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ukinewhat pure-FOSS driver supporting USB WiFi adapter would you kind folks recommend?03:20
gnarfaceis there even one?03:31
gnarfacei'm not sure ther eis03:31
gnarfacenot sure there is*03:32
MinceRthe Wi-Pi might qualify, as i could use it in an installation process that lacked firmware for the built-in WiFi adapter...03:34
ukinei have the internal one working with iwlwifi, i was just curious.03:35
ukineit may come down to being the difference in linux security between pre-intel ME machines (Golan series wifi, in my case with a pre-ME laptop), and ME supporting stuff relatively right after the time period of my laptop, in .gov eyes.03:37
ukineas they say, curiosity killed the cat XD03:37
MinceRcuriosity keeps the cat fed03:46
ukinei have reason to allow certain acting that keeps me (externally, at least) on the straight and narrow :]03:48
ukinealso, Wi-Pi if broadcom too (like regular Pi's i'm assuming) is gchq-ware03:49
ukinethere's no escaping big brother lol03:50
ukineamerica's, at least ;)03:51
ukinemaybe pinebook does security right. i shouldn't have been so bold with that last line.03:55
MinceRits module is rt2800usb, whatever that is03:55
MinceRapparently ralink03:55
ukinerealtek i'm guessing03:55
ukinecool cool :]03:56
ukinenot to mention that it's been seeping (in a positive way) into my internal form nicely.03:59
ukinetrusting no-one goes against nature…now we're way off topic in this channel so i'll stop.04:00
ukine<3 man, lots of it. i'm just hyper-reactionary heh.04:02
VallHello everyone, long time no see.15:07
VallJust dist-upgraded a test VM here from ASCII  to Beowulf.15:07
VallWorked without a hitch, except I wasn't able to use the ceres-backports repo...15:08
VallMeaning, having the following lines in /etc/apt/sources.list threw an error during `apt-get update`:15:09
Vall# apt install --yes dpkg-dev linux-headers-$(uname -r) linux-image-amd6415:09
VallI mean:15:09
Vall        deb ceres-backports main15:11
Vall        deb-src ceres-backports main15:11
VallAnd the error is:15:11
VallE: The repository ' ceres-backports Release' does not have a Release file.15:11
VallSo, what am I doing wrong? Or is the ceres-backports repo f*cked?15:12
Vall(I really want to use the ceres-backports, among other things, for ZFS 0.8.x)15:13
fsmithredhi Vall15:14
fsmithredwhat you're doing wrong is trying to use ceres-backports. There's no such thing. Ceres is Unstable (sid)15:15
VallI knew I was messing up somehow ;-)15:15
fsmithredyou should have upgraded to beowulf, which is =buster15:15
fsmithredand we don't have anything corresponding to debian testing (bullseye) yet.15:15
fsmithredDid you upgrade to ceres?15:16
Vallnope, to beowulf15:16
fsmithredbeowulf-backports is active as of a couple days ago15:16
fsmithredI'm not seeing any zfs in beowulf-backports15:18
fsmithredmaybe later15:18
VallBut please see here:
VallThat was what gave me the impression that a ceres-backports would be available15:21
Vallisn't `beowulf-backports` supposed to be used in ASCII systems when one wants packages from Beowulf that had been backported to ASCII?15:22
VallThat was the way I always thought about it...15:23
Vall(ie, the distro in the sources-list 'backports' referring to the *next* version, not the current one)15:24
fsmithredyes, and there's zfs in ascii-backports, so I would expect that whoever did that might backport 0.8 for beowulf.15:24
fsmithredthat's what I meant by 'maybe later'15:25
fsmithredunless you want to do it.15:25
Vallso if someone is running eg Beowulf, he is supposed to have "beowulf-backports" lines in /etc/apt/sources.list, and *not* "ceres-backports" lines?15:26
Vall(I ask because I've had "beowulf-backports" lines in my *ASCII* machines since forever, and it always worked)15:27
fsmithredyou should have been getting error messages about beowulf-backports until a couple days ago15:27
VallSO I supposed the same (ie, "N+1 on the release name for the backports line) would apply to Beowulf too15:28
fsmithredwhen running ascii, you can use ascii-backports. It should not be enabled by default.15:28
fsmithreduse beowulf-backports with beowulf15:28
fsmithredIt means "things that have been backported to work on beowulf."15:29
VallOK, so the general rule is to use the same release name (and not the next one) in the backports line, correct?15:29
fsmithredand don't use it for everything possible15:30
fsmithredbecause that never gets tested15:30
VallThanks for setting me straight, fsmithred. I've been making that mistake since forever... :-/15:30
fsmithredit's also not a bad idea to pin backports to a lower priority (e.g. 100) in case the repo has it set to the wrong priority, which has happened in the past.15:31
