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XenguyAEonFyr: Did you find a solution to the rogue dbus install?01:15
AEonFyrXenguy: Yes, provided that you have the previous .debs still available locally, just:07:24
AEonFyrdpkg --force-downgrade -i /var/cache/apt/archives/libdbus-1-3_1.10.22-1+devuan2_amd64.deb07:24
AEonFyrdpkg --force-downgrade -i /var/cache/apt/archives/dbus_1.10.22-1+devuan2_amd64.deb07:24
AEonFyrAnd if they came in via the unattended-upgrades package, remove it and hold it to stop it installing again:07:25
AEonFyrapt-mark hold unattended-upgrades07:25
Wonkaany idea when firefox 67.0.4 will be available in Devuan?10:45
fsmithred60.7.1esr-1~deb9u1 50011:05
fsmithred        500 ascii-security/main amd64 Packages11:05
xinomilorelease files on repos are stuck in 17/6. no updates coming in. (?)11:05
fsmithredcorrect. Use for now.11:06
xinomilook, & firefox 67.0.4 is there :)11:10
fsmithredwhere are you guys getting that number?11:13
gnarfacei see 67.0.2 in ceres11:13
sixwheeledbeast^look like pretty critical updates11:14
xinomiloapt policy firefox11:14
xinomilo  Installed: 67.0.4-111:14
xinomilo  Candidate: 67.0.4-111:14
xinomilo  Version table:11:14
xinomilo *** 67.0.4-1 50011:14
xinomilo        500 ceres/main amd64 Packages11:14
gnarfacethat's because auto.mirror is more updated right now?11:15
xinomilognarface, switch repo as fsmithred wrote11:15
fsmithredhow did they jump from 60 to 67?11:15
gnarfacefsmithred: firefox-esr in ascii is still 60.*11:15
gnarfacethe other one has been steadily progressing but requires rust, which isn't in stretch i guess?  ... i recall vaguely after being over this twice before11:17
gnarfacerust didn't make the stretch freeze11:17
fsmithredI'm still not seeing 6711:19
fsmithred60.7.2esr-1 5011:19
fsmithred         50 ceres/main amd64 Packages11:19
gnarfacealthough that's esr11:20
gnarfacenot the regular firefox package11:20
gnarfacethey are both in ceres11:20
fsmithredoh yeah, forgot about the non-esr11:21
fsmithredI see it now11:22
fsmithredtime to go back to lynx11:23
nemofsmithred: I have 10 devuan machines I'd have to switch15:44
nemofsmithred: it's kind of a pain15:44
nemofsmithred: is that repo permanently dead?15:44
nemois there any ETA for its unstuckness? is the person who volunteered to watch over it aware of the issue?15:45
nemofsmithred: oh... and could the mirror at least be manually synced once to pick up the critical firefox patch?16:00
_abc_Is firefox in ascii updates already updated for the latest bugfix? CVE-2019-11707, CVE-2019-11708 ?17:26
_abc_Firefox ESR 60.7.2 and Firefox 67.0.4 apparently fix this. I am on a previous version.17:26
gnarface_abc_: if you don't see it yet in, try again i guess.  that's what i heard anyway.17:39
_abc_I don't know how to search in there. What is amprolla.txt? Full index?17:41
golinuxnemo: Anything can be done.  It just takes someone to do it.17:44
* _abc_ hopes firefox can open a 19mb text file17:44
golinuxGoo luck with that.  I think that file contains the logs17:45
golinuxThere has already been a request to truncate it.17:45
_abc_It seems to work. Yes it is not what I need. No ls-lR.txt ?17:45
golinuxso save your breath.17:45
_abc_ascii-security or ascii-updates?17:46
golinuxProbably ascii-security17:46
_abc_Seriously, ls-lR.txt is an institution since the 1990s at least. Why not?17:46
golinuxGotta run. bbl17:47
nemogolinux: sure. I just was wondering if it was in process, or if the server is hopeless17:48
nemogolinux: and I should set aside time to transition everyone before they get hacked17:48
nemo(basically myself, 2 coworkers I installed devuan on, and a few servers (low priority because obviously no one's running firefox on them 99.9% of the time)17:49
* _abc_ will be back later with the same question, not having found what he was looking for17:50
Evilhamabc: which question exactly?17:51
Evilhamsigh gone17:51
golinuxEvilham: <nemo> [08:45:31] is there any ETA for its unstuckness? is the person who volunteered to watch over it aware of the issue?18:21
