc_Hello. Can someone remind me how I can undo an upgrade request dialed into aptitude? I hit u by mistake.21:54
_abc_The selection is persistent. What does one delete/edit to undo this?21:55
Y_Plentynhi! is any1 here willing to help manning a booth at FrOSCon (Germany, St. Augustin near Bonn)22:07
xrogaanI'm deeply afraid of people.22:20
xrogaanYou never know where they've been, urgh, filthy!22:21
Y_Plentynxrogaan: the cancer of the earth, I know22:21
golinuxY_Plentyn: Hi there22:34
* Y_Plentyn grins at golinux22:34
golinuxHaven't seen you around since the conf22:34
Y_PlentynI am not normally at freenode22:35
Y_Plentyn(and barely on irc)22:35
golinuxAh . . .22:35
Y_Plentynand I try to keep my input streams manageable22:35
gnarfaceacknowledged, fsmithred22:39
fsmithredtrying to figure out what time it is22:40
fsmithredok, got it22:40
golinuxTime to look at openbox for cinnaber?22:40
fsmithredirc logs are in a different time zone, but now I'm calibrated22:40
fsmithrednope. I'm not home yet.22:40
fsmithredand it's not going well22:40
fsmithredI've got a raid 1 (pair and spare) with lvm on it, was running out of space and added an external drive to the lvm. Now I'm trying to reduce it to two drives in the raid and add a second raid with two bigger drives for the full lv.22:45
fsmithredgonna try a reboot in 15 minutes22:46
* golinux 's head swims22:46
fsmithredmine too22:46
golinuxI figured . . .22:47
golinuxTake a break.  Look what I found this morning
golinuxDoing research for the Chimeara release.22:48
fsmithredis that a potential mascot?22:48
golinuxI think I know what colors it will be.22:48
fsmithredyou're gonna do blue??22:49
golinuxI thought of that22:49
golinuxYup.  Might even have a ghosty chimeara in there somewhere.22:49
Xenguy"I can't stand it, you know what it is?  It's the smell!"22:53
Xenguy^^ Agent Smith unravelling ...22:53
fsmithredAgent Smith?22:54
fsmithredYou don't mean Winston Smith, do you?22:54
MinceR"Never send a human to do a machine's job."22:54
XenguyWS, doesn't he make guns?22:55
fsmithredno, that's Smith and Wesson22:55
golinuxXenguy: And this channel goes really OT22:55
XenguyThis is just plain ol' "Agent 'You all look the same to me' Smith"22:55
fsmithredand I don't know if that's the oil people22:55
Xenguyoh right22:55
XenguyIt's true, it's just so tempting to talk,22:55
fsmithredin about five minutes I might be tempted to start swearing like you've never heard (or seen)22:56
golinuxPlease take it to #debianfork.  ;)22:57
XenguyWe welcome that kind of behavior here on this channel, but only if it's On Topic22:57
fsmithredwell, I can't even claim that it's devuan 'cause it's still wheezy.22:58
fsmithredbut it will be devuan when I upgrade it soon22:58
fsmithredor reinstall if that's the case22:59
slvrupgrading a wheezy machine to devuan has worked very well for me so far. Done a few desktops and a few linux containers.22:59
buZzi wish upgrading a devuan jessie to devuan ascii wouldnt kill LXC containers on proxmox :(23:01
fsmithredyeah, upgrade is easy23:01
buZzmaybe beowulf will be better23:01
fsmithredascii to beowulf upgrades I've done were very easy23:02
fsmithredeasier than jessie to ascii23:02
buZzright, i just mean , if i have a proxmox lxc running jessie, if i upgrade it to beowulf its a broken system23:04
buZzupgrade it to ascii*23:05

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