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systemdlete2laptop no longer has wireless access.  If I hit refresh in the wicd applet, it tells me no wirelss networks were found.10:36
systemdlete2It used to work, up until about the time I upgraded to 2.110:36
systemdlete2the wirelss is qca9377 atheros10:37
systemdlete2I do have wired access atm which is how I am chatting here10:37
systemdlete2the ath module is loaded10:40
systemdlete2also, I've tried restarting wicd a couple of times now10:43
systemdlete2lshw:  This device has been disabled.   AH!10:56
systemdlete2(but why?)10:56
systemdlete2rfkill -- had to unblock it11:02
systemdlete2I forgot about that leetle detail.  I don't understand how it got to that state though.11:02
omniomaybe you pressed some (fn+)F key combination accidentally?11:05
systemdlete3Like the one with the airplane on it?  :D11:06
GyrosGeiersystemdlete3, I have the same effect on my laptop13:46
GyrosGeierwhen I close the lid for the first time, that causes rfkill softblocks on both wifi and bluetooth13:46
infingersimple question, what is default network manager in ascii 2.1?17:09
infingerthere is no option to have network-manager, modemmanager, modemmanagerdui combo?17:10
jaromili think network-manager was patched to work but not sure, not using it17:10
infingeri see17:11
infingerhmm, need some good manager to 3g/4g connection, USSD codes, sms17:12
GyrosGeieryour modem doesn't speak QMI?17:13
GyrosGeiermy entire 4G setup is just a "pre-up" line in /etc/network/interfaces that tells qmi to activate the interface17:13
infingerhmm never tried this17:15
infingerI mean it's only console based?17:16
infingeranyway, thank you17:23
huuhhhinfinger, I am trying to get network-manager to work as well, will report here if and when I succeed18:22
poontangmessiah_fsmithred, forgot to tell you, the issue is not X, it's between AMD and kernel 4.1918:51
huuhhhJust had two shutdown crashes in a row(screen blank and system spontaneously and instantly restarts), first was while using GIMP, while VLC was converting, while about 30 Firefox tabs were open, next was on reboot with nothing running, but I was messing with wicd and network-manager, samething, then was able to boot only after 2nd try, first time desktop did not load21:08
huuhhhit was up for over 24 hours before that so not bad, I prefer a freeze up to those spontaneous restarts.  My system is not the best though(maybe could use a new power supply) and only Ubuntu studio has been as solid(until it committed suicide via update)21:11
Lydia_KThat sounds like a overheating reboot to me.21:13
huuhhhmakes sense21:13
nemohuuhhh: might want to add a temperature sensor21:15
nemousually it's pretty obvious before it gets that bad21:15
nemoand you might be able to adjust CPU profile to prevent it happening as well21:15
huuhhhI have an older video card that some OS's seem to run hotter doing things like vlc conversions or rendering in openshot21:15
nemowhich should probably happen automatically really21:16
nemohuuhhh: VLC uses GPU these days for encoding?21:16
nemoactually huh. didn't know VLC encoded for that matter21:16
nemoguess it makes sense that it can21:16
specingcould also be cpu bug21:16
specinghappens to me on t40021:16
nemorandom ass search for "cpu overheating linux" on DDG which I know is not a unique problem21:17
nemothermald sounds the most promising to me21:19
huuhhhlast install vlc would crash after completing conversion, I have Nvidia driver installed this time and haven't noticed that problem.21:19
nemo  but maybe start by getting that temperature info in the first place21:19
* nemo shrugs21:19
huuhhh fairly high cpu21:21
specinghuuhhh: set up netconsole logging21:22
huuhhhjust crashed on vlc conversion completion21:29
golinuxBlow out the dust bunnies!21:29
huuhhhit looked like it finished up fine too21:29
huuhhhI don't think it's heat related21:30
nemohuuhhh: you know, instead of abusing your CPU like this, how about adding some of that monitoring already21:30
nemohuuhhh: but it would take like... what, 5 minutes to enable it just in case?21:30
huuhhhthermald is installed, can't find the gui for it if there is one21:30
nemoodds are decent your desktop-of-choice even has a temperature tool21:30
nemoused to be minecraft killed my desktop until I added water cooling21:31
nemomostly due to friends running exploit farms21:31
