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flingCan I convert any debian version?03:04
fsmithredcan you be more specific?03:04
flingI'm thinking to convert few debians to devuan03:05
flingThey could be of a random version.03:05
fsmithredjessie or stretch will work03:06
flingNo such file or directory03:06
fsmithredbuster can work or can be hell, depending on how you do it03:06
MinceRit was a joke03:06
flingIs there a good guide?03:07
fsmithredyeah, hang on03:07
fsmithredbuster would migrate to beowulf, but beowulf hasn't been released yet03:09
flingwill use wololo too, thanks03:12
flingIs there another app for creating models from detected images?03:22
fsmithredother than what?03:24
flingwololo only detects faces03:25
waynedpjahoy all.  is it possible install a >5 linux kernel in Devuan via apt/etc?  i have to test out Btrfs swapfile support.  thanks.17:05
masonwaynedpj: You can presumably use the normal Debian make-kpkg to do it, but because it's not tied to the bleeding-edge kernel, I'd note that ZFS works with whatever kernel version you've already got.17:06
waynedpjmason thanks i will take a look at that (i am new to the Debian/Devuan world).17:11
masonwaynedpj: If your goal is BtrFS you'll want to look at make-kpkg first, but it's worth knowing what options exist.17:12
GyrosGeierI had lots of trouble with swapfiles, even without bringing btrfs into the mix17:17
waynedpj@mason i have some experience with Btrfs so will try that first, but thanks for the pointer.17:32
waynedpjshould the make-kpkg generated kernel basically "plug and play" into a running Devuan stable 2.1 system i.e. generate the kernel package and then apt install it?17:33
GyrosGeierthe kernel doesn't have systemd integration17:33
GyrosGeierand the one place where it should have, the systemd people decided they didn't want it after all17:34
masonkdbus was knocked down by the kernel developers, not the systemd folk17:34
GyrosGeierLennart's bootloader is useful though17:34
GyrosGeierexcept that the link that adds freshly installed kernels to systemd-boot is broken17:35
GyrosGeierkdbus was largely knocked down because it's a variant of netlink17:35
GyrosGeierand if they wanted, they could just use netlink instead17:35
masonWho needs a bootloader when we have the kernel UEFI stub now?17:35
GyrosGeierbut then they'd have to actually define an interface and everything17:36
GyrosGeierbut one still needs to make sure the kernel is copied to the ESP and properly registered17:36
GyrosGeiera minimal bootloader that pulls that information from the filesystem instead of the EFI environment, and that offers commandline edit is still useful17:37
masonNot hard to do, though. Lately I have efibootmgr entries for each disk in my boot mirror, and for the previous version of the kernel/initramfs.17:37
GyrosGeieris your solution packaged, and why not?17:38
masonYeah, that could be useful given the wild variability in UEFI implementations. Not all of them give you a UEFI shell.17:38
masonGyrosGeier: I've documented it a couple times. It needs more polish.17:38
masonGyrosGeier: My hope is to eventually get it into the actual installer, or at least a usable fork thereof.17:39
GyrosGeierall the installer needs is a package to install that registers in the appropriate place17:39
masonI've seen folks hook into automated updates too, but I haven't done that yet.17:40
masonStill manual here.17:40
GyrosGeierls /etc/kernel/postinst.d/17:40
GyrosGeierjust add a script there17:41
masonGyrosGeier: I will at some point.17:42
masonGyrosGeier: FWIW, the guts of the script would be similar to:
masonso fairly trivial, which is actually why I haven't bothered automating it yet17:43
masonSome scaffolding to compare checksums to see if something has actually changed would be a nice addition, I guess, so you don't end up with the main and .old versions being identical.17:43
GyrosGeier.old is supposed to be a different version number17:44
masonMore clearly, "am I copying in something new?"17:44
GyrosGeierthat is what apt does as well17:44
GyrosGeierthere is special handling in apt that says "for packages matching 'kernel-image-*' keep the last two versions"17:45
GyrosGeier(when automatically installed)17:45
masonYeah, plugging into that would make sense.17:45
fsmithreddamn, I'm too late. He's gone.18:11
fsmithredthere's a 5.3 kernel in beowulf-backports18:11
golinuxAnd there's an issue in FF that there is no space after the dyne logo and following text.  Pale moon and chromium are fine.18:50
golinuxOoops/ wrong channel18:50
DocScrutinizer05 TLBLEED19:48
specingDocScrutinizer05: What do you think of the pinephone? It seems to be a consumer phone designed for consumers but says it is for developers ... ?!19:55
DocScrutinizer05specing: I didn't look into it19:56

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