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stovepipewhats with the intel drivers missing on install now03:28
stovepipesome new shady lawyerisms?03:28
stovepipeno intel wireless/ethernet during install on 2.103:45
stovepipe2.0 is fine03:45
stovepipenot so good for walking people through it over the fone heh03:45
stovepipeassuming using 2.0 media and upgrading will be an acceptable result03:46
stovepipebut i would like to hear the details about why that is the case03:46
golinuxNot intentional03:47
stovepipedebian is the same i guess right03:47
stovepipeso whats the current solution?03:47
fsmithreddebian doesn't include the non-free firmware on their regular isos03:48
golinuxHave you tried a Debian install?03:48
stovepipewhy would i do that heh03:48
golinuxAh, right.03:48
stovepipeall the search engine responses are debian though03:48
fsmithredI do a debian install at least once every few months just for a reality check03:49
golinuxBut it should be included on Devuan isos03:49
stovepipeit would be hard to miss during testing since its the intel crap thats literally everywhere03:49
golinuxI'd actually forgotten that Debian does not include firmware03:49
stovepipeso i assume theres no glaring differences between 2.0 and 2.103:50
fsmithredthe most important difference between the older and newer installer isos is that the newer ones have newer version of apt03:50
fsmithredwhich got an important patch03:50
stovepipei'm having the customer install with 2.0 and upgrade03:51
fsmithredthat'll work03:51
golinuxfsmithred: Why isn't the firmware on 2.1?03:52
fsmithredI didn't test 2.1 on hardware install on anything that had wireless03:52
fsmithredit is there03:52
fsmithredand you get asked about nonfree and contrib if you choose expert install03:52
fsmithredbut I don't know if it automatically installs firmware on regular install like 2.0 did03:53
stovepipeso they are on the install media?03:53
fsmithredin /firmware03:53
fsmithred(which are all symlinks to the packages in /pool)03:53
fsmithreddo you know which firmware package is needed?03:54
fsmithredthere are at least three for intel03:54
golinuxI thought you had to use expert to AVOID non-free not to get it!03:54
fsmithredyeah, that's correct03:54
fsmithredhad to use expert and choose a mirror03:54
golinuxFrom the install instructions: "If you would like to select an alternate bootloader (lilo) or exclude non-free firmware, you must select one of the Expert install options."03:55
golinuxnon-free firmware should be available on all the install media03:56
stovepipefsmithred: i didnt take note if the details03:57
stovepipeoh but i know which laptop the customer has03:57
stovepipei'm testing on my T510 and its doing it also03:59
stovepipeso wait, will the expert mode work or not lol03:59
stovepipei have to see for myself so i dont run into it again03:59
fsmithredexpert should ask you about contrib/nonfree04:00
fsmithredand also about deb-src04:00
fsmithredand I can't test that because I just gave away the laptop with the intel wireless04:00
fsmithredyou're sure it didn't install?04:02
stovepipeyup, wouldnt config network at all, wireless or ethernet04:03
stovepipei cant have a customer going through this expert install04:03
fsmithreddid you make sure that wicd knew what interface to look for?04:03
stovepipeover the fone from 100 miles away lol04:03
stovepipe2.0 installer finds it all fine04:03
stovepipe2.1 spits out the error: the missing firmware files are: iwlwwifi-3160-17.ucode04:05
fsmithredso it does find it04:06
fsmithredand 2.0 works on the laptop in question?04:06
stovepipehis and mine04:06
stovepipehe's using netinst 2.0 right now04:06
stovepipei'm just fiddling so i know what to expect in the future04:07
stovepipefeel free to ask for testing that in the future, i have T510's and T520's04:12
stovepipei'm always on freenode if i'm not in here04:12
fsmithredI'm going to test the netinstall on a laptop that has realtek wireless04:14
fsmithredsee if it does what I expect04:15
fsmithredif I'm lucky, it'll get to the tasksel window before I fall asleep04:19
stovepipethe only other wireless i have is an old athlon xp with a rt250004:20
stovepipeactually i think that has 2.0 on it04:21
stovepipefor IRC from the garage!04:21
fsmithredI had an xp, but the second motherboard died, and that was the end of that04:22
