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fsmithredalso missing a "fi" in the one I pasted00:08
fsmithredright before the close of the function00:09
fsmithredtime for food. bbiab00:09
jiefkdefinitely something fishy here.00:09
jiefkthe boot delay comes back now ¬¬00:09
concatimeThe expert installer requires a netmask. From my VPS provider, it’s "64"00:12
concatimebut the installer does not aloud me to enter only this00:12
fsmithredusually it uses dhcp00:12
fsmithredunless you say you want to set up network manually00:13
concatimeI want a manual setup00:13
fsmithredI don't think 64 is enough for a netmask00:13
fsmithredusually it's
fsmithredI know nothing of ipv600:14
concatimeI’m new too :)00:14
concatimeI will look in debian channel00:16
jiefkfsmithred: bed time here. I'll look more at this tomorrow. GN !00:18
fsmithredg'night jiefk00:22
xrogaanfsmithred: do you know if deb.devuan function properly yet again?01:53
xrogaanand if there is a place to find more about the state of the different broken stuff when they do get broken?01:53
golinuxxrogaan:, devuan channels here (link to logs is in the channel topic), and the02:03
golinuxI think the repos are OK now but some mirrors are doing strange things.02:03
xrogaanwhat is dng used for then?02:04
golinuxSometimes stuff lands there too.02:04
golinuxIt's an all purpose meeting place but has been a ghost town lately.02:06
xrogaanI don't go on the forums, it's annoying to filter through the irrelevant stuff.02:06
golinuxAll the devuan channels have been pretty quiet.  d1g is probably the most active.02:06
xrogaanWell, summer and all :)02:06
golinuxDNG can be worse.02:06
xrogaanbut I don't have to fire up my browser to get the info02:07
xrogaanit just gets mailed to me.02:07
golinuxInfo is usually passed on from d1g to the dev channels.  Sometimes from this channel.02:07
xrogaanI don't know what d1g means02:08
onefangI'm working on a tool to probe the mirror system and make it easier for mirror admins to figure out what's wrong, so they can hopefully fix it.02:08
golinuxThe devs don't really hang out much on DNG.  Some are not even subscribed.02:08
xrogaanI don't like forums, the design of the tool forces me to remember to check it out every now and then. I usually can't remember.02:10
xrogaanI just forget they exists.02:11
rrqxrogaan: there's also a twitter Devuan feed... ;)02:13
rrqor maybe it's called "Devuan twitter feed"02:14
NematocystI solved the problem with dbus updates breaking my DE.  turns out the helper needed a different group than messagebus.  that was because it was group 104 and /etc/passwd for it listed its GID as 108 which is mlocate.  so all my dbus update issues were from a bad passwd entry for messagebus02:15
jiefkfsmithred: I don't understand why theere if an `ifup... && ` command in the start case statement and an ifup command in the ifup_hotplug function :/ (the patch from Didier removes the ifup command through)10:13
jiefkI'll bang my head on the wall there and I'll come back later11:31
jiefkI wrote wlanO instead of wlan0 in my interfaces file :/11:32
jiefkcan't see the difference? -- Look again11:32
jiefkNow my laptop brings up wifi without locking boot sequence :)11:33
specingdon't use interfaces jiefk11:38
specinguse iproute2 commands directly, that way your network is portable between distros11:38
jiefkspecing: hi we are trying, with fsmithred and others to "debug" boot lock due to network interfaces waiting to be bring up.11:40
jiefkthe init.d/networking script is a nightmare :/11:40
jiefkso far, I kind of rewrote the ifup_hotplug() function to be simpler to work with, and I think I got things to work again.11:42
jiefkI'll check iproute2 to see if we can replace things in init.d/networking.11:43
jiefkiproute2 IS NOT A STANDARD TOOL IN dEVUAN ?11:44
jiefksorry caps locked...11:44
jiefkoops sorry, it provides /sbin/ip11:45
jiefkwhich is used in the networking script11:45
specingjust use iproute211:48
specingI seriously doubt there is anything in the networking script that cannot be done easier with iproute2 and some cat into resolv.conf11:49
jiefk : Do the `ip a` and `ip link set wlan0 up` already ise the ip command from the iproute2 pkg ?11:53
jiefkalso iproute2 is already installed on Devuan (beowulf at least)11:54
jiefkfsmithred: we can replace the `ifquery` (ifupdown pkg) with `ip a` (iproute2 pkg) and extract interfaces with sed or awk ?12:02
specingjiefk: why do you want to extract interfaces?12:02
jiefkdunno ? it's written as this in init.d/networking :/12:03
jiefkI'm not the original author of this script12:03
jiefkI don't want to break things12:03
jiefkbut very granted, this script is a spaghetti plate...12:04
