libera/#devuan/ Monday, 2020-01-06

* enyc meows00:17
enycfsmithred: hrrm at what point should you chave separat echroots and so on hrrm00:17
* furrywolf pets enyc 00:18
enycfsmithred: my package-overloads usually result from lots of "apt-get build-dep [...]"00:18
fsmithredenyc, probably two years ago would have been a good time for me to start doing that.01:26
flrnhello, does anybody have a quick answer on "cifs mounts readonly after /client/ beowulf upgrade"?14:42
flrnmy jessie machine still mounts r/w, identical fstab line14:43
flrnsorry: /jessie/ascii/14:44
flrnascii shows the files owned by "nobody:nogroup" with 777 permissions, beowulf by root:root with 755 permissions14:45
flrnno hints in buster release notes14:53
qanf320Hi. Is there any ansible playbook for installing devuan inside virtualbox?15:05
djphoffhand, no15:40
tuxd3vdoes anybody is using ceni as network manager?16:27
tuxd3vin debian they call the package 'Ceni' intead of 'ceni'16:50
tuxd3vinteed -> instead16:50
GyrosGeierpolicy prohibits uppercase characters in names16:53
* flrn uses wicd for wireless devices16:54
GyrosGeierI should sit down and write a sensible tool one day16:55
tuxd3vyeah I don't know why they changed the name16:56
tuxd3vbecause the tool is 'ceni'16:56
tuxd3vbut its a marvelous tool16:56
tuxd3vand it servers very well the porpose of a network manager16:57
tuxd3vbut don't have vpn unlike connman16:58
tuxd3vbut connman has a lot of dependencies16:58
tuxd3vits bigger16:58
flrnstill on the mount.cifs issue: the export's root permissions:17:04
flrndrwxr-xr-x 4 root root17:04
flrnwritable subfolder's permissions:17:05
flrndrwxrwxrwx 5 root root17:05
flrnon the server side^^17:06
GyrosGeier777 solves everything >:/17:13
* tuxd3v ^^ indeed17:14
GyrosGeierIIRC there is a dedicated option for that17:14
flrnbut the export's r/o root17:14
flrndoes not fix it.17:15
GyrosGeiermight go through CIFS Unix extensions17:15
flrnfor the record (is botbot still listening?): although the version number is lower, ascii's firefox-esr build is more recent than beowulf's, so FF refuses to start the existing profile.17:17
flrnediting the profile's compatibility.ini hotfixes the issue...17:17
flrnGyrosGeier: I would have expected a note in the changelog!?17:23
GyrosGeierdifficult -- this is mostly a new protocol extension that negotiates differently17:25
GyrosGeierdocumenting all of these would be noisy17:25
flrnwell i could not find the string cifs neither in the debian buster release notes, nor in my upgrade's changelog.17:27
GyrosGeierit's probably a combination of changes in cifs-utils and the kernel17:29
flrnGyrosGeier: Thanks for the hint, I'll have a look at the docs...17:32

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