libera/#devuan/ Thursday, 2019-12-19

huuhhhwell, time to retreat to my LXDE harddrive to get some work done, I will try reinstalling and see if I can at any point do the convert/save function of VLC without it crashing the whole system right after finishing the job.00:17
huuhhhit seems I used to be able to do so00:18
tuxd3vhello, does any one have freeipa-server, installed?02:25
tuxd3vif so, how do you managed to do so.02:26
tuxd3vthanks :)02:26
raph_aelhi, I read about sinit and s6 on though they are not present in repos, is it a WIP ? thanks10:07
xrogaanIs there a nntp server for the lists?17:07
buZzfor the mailinglists?17:07
buZzi dont think so17:07

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