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x3dreIs there any other repositories for deb ceres main ?01:56
x3drelike updates and security ?01:57
x3dreAs I can't find them ...01:57
gnarfaceno updates and security for ceres, that's the unstable branch01:58
gnarfaceyou want ascii, ascii-updates, and ascii-security01:58
gnarface(beowulf hopefully coming soon)01:58
x3dregnarface thx as I want to use some of the upstream files. So for the time just I can use ceres main and ascii-updates and ascii-security ?02:01
gnarfacex3dre: no, that wouldn't work.  you would use ceres and just assume that everything that went into ascii-updates and ascii-security was already processed into ceres by then02:05
gnarfacex3dre: alternately, you would use ascii, ascii-updates, ascii-security and ascii-backports02:06
x3dreok so don't mix and match ...?02:06
gnarfaceascii-backports may have the stuff you want from ceres, then you can rely on the rest of ascii.02:06
gnarfacecorrect, don't mix and match.  that's a real bad idea.02:06
fsmithredyou might get away with mixing beowulf and ceres, but even that could result in problems02:06
x3dreok thx :)02:06
x3drebeowulf has a likely release before the end of the year ?02:07
fsmithredyeah, I'd put a little money on that bet02:07
gnarfacemaybe.  no official word yet.02:07
x3dreok thx :)02:07
fsmithredwe've had a couple of hard pushes at the end of the year in the past.02:08
fsmithredit may happen again02:08
x3dreHave a good night - time for my ZZZzzz... :)02:13
r3boothkaddoil: could you please fix your connection? Your client is spamming this channel09:42
hkaddoil....oh, sorry so much... r3boot09:43
hkaddoilI am using a proxy behind the great firewall :)09:43
* hkaddoil quitting.09:43
x3dreI finally gave  up with virtualbox and now trying qemu. Then I run into this : Error #1Could not access KVM kernel module:10:41
x3dreNo such file or directory qemu-system-x86_64: failed to initialize KVM: No such file or directory10:42
x3dreis KVM a deb file?10:42
onefangThe qemu-kvm package I think is what you need.10:43
x3dreok thx :)10:43
x3dreqemu-kvm is already the newest version (1:4.1-1).10:44
x3dreIt is installed  already.10:44
onefangIs qemu-system-x86 installed?10:47
onefangDunno then, sorry.10:48
x3dreok thx.10:49
gnarfacex3dre: are you using the stock kernel?10:50
gnarfacethe stock kernel should have support10:50
x3dredevuan 5.2.0-2-686 #1 SMP Debian 5.2.9-2 (2019-08-21) i686 GNU/Linux10:50
gnarfacemaybe see if the module is present but just not loaded?10:50
x3dreRemind me how I do that plz ;)  ?10:51
gnarface"modprobe kvm"10:51
gnarfaceas root10:52
x3drereply is nothing.10:52
gnarfaceyou can check for it in the output of "lsmod" before and after10:52
gnarfaceno reply means it worked10:52
gnarfacein theory, anyway10:53
gnarfaceyou might also want to load kvm_intel or kvm_amd as appropriate10:53
gnarfacefor your cpu10:53
x3drekvm                   495616  0irqbypass              16384  1 kvm10:54
gnarfacebut the right one should also have loaded on it's own10:54
gnarfaceso it's a mystery what went wrong stilll10:54
x3drehow to I load the kvm_intel or kvm_amd ?10:54
gnarfacesame way10:55
gnarfacebut you gotta load the right one probably10:55
x3dreinsmod kvm_intelinsmod: ERROR: could not load module kvm_intel: No such file or directory10:57
gnarfacesame with the amd one?10:58
gnarfacestill missing something, i'm not sure what10:59
x3drere-install the operating system mght help ?10:59
gnarfacebut searching for your missing packages might11:03
gnarfaceor whatever it is that you did weird with your install11:03
gnarfaceit works really well for most people11:04
gnarfacebut it is complicated to set up11:04
gnarfaceyou do need to read some documentation11:04
gnarfacedid you install by debootstrap or something?11:04
onefangOr if you are doing this on a desktop, virt-manager makes things a little simpler.11:05
x3dreOk I'll try virt-manager.11:06
x3dreI don't remember installing debootstrap from the devuan live usb...11:06
x3dregotta go for awhile I'll be back later :)11:07
onefangDebootstrap is a method of installing.11:07
gnarfaceoh it's the live installer, hmm. interesting11:25
gnarfacemaybe i'm wrong then, maybe reinstalling isn't a bad idea...11:25
r3bootActually, given a default distro install, getting KVM to run should not be much more then installing qemu and libvirt (and possibly virt-manager)12:13
r3bootkvm_intel and kvm_amd are part of a standard kernel (or should be)12:13
r3bootstarting libvirt should automagically load those drivers as well12:14
r3bootdont forget to add your user to the libvirt group tho :)12:14
fsmithredDon't you need to be in the kvm group to use qemu-kvm?13:06
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Bureksir, your oopsie is recorded in our oopsie database and will be used against you. have a good day!18:31
_CcCcC_uh oh ahah18:45
Evilham(is kinda what an accidental yubikey activation looks like X-D)18:56
Evilhamhappens surprisingly often18:57
Wonkaso where can one log in now with that?19:03

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