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tuxd3vhello, does any one that is already in beowulf is noticing swap not been mounted at boot time?01:48
tuxd3veven with 'sw' directive?01:48
rrqthe fstab line is fine01:56
rrqie right partition, with right formatting?01:57
tuxd3vmigrated from ascii to beowulf..02:00
tuxd3vand no more swap02:00
tuxd3vneed to mount it by hand..02:00
aaromaybe the uuid changed?02:03
tuxd3vits zram :)02:04
rrqmd5sum /etc/init.d/ = 0850a5381c8d8c356df53a2b64c6938802:04
rrqwhich arch btw?02:04
tuxd3vits the same checksum :(02:09
rrqok. and sysvinit? that should run /etc/init.d/ which should do swapon .. unless boot option noswap02:09
rrq(my md5sum is beowulf/i386)02:10
tuxd3vif I do by hand 'service start'02:11
tuxd3vis starts02:11
tuxd3vthe same as with swapon -a02:11
tuxd3vbut not automatically02:11
tuxd3vits strange02:12
rrqand it's enabled in /etc/rcS.d/ ?02:12
tuxd3vmaybe that is the problem02:12
tuxd3vI will see ;)02:12
tuxd3vlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 21 Nov 16 03:28 /etc/rcS.d/ -> ../init.d/mountall.sh02:16
tuxd3vonly apear after:02:16
tuxd3vmy fstab:
tuxd3vits  dificult to explain why..02:19
tuxd3vIf forced by hand ok, it comes up02:20
tuxd3vbut not on boot02:20
tuxd3veven with 'sw' option..02:20
tuxd3vOne thing that I noticed is that on transition from ascii to beowulf02:20
tuxd3vsome files become a bit unformated02:20
tuxd3vI needed to align code by hand02:21
tuxd3vudev rules from zram creation were an example02:21
tuxd3vfstab is another.02:21
tuxd3vthe information  was there02:21
tuxd3vbut the '\n' at end of last line simply disapeared02:22
aarono errors in dmesg?02:22
tuxd3vAnd this was how I found out that my swap is not auto mountable anymore :)02:22
tuxd3vat least the finfo related with swap seems ok02:24
tuxd3v a 'mount -o remount -a'02:25
tuxd3vonly a service start02:25
tuxd3vor swapon -a02:25
tuxd3vsolves it..02:25
tuxd3vI know that sysctl syscal will be dropped I believe I don't know if kernel 5.5 or even was in 5.4..02:26
tuxd3vI don't find nothing unusual..02:29
tuxd3vit could be a timeout on zram creation and formating at boot time?02:30
tuxd3vunrelated, but maybe related :S02:31
stovepipewhat changed to make ls on a dir with links to automounted volumes force them all to mount instead of just listing the dir with links02:32
stovepipemaybe not devuan specific, but is that standard linux behavior now?02:33
tuxd3vstovepipe, I never saw ls mount volumes02:34
stovepipeit is unpleasant02:35
stovepipemaybe an autofs config thing02:35
fsmithredit shouldn't mount until you look inside that particular directory02:35
stovepipei'm still looking02:35
stovepipeyeah its odd02:35
fsmithredbut I've never tested it in ascii02:35
stovepipei have a map for /hosts that is where all my nfs mounts are, and link there in various places02:36
tuxd3v stovepipe, do you mean via loosetup?02:36
stovepipejust ls forces a mount02:36
tuxd3va loop device?02:36
fsmithredno, he means autofs02:36
stovepipeof any dir with a link to a mount point02:36
stovepipei had 2.0 on another machine and i dont remember it doing that, but that install is gone onw02:37
stovepipethis is 2.1 from the latest spin02:37
stovepipethe other one is fast and i might not have noticed02:38
fsmithredtake me a few minutes, but I can try it on the install I did yesterday02:38
stovepipei was playing with antix on this same machine, and i might have noticed it there also, but i wasnt making it permanent so i didnt think about it02:40
fsmithredyup. That's fucked up.02:54
fsmithredgood thing I don't have a dozen links to automounts sitting in my home dir02:55
fsmithredI'll check beowulf in a couple minutes02:55
tuxd3vrrq, crazy.. still can't found a solution..02:57
tuxd3vI even tried to clone script atribute a diferent name create a new service to it.. but no swapon by default..02:58
tuxd3vbut If I create a ascii image right now, I know it will work, then on upgrading, zram puff..02:59
tuxd3vits created 'lz4' compression algo attributed02:59
tuxd3vzram kernel module is loaded02:59
tuxd3vbut no swapon02:59
tuxd3veven using 'sw' as parameter in fstab..03:00
rrqdo you have bootlogd installed? try uninstalling that ... I have a vague memory of something about that03:01
fsmithredstovepipe, it does it in beowulf, too03:01
rrqfstab should be like "/dev/sda3 swap swap defaults 0 0" though the first "swap" is irrelevant03:03
rrqthe partition may alternatively be named by label or uuid as well of course03:04
fsmithredI use 'none'03:04
fsmithredfor swap mountpoint03:04
rrqbut fstab must be ok since it works by hand03:06
tuxd3vdoing a swapon -a03:06
tuxd3vor running /dev/init.d/mountall.sh03:07
tuxd3vbut by hand because on boot03:07
tuxd3vno way..03:07
tuxd3vcrazzy thing..03:07
rrqI remember a problem with the boot sequence, which made it exit prematurely, and not run ... but I dont remeber what it was :(03:07