fsmithredinstall is partly done. I can chroot into /target and I see contrib and non-free in sources.list, and firmware-realtek is installed04:30
fsmithredI chose regular install (non-expert, non-graphical)04:31
fsmithredit saw the wireless card and ethernet at the beginning and asked me which one to use. I chose ethernet.04:32
stovepipeboth wireless and wired fail with the intel04:34
stovepipeshows no options04:35
stovepipei went through with the install anyway and it just doesnt configure any network at all04:35
stovepipemust not be many people doing fresh installs with 2.1 yet04:37
stovepipei didnt even know it was there until i went to send the customer an iso url04:37
fsmithredwired connection doesn't work???04:37
fsmithredstovepipe, do you know where the preferences are in wicd?04:41
fsmithredmake sure the default interfaces are in there04:41
stovepipewell, dont have taht scenario available04:42
stovepipeyou mean like after install04:42
stovepipeyeah i never let it finish04:42
fsmithredit wouldn't connect to do the netinstall?04:42
stovepipetoo much to mess with for any customer so i'm avoiding all that entirely04:43
stovepipeeven the full dvd image wouldnt config any network or mirrors or anything04:43
fsmithredyou want them to have xfce desktop?04:43
stovepipeyeah usually04:43
fsmithredif you use the desktop-live, the firmware is already installed04:43
stovepipeits already underway with the 2.0 netinst, then upgrade04:44
stovepipeno big deal04:44
stovepipejust didnt look too good heh04:44
fsmithredyeah, I understand04:44
fsmithredwill have to find someone else to test the same thing04:44
* golinux grumbles04:44
fsmithredyou don't own a laptop that needs iwlwifi, so you're off the hook04:45
stovepipewhat did you want to test, config network after install?04:46
fsmithredno, I want to reproduce your problem if possible04:46
fsmithredI want to know if there's a problem with the firmware package in the iso04:46
stovepipemy T510's are from like 2011, his dell is from like 201504:47
fsmithredand you got the same problem with both laptops at different locations?04:47
fsmithredand different isos04:48
stovepipeboth dvd and netinst04:48
stovepipetried both on both machines04:48
stovepipei have another customer laptop here i can test it on, newer HP04:50
fsmithredI just passed the word along in #devuan-dev04:50
stovepipeonce its done with what its doing04:51
fsmithredstovepipe, when you told me the .ucode file that was missing, did you type that or copy/paste?04:55
stovepipei copied what the other person typed04:55
fsmithredoh, ok04:55
fsmithreddoesn't count04:55
stovepipei saw a similar message but didnt look closely at it04:56
fsmithredis in the firmware package04:56
fsmithrediwlwwifi-3160-17.ucode has an extra w04:56
stovepipei'm in limbo now04:56
stovepipeyeah i see that, typo obv04:56
stovepipewell, i hope04:56
stovepipei'll get back to you on that once this finishes04:57
fsmithredsleepy time here04:57
stovepipeyou can check that the typo was his though right04:57
stovepipeand not in the iso04:57
fsmithredI'll be back in about 6 or 7 hours04:57
stovepipeheh ok cya04:57
fsmithredwell, I'm wonder if there's a typo in the install script04:58
stovepipeyeah i'll verify that in a bit04:58
stovepipei need more usb sticks...04:58
stovepipebut what are the odds of there being a typo for both the wireless and the ethernet...04:59
stovepipealso theres this
fsmithredif they both use the same ucode file, maybe not so remote05:00
stovepipewrong link05:00
stovepipeold but similar05:00
fsmithredI have that firmware installed on a T42005:01
stovepipeyeah T420 is almost the same as these that i have05:01
stovepipelol installer wont use the touchpad, but touching it wakes up the blank screen05:02
fsmithredmd5sum of /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-3160-17.ucode is the same as in the netinstall iso05:03
fsmithredand it works here05:04
stovepipehow can that be05:11
stovepipewe are using the same images from the same mirror05:12
stovepipebut the iso sums check out05:14
stovepipeok booting installer again05:14
stovepipeoops no tahts 2.0 heh05:15
fsmithredtry a different package mirror05:18
stovepipeok booted 2.1, heres the message on the T51005:19
fsmithredduring the install, select for now05:19
fsmithreddifferent file05:19
stovepipeit doesnt even get that far05:19
stovepipeyeah different file, same error05:19