huuhhhlol that's funny, the software that comes with devuan is not very complete21:31
onefangI like to use conky for monitoring things on the desktop.21:31
nemowas so bad that I had this running for a while to avoid them ruining the machine21:32
nemo#!/bin/bash TEMP=$(/usr/bin/sensors | /bin/grep -A1 Adapter: PCI adapter | /bin/grep temp1 | /usr/bin/awk {print $2} | /bin/sed s/\+//;s/°.*//;s/\..*//) if(($TEMP>75)) then /bin/kill $(/usr/bin/top -n 1 -b | /bin/grep -v 0: | /bin/grep -A1 %CPU | /usr/bin/tail -n1 | /usr/bin/awk {print $1}) fi21:32
nemoapologies for crappy syntax, was a quick and dirty "stop killing my box" thing ☺21:32
huuhhhwhat is this thermal daemon piece of crap?21:33
huuhhhwhy did you have me install this?21:33
nemoI didn't make you install anything.  I linked to some pages that had some info on temperature stuff21:34
nemostop blaming others21:34
nemo"Linux thermal daemon (thermald) monitors and controls temperature in laptops, tablets PC with the latest Intel sandy bridge and latest Intel CPU releases. Once the system temperature reaches a certain threshold, the Linux daemon activates various cooling methods to try to cool the system. "21:34
nemobut as to what it is, the debian page seems concise enough21:34
huuhhhit's crap.  Give me something not obscure.  sudo apt remove thermald21:38
huuhhhThere is some bug crashing the system after doing vlc conversion21:39
huuhhhThis was the reason I reinstalled over my last Devuan system21:39
huuhhhI'll try another conversion this time with firefox closed21:40
nemoit appears it is supposed to work automatically, which could explain the obscurity, but do as you like21:42
huuhhhI don't like apps working in secrecy lol21:43
nemothere's certainly pretty reporting tools with guis out there, but doesn't seem to be the intent of that thing21:43
nemohuuhhh: uh-huh...21:43
nemothen you should probably take the time to actually read man pages and configs21:43
nemoinstead of "apt-remove" everything without a gtk widget21:43
debdogif anything, a gui obscures things21:44
huuhhhI went to the pages and I lost patience, the want to laud themselves but not give you any commands.  Intel can kiss my ass21:47
huuhhhhalfway through VLC conversion...21:49
specinghuuhhh: update microcode?21:53
huuhhhsince other distros can do VLC conversions and not crash, I don't think it's my hardware at fault21:55
specingmaybe other distros ship microcode updates by default?21:56
huuhhhI thought you meant firmware, maybe I don't know what microcode means21:57
huuhhhalmost done21:57
huuhhh...I'm baaaack... and, it crashed22:03
huuhhhright after seeming to complete... right at the end where it is finishing up.  Locked up rather than the jarring spontaneous restart this time...22:04
huuhhhIt did the exact same thing on my last Devuan desktop that was a netinstall running MATE.  I don't remember if I had Nvidia drivers on that, netinstall may have installed them.22:08
huuhhhIt seems odd that it completes just to the end of the file then kills everything.22:10
nemohave you installed any kind of temperature measuring tool yet.  mate-sensors-applet for example22:12
nemoand... anything in your system log pre-crash?22:12
huuhhhlast thing in syslog is hours ago22:17
huuhhhI just removed then reinstalled vlc, in case something it needed got corrupted somehow22:22
huuhhhhere we go again...
huuhhh"maybe other distros ship microcode updates by default" oh, that was a joke, right?22:32
huuhhhcrashed again.. not during but right after VLC conversion to mp4 was complete22:50
huuhhhI thought it worked on this system, I'll have to re-install Devuan I suppose22:51
specinghuuhhh: why do you think it would be a joke?22:53
AntoFoxhi guys22:53
AntoFoxany news?22:53
specingabout what22:54
huuhhhbecause firmware is something that is specially installed, not something that can differ from distro to distro22:54
specingsome distros ship microcode updates by default22:57
AntoFoxbeowulf :)22:57
huuhhhI doubt that23:07
huuhhhoh, I see they are not persistent23:07
huuhhhis there a devuan respin that uses network-manager rather than wicd?23:10
masonhuuhhh: It's worth looking at installing from a live environment. With debootstrap you can install however you like.23:12
huuhhhdebootstrap looks like fun, it seems like you give the address and it downloads the whole system23:20

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