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nminixafter connecting via usb my iPhone 3GS doesn't appear in lsusb or dmesg :( but the phone itself says charging. how should i start troubleshooting the connection?11:03
xinomilo_in android you have to change from charging to file transfer (mtp) or similar . perhaps there's a similar option in ios..(?)11:09
gnarfacenminix: something like "mass storage mode" or the like11:10
gnarfacei don't know either really11:10
Centurion_Danboth mtp and ptp modes should work with android.11:13
Centurion_Danapple is a like extracting data from a slippery fish...11:13
nminixyeah but linux doesn't even recognise it in lsusb =[ need to have it recognised before i can mtp or any other sort of transfer11:36
gnarfacethere should be a setting but you might also need to load some extra driver11:38
gnarfacefirst find the usb connection settings in the phone if you can11:38
jml2i'm not getting a receipt for joining the mailinglist16:46
jml2(or maybe there's a delay)16:46
jml2had a crash XD16:57
g----- lspci | grep Audio19:43
g-----00:03.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Haswell-ULT HD Audio Controller (rev 0b)19:43
g-----00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 8 Series HD Audio Controller (rev 04)19:43
g-----Anyone else having sound issues with Devuan Beowulf?19:43
g-----Package alsa-base is not available, but is referred to by another package.19:43
g-----This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or19:43
g-----alsa-utils is already the newest version (1.1.8-2).19:45
pardisSearching, alsa-base hasn't been an available package since jessie19:47
pardisIt sounds like you've botched multiple upgrades19:47
g-----I wasn't sure if I needed alsa-base19:47
fsmithredg-----, aplay -l19:50
fsmithredto see which card is first19:50
fsmithreddoesn't one of those say HDMI somewhere?19:50
James1138Try this for Alsa-Base -
g-----5 HDMI results?19:51
fsmithredIf you're not using the hdmi for sound, you'll need to switch the order of the cards19:52
fsmithredthose are all card 019:52
fsmithredyou might do that in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa.conf (or something like that)19:52
fsmithredif you google, you'll find several different ways of doing it. One of those ways might work.19:52
g-----Thanks :)19:53
fsmithredI can give you a couple examples in a minute19:53
fsmithred#options snd_usb_audio enable=0,119:55
fsmithred#options snd_hda_intel enable=1,019:55
ejrhi. i am running devuan ceres. for the past days, there have been a lot of updates and upgrades put out, almost on an hourly basis... is there a particular reason for that, or is it just that the devs are making a lot of progress currently?19:55
fsmithredexplanation: They're both commented out. One of those lines worked for some time and stopped, then the other line worked for awhile. Then no lines.19:55
g-----I'm going to fire up audicious to figure out which one I need19:56
fsmithredother way to deal with the issue is to select card 1 in all your sound apps, but that's no fun.19:56
g-----I should be able to select sound devices right?19:56
fsmithredin audacious, yes19:56
fsmithredthat one even works with jack19:56
slvrblacklisting things works in a pinch. I made a radeon card stop bothering me that way a while ago.19:56
furrywolfejr:  most of those updates are probably coming from debian, unless it's in devuan-specific packages.  my suggestion would be to not run ceres if things randomly updating, getting removed, breaking, or exploding is not going to work for your use.  :)19:57
fsmithredif you're using in sources.list then part of the reason for the sudden surge in updates is because the repo stopped updating for a week until someone kicked it.19:59
fsmithredg-----, I don't know if my examples will work for you. I think both your cards use snd_hda_intel20:01
fsmithredyou may need to put it in /etc/asound.conf20:01
g-----I'm literally going down a list of 50 options trying to figure out the correct one20:01
g-----I'll follow your lead instead20:02