fsmithredthe file is in the package05:20
fsmithredsomething weird is going on05:20
fsmithreddo you get asked to select ethernet or wireless at the beginning of the install?05:21
stovepipeno eth error this time, works05:21
stovepipemaybe he didnt plug it into ethernet, its possible05:21
fsmithredoh, maybe05:21
stovepipeso if he had, and installed, what then for wireless05:22
stovepipeif i have to walk people though complicated shit i will jump out a window05:22
fsmithredthe standard debian way is to use a wire for the install and then add the firmware later05:22
stovepipeyeah so is that something you guys changed that just slipped by this time?05:22
fsmithredare you expecting them to be able to use synaptic to install packages?05:22
fsmithredno, we decided to put nonfree firmware on the isos05:23
stovepipeheh they do it on the command line like i tell them to or i do it remotely after install05:23
fsmithredapt install firmware-iwlwifi05:23
fsmithredreboot (probably not necessary)05:23
stovepipei can live witht hat05:24
fsmithredwhen they open wicd, easiest thing is to tell them to maximize the window05:24
stovepipehe's already up and running now anyway from the 2.0 installer05:24
fsmithredthen they'll see Preferences in the menu bar05:24
stovepipebut its bound to happen again05:24
fsmithredapt update && apt upgrade05:24
stovepipei just want to be prepared05:24
fsmithredmake sure wlan0 is in the box for default wireless interface05:24
fsmithredI think I have a spare partition on the thinkpad. I'll test there, too.05:26
stovepipepleasant dreams!05:26
stovepipeand tnx05:26
stovepipefunny, the first things it upgrades from 2.0 netinst are firmware iwlwifi and kernel05:29
stovepipeoh, i'm not even connected to anything05:30
stovepipeok, the response is the same anyway05:31
stovepipeno tap to click out of the box?05:36
stovepipeworks for him at least lol06:10
stovepipebut i remember last time i had 2.0 on this machine the tap worked06:10
blebhi, anyone know where i'd find the plaintext keymap for the framebuffer console07:38
blebloadkeys(1) says it would be in /usr/share/keymaps but i dont have that directory07:43
debdogseems to be installed via package console-data
blebdebdog: thanks07:56
systemdleteI have an Ascii VM whose root filesystem is now readonly.  It was working until at least early this morning here (less than 24 hours, figure).  I did nothing to the system configuration.08:33
systemdleteI've checked the hardware on the host, including the gsmart -- there were apparently some internal hardware CRC errors on one disk, but I ran the test on the disk and it came back clean.08:34
systemdleteThis is virtualbox, btw.08:34
systemdleteLooked through dmesg in guest, nothing suspicious or related to disk.08:34
systemdletedmesg in guest shows aborted journal... ???08:35
systemdlete3 logical blocks got errors08:37
systemdletehmmmm.  There is mega running on this VM.  And I've filed a bug or two with them already re their tools.08:40
systemdletesome file system damage, but it all seems to have recovered.08:54
systemdleteAny light on this would be appreciated.  Keep in mind this is an Ascii VM under vbox, and I am running Mega cloud sync on it.  Until today, everything has worked pretty much flawlessly (short of a reproducible bug I filed against Mega)08:55
onefangUsually the root filesystem is mounted so that it'll switch to read only mode on errors, and it looks like you got errors.  I can't help with anything else.08:57
systemdleteYeah, I learned that from googling also.  I am a little bit suspicious of Mega.  I haven't seen this kind of action anywhere else recently.  Virtualbox also has its charms, but it is actually pretty reliable.08:58
onefangI don't use either.08:59
systemdleteI still appreciate help/insight.09:00
omniosystemdlete: I use megasync on devuan, mageia and kubuntu; never noticed any filesystem corruption because of it09:16
omnioI use ext4 in all those cases09:18
systemdleteomnio:  Are you using the MegaSync desktop app or the MegaCmd app?09:26
systemdleteI've had corruption when trying to use both on the same box/VM.09:27
omniothe desktop app (the one that sits in system tray) - but on "physical" machines, not VM09:29
systemdleteomnio:  I'm thinking the physical vs VM aspect probably isn't the main issue, if this is a Mega issue at all.10:04
systemdleteThanks for the info.10:04
