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* enyc meows10:59
FatPhilOK, this will rank as one of the stupidest questions I've asked for a while - how do I find out how a (normal user's) cron job is being invoked?16:37
surroundercrontab -l16:38
BeerbelottHello, anyone having trouble reaching on of the mirrors for Devuan ( on, TCP/80?16:38
BeerbelottReverse is
surrounderworks here16:39
* onefang points my mirror checker script at it...16:39
FatPhilsurrounder: that fails for the same reason the cron job itself is failing - the user its running as no longer exists (this machine doesn't know the new location of my NIS server)16:39
BeerbelottIt seems to be back...16:39
r3bootsurrounder: is that you? :)16:39
surrounderFatPhil: check /var/spool/cron/crontabs ?16:40
BeerbelottThx for the quick answer ;)16:40
surrounderr3boot: ckah16:40
FatPhilthe fact that a tool is used, rather than you just pointing me to a file implies sometjhing's in /var...16:40
r3bootsmall world, jwtz :)16:40
BeerbelottThat makes me wonder...16:40 passed my checker.16:40
Beerbelottonefang: Yup it seems it was a temporary unavailability16:41
FatPhilsurrounder: yup - indeed, there the file is - thanks!16:41
BeerbelottTCP/433 was fin all along though16:42
surrounderFatPhil: :)16:43
FatPhilis there a simple package that sends out naggy emails when your mailbox gets too large? I don't want to actually block mails like a hard quota, just to nag.18:11
FatPhili'm postfix/postgrey-based.18:11
slvrsounds like a cronjob to me.18:13
gnarfaceyea, that's what cron is for18:13
gnarfacebasically you tell cron to run any command at any arbitrary interval18:16
gnarfacewell, minimum resolution 1 minute18:16
rwpHmm...  If their mailbox is too big then they are ignoring the emails already so emailing them does not seem like it would be productive. :-(18:18
gnarfacewell you could send a sms18:18
gnarfaceor email a second address that gets less traffic...18:19
gnarfaceor just have a command play audio real loud of the mail server screaming in pain or something18:19
r3bootSend a notification at, say, 75~85% full, another one around 95%, and once it's full, just dont accept any emails for that acct anymore. That'll make them call support so you can get them to cleanup their mailbox :)18:43
BeerbelottI created a script to check every IP address of the pool every 5 minutes18:53
BeerbelottIt seems rings the bell for not responding to connections on TCP/80 very regularly...18:53
BeerbelottIs its maintainer around here?18:53
BeerbelottBetween 1600Z & 1635Z every check was a fail for
FatPhilthey are not ignoring their emails - they just sometimes get tens of megabytes per day, and sometimes forget to move them to a done folder. I can write a simple "shame" script to mail the abusers daily, I guess, as a cron job.22:39
FatPhilwhich reminds me, I need to check on the results of the other thing I crontabbed up this afternoon.22:41
FatPhiland it's a fail, as '.' wasn't in @INC22:43

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