golinuxMy response: nemo: Anything can be done.  It just takes someone to do it.18:21
Evilhamit looked like abc was talking about sth different18:22
Evilhamin any case, indeed someone should fix the security bits, the log files shouldn't have anything to do with that18:23
fsmithrednemo, no pkgmaster is not permanently dead. Change sources on one machine to and download the package to install on the other machines.20:53
fsmithredI don't know when it's going to be fixed.20:54
jellywasn't the site with outdated https certs the other day?20:55
nemofsmithred: can I just grab the .deb off of debian maybe?20:56
stiltrIs it possible to reroute the DNS in the mean time? (auto.mirror. -> pgkmaster.)20:56
nemomight be easier20:56
fsmithredyes, it's the same deb20:56
nemothis one right20:58
stiltrThat looks like the latest one per
fsmithredfor ascii20:59
weedloserWill OpenRC be fully supported in beowulf? And perhaps other init systems?21:00
stiltrIsn't it already? (I haven't tried yet)21:01
specingit works21:01
fsmithredweedloser, what do you mean by 'fully supported'?21:03
fsmithredyou can choose it in expert install (in ascii)21:04
fsmithredor you can add it later21:04
weedloserOh yeah, I guess i was wrong there.21:04
fsmithredand people are working on s621:04
weedloserThat's great news.21:06
weedloserWhere can i see the progress?21:06
fsmithredI'll check21:06
fsmithredI think this is the right one:
stiltrHey, isn't that the putty guy?21:10
fsmithredI don't know21:11
stiltr : )21:12
palinuro<weedloser "Will OpenRC be fully supported i"> i am using openrc on beowulf right now and it works21:16
fsmithredI've made live isos with openrc and they work21:16
palinurohow often are the beowulf repositories synchronized with debian?21:26
fsmithredlooks like every 5 minutes in the log21:37
fsmithredor maybe less on pkgmaster21:38
roardeIs kfreebsd still a thing?21:43
drawkulamaybe therir moving to that site made them look silent or absent21:46
roardeBut how can that relate to devuan? I'm new here.21:46
fsmithredDebian GNU/kFreeBSD is not an officially supported architecture. It has been released with Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) and 7.0 (Wheezy) as a technology preview and the first non-Linux port. Since Debian 8 (Jessie) it is though no more included in official releases.21:46
fsmithredthere's a mailing list and irc channel21:47
MinceRthey claim it has nothing to do with systemd not being able to run on the FreeBSD kernel21:47
fsmithredit could relate to devuan if21:48
MinceRbut systemd people are well known to be liars21:48
drawkulathey planned to have a netbsd kernel based debian too... back in the stoneage... unluckily this one died... being netbsd based would have covered much mor platforms... :-(21:48
fsmithredanyway, someone could make a devuan kfreebsd if they wanted to21:48
MinceRwe don't even have manpower to have a libsystemd-free openssh-server, do we?21:49
fsmithredin beowulf, libelogind0 replaces libsystemd021:49
MinceRwell, that's a step forward21:50
fsmithredeasier to have that than to have to repackage everything that wants lsd021:50
roardeI've learned that NetBSD doesn't really cover the platforms it "covers". FreeBSD is closer to that, in practical terms.21:50
roardeI was a long-time follower of nbsd. Took quite a while for that to sink in.21:51
jonadabIs there an easier solution to the "current netinstall CD initially boots fine on this system, but then changes video modes and everything dies" problem, than trying various old prior-version netinstall CDs until one works, then upgrading through the intervening versions to current stable?21:51
fsmithredjonadab, what happens when it changes?21:52
jonadabfsmithred: The display appears scrambled.21:53
fsmithredright, I've seen that21:53
jonadabYou can tell the system is still running, using the arrow keys to move up and down the menu changes the display in predictable ways.21:53
fsmithredhave you tried setting the resolution at the grub menu?21:53
