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mcris there a new live/rescue image that has dm_raid module?00:09
fsmithredI just uploaded some refracta no-X beowulf isos00:13
fsmithredmdadm is installed00:13
fsmithredmcr ^^^00:13
mcroh, thank you.  I could try that.00:20
mcrI wish the torrent files were easier to find on
fsmithredthere are no official devuan torrents or isos for beowulf yet00:22
fsmithredmcr, you want the ascii point release isos?00:23
mcrI found the torrent in the files... it was a bit obvious once I realized it was a file :-)00:24
fsmithredit's on the front page of files.devuan.org00:24
mcrI just prefer to torrent stuff, and then seed :-)00:25
fsmithredgreat, we probably need more seeders00:25
mcrI was just all like... but I don't want files... I want... Oh, there it is.00:25
EHeMGiven its unreleased nature, I wouldn't expect any sort of official beowulf available at all.00:25
mcrdoes 2.1 have dm_raid?00:25
buZzquite sure every devuan release ever has that enabled00:25
mcrI just need something with a kernel newer than jessie had, and with dm_raid to fix a LVM server whose disks are dying.00:26
fsmithredpretty sure we added lvm and mdadm to the 2.1 live isos00:26
mcr(yes, both of them)00:26
onefangI intend to add Devuan torrents to me Devuan ISO mirror.  Sooner or later.  It's on the TODO pile.00:26
mcrlvm was on 2.0, but the dm_raid module is not.00:26
fsmithredone second and I'll check00:26
fsmithredyeah, mdadm is installed00:27
fsmithredit's in both minimal-live and desktop-live00:28
golinuxmcr: The torrent link is on the index page00:29
mcrCould: where it says: Images will eventually be available via p2p torrent(s).00:33
mcrjust say: "Torrent files can be found at
mcroh, no /devuan_ascii part.00:34
mcror maybe the torrent file could go into the distro dir too :-) hard links are cheap.00:34
huuuhhshould I install mkfs?  Trying to make a usb bootable but there is no utility in devuan to use, supposed to use dd, but I hate command line crap00:34
fsmithredhuuuhh, you want to put an iso on usb to install the system to hard drive?00:35
huuuhh I want to try this fork
huuuhhon live00:36
fsmithredI don't recall if that one has special instructions, but I think you just dd or cat the iso to the whole device00:36
huuuhhI feel like I'm bloating and probably making the system unstable by installing thihngs00:37
mcrI also wish the install iso ran isolinux on /dev/ttyS0 too :-)00:37
huuuhhI'm following instructions that say to format it first00:37
huuuhhbut wondering if there was already a tool installed00:38
huuuhhdoes dd format by default?00:38
fsmithredno, dd does its own thing, which will include wiping the partition table00:39
fsmithredI suggest following some of the links to the avmultimedia sites00:39
fsmithreddo it the way they say to do it. It's different from most live systems around.00:39
mcrrefacta gave me no working init found. tried on kvm too.00:43
mcr and
fsmithredmcr, check sha256sum?00:56
huhhdoes dd have no sort of progress indicator, or is it hung up?
Acaciahuhh: status= in the man page, there's a progress option01:04
huhhah ok... I see it is working hard in htop01:04
mcrstock GNU dd has none.01:34
mcrBSD dd has, via termios ^T a status output, which is really cool. (On *BSD kernels only)01:35
fsmithredI use pv with dd for a progress bar01:37
fsmithredmcr, did you get that to boot?01:59
EHeMHypervisors and TCP/IP have their moments, halt the computer, freezing all the VMs and ~30 min later when restarting the VMs come back with even an SSH connection surviving.02:26
huh81when Iog in as recovery in the command line to install the Nvidia driver, I get it started then get the message that I have to stop the nouveau drivers.  What is the specific command to do that, I've found conflicting information online.05:39
golinuxBeen years since I had a video card but iirc had to blacklist nouveau05:43
huh81even my on board chip is Nvidia05:52
huh81what is the startx and stopx equivalent?05:54
huh81killall Xorg, does that work?05:57
huh81anybody ever install Nvidia drivers in Devuan?05:57
furrywolfI have not.  the only box I have with an nvidia card is using the free driver.06:00
furrywolf(which is buggy crap, but I don't care if that box works or not, so...)06:01
furrywolfto restart X, I usually restart the display manager, i.e. /etc/init.d/gdm/slim/whatever restart06:02
huh81Interestingly, I saw online the gdm folder mentioned, but it is not on this computer... I do however have slim06:04
furrywolfsorry, I mixed up / as in path seperate and / as in alternative options.06:05
furrywolf /etc/init.d/((gdm)|(slim)|(whatever))  :)06:06
huh81I see06:06
huh81the Nvidia install somehow detects that there are Nouveau drivers present, the wording of it makes me think the drivers are running thus I should be able to stop them... although why they are running in the console I don't know.06:09
furrywolfI don't think the drivers run as a seperate thing, just as part of X, but I haven't used them in ages so who knows...06:09
huh81so to stop it -->   /etc/init.d/slim stop    ???06:10
golinuxSearch "bklacklist noveau" and you will find the answer06:13
golinuxsorry for the typo.06:13
huhhone error down, thank you.  Now the Nvidia install script is complaining that it can't find the kernel source code tree... or something like that06:17
furrywolfyou probably need to install the kernel-headers package appropriate for your kernel06:18
furrywolfif you're just using the stock kernel, that would probably be linux-headers-amd6406:20
furrywolfif you're using the backports kernel, linux-headers-4.19.0-0.bpo.5-amd6406:21
huhhLinux 4.9.0-11-amd64 x86_6406:21