rrqif you have console, you should add some output to the beginning of each init file for tracking donw how far it gets03:08
rrqI *believe* I resolved mine by not installing bootlogd03:09
rrqwhich was a new thing with beowulf cf ascii03:09
rrq(came automagically with debootstrap)03:11
fsmithredI have bootlogd installed in beowulf and my swapfile gets mounted03:19
fsmithredor used, I should say03:19
fsmithredI don't have a beowulf with a swap partition right now03:19
rrqmmm the other maybe relevant thing I can notice with my arm* builder debootstrap scripts is that they add mawk to the includes.03:25
tuxd3vyeah mawk was present I substituted it, but maybe he left some incompatibilities..03:37
tuxd3vNow I am thinking in the unformated lines of udev rules and such..03:38
tuxd3vindeed I also found some incompatibilities related with strings..03:39
stovepipefsmithred: lol i just walked another person through dl'ing an iso and writing it with rufus, on a T510 identical to mine, and it has the same firmware problem from before03:47
fsmithredyesterday's iso?03:47
stovepipewith a new 2.1 image from leaseweb lol03:47
fsmithredmaybe a rufus problem03:48
stovepipeerr, no that one was from ksx4system03:48
fsmithredI've heard of problems with using rufus, but I don't know any details03:48
stovepipei just installed 2.1 with a new image on a T510 last night with image from leaseweb03:48
stovepipehad him write it again from that mirror03:48
stovepipesame shit again lol03:48
stovepipei'm giong to test it now downloading and writing usb with rufus all on windows like he did03:49
fsmithredin root of iso, /firmware should contain all symlinks03:49
fsmithredmaybe those aren't being copied03:49
stovepiperufus also has iso and dd mode03:57
stovepipethis guy was never part of any of that other stuff either04:04
stovepipeworked for me in dd mode04:04
stovepipehaving him try again04:04
fsmithredyeah, I used dd and the new iso worked fine04:04
stovepipei dont see how an error with a tool like rufus could result in the same damn error lol04:05
fsmithredlike I said - maybe it doesn't copy symlinks04:05
stovepipelol it worked04:09
fsmithredstovepipe, see if you can figure out a way to do it wrong04:22
stovepipeuse iso mode i guess04:22
stovepipei'll try it04:22
fsmithredis iso mode for making a multi-boot live usb?04:23
stovepiperufus has two options at write time, iso mode and dd mode04:23
rrqI think there is some story about Joliet vs Rock Ridge here...04:23
stovepipedoing something else atm04:24
stovepipeyeah and the links04:26
stovepipeyeah it copies files from the image04:30
stovepipein "iso mode"04:31
fsmithredputs them in their own directory?04:31
stovepipeits copying individial files to the newly formatted usb04:32
stovepipeinstead of just blindly writing an image04:32
stovepipelooks like it actually mounts it as a drive letter during the process04:33
fsmithredhow does it plan to boot?04:33
stovepipeit writes all that also first04:33
stovepipetakes its sweet time also04:33
stovepipeok here we go boot test04:34
stovepipenot sure why they call it "iso mode" heh04:34
onefangIn Search Of a mode?04:35
stovepipeand bzzzt04:35
stovepiperufus in iso mode cant handle links04:35
stovepipeis the final verdict04:35
fsmithredcool. now we know.04:35
stovepipewhat an annoying couple of days!04:36
stovepipewhen he read that error message to me i almost shit my pants04:36
stovepipeNOT AGAIN!!04:36
fsmithredtwo errors that lost the firmware04:37
fsmithredmaybe the universe is telling us not to use it04:37
stovepipeand one tricky mirror04:37
rrqin theory it's possible to copy into /firmware rather than link it04:53
stovepipefsmithred: browse_mode in /etc/autofs.conf07:57
fsmithredstovepipe, thanks. That's weird that the default behavior changed from jessie to ascii, but the default setting did not. I changed 'no' to 'yes' and now it does what I expect.12:28
divansantanaare these repos correct?
divansantanaseems I'm getting very little updates.16:37
divansantanaI'm getting Failed to load shared library '' while trying16:40
divansantanato launch virt-manager. Wondering is this because my setup is broken16:40
divansantanaor upstream? Guessing it's my setup.
yetiyay for orgmode!16:43
yetimaybe " : Could not open display: localhost:11.0 " is the problem?16:43
yetiI dont know virt-manager so just guessing16:43
Leanderpossible, you might want to try "xhost +localhost" in a terminal to allow all local users to open windows in your current X session16:59
Leanderand maybe redo the sudo/su afterwards17:00
divansantanayeti:lol. haha. And a bad paste. :)17:20
divansantanaLet me try that thanks.17:20
ukineattn dev'rs i left a nice little winter wish in #debianfork. thanks again for maintaining/supporting this project :]18:18

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