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eyalrozI'm having trouble with NetworkManager on my new beowulf install. If I connect manually, it works, but NetworkManages says "WiFi unavailable - 802.11x supplicant failed".00:23
eyalrozThat didn't use to happen with my ASCII installation.00:23
eyalrozPS - for some reason, neither my wlan0 nor my eth0 interfaces appear in /etc/network/interfaces00:24
eyalrozAlso, an unrelated beowulf issue: Chromium won't play Youtube videos.00:41
fsmithredeyalroz, chromium plays youtube here but I can't tell what plugins I have01:54
ksx4systemlong time no see03:02
Xenguyksx4system: Herro03:16
XenguyNot to be confused with hero03:17
eyalrozfsmithred: I tried disabling everything in "extensions", and that didn't help.10:03
eyalrozI also tried about:plugins, but that doesn't work. How do I check which plugins are enabled, and which are available?10:04
eyalrozI'm more of a Mozilla guy than a chromium guy.10:04
TauronGuyi was wondering if somoene can help me, i am at software selection phase during install, but I see no option for the cinnamon or KDE DE, only xfce, mate, lxde11:23
KatolaZTauronGuy: you are probably using the CD install set?11:25
TauronGuyno dvd11:25
TauronGuyits the same for net install too11:26
TauronGuymaybe i can just chose mate and install it later11:26
KatolaZare you sure you have scrolled through the list of options? (silly question)11:27
TauronGuyno "scrolling"11:27
TauronGuyjust 3 options11:27
KatolaZTauronGuy: why are you installing jessie?11:27
KatolaZascii is out11:27
KatolaZit's the current stable11:28
TauronGuyoh lol11:28
TauronGuyi didn't know ascii sounds older lol11:28
TauronGuyi think I will do the net install11:29
TauronGuywith my net connection it is as fast as dvd11:29
TauronGuyso devuan_ascii_2.0.0_amd6411:31
KatolaZyes TauronGuy11:43
TauronGuywhat made you chose devuan over other distros11:44
furrymcgeedevuan is made by smart people11:49
TauronGuyan acceptable answer11:49
TauronGuyKatolaZ, the options showed up11:49
drawkuladabian made one mistake too much: systemd11:57
TauronGuyeveryone made that mistake11:58
TauronGuyi was looking at gentoo,  void and mx for this11:58
drawkulai dont want rolling releases11:59
drawkulanot practical...11:59
surrounderTauronGuy: MX is rather nice imho11:59
drawkulabetween releases I only want bugfuxes. no changing features11:59
drawkulaapart from this void is really nice12:00
drawkulagentoo is a different story...12:00
drawkulato many knobs and switches... QA is near to impossible there12:00
surrounderfound the void installer to be somewhat flaky when I tried it in a vm a little while back12:00
TauronGuyyeah gentoo...make me contemplate throwing my computer out the window12:01
TauronGuydoes parabola use systemd?12:01
TauronGuyi mean won't there be a point where nothign will run without systemd12:02
surrounderthere's always the BSDs to fall back on12:02
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TauronGuyor windows12:03
* TauronGuy hides12:03
TauronGuyi was sad arch uses systemd12:04
TauronGuyi really like arch12:04
drawkulaI just trashed a lot of VMs and left the IRC channels of those OSes...12:04
drawkulahaiku-os is nice... but far from multiuser...12:04
surroundergreat project12:04
surrounderused to love R5 back in the day12:04
surroundernever felt such a responsive OS12:04
drawkulaI dropped it some days ago. too many other things on my to do list12:05
TauronGuyI think parabola doesn't use systemd12:06
TauronGuyi love libre software but, its very inconvenient12:06
drawkulaI'll have an eye on debian, raspian despite systemd because some ppl around me expect that I know them but my main linuxes will be openwrt and devuan12:07
drawkulaand if all else fails... back to BSD12:07
drawkulabut i dont like ports based systems12:08
TauronGuywell still a lot of anti-systemd distros12:08
TauronGuypuppy, slack, lfs12:08
surrounderuse mainly debian on my dayjob ( besides a few centos boxes) and on my laptop I currently run MX, desktop will run MX too, homeserver haven't decided yet; or devuan or a BSD12:08
TauronGuyi am curious why don't you like systemd drawkula12:09
drawkulaunneccesarily complex ==> intransparent12:10
drawkulabuggy as hell because even pöttering lost overview12:11
drawkulagood old inits always were good enough12:11
drawkulathere was no need for a change12:11
drawkulaexcept for an oversized ego of 1 person12:12
fsmithredeyalroz, when I go to about:plugins in chromium it redirects me to chrome://plugins and then tells me that the website is either down temporarily or has been permanently moved.12:20
eyalrozfsmithred: : Me too...12:21
eyalrozIn Firefox, though, this URI does work, and the page tells me12:22
eyalrozthat I have a Shockwave Flash plugin at /usr/lib/browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash/libfreshwrapper-flashplayer.so12:22
fsmithredis flash still a thing?12:24
fsmithredI have nothing 'flash' installed12:24
