libera/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2019-06-26

_abc_fsmithred: I don't think it was fixed in wheezy, I think it was hidden elsewhere. Ascii and beowulf both had the bug when you tested/ran them, right?00:48
_abc_to be continued some other day00:48
fsmithredwish I had your email address00:50
telmichJust a follow up on how we rate devuan's complexity at ungleich:
telmich(and others of course)14:20
specingThere is something with the way devuan is setup that prevents me from doing mouse highlight copy&paste out of an ssh into devuan15:51
Hurgotronis vi involved?15:53
specingvim, and yes it wsa the culprit15:54
Hurgotronspecing: the mouse=a setting, most likely. That default bugs me a lot, too.15:56
Centurion_DanHurgotron: and me.   I really want to undo that setting...22:02
Centurion_Dantelmich: Very nice.  I love the way you've preseneted that.22:03
HurgotronCenturion_Dan: I basically wrote a new /etc/vim/vimrc without that setting. Umfortunately you can't override it easily in vimrc.local22:17
jaromiltelmich: any chance you can add also the softiron to the CI?22:21
Centurion_DanHurgotron: I tried that, but it didn't work for me.  It'22:28
Centurion_Danis a new setting that debian introduced via /usr/share/vim/vim80/defaults.vim22:28

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