fsmithredwell, my example is for an external usb audio device20:02
g-----Ah that isn't my case usage heh20:02
fsmithredTry this:
fsmithredg-----, you don't have pulseaudio installed?20:05
g-----Should I install it?20:05
g-----I was trying this to figure out which one to choose20:05
g-----aplay -D card 0: HDMI [HDA Intel HDMI] SampleAudio_0.4mb.mp320:05
g-----pulseaudio is already the newest version (12.2-4).20:06
fsmithreddon't be messing with alsa if you have pulseaudio installed20:07
fsmithredcan you find settings for that? Maybe run pavucontrol20:08
fsmithred(I think that's right)20:08
furrywolf...  you have pulse installed, and you're wondering why sound doesn't work?20:08
fsmithredhe didn't know it was installed until just now20:08
g-----pavucontrol wasn't installed but it is now20:08
g-----Everything was working out of the box with Devuan Ascii so I didn't touch it lol20:09
g-----"establishing connection to pulse audio... please wait"20:09
fsmithredplay around with it.20:09
fsmithredbrb, need coffee20:09
g-----Endlessly establishing connection to pulseaudio hah20:11
g-----sec rebooting20:11
g--------------Still no luck :)20:33
g-------------- is my /etc/asound.conf20:33
g--------------In sound preferences on MATE I'm not even seeing CX2075620:34
g--------------I'm pretty sure that's what I use to select20:34
g-------------- has the same sound card as me I tried placing it in ~/.asoundrc as well20:34
g--------------It's sound card #1 for both of us20:35
fsmithredI got the cat20:35
fsmithredyeah, that's the same configuration as the link I gave you. I don't think that applies if you're using PA20:37
furrywolfno also configuration is going to work until you apt-get purge pulseaudio.20:38
g--------------Alright time to purge it20:38
g--------------RIP pulseaudio20:38
g--------------Should I reboot after purging it or can I reinitialize that config some how20:39
g--------------service alsa restart?20:39
fsmithredinit 120:40
fsmithredshould be enough20:40
furrywolfrebooting is the easiest way to get everything to stop trying to talk to pulse...  anything that has it open needs to be restarted.20:40
g---------------> etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart i mean20:41
g--------------ah okay20:41
fsmithredI'm having the opposite problem - I just installed pulseaudio and it's not doing anything.20:41
fsmithredyou can try just restarting alsa20:41
furrywolfthat's because you need to remove it, not install it.20:41
fsmithredbut reboot is certain20:41
fsmithredlol, it doesn't run, even after a reboot20:41
fsmithredsound works20:42
g--------------poor fsmithred :(20:42
furrywolfI've tried just restarting alsa...  a lot of stuff keeps trying to talk to pulse.  sometimes the daemon won't die.  etc.20:42
furrywolfwhy are you trying to install pulse, anyway?  :P20:42
fsmithredto see what it does20:42
fsmithredI have no experience with it20:42
furrywolfdamnit, it's later than I thought, need to get ready for work.  bbl.20:42
fsmithredthe couple of times I tried it, it didn't last very long20:43
fsmithredbefore I removed it20:43
fsmithredthat was years ago20:43
g-------------pulseaudio\pavu has been purged + I rebooted still the same :)20:50
fsmithreddid you run alsamixer in a terminal?20:50
fsmithredmake sure volumes are up and channels are not muted20:51
g-------------When I'm in alsamixer it's capturing my F keys20:52
g-------------F3 keeps changing windows for some reason20:52
g-------------Desktop environment mate20:52
fsmithredthere's a guide to the F keys in the alamixer window20:53
g-------------Yeah I need to press F6 to change audio devices20:53
g-------------seems like it isn't capturing any of them20:53
g-------------Ah I fixed it sorry20:54
g-------------I'm only seeing HDA Intel HDMI and HDA Intel PCH20:54
g-------------I bet they're muted I'll raise the sound for HDMI20:54
fsmithredarrow keys to select channel, m to mute/unmute20:56
fsmithredvertical arrows for volume20:57
fsmithredyou want PCH20:57
g-------------For HDMI I just see S/PDIF20:59
