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jordilawhen pressing Ctrl + Alt + F3 i would expect to switch to TTY3 virtual terminal but it is not the case... I'm wondering, umh... am i the only one experiencing such a weird behaviour ?11:18
fsmithredwhere does it take you?11:21
fsmithredjordila, ^^^11:22
jordilafsmithred, to a black screen11:29
fsmithredtry booting with 'nomodeset' on the boot command. Or if you're already doing that, try without.11:29
fsmithredI've seen it both ways11:30
rrqjordila: do you have a getty/agetty on vt3?11:37
jordilafsmithred, after adding 'nomodeset'... and running update-grub, i've got a X resolution fall, onto just 640px. Thus i removed the 'nomodeset' option from grub .12:21
gnarfacejordila: sounds to me like X is using the kms driver, you might have better results if you override that12:25
gnarface(to something video-hardware-specific)12:26
jordilarrq , i'm not (yet) familiar with nor have a clue whether if i have getty/agetty on vt3 ...12:27
gnarfaceps aux |grep getty12:28
jordilagnarface ... ," jordi     5916  0.0  0.0  12780   968 pts/3    S+   12:31   0:00 grep --color=auto getty"12:32
jordila" . And i'm not familiar with -> How to override and setup a video-hardware-speficic X ?12:32
fsmithredyou can just have a driver section12:38
gnarfaceyea you don't need the whole thing anymore12:40
* jordila found /usr/share/doc/xserver-xorg-video-intel/xorg.conf12:43
* jordila ^^ Section "Device" Identifier "Intel" Driver "intel" #Option "AccelMethod" "uxa" EndSection12:43
fsmithredyeah, like that12:47
fsmithredwell, like the example file, not like it shows up in here.12:48
gnarfacethere should be a manpage for all the intel driver options12:51
* fsmithred didn't know about 'man intel' 'man nouveau' and 'man amdgpu'12:56
fsmithredthanks gnarface12:56
gnarfaceno problem13:06
gnarfacethere should also be one for generic xorg.conf options too, i think13:06
fsmithredyeah, that one I've seen13:06
fsmithredalong with a bunch of other .conf man pages. I was very happy when I discovered that.13:07
rrqjordila: maybe you should give "man inittab" a glance as well, assuming you're using sysvinit.13:18
rrqthe switch between vt is a kernel thing, not an X11 thing13:20
rrqwhen you run X, it shows up in one ov the vt13:22
onefangVT 7 usually, but you can change that.13:23
onefangYou can even have multiple X11s on multiple VTs.13:24
queipis devuan's firefox still vulnerable to RCE?13:39
gnarface(onefang i think it's VT 1 now by default)13:44
gnarfaceit was 7 for a long, long time though13:44
fsmithredmine are all 713:44
gnarfaceor maybe it's just whatever one you run it from now?13:44
fsmithredI did see 1 for some time13:44
fsmithredI think with systemd it's 113:45
fsmithredbeen telling people ctrl-alt-F2 for a couple of years, I think13:45
onefangOn my ASCII desktop it's 7, but I use a custom innittab anyway, so that VT 1 retains the boot log.13:45
rrqit's really a decision made when starting X, e.g. by the "login manager" (slim, et al) or the hands typing startx13:55
rrq7 is a traditional placement for the primary X display of a Debian system13:55
rrq(i.e. pre modern stuff :))13:56
rrqa while ago there was an env XDG_VTNR in the xsession scripts for configuring; not sure that's still alive13:58
queip[01/07/2019 14:00] <queip> humpled: can you donate to debian without fear of it going to some political bullshit like debian woman14:00
queip[01/07/2019 14:00] [Notice] -ChanServ- You have been quieted on #debian by themill14:00
queipwell, can you donate to DEVUAN then, without fear of it going to some political bullshit like debian woman14:05
rrqre XDG_VTNR: by a web search, it seems to be used on some systems still14:08
gnarfacequeip: i'm pretty sure all donations for the time being will go directly to paying the bills14:14
gnarfacenot that i know for sure14:14
Leanderit's all in here14:18
EvilhamNot that it's relevant, but in general I don't think one gets to decide where money goes to after donating / paying :-)14:59
EvilhamSo if you want to give money to X and they do Y, with which you don't agree, don't give your money to X or try to make Y be sth you agree with15:00
EvilhamThat being said, there are expense reports prepared yearly by dyne, which list where money is spent at15:01
Evilham(dyne is the NGO that enables devuan to receive and spend money without having a legal entity, they also do other awesome things)15:03
fsmithredI want decode15:28
queipinterestingly after talking about this #debian ban(quiet) on ##linux got 30 minute constant irc diconnects, oh well15:32
queipEvilham: why not have targeted funds15:32
queiplike, fund for security. 100% merit.  50% security devels by merit,  50% security bounties by merit.  0% for bs15:33
queippersonally Im rather poor, but it seems like something people might want to donate into, since it directly results in something that matters to many15:34
queiphow is devuan going re fixing that firefox?    if we would be faster than debian in such fixes it would be awesome15:35
fsmithredwe depend on debian to fix anything that we aren't already fixing. We only fix those things that require systemd.15:43
queipit would be super cool if we could lead some fixes.  I guess the problem ofc is lack of skilled security maintainers?16:02
gnarfacesmall team still
gnarfaceDebian has a lot more resources16:05
onefangHmmm, I've not been added to that list yet.  I'm a recent addition to the team.16:31
Evilhamthis is a pointless topic: budgets get done based on some money being available and some needs, and money is not assigned per-topic previously, think taxes; donations are the same except voluntarily given. If at any point you see money being spent where you don't like it, get involved to change that or stop donating.17:02
Evilhamatm nobody gets paid to work on devuan directly and most things do come verbatim from debian (that's kind of the point)17:04
Centurion_DanEvilham: Also be aware, that under law in certain jurisdictions - perhaps universally, if the giver gets to direct how the funds they give are directed, then it's not a donation for charitable purposes.21:38
EvilhamYes :-D that too21:39

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