libera/#devuan/ Friday, 2019-07-26

stanzI wonder if this would be the place, to ask about serving & torrenting devuan iso's...on my i2p eepsite & tracker2.postman?02:42
Xenguystanz: Sure why not?  It's 'devuan' related, right?02:46
XenguyIdle awhile, and I'm sure one of the staff will pick up the thread02:46
stanzyes..devuan iso's - maybe an icon on website?02:58
golinuxstanz:  A bit of searching should find the answer03:19
stanzgolinux: thx03:41
XenguyAlways a fount of information04:13
kreyrenare there any changes to openrc on devuan?06:33
kreyrentrying debian testing openrc and it keeps halting06:33
kreyrenwell to clerify my debian is franken06:36
golinuxDevuan does not currently have a repo that would match Debian Bullseye06:38
golinuxWe have not yet released Beowulf/Buster06:40
kreyrenit doesn't need to match as long as it's apt06:40
xinomilono problems with openrc in testing/ceres09:03
Venkerhi people09:13
xkr47hi :)13:18
ejruntil when will devuan jessie be supported?16:11
ejrincluding all of 2020, or until the beginning of 2020?16:12
fsmithredI don't know. Check debian lts schedule16:13
ejrah, it's based on the debian lts schedule. alright, will do that16:13
ejrit's june 30, 202016:13
fsmithredthat sounds familiar16:14

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