jonadabYou can do that?21:53
jonadabBooting from a netinstall CD?21:54
jonadabInteresting, that might help.21:54
fsmithredI have to do that on one laptop21:54
fsmithredat menu, press e21:54
fsmithredto edit the boot entry21:54
fsmithredarrow down a couple lines to the empty space21:54
fsmithredand add:21:54
fsmithredset gfxpayload=<your favorite res>21:54
fsmithredthen ctrl-x to boot21:55
jonadabIs there a way to get it to just use 80x24 CGA text mode?21:55
fsmithredfor me, 1366x768 is the magic number21:55
fsmithrednot sure about that21:55
fsmithredtry it my way, and if it doesn't work, complain to me21:56
jonadabThere are worse things in the universe than graphical install, I guess.21:56
fsmithredoh, don't do graphical install21:57
fsmithredit sucks21:57
fsmithredyou have to keep going from mouse to keyboard21:57
fsmithredarrows and tab FTW21:57
jonadabDidn't realize your way would work with rthe other install.21:57
fsmithredwhat size is your screen?21:58
jonadabI've got several different monitors available.21:59
fsmithredso just use the optimum for each. I think you'll like it.22:00
jonadabHmm.  1366x768 and 1280x1024 seem wrong.  /me tries 800x60022:00
fsmithredthat's the one that kills my screen22:00
fsmithred640x480 works, but it's ugly22:01
jonadabYeah, that does exactly the same graphical glitch as not editing the line at all.22:01
* jonadab tries 640x480.22:02
fsmithredtry next one up22:02
jonadabThis only ever happens with isolinux.22:02
* jonadab wonders if it's something to do with assumptions about which memory addresses are video memory.22:02
fsmithredoh, not with grub?22:02
jonadabBooting from the netinstall CD.22:03
fsmithredI'm not sure if I'd get it with isolinux - the laptop in question is set for uefi22:03
jonadabSays Isolinux 6.03 before bringing up the boot menu.22:04
fsmithredok, I'd believe what it says there22:04
jonadabAt bottom, "Press ENTER to boot or TAB to edit a menu entry."22:04
fsmithredtab, isolinux22:04
fsmithredI think you can use the old vga= with isolinux22:04
jonadabvga=1024x768 or whatever?22:05
fsmithredor 78822:05
* jonadab tries one of those.22:06
fsmithredone of those is 1024x768 which should work on just about any monitor that still works22:06
jonadabThe hardware in question is quite new, incidentally.22:07
jonadabThough I've seen this issue for years, on hardware of basically all vintages.22:07
jonadabWell, all vintages since Pentium.22:07
jonadabAH, I see that vga=788 was the prebuilt line.22:08
jonadabAnd 791 appears to be doing better.22:08
jonadabYes, that is way better.22:08
jonadabThank you.22:08
fsmithredI have a long love/hate relationship with the debian installer22:09
jonadabWanna guess what OS I consider to be the easiest to install?22:09
jonadab(Hint:  it's old.)22:10
MinceRone that fits in the boot sector22:10
jonadabThat's probably even better.22:11
jonadabI was gonna say DOS.22:11
MinceRi wrote one called mini-windows which consisted of 2 bytes in the boot sector :>22:11
MinceR(cli and hlt instructions)22:11
jonadabThe thing about DOS was you could literally just copy the files into place by hand, from a bootable floppy.22:12
jonadabFrom a 360k floppy even, if it was PC-DOS 3.3.22:13
jonadabI think DOS 5 and 6 didn't fit on 360k though.22:13
MinceRyou would also need to "make it bootable", though22:13
jonadabRight, yes, you had to format it bootable first.22:13
Tatersthe bios, jonadab22:14
jonadabTaters: Yeah, but only old-school BIOS.  UEFI is a nightmare.22:14
Tatersbut hey, easiest os to install is the one that comes preinstalled22:14
jonadabEh, that's usually Windows, and it tends to need to be _reinstalled_ every couple of years, if you let normal users touch it.22:15
Tatersthat's bait22:15
jonadabThough putting them in a Limited account helps with that.22:15
roardeAnyone used FreeBSD ports on devuan or debian?22:21
jonadabfsmithred: Sorry, yeah.22:28
javashinon devuan chromium uses vaapi patches for video decoding ?22:30

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