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golinuxFYI . . .
golinuxOh no!  I meant to post this link:
slvrI think the suggestion is based on if you have been profiled as a devuan user or not. I get debian suggestions when searching from a new workstation, not from ones I've used for a while.01:58
slvrNot in google == dead is a sad assumption though01:58
golinuxDamn still the wrong link.  Try this one . . .
golinuxApologies for bungling that so badly.02:03
slvrwasn't that in the first link?02:14
gnarfacejessie has been pulled out of the repos permanently?02:19
aakkois there unofficial install iso with non free firmwares included?10:10
dethagolinux: Thanks for that link. It does indeed put things in perspective.10:37
fsmithredaakko, the regular installer isos have non-free firmware on them.12:06
aakkofsmithred: ah. thanks12:40
fatalerrorshi everyone, i have some questions regarding cephfs18:08
fatalerrorsi need to mount cephfs before some services (like apache)18:08
fatalerrorsso i put a mount entry in fstab with _netdev option18:09
fatalerrorsmanually it works fine but at startup the mount is not done and then services that depends on that filesystem fails18:10
fatalerrorsis it a normal behaviour, do I have to write my own initscript for cephfs mounts or shall I fill a bug repport ?18:11
KatolaZfatalerrors: I guess you'd be better off letting apache Require cephfs in the corresponding init-script18:14
fatalerrorsKatolaZ: which services starts the _netfs mounts ?18:15
fatalerrorsI did not saw a specific cephfs mount service18:15
KatolaZfatalerrors: dunno18:16
fatalerrorsi'll investigate further18:17
KatolaZif it does not have a specific script, then it's just in mountall18:17
KatolaZand that is normally executed during early boot18:18
KatolaZbefore changing runlevel18:18
KatolaZso it should be ready by the time apache or anything runlevel-specific is fired-up18:18
fatalerrorsmountall is executed before network is ready18:18
KatolaZyeah you are right18:18
KatolaZbut there must be a "Debian-way" to deal wit this18:19
fatalerrorsso we have a problem if mounts with _netfs flag are tried to be mounted before network is ready18:19
KatolaZare you sure there is no cephfs-specific init-script?18:19
KatolaZ(sorry, haven't used cephfs)18:20
fatalerrorsyes i had the same issue with glusterfs, so i used nfs abilities of gluster to fix that18:20
fatalerrorsbut impossible to do with cephfs18:20
KatolaZfatalerrors: there must be a canonical way to do that18:21
fatalerrorsnfs have a specific nfsmount script18:21
fatalerrorsi guess i have to create a cephmount script in the spirit of nfsmount18:21
KatolaZI know18:21
KatolaZfatalerrors: are you sure there is no sample script in /usr/share/doc/ceph-*/ ?18:22
fatalerrorsKatolaZ: not sure i have to check that18:22
Evilhamtelmich: maybe you can help out with this ceph thing?18:33
telmichEvilham: I might  - just checking hwat is going on18:56
telmichEvilham: fatalerrors: sorry, we are not using cephfs, only rbd20:07
telmichHow is mount.nfs handled in terms of dependencies?20:08

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