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no_9oh! nana! can thus truely be the end? to be snuck astride of mobius with the infinite hues of ken?00:50
nexgenI am trying to install npm from backports but it does not want to06:35
nexgenI have to install dependencies package by package manually06:37
nexgenspecifying their newest version in the backports06:38
nexgenI have an apt preference06:38
nexgenPackage: *06:38
nexgenPin: release a=ascii-backports06:38
nexgenPin-Priority: 150006:38
rrqapt works in mysterious ways: try with "-t ascii-backports"06:52
nexgenthanks, it helped07:03
nexgenmay be /etc/apt/preferences is obsolete07:13
nexgenmove to /etc/apt/preferences.d/07:13
nexgenunknown if it works though07:13
rrqperhaps your "a=" should say "n=" .. a bit hard to test now, though08:07
free_speechhello. just a short question before I try to install devuan - which init-system does it use? runit? sysvinit?09:31
omniosysvinit (openrc is possible too)09:42
agrisfree_speech, sysv by default, OpenRC as an option09:48
agrisI use OpenRC09:48
free_speechDue to some problems for me understanding torrent, I can't seed myself, but can :-)  I uploaded the installer-isos.
pav5088How dangerous is Beowulf?  Is it semi-usable?10:42
debdogfree_speech: there already is a torrent:
debdogbut I have to admit, it's really hard to find if one starts looking for it on devuan.org10:43
gnarfacepav5088: it is semi-usable10:44
gnarfaceand there are people using it10:45
* pav5088 nods... Oh well... here goes nothing then. :)10:45
free_speechpav5088: Do you have a point to avoid the current stable release named "ASCII" ?10:46
pav5088free_speech, I'm currently running Ascii on this box, so I'll go from there.  I think I saw someone post a mini-cd version of Beowulf in my travels, though I might be misremembering.10:49
avboxDoes anyone use microcode kernel updates in initrd.img? Is this important? If yes, why? To disable them do I need to build two initrd.img files or is there a switch from command line before starting kernel?10:59
free_speechis this microcode stuff related to this spectre vulnerability of the CPUs ?11:10
gnarfaceavbox, free_speech yea, i think that does include spectre/meltdown fixes, among others11:14
gnarfacedunno if there's a way to disable the feature without rebuilding, but the actual microcode updates are in some other package ...11:15
gnarfaceso you might not need to11:15
free_speechare there even spectre/meltdown exploits existing? What would happen if someone would drive a spectre attack?11:35
avboxfree_speech: As long as I understand it, it is not only spectre/meltdown.11:58
avboxgnarface: Spectre/Meltdown can be included into cpu and into kernel. But some kernel "bugs" you need microkernel update. Point is the initrd.img is completely different and yes I would like to have the choose (starting with and without it). My currently state is I need two initrd.img files to do this because as soon as microcode update is included12:01
avboxin initrd, it is (at very first stage) loaded to cpu.12:01
buZz# date15:58
buZzTue 10 Sep 2019 03:57:44 PM CEST15:58
buZzlol wtf15:58
buZzwho made that bullshit default :P15:58
buZzCurrent default time zone: 'Europe/Amsterdam'15:58
buZzwhhyyyyy PM15:58
buZzupdate-locale LC_TIME=C.UTF-816:05
buZzjust needed to login again16:07
jaromilyou rly don't like Amsterdam do you16:12
* fsmithred loves Amsterdam16:12
jaromilAMS loves you <316:13
jaromileh you are missed16:14
fsmithredbuZz, the PM in the date output is for those few of us who still own analog clocks.16:17
fsmithredactually, even most of the digital clocks only do 12 hours.16:17
onefangAt least it wasn't 15:57:44 PM.  B-)16:18
buZzwelp, the change was because of buster's change to en_US.utf816:21
buZzwhich altered the LC_TIME field of that locale16:21
buZz'to be more correct' , breaking >10yr of format ;)16:21
fsmithredthat's my locale. wtf did they do now?16:22
buZzthey changed the default time format to feature some AM/PM thingy for ppl unable to read time16:28
fsmithredoh, I see16:28
buZzi changed LC_TIME to be C.UTF-8 , and now i have normal time format16:29
fsmithredwhere did you set that?16:29
buZz/etc/defaults/locale iirc16:29
buZzwell, i did ;  update-locale LC_TIME=C.UTF-816:30
fsmithredah, yeah16:30
buZzas root16:30
buZzwhich edits that file16:30
buZzthen you need to logout&back in16:30
buZzor ssh localhost, to confirm ;)16:30
buZzmight be something handy for the 'upgrade to beowulf' list?16:31
fsmithredthat didn't change it here. The line got added to /etc/default/locale, but after logging out/in, date still uses PM16:34
James1138Minor question about Devuan ASCII and XFCE desktop. Is there any tweak and/or setting to make the desktop icons auto-align/auto-sort?  Example: I plug in a USB drive and it shows on desktop - but when I remove the USB drive - it disappears and leaves a "hole" instead.16:36
fsmithredJames1138, I've never found a way to do that in xfce. Changing display size will re-order the icons, but it's messy.16:41
James1138Ok. Thanks fsmithred. No big deal - I can live with it but was just wondering.16:42
fsmithredbtw, that hole can be useful if you have a lot of icons on the desktop16:43
fsmithredhalf the time I plug something in, I can't find the icon on the desktop16:43
fsmithredbut if I unplug it, the hole is easy to see16:43
buZzfsmithred: also on ssh localhost?16:53
fsmithredbuZz, I didn't try ssh, but I did try a reboot. No change.17:31
buZzweird af17:31
buZzmy workstation has the same problem, lets see if my fix helps17:32
buZzbuzz@h81m:~$ date17:32
buZzTue 10 Sep 2019 05:32:12 PM CEST17:32
fsmithredok, yeah, it does work on ssh localhost17:32
buZzweird, why wouldnt a reboot work, but ssh localhost -do- ? O_o17:33
fsmithredno clue17:33
buZzwhere else could LC_TIME originate from?17:33
fsmithredI don't know17:34
buZzi removed /etc/pulse assuming that apt install pulseaudio would bring back defaults19:35
buZzbut it didnt?19:35
buZzok, apt purge pulseaudio; apt install pulseaudio19:37
buZzthat -did- bring them back :)19:37
buZzstill not working though , unable to find my soundcard in pulse19:37
buZzapt remove timidity19:41
buZzand boom, pulseaudio suddenly works19:41
buZzwhat a clown package19:41
buZzlol chromium 'audio renderer error. please restart your computer'19:42
buZzok, just a restart of chromium 'is enough19:43
james1138Sorry all for bounced in and out. I am changing to Pidgin for my IRC chats instead of the browser.20:39
furrywolfwhatever irc client you were using is broken, and doesn't send parts/quits correctly.20:42
james1138Ahh... thanks.  Found that and turned it off20:45
dagelfI thought you all would like to know that I crashed the latest systemd doing some pretty trivial stuff :-p22:38
dagelfon latest ubuntu22:38
dagelfsmile and be happy22:38
james1138<Homer Simspon voice>   ....DOH!!22:40
MinceRone way to make systemd on ubuntu hang is to have it manage an nfs client, shutdown the nfs server, then shutdown the ubuntu box22:42

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