fsmithredor just enable it when you want to install something from bpo.15:31
Vallseems the easier way to get ZFS 0.8.x on Devuan right now is to compile from source... it can generate .deb files that I can then install manually15:32
Vallthanks for the tip re: backport pinning, will set it here15:32
fsmithredyeah, download the debianized source package and build it on beowulf15:32
fsmithredthat might work easily15:32
Vallactually, with zfs we download their standard tar.gz then run `./configure && make && make deb`15:33
VallAnother question: the better way to pin BPO is to create a specific file for that under /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/, right?15:35
fsmithredin /etc/apt/preferences.d/15:36
fsmithredyou can have multiple pins in one file15:36
fsmithredsee man apt_preferences15:36
masonVall: In case you haven't seen it, details about custom package creation are here:
Vallthanks mason, I had it already15:37
Vallfsmithred ok15:37
fsmithredPin: *15:38
fsmithredPakcage: *15:38
fsmithredPin: origin n=beowulf-backports15:38
fsmithredPin-Priority: 10015:38
fsmithrednope: should be a=beowulf-backport (not n=)15:39
fsmithredsecond line should be: Pin: release a=beowulf-backports15:40
fsmithredthis is why I need two monitors15:40
Vallwould 'Pin: release a=*-backports' work?15:42
Vall(ie, wildcard in the release name?15:42
VallOK, will set it that way then15:42
fsmithredyou don't need buster-backports15:42
fsmithredand you don't need ascii-backports anymore15:42
fsmithredbut wildcard will cover you for upgrade to chimaera (I hope I spelled that right.)15:43
Vallyep, my idea with '*-backports' is to set it permanently, including when/if I upgrade to future versions15:49
VallOK, done and working15:51
Vall(apt-get update gives me no errors)15:51
ravencrowgood morning all17:35
golinuxfsmithred: You did spell it correctly17:43
masonIt's certainly a chimerical spelling.17:51
Vallmason: or chimaerical? ;-)18:19
masonVall: Very likely, yes.18:20
golinuxmason: Check for yourself:
masongolinux: I have utter faith that Chimaera is how it's spelled, and it's a chimerical spelling indeed.18:23
golinux Minor Planet #623  is Chimaera18:23
masongolinux: So, is the plan to stick with minor planets, or is the field open to a range of planets from a range of places?18:24
furrywolfwe shouldn't pick names that people will constantly typo and wonder why their apt sources don't work...18:24
masongolinux: And... Are those in the solar system, or does that include stuff we've seen further off?18:24
masonfurrywolf: Eh, I think it's a fine name. I'm just being difficult with related words that have alternate spellings.18:25
golinuxProbably some Brit named it.18:25
golinuxMinor planets all the way.  nextime was an astronomer18:26
golinuxThere are plenty of names there to choose from.18:27
masonAh, they are all from the Solar System:
masonMaybe as we increase our ability to detect exoplanets we can expand outwards. :)18:27
golinuxfurrywolf: One must be attentive to details to use Linux.18:28
golinuxWe'll all be dead by then so useless to worry about.18:28
furrywolfand one must not frustrated with the users joining #devuan to ask why their apt doesn't work.  :)18:28
masonfurrywolf: We can point them to it being linked to libelogind0 =cough=18:29
golinuxLet's take this to #debianfork18:30
golinuxJust realized we're on #devuan18:30
masonOh, I mean. I thought we were relinking but of course we're not.18:30
gnu_srsfsmithred: Is there a need for beowulf-backports, beowulf is not even released yet?18:52
masongnu_srs: Yes. It provides things folks might need if running Beowulf.18:52
masongnu_srs: Remember that Beowulf == Buster, and there are valid reasons to want Buster backports.18:53
fsmithredgnu_srs, yes - new hardware needs newer kernel19:07
fsmithredI even made a couple of live-isos with beowulf-backports kernel for that purpose.19:07
gnu_srsI have to add that to sources.list then, working on eudev for beowulf.19:26
fsmithredyou shouldn't need to put eudev in beowulf-backports since beowulf hasn't been released yet. Just put the new version in beowulf if it's ready.19:38
fsmithredgnu_srs, ^^^19:38
gnu_srsfsmithred: I meant upgrading my thest images to beowulf., sorry. The latest eudev is built for unstable for now.20:03
fsmithredafter I test slim from unstable, I can test eudev. Maybe 20 minutes.20:04
gnu_srsI have an updated version not yet available. With a lot of eudev.{pre,post},{inst,rm} changes. Testing now.20:27
gnu_srsfsmithred: Can I send the debs to you privately until it is built for unstable?20:28
fsmithredme at gmail.com20:29
gnu_srsfsmithred: Mailed them to you.20:36
fsmithredgnu_srs, installs ok, removes libudev1 and boots ok. I didn't install the -dev package.21:25

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