libera/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2019-06-05

fsmithredEHeM, I suspect those links will be returned soon, but I can't guarantee it.00:00
fsmithredwhen the time comes and buster goes stable while beowulf is not fully ready, I ask you to please let us know what kind of problems you run into.00:00
fsmithredin case others run into the same00:01
EHeMfsmithred: I certainly hope so, but I believe a 1 line report roughly every 24 hours is reasonable?00:03
EHeMfsmithred: I'll certainly be reportting if such occurs, but that is rather hard to accomplish with a symbolic link...00:03
fsmithredreport from one of the devs you mean?00:03
fsmithredor report from you?00:04
EHeM1 line every 24 hours from me stating it is still broken (which as of several hours ago it still was), I'll also offer a report of it being fixed.00:04
fsmithredyeah, that's reasonable00:05
fsmithredand yeah, -s is a good friend of mine. In addition to checking instructions on major upgrade, also make sure you understand pinning. You'll probably need to pin a few packages to ascii versions.00:08
EvilhamIt's likely a broken link00:11
EvilhamBut there is zero info about how when and what exactly was done to pkgmaster00:13
EvilhamSad but plain true00:14
fsmithredI have to go out for a few minutes. I'll be back.00:16
rrqre pkgmaster: it appears those links are there, but in the wrong place; not under "dists" but rather siblings to "dists" (who/why is not told)00:54
rrqhappened 28 May by the looks of it00:55
EHeMrrq: Possibly, but noticing how the timestamps inside dists/ are 26-May-2019, I suspect it may have happened 26-May-2019 and someone tried to undo/restore it on 28-May-2019.00:58
fsmithredthat sounds about right00:58
fsmithredascii-security was not getting updates in pkgmaster00:59
fsmithredand I told parazyd about it01:00
fsmithredEHeM, try another update, please. I just did one, but I'm using codenames.01:27
EHeMCompleted successfully.01:29
fsmithredcool. I'm getting errors on ceres, but everything else looks good.01:30
fsmithredthanks for the prodding.01:30
fsmithredyou're using pkgmaster or a mirror?01:31
EHeMYes, (yes, right now it is a DNS round-robin of servers in Germany, but I /try/ to save bandwidth).01:32
fsmithredok, ceres is working if I use pkgmaster. Maybe the mirror I was using needs to catch up.01:33
EHeMI concur, seems is a bit behind.01:35
fsmithredif I remember correctly, that can take a few hours01:35
EHeMWould not surprise me.01:36
EvilhamTheoretically up to 3 hours01:36
EHeMUnsurprising, just reportting it worked for at least one of the servers and currently fails for some.01:37
fsmithredI'm not sure we're using different mirrors. Mine is DE also.01:38
EvilhamYup, check the url01:42
EvilhamIf it still looks like that in 3 hours, that may be an issue01:42
EvilhamBut I doubt it :-)01:43
fsmithredOK, no errors now.01:50
EvilhamThere should still be a few while using deb.devuan.org01:52
fsmithredI'm using both deb.devuan and auto.mirror01:55
EHeMstable appears stable as of this time (yay!).18:39
golinuxEHeM; Yeah . . .finally got the message through.18:47
EHeMJust reportting that at this point it appears all mirrors have it, unlikely to report further unless it breaks.19:54
fsmithredthanks, EHeM20:01
EvilhamEHeM: that's being checked for, it took about 2 hrs for full propagation20:10
eyalrozAre there ISO images for installing Beowulf?23:35
eyalroz(asking again) I want to install beowulf; but - I want a clean install. Can I do better than installation ASCII then dist-upgrading? Specifically, are the installation ISOs somewhere?23:47
gnarfaceeyalroz: my guess is probably not, for the moment23:53
gnarface in theory they'd be in here when they're ready23:53
gnarfaceand i'm not seeing them there so i'm assuming they're unfinished still23:54

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