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xinomilois newest firefox from ceres working for people? (68.0.1-2 )11:21
xinomiloi can't get it to open any page.11:21
debdogmore reports on my beowulf experience: a good thing happened, autocompletion workes as root for aptitude OOTB. in former years I've had to set that up manually15:11
xrogaanit's a bashrc thing, isn't it?15:11
xrogaanxinomilo: check apparmor?15:12
xrogaanlogs and all that15:12
xinomiloalready did, nothing "DENIED"...15:13
xinomiloworking with firefox-esr atm, will try again later..15:14
xinomilostopped working after latest update..15:14
xinomilowhen i close buggy firefox i get these in .xsession-errors :15:30
xinomilo[Parent 22607, Gecko_IOThread] WARNING: pipe error (106): Connection reset by peer: file /build/firefox-loo0o6/firefox-68.0.1/ipc/chromium/src/chrome/common/, line 35815:30
xinomilo[Parent 22607, Gecko_IOThread] WARNING: pipe error (131): Connection reset by peer: file /build/firefox-loo0o6/firefox-68.0.1/ipc/chromium/src/chrome/common/, line 35815:30
beo_ulfdebdog: \o/ 2019 the year of TAB15:32
beo_ulfhave you noziced bash completion even completing remote paths for rsync IF you have access via a key?15:38
xinomilowtf, firefox is now working, after 2-3 close-open program.. (!?)15:40
debdogmagic, yesyes. another kind of magic: on beowulf hwinfo --framebuffer stopped listing available modes. which I need to set up the bootloader properly. found nothing on that on;dist=unstable and
debdogplease, someone on beowulf (AKA beo_ulf) can test this? I am talking about the lines starting with 'Mode' like15:43
debdogMode 0x035a: 1600x1200 (+6400), 24 bits15:43
r3bootassuming this is why you want to know the modes15:44
beo_ulfI'm typing on a debian notebook connected to ARM devuans...15:44
debdogr3boot: almost. I am using lilo. are they the same? however, I'd prefer a having a working hwinfo again15:46
debdogbeo_ulf: I see15:46
beo_ulfdoes vga=ask stop working?15:48
debdoghave not tried that yet15:48
beo_ulfhavent used it for yeaaaaars15:48
beo_ulfand vga=scan?15:48
beo_ulfor was scan a command to vga=ask?15:49
beo_ulfnot alkheimer... just loooong ago...15:49
r3bootlilo .. wow .. okay. Doesnt really matter tho, since both can pass vga= parameters to the kernel15:49
r3bootI'd submit a bugreport for hwinfo if you really need that info tho15:50
debdogbeo_ulf: lilo.conf does not mention 'scan'15:50
r3bootjust out of curiosity. Why use lilo instead of, say, syslinux?15:51
debdogr3boot: bug report, ok. I just have to collect more info15:51
beo_ulfok... then add vga=ask, rebot and enter scan instead of a vga mode15:51
debdogr3boot: I am used to it. it's as simpole as that15:51
beo_ulfI still dont see why booting an os (linux) needs an os (grub)15:52
beo_ulfbut I got tired swimming upstream somewhen15:52
beo_ulfand accepted grub15:52
r3bootbecause you need a bootloader (grub, syslinux, lilo, etc) to actually boot a kernel15:53
debdogrebooting... (which does not work either, but that's not beowulf related and I am working on that, too)15:53
beo_ulfgrub is an os... knowing FSes15:53
beo_ulflilo is a loader15:53
beo_ulfjust loading a list of blocks15:53
beo_ulflilo doesnt know FSes15:53
r3bootand that's why it cannot boot of LVM/md ;)15:53
beo_ulfthats a different dimension of complexityy15:53
r3bootbut, w/e, to each his/her/its own :)15:54
beo_ulfI did boot LVM without initrd via lilo15:54
beo_ulfbut nobody did care15:54
beo_ulfmentioned it in LVMs mailing list15:54
beo_ulfin LVM1 days15:54
beo_ulfkernel 2.2.13 or such15:55
r3bootgrub/syslinux do that out of the box15:55
beo_ulf20 yrs later15:55
r3bootyep, software evolves, just like bootloaders ;)15:56
beo_ulfgrub is an OS!15:56
r3bootwhat-fsck'in-ever :)15:56
beo_ulfI only use it because I'm lazy...15:56
beo_ulfits typical gnu bloat...15:57
beo_ulfbut default on installs15:57
debdoglilo's scan did not list the display's native resolution (which hwinfo did) so I suppose the scan is incomplete16:01
beo_ulfok... life happens... I need to slay some buerocracy now...16:02
beo_ulfthat triggers alergies... :-P16:02
* debdog dubs beo_ulf beo_quijote16:04
debdoginstalled hwinfo and related packages from ascii and now hwinfo --framebuffer works as expected. no success in compilg it from source or it just takes aaaaaages (like it's running for mor than an hout now)18:06
debdogone debian buster user confirmed my issue18:07

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