libera/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2020-01-08

ukineso much for MIT XD05:12
ukinefucking lame assholes05:12
ukinewoops wrong channel … ._.05:13
ukinei got to spend a day with the best…i just majorly over-reacted. apologies all around…05:27
Igor2hi all; I've installed a Devuan image on an orange pi one15:59
Igor2(it's not officially supported, at least I couldn't find an uboot image for this specific model)15:59
Igor2after copying the dtb from an armbian, I have working ethernet but I can't get the HDMI to work, any idea where to look?16:00
Igor2(same dtb and board had hdmi output on armbian)16:00
VallI'm interested in having Devuan running on ARM SBCs like the orange pi one. Which ones are officially supported / known to work?16:09
GyrosGeierI'd expect that they need non-free GPU firmware16:12
DonkeyHoteiGyrosGeier: the gpu does not use firmware16:39
DonkeyHoteiIgor2: you need to match dtb and kernel16:40
Vallthanks fsmithred16:42

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