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gnarfacehello nminix06:27
nminixDevuan has no loop devices :F (it's ok though I just created with mknod -m 660 loop0 b 7 0)06:36
nminixthis is by design, yes?06:36
gnarfacenminix: uh, yes and no.  i think you probably just forgot to install a package.06:49
gnarfacei think some daemon normally makes them for you but if you did a minimal install you might be missing it06:50
gnarfaceudev or udisks2 maybe06:50
gnarfacethere might be more than one option actually06:50
gnarfacebut obviously if you prefer to make them manually that is fine too06:51
nminixoh. i did ascii desktop-live from usb and used refracinstaller-yad06:52
nminixyeah as long as it's working as it should06:52
gnarfaceah, interesting choice06:52
gnarfaceyou get more pre-install control with a regular installation iso06:53
gnarface(just fyi)06:53
gnarfacelike one of the the netinstall images for example06:53
nminixi tried those first, they didn't boot on my laptop from Heads :/06:54
gnarfaceoh.  hmmm.  well you can probably just compare a package list with someone who did an install like that to see what you might have missed that would have normally been included by default06:54
nminixand in fact none of the jessie images booted, so i had to go with ascii06:54
gnarfacethat probably means the jessie kernel is too old for your hardware06:55
gnarfacecan't say for sure why the ascii installer wouldn't have booted for you but the live image would.  maybe some bios/uefi issue06:57
nminixtoday i built a new kernel (still Roaring Lionus :)) and compiled new loop.ko driver for loopaes support06:57
nminixyeah it's bios, librem 15 v406:57
gnarfacedo you have the util-linux package?07:00
gnarfacehmmm, or maybe they moved it to mount07:01
gnarfacemake sure you have udev or eudev07:02
gnarfaceand make sure this returns something: dpkg -S losetup07:02
gnarfacei don't think you need udisks2 for this but you might for something else related you would expect to be automatic (auto-mounting and/or mount buttons in the desktop UI?)07:03
nminixyea i patched & built util-linux07:05
nminixoooo okay i forgot to make loop-control07:11
nminixmknod -m 600 loop-control c 10 237 should do it...07:16
gnarfacei dunno, but for a while i was using losetup to make them manually07:22
gnarfacei think?07:22
gnarfacebut i think udev is making them for me now07:23
gnarfacei haven't had to make one manually in a while07:23
nminixlosetup won't work properly without existing /dev/loop-control i thimk07:24
gnarfacevery possibly.  i do have both here07:25
gnarfaceand for all i know, that's what udev is calling07:25
gnarfaceif you're avoiding udev because of the systemd heredity, try out eudev instead07:26
nminixyea i have eudev installed07:26
gnarface /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules : /lib/udev/rules.d/60-block.rules : /lib/udev/rules.d/60-persistent-storage.rules07:27
gnarface"loop" shows up in these files for me07:27
gnarfacebut i'm sitting on an upgraded unstable system here, so it is hard to know where i got those files07:28
gnarfaceif they came from debian or devuan07:29
gnarfaceif they're before or after systemd07:29
gnarfaceif they're from current unstable or a previous unstable07:29
nminixhahha :p yeah this install on devuan is my new clean base system, on which i'll run VMs07:30
nminixshopping time for me now, if anyone knows how to create loop-control pls let me know! thanks07:31
gnarfaceall i see about it in my installed files is the man page (/usr/share/man/man4/loop-control.4.gz) but that man page says the kernel is supposed to create it07:32
gnarfaceso maybe it's a kernel compilation option you need to enable?07:33
gnarfaceor a module you need to load07:33
gnarfaceactually the module might be called "loop"07:34
gnarfacewell there's a module called loop that is related, but i'm not sure if it's concerned with auto-generating them07:35
nminixthere are only six kernel config options which have "loop" in them. CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP=n #CONFIG_NVME_TARGET_LOOP is not set CONFIG_LOOPBACK_TARGET=m #CONFIG_SPI_LOOPBACK_TEST is not set CONFIG_RC_LOOPBACK=m CONFIG_SND_ALOOP=m08:24
nminixdon't think it's any of the loopback ones, nor SND.08:26
nminixloopaes.README says we have to set blk dev loop to n08:26
rrqI have added "/etc/modprobe.d/loop.conf:options loop max_part=15" to allow the loop devices have .. don't remember where I got the advice from08:30
rrq+ parts08:30
drawkulai have no rules for loop and "mount -oloop" works (ascii from netinstall)08:42
drawkulabut RL is calling... need to beam away...08:43
nminixi found through google with your help rrq and added to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="loop.max_part=31" and rebooted but no loop devices still :(08:52
rrqCONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP=n says so, yes. I would think it should be =m or =y08:54
rrqmax_part would only work for a loop module (=m) I guess08:56
gnarfacenminix: yea, like rrq says, you need CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP=m too09:04
nminixrrq & gnarface oh umm i'm following what says09:07
gnarfaceis that something for encryption?09:08
nminixyea loopaes, baked into the loop.ko module09:08
nminix"new loop.ko on 2.6.x that is installed in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/extra (2.6.x and newer kernels) directory. AES cipher is permanently glued to loop.o driver so that when loop.o is loaded it automagically has AES support built in."09:15
nminix2.6.x and newer*09:16
rrqok. my mind was in wrong context. though, hte instructions don't mention 'depmod'... is that too old-fashioned?09:17
nminix. /sbin/depmod -> /bin/kmod on ascii09:23
rrqit's a while since I built modules; I just remembered tearing hair a couple of times when I forgot to run depmod.09:38
rrqsorry for the noise.09:39
nminix?? you're helpful!09:40
nminixthis is my first time i've been building a kernel :)09:40
nminixwelcome all09:49
nminixrrq & gnarface i think youse are correct. CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP should be m. i wonder why loopaes readme says "*must* ... DEV_LOOP=n"10:42
gnarfacenminix: is it possible the other instructions are for building an out-of-tree version you no longer need?10:48
nminixi must be half asleep10:54
nminixit says what to do in the readme.10:54
nminixWorkaround for distros that do not create any pre-existing loop block10:56
nminixspecial device nodes: "10:56
concatimeHi folks.23:31
concatimeI’m a big fan, continue! It’s the second time I report this issue. The mirror from Koddos is not working as expected.23:32
concatimeBut using the IP directly works perfectly.23:37
sixwheeledbeastdns then?23:38
concatimeI rather think about a missing redirection.23:39
concatimeKatolaZ told me in November that he contacted koddos.23:41
sixwheeledbeastdevuan/merged/pool doesn't exist23:42
concatimedoes work23:44
concatimeYeah, it’s definitely a missing redirection: /devuan/merged/pool/DEVUAN/(.*) -> /devuan/devuan/pool/$123:53
concatimeDoes not work:
concatimeDoes work:

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