furrywolfthat looks like the stock kernel, so apt-get install linux-headers-amd6406:22
huhhcan't stop slim now for some reason
huhhI'll just reboot and try it06:26
furrywolfI'd assume that would mean slim isn't running.06:27
huhhbut I'm in the windowed environment06:27
furrywolfyou could have multiple managers installed, and are not using slim.06:29
huhhhapparently it worked!  Didn't see the Nvida splash screen at boot though like I have before, but nvidia-smi indicates my driver06:54
huhhhI bet it will crash a lot less now06:54
furrywolfyeah, don't get your hopes up.  the nividia driver does not have a great reputation.06:57
huhhhit's got to be easier on the processor06:59
procrai tried to run the “orca” program bun it gives me two warnings and one error. The error looks related to a system service.  this is the error output: (orca:693): dbind-ERROR **: 23:15:10.648: AT-SPI: Couldn't connect to accessibility bus. Is at-spi-bus-launcher running? Trace/breakpoint trap06:59
procraoh, i think this is the wrong place to report it. sorry07:04
huhhhWindow response isa lot faster when I shake them around, there is no lag now07:06
huhhhwell a little bit, but not crazy with ghost image like the nouveau driver07:07
wildjamesI read somewhere that devuan team is falling appart, should i be worried that i have to reinstall in the near future? I finnaly have something that works with my 2 nvidia cards it would be a shame to go through that again10:18
tse_wildjames: wondergin teh same myself :)11:14
se7en-Would it be against the rules to just ask the ML how they're doing13:47
se7en-I once got banned for sending something I found funny with [Off-topic] to the ML13:47
se7en-So I wonder what is and isn't allowed13:48
gnarfacewhy don't you drop into #devuan-dev and ask them there?13:50
gnarfacei don't know13:50
se7en-Is this not the official channel?13:53
gnarfacethis is the official channel13:54
fsmithredtse_, tell wildjames that we just released an updated ascii and we're working on beowulf isos now. There's been no falling apart.13:54
tse_awesome news fsmithred :)13:55
se7en-I still think you should add Pulseaudio to the banned/philosophy page13:56
fsmithredse7en-, some people want/need it13:58
fsmithredif you want to avoid lots of dependencies, don't install the desktop from the isos. Add the parts you want manually.13:59
huhhhfsmithred: "if you want to avoid lots of dependencies, don't install the desktop from the isos. Add the parts you want manually." but the ISO doesn't give you a choice17:45
huhhhSo I apparently successfully installed the Nvidia drivers, but apparently I have the Nouveau kernel module still... should I worry about it?
golinuxhuhhh: For the 3rd time . . . blacklist nouveau.  I'm surprised it works at all with nouveau still active.17:56
golinuxThis is the way I used to do it:
huhhhI did blacklist it, did it not take because it shows Nvidia and nouveau modules?
golinuxThings seem to have changed since I had to do it.  This info is very useful:
huhhhMy question is, since nouveau shows up under installed modules "Kernel modules: nouveau, nvidia", but not under driver, if it means that nouveau is still active?18:05
golinuxsgfxi is an automated nvidia install script and it is a wonder!18:05
golinuxIn that documentation it seems you can now switch back and forth18:06
golinuxIt's been a decade sine I've had to deal with this issue .  nouveau works a treat for me and saves a huge headache.18:07
huhhhIt must be better to install the nvidia driver if you have nvidia equipment though18:08
golinuxNo nividia on my working machine.18:12
fsmithredhuhhh, the choice in the installer is at the tasksel screen, where you can un-check some items.18:12
fsmithredjust install standard system utilities and then reboot into the new system and install whatever window manager or desktop environment and other apps you want.18:13
fsmithredtakes longer that way, but if you're picky about what's on your system, you can customize it exactly the way you want18:14
huhhhOK I'm just going to pretend the nouveau modules are gone lol... it doesn't seem to matter if the module still exists in teh kernel, as long as the right driver is running18:30
huhhhI'm editing GRUB to see if that will make the nouveau module disappear.  Is it correct to have the command inside quotes as shown here?
huuuhhhStill shows nouveau kernel module is there... oh well.
yann-kaeligHi. pbuilder-dist doesn't works with devuan ? I'm trying pbuilder-dist ascii amd64 create and the software is looking to ! Am I doing something wrong ?19:14
debdogascii is not an ubuntu release. pbuilder-dist seems to be part of ubuntu-dev-tools but not debian package builder.19:22
yann-kaeligdebdog: Hi. Yes you right that what I found, but it's look like it's also used with debian. At least the project I want ot build using it with debian too.19:24
debdogdo you intend to build ubuntu packages?19:26
debdoghmm, or try stretch instead of ascii19:30
yann-kaeligdebdog: yep, thx19:32
yann-kaeligit's still ugly what happens to distributions with this division.  I am a little afraid of the result and the problems that I will encounter with this pbuilder-dist soup19:40
yann-kaeligwell it didn't last long, error, lol thx you very muche :D19:46
yann-kaeligthx for your help19:47
thomaspeteroberlgood evening, is torbrowser working with devuan ascii?20:27
thomaspeteroberlwhat would you recommend - download the browser from the Tor-Site or get the torbrowser-launcher installed?20:30
OldmossI'm not the right one to answer what's best, but I downloaded it from Tor-Site20:31
thomaspeteroberlthank you Oldmoss20:32

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