g-------------Ah okay20:59
g-------------Looks fine to me21:00
fsmithredHm, does auto-mute refer to the mic or the speakers?21:02
fsmithredspace bar to toggle that21:02
g-------------Not sure. In VLC with with the headphone port plugged in and HDA Intel PCH, CX20756   Analogue Default Audio Device21:07
g-------------That's a step forward :)21:07
fsmithredturn it up. 50% is often very quiet21:07
g-------------This was a device selected by me manually in VLC -> Audio Device -> HDA Intel PCH, CX20756   Analog Default Audio Device21:09
g-------------I turned it up and it's perfect now in VLC21:09
g-------------I just need to figure out system wide sound now hah21:09
fsmithredthe asound.conf should have done that21:09
fsmithredyou could try the same in ~/.asoundrc21:10
g-------------Already done21:10
g-------------pcm.!default {type hw card 1 }21:10
g------------- even when I set it to PCH on the GUI and close it in Sound Preferences it goes back to HDMI. If I open audio in VLC it doesn't appear under Applications21:16
g-------------I fired up a game and it played sound. Go figure. Maybe it's just my browser.21:18
fsmithredoh, maybe21:18
fsmithredvlc is calling it the default card21:18
fsmithredso .asoundrc is working21:18
g-------------Going to test on audacity right now if it works then it's chrome\firefox21:18
g-------------The config worked21:19
fsmithredor newest from mozilla?21:19
eyalrozI'm trying to build this app which requires ffmpeg (libavformat specifically), but when CMake'ing, the package is not found despite being installed. Does Devuan distribute ffmpeg in a funny/nonstandard way?21:19
g-------------Both are from the devuan repo21:19
g-------------html5 playback21:19
g-------------I'll just manually set it in each browser it's a one time thing :)21:20
g-------------Not a big deal21:20
g-------------Thanks for all the help :)21:20
fsmithredthere's an audio device setting in the browsers???21:21
fsmithredeyalroz, I know debian user avconv instead of ffmpeg for a couple of releases21:21
fsmithredlook for libav-tools21:21
g-------------Is it the job of the OS?21:21
g-------------Should I purge chromium and firefox-esr?21:22
fsmithredIt would satisfy me if we could throw both of them in a bonfire21:22
fsmithredbut there's no adequate replacement21:22
g-------------I'll try that now :)21:22
eyalrozfsmithred: There are packages with ffmpeg in their names, and none with avconv in the name21:22
g-------------Yeah sound is working for Chrome that worked thanks :)21:23
fsmithredeyalroz, are you in ascii, beowulf or ceres?21:23
fsmithredand where is your app looking for ffmpeg? Maybe library path needs to be set?21:25
fsmithredIf it's looking for .so files, add the -dev package21:26
James1138Is is okay to purge "rsyslog"?21:28
fsmithredPriority: important21:28
fsmithredso yeah, I guess you can21:28
fsmithred it's not required21:28
James1138With Beowulf out now - I did not see a need to send system reports21:28
fsmithredyou still might want to view some logs once in awhile.21:29
James1138What does rsyslog do??21:29
fsmithredwrites syslog21:29
James1138I see it in the boot log21:29
James1138I just leave  it be.21:30
fsmithredgood idea21:30
eyalrozfsmithred: : Beowulf. But - it seems the problem was solved. Weirdest thing - the libavformat-dev library was marked as installed, but the header files were missing21:30
eyalrozI apt-get install --reinstall'ed it and then they were there21:30
fsmithredwas this an upgrade to beowulf?21:30
fsmithredJames1138, if you don't want the system to send you mail, you can get rid of exim421:31
James1138I was just thinking about finding and turning off any system reporting that may be running in the background no longer needed.21:32
eyalrozfsmithred: So, after working through another build configuration glitch, I got to an actual build failure in amarok:22:03
eyalrozthis is just FYI, not asking for anything.22:03
eyalroztoo bad that there's no Amarok in Debian anymore :-(22:03

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