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fsmithredwaynedpj, askpass is missing from initrd00:06
fsmithredcryptsetup is missing00:06
masonfsmithred: This bites me sometimes, if I have cryptsetup installed, but not cryptsetup-initramfs.00:17
fsmithredI have cryptsetup-initramfs00:17
fsmithredand /etc/cryptsetup-initramfs/conf-hook has CRYPTSETUP=y00:17
fsmithredgotta go. bbl.00:22
golinuxmason: Just caught up with you post about getting PXE booting working on Devuan.  What a great project!  There was recently an email on DNG from someone wanting this .00:56
masonWorking at it.00:56
golinuxThat would be a great contribution!00:57
masonThis would go so much more smoothly if I didn't typo config options.01:00
masonAnyway, I've got Debian net-install pxe booting, so it ought to be a matter of replacing the relevant bits with Devuan installer bits and life will be grand.01:01
masonOddly, I can get hardware to netboot, but I'm struggling to get virtual machines to do it.01:08
masondebugging that now, as I need both cases to work01:09
masongolinux: Alright, this is progress. I can boot VMs and hardware, and it looks like it won't take much work to adapt the Devuan net installer ISO content for PXE booting.01:59
masonBasically I just need to change relative paths.01:59
golinuxmason: That's really good news!!02:31
masongolinux: I'm writing up initial notes/instructions now, and you'll see it on DNG presently.02:31
golinuxGood.  I'm sure you saw this post:
masonI did, yes, and only a couple days after I was thinking it's something I wanted.02:34
golinuxI figured02:34
masonI'm going to go through the steps as I write them to verify, so it'll maybe be 20 minutes.02:37
waynedpjis there a log for this channel?02:45
fsmithredand I just posted on your thread again02:46
fsmithreduse --type luks1 in the format command02:47
waynedpjfsmithred: i had been checking for that after reading about GRUB not supporting the new default in cryptsetup LUKS2.  maybe the cryptsetup installed was old enough to still use LUKS1 but i never got stuck at the GRUB prompt, always after.02:55
waynedpjBTW do i need to file a big about the missing tools in the initramfs?02:56
fsmithredthis is the first time I have seen cryptsetup missing in initramfs02:56
fsmithredand I've done a few encrypted installs wtih beowulf02:57
waynedpjwait, is beowulf or ceres testing?02:57
fsmithredit's buster02:57
fsmithredwe are behind debian on releases02:58
waynedpjon Devuan?  i thought the Toy names were for Debian?02:58
fsmithredyeah, "Where no toy has gone before." was an early devuan slogan02:58
fsmithredwe are beowulf (minor planet names)02:58
waynedpjLOL :)02:58
waynedpjOK, so if i want to change my Devuan install to be a rolling release based on testing, i should change my sources to use ceres?02:59
fsmithredbeowulf is still testing, but 95% of the packages are unchanged from debian02:59
fsmithredand beowulf pulls from buster, which is stable02:59
fsmithredthis is why we tell people to use codenames in sources.list and not "stable" or "testing"03:00
waynedpjso beowulf is testing?  sorry for all the ?s, a bit confused03:00
golinuxJust use release names an you won't bork your system03:01
fsmithredyes, beowulf is testing because we haven't relased it yet03:01
waynedpjoh, because the Debian page for changing to rolling testing release says to use either codename or testing
fsmithredfor debian, that works03:01
waynedpjbut eventually i would use testing, once things settle, to have an indefinite rolling release based on testing?03:02
fsmithredbut if you use testing in devuan right now, you'll get a mix of packages from debian bullseye and devuan beowulf03:02
fsmithredand beowulf expects packages from buster03:02
fsmithredis compiled from tools that are in buster03:02
waynedpjOK, so no testing in the short term for Devuan, codenames only .. unfortunately from this page since ascii is now stable i assumed the ceres was testing and now my system is doing an apt upgrade ..  to unstable?03:04
fsmithredceres is sid (unstable)03:05
golinuxNot in the long term either because our release dates will never be aligned03:05
waynedpjand ceres will always be unstable, like sid for Debian?03:05
golinuxceres/sid would be the only constant.03:06
golinuxBut then systemd stuff might slip in.03:06
fsmithredyeah, you might be able to upgrade all the way to ceres if you mixed up your system03:06
fsmithredyou're gonna reinstall anyway, right?03:07
waynedpji am trying to get a rolling release on Devuan testing so i messed up.  any chance i can change sources to be beowulf and go back to testing?03:07
fsmithredor is there actual data on this system?03:07
fsmithredI have to remember how to do it03:07
fsmithredpin beowulf to 1001 priority03:08