systemdleteI've had this configuration (VM) running since mid-November at least, and had not seen an error of this kind.  But before I go file anything with Mega, I'm just trying to narrow things down rather than clogging their queues up with one more issue that might not even be theirs.10:05
onefangDid you check your hard disks S.M.A.R.T. data?  Might be a hardware issue.10:11
systemdleteWell, considering this is in a VM, SMART doesn't directly apply here.  But I did look for hardware problems on the host system, yes.  Found nothing (see above)10:12
fsmithredstovepipe, I'm installing from amd64 netinstall without wired network. It detected the wireless and is using it. The installed system has firmware-iwlwifi installed. I can't reproduce the problem.16:14
fsmithredIf you are installing from usb, how did you prepare it?16:15
fsmithredafk for next 4 hours16:36
Xanatossome feedback about devuan testing ?22:50
debdogok, unless you need wine22:50
debdogwell, compiling it should be fine22:51
XanatosI get a new laptop with a gpu, for fun I test a game with wine22:52
Xanatosbut it's optional, on my desktop I never user it22:52
debdogjust not the packages. neither theones from debian nor the ones from winehq22:52
Xanatosok ty for the info22:52
Xanatos8cores and a gpu, welcome in 2020 ^^'22:53
debdogwhich GPU?22:53
Xanatosa nvidia, wait I check,  generally I don't care gpu22:54
Xanatoswell I just get intel chipset version, don't care22:59
Xanatos4th gen integrated graphic etc..23:02
Xanatosnot really important for me23:03
Xanatosso devuan testing any other feedback ?23:04
debdogXanatos: 'bout the GPU, this link might (I am not certain, not up to date with modern hardware) comming handy
Xanatosahhh randr ^^23:07
debdogesp. optimus23:07
debdogaside from wine I have not (yet?) come across serious issues. I am not a power-user, though23:09
Xanatosso it's a "recent" laptop, I bought it to a friend of mine, but I don't know the exact gpu configuration, I was interested by other spec23:09
Xanatosyep, it will be a bonus if simulators/games will able run23:11
Xanatosabout it, I don't like steam but they provides a big  work about gaming on linux23:13
masondebdog: I forgot to add the i386 arch the other day, installing Steam on Devuan Beowulf. This isn't it for you, is it?23:14
specingAh yes, keep playing proprietary games23:15
specingmeanwhile no players in libre games23:15
debdogmason: sorry, I do not quite understand. so wine (or whatever steam uses) works now?23:16
XanatosI  stopped to play when I switched for 100%  linux 10years ago23:18
masondebdog: I'm saying, if you had trouble installing Wine, maybe you forgot dpkg --add-architecture i386 first.23:19
masondebdog: I forgot it and was confused by not finding Steam.23:19
debdogmason: no, that wasn't the issue here23:19
masondebdog: I didn't see your specific issue.23:19
masondebdog: What was it, if you'd care to repeat it?23:19
debdogI think I've never talked about it here23:19
Xanatosbut with a recent interest about models, I'm interested on simulators23:19
stovepipefsmithred: yeah it was usb, i used dd23:20
Xanatosmason, I see this mention on winehq documentation23:20
stovepipethe other guy used a windows tool23:20
stovepipei used dd on freebsd23:20
debdogit's been a couple of weeks since I've tried and never really dove into it, mason. not able to provide a detailed description of the problem. it was somehting regarding wrong versioning of the i386 packages.23:21
masondebdog: Trying it now. I'll have a report in a moment.23:21
stovepipefsmithred: i'm only here for a minute, back in a few hours23:21
masondebdog: winehq or base?23:21
debdogmason: any23:22
debdogthere might be a solution for this on dev1galaxy, but it wasn't a top priority here so I decided to just sit it out23:24
masondebdog: Yeah, none of it works out of the box. If I get a chance I'll dig into it this weekend.23:27
debdogthat'd be great!23:27
stovepipefsmithred: he used rufus, and said the same thing happened to him when he tried to install debian previously23:27
masondebdog: So, libwine:i386 depends on libpulse0:i386, which in turn depends on libsystemd0:i386, and that's the problem. PulseAudio strikes again. A source build will not have this issue.23:39
debdogmason: that was not the issue I've had23:44
debdogbut, well, WIP, ting could change23:44

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