jiefk    log_action_end_msg $?12:05
jiefk    log_action_end_msg $?12:05
jiefkfor example ¬¬12:05
specingyou know what12:05
specingstop looking at that spaghetti12:06
specingopen a tutorial on iproute212:06
specingand implement everything you want to do with that12:06
jiefkI know , but see, this script does important things in the system (network is an inportant piece, and I'm no coder... plus NFS or SAMBA checks, things I won't be able to check myself)12:09
jiefkPlus we can't simply ignore /etc/network/interfaces, nor /etc/default/networking out of the blue12:11
specingI can12:13
jiefk*G* What gives ? I completely removed the networking script, and I still have wlan0 up on next reboot!!12:31
jiefksomething is running wpa_supplicant at boot12:32
rrqwith "allow-hotplug" in /etc/networking/interfaces, the configuration of the interface is done by the hotplug handler, aka (e)udev, and not the networking script12:38
rrqactual script in /lib/udev/12:39
jiefknow now thanks rrq :)12:40
jiefkI'll look into it thanks :)12:40
jiefk(so basically, the networking script in init.d is useless ?)12:40
specingspaghetti networking12:42
rrqthe init networking script deals with the "auto" interfaces, and gets invoked (orderly) in the second boot-up phase12:42
rrqnormally no more than three competotors for raising the interfaces: (e)udev, init networking, and network manager (eg wicd)12:45
rrqmost systems would live happier with a single one, but what 's the use of a wheel if you can't reinvent it?12:46
fsmithredjiefk, I think the output of ip a is too ugly to extact anything.13:11
specingfsmithred: you can try ip -json ...13:20
fsmithredOption "-json" is unknown, try "ip -help".13:44
jiefkfsmithred: ip a | awk -F':' '/mtu/&&$0=$2'13:54
specingfsmithred: maybe your iproute2 is too old13:55
specingfsmithred: mine has it13:55
fsmithredmaybe. I'm on jessie right now.13:55
fsmithred -s does nothing, but -o helps13:56
specingI tested on Gentoo13:56
fsmithredso like, 5 or 6 years newer software13:56
specingnah, Gentoo is getting outdated13:57
specingits a dying distro13:58
specingI think so, yes13:58
fsmithredjiefk, I tested a usb wireless dongle and it didn't get an address when I hotplugged it13:58
specingkilled by politics13:59
specingmy contributions to Gentoo on January are still waiting to be accepted13:59
jiefkfsmithred: sorry I abandonned. Reverted everything to pristine installation and tweaked interface to remove everything but lo . Now my network is managed by connman. Sorry again but since yesterday, I have not move a single step.14:08
fsmithrednp, I switched back to wicd.14:08
fsmithredwe didn't come up with anything better than what was already there14:09
onefangWicd works fine for me for WiFi to.14:10
onefangIt just upsets etckeeper, coz every time I boot, wicd decides to rewrite it's config file, changing the order of the lines without changing the actual config details.14:11
fsmithredwhich config file?14:11
onefang dhcphostname = onefang14:14
onefang bssid = 90:72:82:2D:3D:A714:14
onefang-ip = None14:14
onefang+postdisconnectscript = None14:14
onefang dns_domain = None14:14
onefang gateway = None14:14
onefang use_global_dns = False14:14
onefang encryption = True14:14
onefang-postdisconnectscript = None14:14
onefang+ip = None14:14
onefang beforescript = None14:14
onefang hidden = False14:14
onefangEvery. Single. Fucking.  Time.14:14
fsmithredwould it help to make it a symlink to somewhere outside /etc?14:15
onefangI'm tempted to .gitignore it.  Bet the point of etckeeper is to track real changes to anything in /etc.  Wicd has no business changing things like that.14:15
onefangIf I change it, I want it tracked.14:16
onefangWicd is wicked.14:16
fsmithredit also stores connection info in /var14:17
fsmithredin /var/lib/wicd/configurations/14:18
onefangFor instance if bssid changes, that has to be tracked by etckeeper.14:18
onefangMaybe I could pass that file through sort at each boot?  Doesn't seem to matter what order things are in.  lol14:18
jiefkcare to give connman a shot ?14:19
onefangEverything else about wicd suits me fine.14:19
fsmithredI might try it at some point.14:19
onefangAnd when I get fibre later this year, I'l not care about WiFi.  B-)14:20
fsmithredfiber in your house?14:20
onefangFibre to the curb.14:20
onefangI used to have fibre to the bedroom, but I had to move.  No fibre available here yet.14:21
onefangI've seen them pulling fibre nearby.  Sooon.14:22
fsmithredneed more coffee... brb14:22
fsmithredThunderstorm and party to go to. bbl.20:03
drawkulai can haz thunderstorm too, plz?21:03

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