gnarfaceit's been a long time since i've had it enabled but i don't remember ever seeing it called freshplayer or pepperflash before12:25
fsmithredpepperflash is the flash plugin for chromium12:25
gnarfacewhy would he be seeing that in firefox?12:26
fsmithredgood question12:26
fsmithredff wants to be chrome so badly...12:26
gnarfaceeither way, it should probably be disabled for safety12:26
gnarfacenothing good can come of flash12:26
gnarfacei'm pretty sure i've been saying that for almost 20 years now12:27
TauronGuyi refuse to go to sites with flash12:27
fsmithredlol, probably12:27
gnarfacethere aren't really a lot left that actually require it still, are there?12:28
eyalrozfsmithred: is flash still a thing? <- A bit12:29
eyalrozI also wasn't aware of this "pepperflash" thing12:29
eyalrozbut apparently that's a package in Buster12:29
gnarfacemaybe it's a bug that firefox is loading it in the first place12:30
eyalrozgnarface: I installed it, to try and address my chromium issue12:30
eyalrozPackage names: browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash pepperflashplugin-nonfree12:30
eyalrozTauronGuy: I'm not arguing in favor of flash12:30
eyalrozfsmithred: I could remove it and see what happens12:31
fsmithredok, since v. 57 the only remaining plugin is flash12:31
TauronGuyI didn't think you were :P12:31
eyalrozfsmithred: There's also  an OpenH264 video codec plugin12:35
fsmithredfor ff or chrom?12:35
eyalrozFor FF12:35
eyalrozFor chromium I still don't know how to list the installed plugins12:35
fsmithredok, I've seen that before12:35
fsmithredyou can't12:35
fsmithrednot like you can in ff12:36
fsmithredI did get there, but all you can do is turn flash on or off12:36
gnarfaceeyalroz: the cisco one?  disable that too12:36
gnarfaceeyalroz: on linux, disable it12:36
fsmithredsearch for 'plugins' and you'll get a google search with the answer12:36
fsmithredI did this on another box, so I can't just copy/paste it12:37
fsmithredalso I closed chromium because all the popup ads were bothering me12:37
eyalrozgnarface: 1. How do I disable it? 2. Why should I disable it, if it's not disabled by default?12:39
gnarfacehow in chromium, or firefox?12:41
gnarfacewhy, because i think the native libraries are fuller featured and it's only included for compatibility ...12:41
eyalrozfsmithred: Searched. It says chrome://plugins has been deprecated and that I should look at chrome://components/ . I have, and that doesn't mention flash.12:41
eyalrozgnarface: Firefox. I don't know that I have that in chromium12:41
gnarfaceeyalroz: tools->add ons->plugins12:43
gnarfaceit should work either way but i recall some problem being associated with that cisco one12:44
gnarfacemissing surround-sound support or something like that12:44
eyalrozSo, I guess maybe this _isn't_ a flash issue after all. Which leaves us with the original problem: Youtube videos won't show12:45
eyalrozOh, I forgot to mention an important fact...12:45
fsmithredthen you'll see the flash setting12:46
eyalrozfsmithred: It says "Ask First".12:46
eyalrozno blocks or allows12:46
fsmithredyeah, lots of choices there12:46
fsmithredI would remove the pepperflash package unless you're absolutely sure you need it12:47
eyalrozSo, the important fact I forgot: The pre-video ad, which itself  is a video, _does_ display.12:47
eyalrozfsmithred: Ok, doing that now.12:47
fsmithredlol, ads work, of course12:47
TauronGuyads always work12:48
fsmithredyoutube is all popup messages now12:49
fsmithredI'm not logged in, do I want to check out their new music service, and another one keep bothering me12:50
eyalrozfsmithred: I don't get any pop-ups12:50
fsmithredoh yeah, the last one asks about how youtube is working for me12:50
eyalrozAnyway, removed the "pepper" packages12:51
eyalrozNo change in behavior.12:51
fsmithredbut no place to write in "too many fucking popups"12:51
eyalrozAd video plays, main video stuck with loading-circle12:51
fsmithredyou got a javascript blocker?12:51
TauronGuyin youtube?12:52
fsmithredin chromium12:52
fsmithredI don't know what they use12:52
fsmithredI can never find anything in chromium and don't understand it12:53
fsmithredI have two of those - -148 and -15512:53
fsmithredlooks like 148 comes with firefox and 155 comes with mplayer12:55
gnarfaceif the ad video plays though...12:56
fsmithredmaybe someone else is blocking some content or source of content?12:56
gnarfaceyea, would suggest it's not a library issue12:57
fsmithredeyalroz, are you in a repressive country?12:57
fsmithredor have a repressive ISP?12:57
gnarfacei would at least make sure to try a couple different videos12:59
fsmithredeyalroz, if you want to give me the link, I'll try the same video13:04
eyalrozfsmithred: It's literally any Youtube video13:20
eyalrozfsmithred: Represiveness... not so much, unless you're an Arab13:21
eyalrozI'm in Israel13:21
eyalrozand like I said13:21
eyalrozthe videos work fine in Palestine13:22
eyalrozfsmithred: And I've disabled/removed all of my blocking extensions.13:22