waynedpjno data but i was hoping to not reinstall.  however if it is easier then i can just do the live installer again.03:08
fsmithredyou can boot it ok?03:09
waynedpjOK thanks fsmithred i will try that to get back to beowulf.03:09
fsmithredsee man apt_preferences for information on pinning03:09
waynedpjyes, i could boot after i chrooted in and 1) apt upgraded 2) changed /etc/cryptsetup-initramfs/conf-hook to have CRYPTSETUP=y03:11
fsmithredI don't understand why I didn't get cryptsetup in the initramfs.03:12
waynedpjthough you mentioned some other things potentially missing before e.g. /run/udev /run/cryptsetup03:12
waynedpjditto, i thought that it would be added automagically with the encrypted partition03:12
waynedpjoh, and obviously i rebuilt the initramfs after doing all that03:13
fsmithredit's supposed to be automatic if you need it03:13
fsmithreddo you know for sure that you're using luks type1?03:14
waynedpjso to be clear, if i would like a rolling Devuan release based on testing indefinitely right now i cannot do that since i have to use codenames?03:15
waynedpjyes, i checked with luksDump03:15
fsmithredit would be difficult to do a rolling devuan03:15
waynedpjin the short term or indefinitely?03:16
fsmithredrolling release in debian works because new stuff is always moving into unstable and then to testing03:16
fsmithredwe're scrambling to pull our shit together03:16
fsmithredsmall team, so stuff happens at odd intervals03:17
fsmithredand we're alway behind (but catching up)03:17
fsmithredthere are a few people who run ceres03:17
waynedpjoh i did not know there were problems with the project, sorry to hear.03:18
fsmithredI think you need to be selective about what you install03:18
fsmithredmain problem is that we're tiny compared to debian in number of devs03:18
fsmithredif you run ceres, you will be getting new stuff, but anything that depends on systemd (any of the stuff we re-package) will not be prompt03:19
fsmithredbut like I said, we're catching up. jessie was 2 years behind debian, ascii was a year and beowulf is about 6 months behind.03:21
waynedpji assume that it is difficult taking Debian packages and removing systemd, not something easily automated?03:21
fsmithrednot easily automated. Takes eyes on code.03:22
waynedpjof course.  well the works is greatly appreciated.  do you feel that the project has the momentum and numbers to thrive?03:22
fsmithredand we have to be on the lookout for new deps03:22
fsmithredI don't think we're going away any time soon.03:23
waynedpjglad to hear it.  for the little i know Devuan is a important beacon so to speak.03:24
fsmithredfirst two years we had all people who were anti-systemd pretty much from the start03:24
waynedpjwell i will try not to keep taking your time!  so basically i should stick with testing or better yet stable?  even if i want to run a 5.x kernel for testing Btrfs swapfile support?03:24
waynedpjand forget about rolling release?03:25
fsmithrednext two years is a constant influx of people who were content to go along with the new default until they used it for some time03:25
fsmithredyou can get some stuff from backports03:25
fsmithredI would go with beowulf now. Almost everything is done for it.03:26
masongolinux, fsmithred: initial netboot notes are on DNG now. I still need to figure out the config to not look for a CD, but to instead use network mirrors exclusively, but this seems useful for tonight.03:26
waynedpjif there are more people getting frustrated with systemd, hopefully they will make their way to Devuan.03:26
waynedpjfsmithred: thanks again.  i will see if i can get this ceres install back to beowulf and set up the backports.03:28
waynedpjand should i file any bugs regarding the initramfs missing pieces?03:28
fsmithredgood luck03:28
fsmithrednot sure03:28
fsmithredhang on a sec03:29
fsmithredI think it would be a debian bug03:29
masonwaynedpj: My latest mode, I stuff kernel and initramfs into my ESP, don't use a bootloader at all, stub-load Linux, and have up to date crypto stuff in the initramfs. I also use a ZFS root, but that's incidental.03:29
masonwaynedpj: So, you can skip right over GRUB if it annoys you. You can also do this sort of set-up with lilo or elilo.03:30
masonI've never much liked grub.03:30
mason(And... I run my ESP on metadata=1.0 MD-RAID1 because I can.)03:31
masonteaser: efibootmgr -c -d /dev/sda -L devuan0 -l '\EFI\devuan\vmlinuz' -u 'boot=zfs root=tank/ROOT/default initrd=\EFI\devuan\initrd.img03:32
fsmithredwaynedpj, I'm reading this now:
masonfsmithred: Might be worth pointing waynedpj to the cryptsetup patches before he hits that issue.03:38
masonAnyway, g'night all. o/03:38
fsmithredwaynedpj, do you get long delays on shutdown of the encrypted root?03:40
waynedpjyes i believe so, though i have not been running often obviously to try it out.03:44
fsmithredthere's a fix for it03:44
fsmithredthere are a couple of threads about encrypted lvm on the forum03:45
fsmithredhit me up later if you can't find it03:46
fsmithredcan't look right now03:46
waynedpj@mason: thank you but honestly i am not exactly sure what you are talking about .. i have been out of the loop for a while ;)  and this first machine on which i am trying out Devuan is BIOS so i assume the ESP trick will not work.  but thanks, something to look into03:46
waynedpjOK, though i am not using LVM, just Btrfs for everything.03:46
fsmithredit's a cryptsetup bug03:47
waynedpjOK, will take a look03:49
waynedpj@mason: PS amazingly GRUB has worked a treat for all the different encryption and fs combos that i have tried.03:50
ukineapologies i'm just up too late..08:55
tuxd3vmrpfilser, that could hapen if you have 2 diferent cluster types..09:00
tuxd3vimagine  situation were you have a 2x cortex a72 and a 4x cortex a53.. that could hapen...09:01
tuxd3vthe solution?09:01
tuxd3vcompile for cortex a5309:01
tuxd3vor compile for the clusters..09:01
tuxd3vbut later if you use this binaries in a cortex a53 only machine, I don't know if could be there some problems..09:02
tuxd3vits a question of testing..09:02
tuxd3v tune='cortex-a72.cortex-a53'09:05
tuxd3v tune='cortexa-53'09:05
testesthi all. can anyone help me enabling "some features" in the kernel18:19
testestor a tip to a guide18:19
testesteudev_3.2.9-3_amd64.deb trying to install18:19
testeston 5.4.0-2-amd6418:20
testestSince release 198, udev requires support for the following features in the running kernel: - inotify(2)            (CONFIG_INOTIFY_USER) - signalfd(2)           (CONFIG_SIGNALFD) - accept4(2) - open_by_handle_at(2)  (CONFIG_FHANDLE) - timerfd_create(2)     (CONFIG_TIMERFD) - epoll_create(2)       (CONFIG_EPOLL)18:21
testesti get these18:21
testesthelp appreciated18:22
fsmithredtestest, what is the problem? Did you get an error message? (don't post a bunch of lines at once. - paste it somewhere else)19:08
fsmithred# grep INOTIFY /boot/config-5.4.0-2-amd6419:37
fsmithred# grep SIGNALFD /boot/config-5.4.0-2-amd6419:37
testestfsmithred: thanks19:43
premobosshello people. i need to create a video presentation with floating text from bottom to top. i look around and in fount only openshot that provide it (using blender in background) but, eve in for few lines, it take OURS to complete the rendering. some suggestion i can have here about an alternative? thanks guys.19:50
premobossOURS = HOURS19:51
testestkdenlive, shotcut, pitivi19:54
testestolive video editor19:55
testestthe rest i would have to find old bookmarks19:55
testestnot sure how many devuan has in repos19:56
testestthere was one really professional "looking" one but i cant remember19:58
premobosstestest, devuan has in repository wuite alla of them.19:58
testestoh ncice19:58
premobossi giat niit "sliding" text from botton to top, no nnd proferssional.19:58
premobosskdei tested, is raw (you have to compopsite different effect to get it. also, if you have large text box to scroll, iti s so slow to manage it when you are doinf modification to text.19:59
testestfsmithred: sorry to bother you again, but what if all of the above mentioned variables are already marked with =y, automatically generated with "=y"20:05
fsmithredtestest, I don't understand your question20:06
fsmithredanything marked with y is in the kernel20:06
fsmithredanything marked with m is a module that can be loaded20:06
testestall of the mentioned either kernel modules or variables are loaded and marked i think, that is why i am a bit perplexed, i have been checking out some webpages and somewhere it is mentioned that first one has to install a new kernel and then update the eudev package20:12
testestsomewhere there is even a mention relating to these exact errors a reinstall is needed20:13
testestfirst time for me though20:13
fsmithredthat's weird. I just installed that version of eudev about a half hour ago, and I didn't get that error20:13
fsmithredI installed with apt, and I also install libeudev1 at the same time20:14
testestthanks anyway20:14
fsmithredyeah, I upgraded a beowulf to ceres and eudev, libeudev1 were held back20:14
fsmithredso then I ran the upgrade again and they installed20:14
fsmithredbut I'm getting errors on mkinitramfs20:15
fsmithredtry installing libeudev1 at the same time as eudev20:18
testestonly option i got was apt-get -f install or apt --fix-broken install, apt gave me output that libeudev is actually needed to install eudev while apt-get did not ouput the dependancy20:19
testestill try manually20:20
testestgetting a deb package somewhere20:20
testestthanks for the tip20:20
fsmithredthat should be in our repo20:20

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