eyalrozfsmithred: But again, if the videos work via Firefox, this isn't government censorship. Also, everything worked while I was on ASCII.13:33
gnarfacethere's no guarantee it's not a problem with the site's javascript, is there?13:37
gnarfaceseems weird though, i'd expect it to work...13:37
fsmithredthat video works here13:41
fsmithredyou've done an upgrade recently? I'm using 73.0.3683.75-113:43
eyalrozfsmithred: Yes, I clean installed ASCII and dist-upgraded13:51
eyalroza couple of days back13:51
eyalrozand then it happened.13:51
jordilaGitlab seems to be a Ruby on Rails app pretty coupled to systemd, AFAIK. Ummh... i'm thinking about devuanizing such a (on debian's) Gitlab instance.  ... by chance, does it makes sense or am i completely crazy ?13:59
eyalrozgnarface: no guarantee, but -14:02
eyalrozdo you really believe Youtube gets the JS wrong for what is basically their own browser?14:02
cocoadaemonjordila, have you checked gitea first ?14:03
cocoadaemondoes the same as gitlab for 90% of the features, is a simple 60MB executable14:03
cocoadaemonif you're thinking about deploying a simple instance ( and not a 100K users one like gitlab) it seems preferable14:04
jordilaah gitea... yeah, i know i will migrato to, one day ... but not now. cocoademon ... it's a running Gitlab, full of code... i need to focus into now.14:04
cocoadaemonah, an already running instance is another business alright14:04
cocoadaemonbut I can assure you I've ran gitlab on sysvinit with no troubles14:05
jordilaah, nice to know14:06
jordilanowadays  ?14:06
fsmithredjordila, we use gitlab for devuan, and I'm pretty sure we're running it without systemd14:12
fsmithredalso, we're moving everything over to gitea14:12
cocoadaemonwell, for devuan, I could understand why you'd use gitlab : advanced packaging and CI/CD14:16
cocoadaemonand yes jordila, in current production. All the processes are complex, but they don't use anything like DBUS to collaborate, it's all network based14:17
mbufWhere can I find the latest Devuan 2.0.0 for Asus Chromebook C201? I cannot see it in The earlier file I have is devuan_jessie_1.0.0_armhf_chromeveyron.img15:56
gnarfacethere was some reason it's not there16:04
gnarfacebuild issue or something16:04
drawkulabackup and then try an upgrade?16:06
mbufdrawkula, I do not have any data, and I am booting from USB16:09
mbufdrawkula, so I can do a fresh dd on the USB to boot from16:09
mbufdrawkula, you want me to just do "apt-get upgrade"?16:09
drawkulaafter changing sources.list from jessie to ascii...16:11
mbufdrawkula, okay16:11
drawkulaprobably the forum has some threads about that upgrade16:11
mbufdrawkula, will try; thanks!16:11
drawkulaapt-get dist-upgrade16:12
drawkulaapart from time there is nothing to lose if it is a new card/flashstick16:13
fsmithreddoes the chromebook image have an installer?16:13
fsmithredI thought all the arm images were just disk images16:14
drawkulaI only know raspi and cubietruck images... and they dont come with installer16:16
drawkulathe other ones probably are similar16:16
drawkulamy cubies run debian9 "transgraded" to devuan16:17
fsmithredyeah, there's a common set of instructions for installing16:17
fsmithreddd the raw image to a medium of your choice (little less than 2GB):16:17
fsmithred; xzcat devuan_jessie_1.0.0_armhf_sunxi.img.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=2M16:17
drawkulathose went thru debians installer16:17
fsmithredmbuf, I think you're supposed to dd the image right to the sdcard16:18
mbuffsmithred, yes, I know that16:19
fsmithredok, sounded like you were expecting an installer16:19
fsmithredI'm speaking from zero experience with arm or chromebooks here16:20
fsmithredyou can image a usb and boot the chromebook? If so, I'll try this next time I'm near one.16:20
mbuffsmithred, yes you can image a USB16:20
fsmithredis there a keyboard trick to boot from usb?16:21
mbuffsmithred, Control + u16:26
fsmithredthanks. Will boot my sister's chromebook to devuan next time I visit her.16:31
eyalrozfsmithred: So, I'm guessing you're stumped about the Chromium videos issue? :-(18:30
fsmithredeyalroz, yeah, I'm stumped. My install is a refracta ascii that I upgraded to beowulf a couple months ago. Last dist-upgrade was yesterday or day before. I installed chromium after the initial dist-upgrade.19:30
fsmithredI have mpv and mplayer installed. Also gstreamer1.0-plugins-base and -good19:45
fsmithredeyalroz, maybe this is a crazy idea, but try changing your dns20:06
fsmithredor get the video with youtube-dl:
onefangI think youtube-dl is in our packages repo.20:11
fsmithredthat one no longer works20:14
fsmithredget the latest from git20:14
fsmithredit's simple: download one file and make it executable20:15
eyalrozfsmithred: youtube-dl download videos fine.23:41
eyalrozbut this is unsurprising, since we've established that FF can get them.23:41
eyalrozWhy do you think the DNS would have any effect? Also, what do you suggest I change my DNS server to?23:46

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